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click on "Beard", enter 98 in "Go to Card #____"


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[Submitted by Marilyn B. Headley, 1997 from A History of Rockbridge County, Virginia by Oren F. Morton, Staunton, Virginia, 1920.  Also in Virginia Genealogist, Volume 18, Number 4, October - December 1974; Volume 19, Number 1, January - March 1975 and Volume 19, Number 2, April June 1975 ]


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(Contributed by Angela M. Ruley


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US GenWeb, Virginia, Rockbridge County Archives.  Click on "Deeds and Land Records".   Select: Selected Entries from Deed Book F, 1806-1809


Rockbridge County Marriage Bonds 1782
US GenWeb, Virginia, Rockbridge County Archives. Click on: Marriages 
Select:  Selected Marriage Bonds, 1782


Deed Book G, Rockbridge County, Virginia, page 11,  US GenWeb, Virginia, Rockbridge County Archives. 
Click on "Deeds and Land Records".   Select: Selected Entries from Deed Book G, 1809-1811


Conveyances in Borden's Tract, US GenWeb, Virginia, Rockbridge County Archives. 
Click on "Deeds and Land Records". 
Select:  Conveyances in Borden's Tract, 1741-1780 (bor2.txt)
(Submitted by Marilyn B. Headley


Militia Lists- Gilmore's Rifles:  "A payroll of James Gilmores Company of Virginia Militia while on Duty under The command of Brigadeer General Morgan While in South Carolina 1780." 
US GenWeb, Virginia, Rockbridge County Archives, 
Select:  Click on:  Militia Lists, Gilmore's Rifles,


Kentucky County Record Descriptions,
Southeastern Genealogy Online,, copyright © 1999


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The Stanley-Mead(e) Family Connections,
Nell Stanley,


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Rockbridge Co VA Grantee Deed Index, 1778-1848, US GenWeb, Virginia, Rockbridge County Archives. Click on "Deeds and Land Records".   Select: Grantee Deed Index, "B" Surnames, partial, 1778-1848,


Rockbridge County, Virginia Marriage Bonds 1778 - 1801, US GenWeb, Virginia, Rockbridge
Click on:  Angela Ruley and Marilyn Headley are proud to announce the completion of 
The Rockbridge County Marriage Bonds (1778-1801)   Archives Site 
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USGenWeb Homepage for Kentucky


How Our Lands Were Stolen,


Rockbridge County Marriages 1778 - 1850, by Dorthie and Edwin C. Kirkpatrick, Iberian Publishing Company, Athens, Georgia, 1985


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USGenWeb Botetourt County, Virginia Genealogy
Click on:  Botetourt County at it's formation
Map adapted from one in A Seed-Bed of the Republic , 1962, Robert Douthat Stoner. 
Click on:  Counties Formed from Botetourt County, A schematic chart showing dates of formation, and lineage of counties formed from the original Botetourt County
SOURCE: Atlas of County Boundary Changes in Virginia 1634-1895, Michael F. Doran, 1987, Iberian Publishing Co, 548 Cedar Creek Dr., Athens, GA 30605


Map, Dunmore's War 1774, The Stevenson Family Homepage,
Select The Family Room Genealogy at:
Select Dunmore's War at:
Select Map of Dunmore's War Area at:


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