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Figure 1

Regional Setting of Scotland, Ireland and England

Figure 2

Pennsylvania Counties in 1790

Figure 3

Beverley Grant Map

Figure 4

Portion of Beverley Grant I

Figure 5

Beverley Grant Land Purchases

Figure 6

Borden Grant Land Purchasers

Figure 7

Portion of Beverley Grant II

Figure 8

Borden Grant Map

Figure 9

18 May 1762 Purchase

Figure 10

Berry Family Properties in Beverley and Borden Grants

Figure 11

Portion of Borden Grant I

Figure 12

John Berry's 1765 Land Purchase from John Edmiston

Figure 13

John Berry and Samuel Nesbit Property Locations

Figure 14

Portion of Beverley Grant III

Figure 15

Shenandoah/James and Roanoke Valleys, Augusta County, VA ~1750

Figure 16

South of the Borden Grant

Figure 17

1748 Processioning District of John Montgomery and Francis McCown

Figure 18

Identifiable Properties from 1755 Processioning District of John Risk and John Shields

Figure 19

Survey Plot and Error Compensation

Figure 20

Approximate Location - Thomas Berry’s 168 Acres

Figure 21

Development of Selected Virginia Counties

Figure 22

Property Map – Abingdon, Virginia Area

Figure 23

Washington County Area

Figure 24

Selected Properties – Northern Borden Grant

Figure 25

North of the Beverley Grant

Figure 26

Location of Tullycarn in Northern Ireland

Figure 27

Northern Ireland/Ireland

Figure 28

Counties of Northern Ireland

Figure 29

Major Scotch-Irish Settlements in the 1730’s Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Figure 30

Townships of Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Figure 31

Physiography of the Appalachian Mountains

Figure 32

Pennsylvania Townships in a Portion of the Great Valley

Figure 33

Letort Spring Area

Figure 34

Township Development 1735 – 1750 Lancaster County, PA

Figure 35

Augusta and Rockingham Counties, VA

Figure 36

1753 Sale of 65 Acres – William Berry to Thomas Berry

Figure 37

Identifiable Properties from 1765 Processioning District of Andrew Hall and James Buchanan

Figure 38

Plot From Survey Records: William Berry’s 427 Acres in Borden Tract

Figure 39

Properties of 1753 Petition Signers

Figure 40

Charles Berry’s Land Purchase from John Buchanan

Figure 41

Identified Landowners 1781 Augusta County, Virginia Tithables - William McPheeter’s List

Figure 42

Distribution of Nesbit/Nesbitt/Nesbett/Nesbet/Niesbet/Nisbet/Nusbit Households in Kentucky 1790 – 1810

Figure 43

Identifiable Properties - Joseph Moore’s 1778/1779 Tithable List, Rockbridge County

