Georgia Connections

These are some pictures of the fourth generation of Rosses that we know about. the following three pictures were contributed by Shirley Fleming ([email protected]) who is researching the Branch family. George and Abraham Branch were raised by their mother as Branches when she and James Alexander (Sander) Ross were divorced. We have very little information on this part of the family and would welcome any comment.

George Branch(Ross) son of James Alexander Ross and his first wife, Elizabeth Branch.. George was born in 1874 and died March 3, 1939.

This is another picture of George, seated in rocking chair, and standing is not know. If you recognize him, please let me know.

Abraham Branch, born Oct. 23, 1879 and died April 15, 1967

Ralph Waldo Ross, Sr. b. Jan. 5,1881, d. Jan. 2, 1933 and Annie Mabell Fountain b. Dec. 4, 1875 and d. June 24, 1960.
Ralph is the son of James Alexander Ross and his second wife, Martha Ann Jones.