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Convict Links

Lincolnshire Prisoners



Convict Death Register  1828-1879

Convicts 1-2-3 Fleets     URL Link

Convicts applications to marry    URL Link

Convicts Cape Banks FHS Convict Interests    URL Link

Convict Indents    URL Link

Convict Marriage Banns   URL Link

Convicts "Minstrel" 1812    URL Link

Convicts "Tellicherry" 1806    URL Link

Convicts Index to NSW Indents     URL Link

Convicts Victualling List 1821    URL Link

Convicts "Royal Admiral" 1792   URL Link

Convicts Uncollected Convict Pardons       URL Link

Convicts Gov Hunters Assignment Report 1798 - Women Convicts   URL Link

Convict Ticket of Leacves 1824-1827   URL Link

Convicts 1788-1791   URL Link

First Fleet The First Fleeters      URL Link

General Returns of convicts - Muster1837   URL Link

Index of assisted immigrants from Kent to Sydney.1844-1859    

Index tp probationary conicts to Sydney and Moreton Bay.1849-1850      More information

Milton Convicts [incomplete]   URL Link

Parramatta Female Factory 1826-1848 Inmates   URL Link

Second Fleet 2nd Fleet Convicts      URL Link

Shipping Wives & families of Convicts on Bounty Ships   URL Link

The Women of Botany Bay Convicts June Nicholls   URL Link

Third Fleet Convicts      URL Link

Ulladulla Convicts [incomplete]  URL Link

Wellington Valley Convicts 1823    URL Link

Wellington Valley Convicts 1823-31.     URL Link

Uncollected Convict Pardons    URL Link


South Australia

Convicts 1837-1857      URL Link

Convicts Transported to SA       URL Link          More information

Convicts to the Colony       URL Link

Ireland to Australia

Irish National Archives:

Irish rebels sent to Australia 1800-06

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