Genealogy for Bertran, Klump, Parkinson, Hoy, Snavely

Last Updated: Wednesday, June 25, 2003

The 2003 family reunion was held in Wallace, NE with Jim and Inez Fattig hosting Saturday and Sunday, June 14th & 15th.
Saturday afternoon Jim and Inez hosted a cookout at their home west of Wallace. They are located on #23, about 3 miles west of town, the 2nd house on the north side. We had pot luck with grilled chicken provided by our hosts and grilled by John Struwe.

Sunday, June 15th, the reunion was in the Legion hall in Wallace. Our hosts provided coffee, juice, cereal, milk and doughnuts for breakfast. Then we had potluck for lunch. More food than twice as many people could eat.

Below is a listing of the people who attended. Some of the pictures didn't turn out, but I think we have pictures of most.

Beth Robinson carried on the plane lots of pictures and books. What a job she had, but we do appreciate it. Peggy Struwe also had a whole box of books and pictures for people to look at.

Family Reunion 2004 is tenatively scheduled for June 25th and 26th in Lincoln, NE with John and Peggy Struwe as hosts. Please plan to attend as we hope to see you then.

(Click on the picture to see an enlarged picture.)

Quilt wall hanging was designed and created by Sandy Wyngaard from Mountain Home, Idaho, who is the daughter of Enid Hartford. It is even more beautiful in person than in this photo. Sandy's aunt, Lucille Beach, from Long Beach, California, won the quilt in the drawing. I am sure she will treasure it.
Sandy put this Nebraska label on the lower left side of the quilt back. Click on the picture to see a larger picture.
Sandy also put an Idaho label on the lower right side of the quilt back. She lives in Idaho.
Sandy entered the quilt in the fair. I am assuming it was the county fair and won second place on the quilt.
Inez & Jim Fattig, Wallace, NE
Jim is a descendent of Herman Klump

Descendents of Jacob Klump
The cousins. Left to Right:
Back: Larry Trumbull, Peggy (Bertran) Struwe, Beth (Wendt) Robinson, Enid (Beach) Hartford, Lucille Beach (Don Beach's widow)
Seated: Leona Anderson, Marion Merill, Jim Fattig

Descendents of Sophia Klump and Frederick Bertran
Standing: Donna Solie, Franklin Moyer, John Struwe, Elizabeth Struwe, Robert Struwe, Deb Struwe, Peggy Struwe, Lucille Beach, Beth Robinson, Bill Robinson
Genevieve Moyer, Leeza Moyer (Elisabeth & Katherine on lap), Bob Moyer, Helen Trumbull (Susana Moyer on lap), Enid Harford, Larry Trumbull
Leeza and Robert (Bob) Moyer with children Elisabeth, Katherine, Susana, Franklin, Barret and Genevieve
Leeza is a descendent of Sophia (Klump) Bertran
Leona Anderson and son William (Bill) Anderson.
Descendents of Ruby (Klump) Hackbarth.

John and Peggy (Bertran) Struwe
Peggy is a descendent of Sophia Klump

Helen and Larry Trumbull
Larry is a descendent of Sophia Klump
Bill and Beth Robinson
Beth is a descendent of Sophia Klump

No family picture of Robert and Deb Struwe and Elizabeth, Marion and Philip Merill, Enid Hartford, Donna Solie.
As people get pictures developed, more may be added.


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