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These families settled in Northern Indiana (Pulaski, Marshall, Miami and Fulton Counties) during the mid 1800's. Most started in New England and came through Ohio on the way.

The Wunder family came to Colorado by way of Iowa.

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- Transcript - Makes it easier to transcribe data from electronic sources such as a photo of an obituary or scanned image of a County History, The top part of the screen displays the image and just below it is a basic word processor window that allows you to type what you see in the image. It will save the transcribed file or you can copy and paste the data into your genealogy program. Saves a lot of neck strain. This is a Free download for individuals but the designer does accept donations.

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Health Alert

Do you know someone between the ages of 20 - 45 who is experiencing shortness of breath? Are Asthma or Allergy medications not helping? Ask their doctor to test for Alpha 1 Antitrypsine Deficiency. This is a rare genetic disease. There is no cure but it can be treated to prevent ongoing lung damage. Many doctors are not aware of this disease. For more information contact:
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