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Photo of Sarah Sharp Berry’s Grave: 


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Letters of Adelaide B. Duncan to her son, George F. Duncan, contributed by Nancy Poole, copy of a letter written by Adelaide Berry Duncan, wife of Dixon Sharp Duncan, to their son George F. Duncan.

Her parents were Lafayette and [Polly Porterfield] Berry and grandparents were Francis “Frank” and Sarah “Sallie” (Sharp) Berry. Dixon’s parents were John and Mary “Polly” (Laughlin) Duncan, Jr. and his grandparents were Capt. John and Elinor “Nellie” (Sharp) Duncan. This information was shared with me (Violet M. Pilcher) by Joe Duncan of Lexington, Ky. who had copied information in the hands of Miss Mattie R. Davis of Lexington in 1965. Mattie had corresponded in 1927 and 1928 with Laura Duncan, daughter of Adelaide, who had shared copies of the letters. Both Adelaide and her son George were deceased prior to June 1928 and are buried in a Los Angeles, California cemetery.
I have inserted some names in parentheses at the time of typing these copies to make it easier to comprehend the identity of the persons written about.
Violet M. Pilcher, February 1984
(Break in the continuity of the letters indicated. Pasted to the last paragraph after the signature on page 7 is a fragment of another letter no date, apparently cut from some other letter.)
(words barely discernable: “good while ago.”
When our ancestors started from Virginia and Tennessee to Kentucky, grandmother Berry’s eldest brother kissed her good-bye and snatched up her oldest child (who was named John for this brother), and said, “Sally. I will keep this child till better times. The Indians shan’t get him.” And I have heard papa and mama say it was four years before she saw her boy. Two of those years were in captivity. // end of page 7 a short page.)


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This document includes: Excerpts from British Attacks Against Ruddle's & Martin’s Stations In June 1780 by Don Lee and Martha Pelfrey, which originally appeared in The Ruddlesforter, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 2-3


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Personal Communication with the following people were instrumental in acquiring access to the sites of Ruddle’s and Martin’s Stations:
Mary Clay, 859-987-5698, business address is on Main St. in Paris, Kentucky, lives on the site of Martin’s Station in a house built by the second governor of Kentucky – James Garrard (January 14, 1749 – January 19, 1822), and graciously allowed us access to the site.
Elizabeth Darnell, who lives at 2480 Old Lair Road, Box 4245 Old Lair Road, 859-234-2480, owns and lives on the property where Ruddle’s Station is located. She not only allowed us access to the site, as well as the Lair burial vault, where the bones of the Ruddle’s/Martin’s Station were eventually laid to rest, but led us on a tour of the sites.
William Penn, Historic Midway Museum Store, 124 Railroad St., P.O. Box 4502, Midway, KY 40347, 859-846-4214, is a member of the Harrison County Historical Society and brought us to the sites and made numerous personal connections.
Don Lee, President of the Ruddell & Martin Stations Historical Association, 859-654-3848,, provided information on COL Bird’s invasion route in Harrison County








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