Figure 44

Harrison County, Kentucky

Figure 45

Gray’s Run Land Sale - Samuel to Robert Nesbit

Figure 46

Bath County, Virginia Area

Figure 47

Jacob Gillespy Properties Part 1 - Boundaries and Survey Notes

Figure 48

Jacob Gillespy Properties Part 1 - Raw Reconstruction & Best Fit Configuration

Figure 49

Jacob Gillespy Properties Part 2 - Boundaries and Survey Notes

Figure 50

Jacob Gillespy Properties Part 2 - Raw Reconstruction & Best Fit Configuration

Figure 51

Location of Long Glade Creek

Figure 52

Ice Age Continental Physiography

Figure 53

North America ~ 1763

Figure 54

Colonial Development of North America

Figure 55

Trans-Appalachian Physiography and Geography

Figure 56

Trans Allegheny West-Mid 1770s

Figure 57

Eastern Kentucky - 1780

Figure 58

Eastern Kentucky - 1786

Figure 59

Eastern Kentucky - 1789

Figure 60

Eastern Kentucky - 1792

Figure 61

Eastern Kentucky - 1793

Figure 62

Cowpens Battlefield and Regional Setting

Figure 63

Cultural and Physiographic Features - Forks of the James Area, Virginia

Figure 64

John Berry's Property in the Forks of the James

Figure 65

Development of Western Virginia and Kentucky, 1767 - 1777

Figure 66

Settlements in the Holston, Powell, Clinch, Watauga and Nolichucky Valleys

Figure 67

Development of Western Virginia and Kentucky, 1780 - 1786

Figure 68

King's Mountain Operational Area Reference Graphic, May - October 1780

Figure 69

OverMountain Trail - 26 Sept 1780

Figure 70

OverMountain Trail - 27 Sept 1780

Figure 71

OverMountain Trail - 28 Sept 1780

Figure 72

OverMountain Trail - 29 Sept 1780

Figure 73

OverMountain Trail - 30 Sept 1780

Figure 74

OverMountain Trail - 1, 2 and 3 October 1780

Figure 75

OverMountain Trail - 4 Oct 1780

Figure 76

OverMountain Trail - 5 Oct 1780

Figure 77

OverMountain Trail - 6 Oct 1780

Figure 78

OverMountain Trail - 7 Oct 1780

Figure 79

Battle of King's Mountain - General Movement of Militia Units at the Initiation of Hostilities

Figure 80

John Berry and His Immediate neighbors - South Fork of the Holston River, Washington County, Virginia

Figure 81

John Berry's Property and the Green Springs Presbyterian Church

Figure 82

Location of William Russell's Castlewood in Reference to the Wolf Hills Settlement Area

Figure 83

District of West Augusta, Virginia - 1774

Figure 84

Regional Setting of William Berry's 1774 - 1778 Militia deployments

Figure 85

Initial Positions of British and American Forces, Battle of Guilford Courthouse - 15 March 1781

Figure 86

William Berry's Property in St. Louis, Missouri

Figure 87

Approximate Location of William Berry's Land Near Lexington, Kentucky

Figure 88

Initial Distribution of Forces, Siege of Yorktown - October 1781

Figure 89

Locations of the Henry and Berry Farms

Figure 90

Locations of the McCleary and Berry Farms

Figure 91

Regional Setting & Major Troop Movements of the 1774 Point Pleasant Campaign

Figure 92

Early Settlements in the Kentucky Bluegrass Area

Figure 93

Historic & Modern Setting of Francis Berry's Settlement on Cooper's Run

Figure 94

Ingress & Egress Routes of Captain Bird's 1780 Kentucky Invasion

Figure 95

General Vicinity of Francis Berry's Property - Sinking Creek, Sullivan County North Carolina/Tennessee

Figure 96

General Vicinity of Sally (Sharp) Berry's Property - Watts Creek, Whitley County, Kentucky

Figure 97

Francis Berry's 148 Acres on Sinking Creek, Sullivan County, North Carolina

Figure 98

Francis Berry's 10 Acres on Sinking Creek, Sullivan County, North Carolina

Figure 99

Approximate Ground Location of Francis Berry's 10 Acres on Sinking Creek, Sullivan County, North Carolina

Figure 100

Regional Setting of the Guyandotte River

Figure 101

George Berry's 270 Acre Tract on the Guyandotte River, Montgomery County, Virginia

Figure 102

Thomas Berry's Land in Davidson County, North Carolina/Tennessee

Figure 103

Development of East Tennessee Counties - 1787 - 1801

Figure 104

Significant Changes in County Boundaries Relative to Janet Berry's 50 Acre Land Purchase - Montgomery County, Kentucky

Figure 105

Janet Berry's 50 Acres on Slate Creek - Montgomery County, Kentucky

Figure 106

Relationship of Janet Berry's 50 Acres on Slate Creek to William Ellis' 1,000 Acre Grant

Figure 107

Kentucky Bluegrass Area - General Location of John & William Berry's Properties

Figure 108

North Central Kentucky - County Configurations in 1799

Figure 109

Development of Fayette County Virginia/Kentucky - 1780 - Present

Figure 110

Berry-Dryden Properties in 1771 - Botetourt & Augusta Counties, Virginia

Figure 111

1770 Botetourt County Tithable Districts

Figure 112

1771 Botetourt County Tithable Districts

Figure 113

1771 Tithable Districts and Hemp Production - Botetourt County, Virginia

Figure 114

Botetourt County Tithables in the Holston & Clinch Valleys

Figure 115

Holston Basin Tithable Districts from 1770 to 1772

Figure 116

Properties in the Forks of the Holston

Figure 117

Regional Setting of the Whitsell's Mill Skirmish

Figure 118

Location & Configuration of William & Thomas Berry's Land

Figure 119

William MaGill's Territorial Range in the American Colonies

Figure 120

William MaGill's Property, Augusta County, Virginia

Figure 121

1772 Botetourt County Tithable Districts

Figure 122

Botetourt County Tithables - Lower Holston District/Clinch Subdistrict 1770 - 1772

