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Copyright 2001 Ken Martin


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Mike Stafford, 12580 Havelock, Av., Los Angeles, CA 90066, 310-822-7202


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They are also available online at the "url" (universal resource locator) listed below, which were contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Jim Maroon,

Note from Jim Maroon, The Blunston Licenses, named for the person who kept the records, Samuel Blunston, were granted to individuals who lived west of the Susquehanna river in the area that is now mostly Cumberland County. These  were primarily persons who had settled and improved their lands, some of whom arrived as early, it is said, as 1727.


Cumberland County Towns and Townships on Cumberland County, PA rootsweb site at:


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427) Place Name Search search for Letort Spring in Pennsylvania


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Family Records and History: Descendants of John Berry (1760-1838) & Elizabeth Claypool (1781-1863) by Lucy Ross Berry (1889-1963, Harrison County, Kentucky), Kentucky Room, Cynthiana Public Library, Cynthiana, Harrison County, Kentucky
Original Manuscript held by Dr. Charles R. Berry
7372 Colegrove Drive
Dayton, OH 45424


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Record of the Family of James Berry of the 2nd Generation, from the family papers of Baxter Bell Berry (1807-1891), a son of Samuel Berry (1780-1855) and Anny Weir (1784-1834). Samuel Berry was a son of James Berry and Elizabeth McCutchen. Several handwritten documents can be traced through descendants of Baxter Bell Berry and were copied, probably from the bible of Samuel Berry on 6 March 1852 in Menard Co, Illinois. Original documents in possession of Jim Panttaja, Senior Vice President, Engineering, SecuraTrak, 55 Hawthorne Street, Suite 440, San Francisco, CA 94105


The New Lebanon Cemetery, transcribed by Gary Harvey from the "History of New Lebanon Cooper County Missouri" by Eugene Allen Cordry, 

on the Cooper County Missouri GenWeb site at:


Transcription of Samuel Redus & Martha Wilson Hutton Family Bible, from the Family Files of Julie Rambo, 15 Jan 2002 email Julie Rambo  via Patrick Thomson,  Martha Wilson (Hutton) Redus was daughter of Mary Berry/Leonard Hutton. This bible record is NOT the bible of James Berry/Elizabeth McCutchen, but is instead a transcription of the bible that Martha Hutton Redus commenced when she started her married life and recorded her siblings and grandparents. Annie Tait Jenkins [need to re-find and outline relationship here] transcribed her grandmother’s bible in early 1900s and clearly made a transcription error when writing or typing Elizabeth Berry died Nov 12, 1720. Actual date is probably 1790 rather than 1720. All of the other dates of death for inferred grandparents are in the late 1790s and 1800s, including the subsequent 17 Feb 1804 death date for James Berry. Given the subsequent 1791 marriage of James Berry to Martha Wilson and their 1798 sale of a portion of his Property Survey #1, a 1790 death date for Elizabeth is probably correct.


John McCutchen Berry, 1788 – 1857, Cumberland Presbyterian Minister,  in Brief Biographical Sketches of Some of the Early Ministers of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. by Richard Beard, Second Series. Nashville, Tennessee., Cumberland Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1874, Alton, Illinois, Perrin & Smith, 1878, pages 152-157.



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