BERRYs of Augusta, Rockbridge and Washington Counties of Virginia
Genealogy of the Berry
and Associated Families

of Augusta, Rockbridge, and Washington Counties of Virginia

Jim Jackson
Carol Vass
Marie Loughlin
Donna Fischer



Click on  "Berry Lineage" to see an overview of the family relationships of the extended BERRY family of Augusta County, Virginia -- make note of the Identification Number [i.e.,B.6.8] of the BERRYs you are most interested in -- that’s our tracking system.

Click on the person's highlighted name to view the sources for each individual.

We want you to read our "Genealogy Report".  Over the past several years we have amassed a tremendous volume of primary source material on the first three generations of the Augusta County Berrys, and each segment of the report is divided into three parts: A summary of the individual and his or her spouse;  a "Timeline" section for each person which displays the documentation for the individual, and the "Analysis of the Timeline" section, which provides an analytical review of each item in the timeline.

          We welcome all primary source documents and  documented additions to ALL of the generations.

Check back often.

Genealogy Report

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