Figure 123

Botetourt County Tithables - Forks of the James District 1770 - 1772

Figure 124

Kentucky Bluegrass Area in 1780

Figure 125 Holston & Powell Valley Fortified Locations in 1774


Table I

Beverley Grant Property Information

Table II

Borden Grant Property Information

Table III

Abingdon Virginia Area Property Information

Table IV

Categories of Thomas Berry's Estate Appraisal Items

Table V

1742 Augusta County Militia List

Table VI

Summary of the Appraisal of Samuel Nesbit's Personal Estate

Table VII

Bath County, Virginia Tax Listings 1791 - 1801

Table VIII

Distribution of Jacob Gillespy's Original 400 Acres of Land

Table IX

The French and Indian Wars

Table X

Trans-Appalachian Anglo-American Population Growth

Table XI

Gallatin County, Kentucky Tax Records for William Berry, 1811 - 1821

Table XII

Summary & Categorization of William Berry’s Personal Property Appraisal

Table XIII

Comparison of Appraisal and Sale Values

Table XIV

Personal Property Appraisal & Sale Summary

Table XV

Comparison of Appraisal and Sale Values of William Berry’s Personal Property

Table XVI

Probate Court Determination of Estate Advance Distribution

Table XVII

Incomplete Transcriptions of Bequeathments (and Values) by William Berry to His Children During His Lifetime


William Berry's African Slaves as Determined from Virginia and Kentucky Personal Property Tax Records

Table IXX

Comparison of William Berry's Slave Information from 1810, 1820 and 1830 Federal and State Records

Table XX

Detailed Data of William Berry's African Slaves from the 1820 and 1830 Federal Enumerations

Table XXI

Slave Information and Distribution from William Berry's Will

Table XXII

Tax Data for Mary Berry & James Henry, Jr. 1788 - 1820


Children of Mary Berry and James Henry, Jr.

Table XXIV

James Henry Sr.'s Personal Property Tax Records 1782 - 1809

Table XXV

George Berry Jr.'s Taxable Property, 1796 - 1810

Table XXVI

Augusta County Personal Property Tax Records for William Berry, 1782 - 1785


Fayette County, Virginia/Kentucky Tax Records for William Berry, 1787 - 1810


John Berry’s Harrison County Tax Data  1800 – 1828

Table XXIX

Slave Information from Tax Records 1790 – 1829

Table XXX

African Slaves in John Berry’s 1838 Estate Appraisal

Table XXXI

Negros in Elizabeth (Claypole) Berry’s July 1863 Estate Appraisal


Results of John Berry’s Estate Appraisal


Listing & Categorization of Estate Items


Comparison of Appraisal to Estate Sale Values

Table XXXV

Family Purchases at Estate Sale



Richard & John Berry Land Acquisitions in Lincoln and Jefferson Counties, Virginia


Settlement & Preemption Certificates


William Montgomery Land Purchases in Lincoln County, Virginia 1779 - 1782

Table XL

Intermarriages of the Sharp, Dunkin and Laughlin Families

Table XLI

Certificates of Settlement and Preemption Warrants in the Forks of the Licking

Table XLII

Thomas Berrys in Washington County Tax Records 1782 - 1800


White Tithable Males in Thomas Berry's Household 1782 - 1811

Table XLIV

African Slaves in Thomas Berry's Household 1782 - 1811

Table XLV

Thomas Berry's Land Acquisition in Davidson County, North Carolina/Tennessee

Table XLVI

Thomas and Mary Berry - Key Actions in Washington County Records


Thomas Berry's Estate Appraisal - Categories and Percentages


Lifestyle Indicators in Thomas Berry's Estate

Table XLIX

Slave Generated Income

Table L

Taxes, Land Sales and Monetary Distributions to Descendants

Table LI

Division of Thomas Berry's Land in Central Tennessee

Table LII

William and James Berry in Fayette County Tax Rolls

Table LIII

1771 Hemp Production in Botetourt County, Virginia

Table LIV

David Dryden in Washington County Tax Records 1782 - 1817

Table LV

David Dryden's Estate Appraisal

Table LVI

William Berry Occurrences in the First Four Berry Generations

Table LVII

Land Acquisitions in the Lower Holston Valley by William & James Berry


William Berry's Estate Appraisal

Table LVIV

Washington County Personal Property Tax Records for the Survivors of William Berry




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