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A Journey of the Bertram Family

Four Generations of Bertrams


As you travel through the pages of this site, you will learn about both the ancestors and descendents of George Beckum Bertram and his wife, Sallie Mariah Marshall. The search for information about the Bertrams was started in July 2004 when one of George Bertram's great-grandsons named his son Evan Mason. Mason was the middle name of George's father, Joel. What started out as a search for information on Joel Mason Bertram blossomed into the information you will see on this site. This "story" will be a work in progress as George's family expands.

As far as can be learned at the present time, William Butterum and Prissilla Branche were the parents of the first member of the family to arriive in the United States. Their youngest son, John, came to America in 1637 with William Reynolds.

Over the years the spelling of the name took several variations. Some of those variations included Butterum, Boutteram, Buttram, Butram, and Bertram. Maryland seems to have been the one of the first places the family immigrated to. Over time, they moved to Virginia, North Carolina, and Kentucky. Some members of the family may have also moved to Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

After arriving in Kentucky in the early 1800's from Rowan County, North Carolina, the Bertrams settled in Wayne County, Kentucky. Over time, the family spread out from Wayne County to other areas Kentucky.

Each of the links on the site menu contain what information we have found about our family. You will also find links to all the references we used in researching the Bertrams. We have also tried to list all of the surnames linked to various family members.

If you want to contact us, just click on the Mail button. If you are a member of this family, any updates you want to add will be very much appreciated. Any family member, not matter how closely or distantly related, with genealogy or family history sites wishing to add a link to this site can feel free to do so. All you have to do is let us know by sending the link via an email. It is our hope that you will enjoy your visit, and that you may find some helpful information if you are researching your family's history. Please feel free to visit as often as you wish.

NOTE: In each generation, I have tried to indicate the person who is in my direct lineage.