My Ancestors



Iím very interested in growing my ďcousinĒ branches, so Iíve posted descendant trees for some of my main ancestors.

If you have information on any of these lines, or corrections, please let me know!


Unfortunately, due to the way I made these pages with Legacy, I had to rename the files to upload them and for some reason that means you canít click on people to go to them in other generations.If anyone knows how to fix that Iíd appreciate it; until then, sorry.

You CAN click on the people in the ancestor page.

Also, I didnít upload the surname or name index files, if anyone is interested I can do so.

For more info on my family, check out my full GEDCOM file!




My Direct Ancestors

Descendent Trees:

John Ashbrook 1652-1727

John Allen early 1600s

John McKibben 1728-1798

Edward Campbell 1801-1844

Henry Smith c. 1810-1880