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Welcome to the research
pages for the villages of

Fondo and Tret
Cusiano and Pellizzano
Preghena and Livo

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The information on these pages are for assistance in identifying your ancestors.  When you find a likely match please contact us for the *full file on that family.

Please note:  The information on these pages are not complete.  To list everything would take up too much valuable space.  PLEASE SEND FOR A FULL FILE ON YOUR FAMILY TO GET ALL THE DATES AND PLACES AND NOTES FOR YOUR FAMILY.(see "contact us" in the above paragraph)

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Fondo and Tret

Cusiano and Pellizzano

Preghena and Livo

Marcello Pichenstein and his work in Cusiano is wonderful!!
To reach Marcello with more questions on Cusiano or Pellizzano
you can write to him at [email protected]
Thanks for everything Marcello.
Finding our Bezzi family has been the highlight of our webpage adventure.

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