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Welcome to Norway

and Bettans  new  started  Genealogy page 



I am still new in this Genealogy game , but here I

attend to collect all my Genealogy search I have so far

Links at this Paulsen

It will soon come more links here.

Please email me if you and me search the same family or if you

notice something wrong

My main Aarseth.no

Sorry http://www.aarseth.no are mostly in Norwegian , but you sure can read pictures

from my several travelling pages

The Paulsen family from Sweden to Norway and then further to Chicago and Miami

on my freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com

all over the World .

John og jeg har felles aner og slekter .

Slagen , Nøtterøy og Tjømø slekter under arbeid .

I search for Famliy

 Kjøle, Nøtterøy,Vestfold - under construction


Aarseth ,Kvistad and more - under construction

Vestlandet og Helgeland - under construction


SEARCHING for Some of my husbands roots


Glein,Dønna,Helgeland,Norway  north


Petter Dass Petter Dass , 1

Petter Dass Petter Dass , 2

Skovro - Skauen - Kjøpmannskjær,Nøtterøy


I search for Famliy all over the World .

And I met some Paulsons in USA My firth cousin Katherine and her husband Charles Mudd

Many of my relatives came from Västra Götalands län County of Västra Götaland

Some relatives also came from came from Lilla Edet in Sweden

Some relatives even came from came the way thrue Arvika in Sweden

Katalogisering av Slektsbaser påbegynt 15:11 -- 10.05.00

COPYRIGHT Ask me if you believe we are family and I share with you !

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