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Marilyn Shoemaker was the first to suggest a book about the family of Arnold Bitters. Great Idea, Marilyn! That began a project begun by Marilyn (a very skilled researcher)and myself, a bit into the project two other researchers joined our group, Jan Thomas and Barbara Bogart. The result is "A Bitter Journey into a New Land - The family of Arnold and Mary Neigh Bitters, 250 years".

Many able researchers and descendants provided information and/or photos to this project and we thank them all.

Click here to read "A Bitter Journey into a New Land"

If you would like a copy of the book on CD let me know and I'll send you one for the cost of materials and shipping.

Research my Bitters Family Files

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Some of these files are PDF files.You can download the pdf files to your computer. Just right click the link and select "save target as" to save the download to your hard drive. You will need adobe reader installed on your computer to read the PDF files. These files can also be opened in your browser but are slow.

Bitters Gravesites

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I have posted my cemetery Photos at Find A Grave
Akron Citizen's Cemetery - Akron, Fulton County, Indiana
Akron I.O.O.F. Cemetery - Akron, Fulton County, Indiana
I.O.O.F. Cemetery - Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana
Mount Olivet Cemetery - Salt Lake City, Utah

Arnold & Mary Bitters

Arnold Bitters - Facts and Fiction  

Esther Bitters Family (Daughter of Arnold & Mary Bitters)


William Bitters Family (Son of Arnold & Mary Bitters)

William Bitters - Last Will and Testament  

John Bitters Family (Son of Arnold & Mary Bitters)

Bitters Family Register Albert Bitters Family
Coroner Report - James Wilson Doane
Son of Rebecca Bitters Doane
Death Certificate - Theodore Chapman
Husband of Catharine Bitters
Death Certificate - Catharine Chapman
Daughter of Lemuel Bitters
Divorce - Catherine Bitters and Theodore Chapman
Divorce - Alida Bitters and William Powell Divorce /Marriage - Alida Bitters and Abraham Liberman # 1
Early Akron - Fulton County Folks Edna and Edith Bitters Graduation - 1910
Franklin Pierce Bitters - Biography Fern Masteller
Margurete Bitters Miller - Home Folks Margaret Rose Bitters - Graduation
Margaret Rose Bitters - Common School Diploma Margaret Rose Bitters - High School Diploma
Marriage Certificate - Arminta Bitters and David Boyer Military Discharge - Andrew Tully Bitters
Obituary - Rebecca Bitters Doane
Daughter of John & Sarah Bitters
Obituary - Rachel Ann Hendershott Bitters wife of Lemuel Bitters  
Obituary - Ida Mae Bitters
daughter of James Diechman Bitters
Obituary - Lloyd Bitters
Son of Lemuel Bitters
Thomas Major Bitters - Biography    

Bitters Family Photos
I'll be glad to add your photos too.

Bitters Family Cemetery Photos
I'll be glad to add your photos too.

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