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Klump & Bertran Family Reunion Information for 2004

Hi to all our family
The Bertran/Klump family reunion 2004 was held June 19th and 20th in Lincoln, Nebraska.
There was a smaller turnout, but everyone had a great time.
Betty Sanford, Roberta & Kelly Davis were here the week before the reunion and worked very hard to clean and get the 2 apartments ready for the reunion. I wouldn't have been able to do it without their help.
Betty Sanford and Enid Hartford lived in the apartments while Larry and Helen Trumbull were hosts for the house. This freed me up to do what needed to be done.
A powerpoint presentation ran on a computer that Leeza Moyer set up to run continously. There was also a computer set up with games for the kids to play.
Saturday night and sunday morning we played cards and had lots of fun. Tonya and Jason Wendt from Ashland were first time attendees. I think they had a good time getting to know us and we enjoyed getting to know them. They are a host family for foreign students and had alot of tales we enjoyed. Tonya wondered if she got her curly hair from our family. Most of us have curly hair, but we don't know if it came from the Klump side, the way Tonya is related to all of us.
The quilt drawing was won by Leeza Moyer. The pillow cases were won by Max Richie. The quilt has gone home, but I need to mail the pillow cases to Max.

The Family Reunion 2005 will be held June 4th and 5th in Lincoln, NE at 545 N 25th, the same as this year. John and Peggy Struwe will host it again in their Bed and Breakfast house. The main changes will be the main meal will be Saturday evening and then breakfast on Sunday morning. This will give people more time to travel home on Sunday or do other things if they want to.

We will have a raffle of a red, white and blue afghan made in broomstick lace by Betty Sanford and a hand quilted wall hanging of bears made by Georgina Miles. Both are beautiful. We will again sell tickets for $1 each or 6 for $5. Later I will put pictures on the family web site and send out a note so you can go look at the pictures.

We took pictures of the quilt and pillow cases and the wall hanging and afghan which will go on the web site along with pictures of the people at this years reunion.

I hope many of you will plan to attend next year. We will have more bedrooms available next year and all you have to do is make arrangements for one to stay at the event.

Please remember in your prayers, the following people who are fighting physical battles: Inez Fattig, Beth Robinson and Ida Meador.
Attendance at the 2004 reunion were:
Betty and Bob Sanford
Larry and Helen Trumbull
Enid Hartford
Donna Solie, Richie, Deanna and her 3 children
Leeza and Bob Moyer, Barret, Genevieve, Susana, Franklin, Katherine & Elisabeth
Robert and Deb Struwe, Elizabeth Ann and Rebeka Jean
Tonya & Jason Wendt
John and Peggy Struwe
Hope we can add your names to the list next year.

Peggy Struwe

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