Georgia Connections 3

Ross Marriages in Wilkinson County, Georgia

From 40,000 Early Georgia Marriages

Betsy Ross  Howell King  Oct 9, 1823

Catherine Ross  Isaac Johnson  Mar 5, 1846
p. Wm. Ross and Pensy Wallace (Unsure)

Darcus Ross  John H. Hatcher  Sep 5, 1839

Fannie Ross  Wm. Hoover  Nov 7, 1836

Julia Ross  A.P. Odum  Aug 19, 1879 
p. Alexander Ross and Martha (Stuckey)

J.A. Ross  Joel S. Lavender  1866-1882

Margaret Ross  Wm. Pettis  

Martha E. Ross  W.C. Wood  Oct 29, 1873

Mary Ross  Wm. Williams  Jul 18, 1872
p. James A. Ross and Hester Ann Hall

Matilda Ross  Alexander Patterson Oct 9, 1821

Nancy Ross  Rena H. Smith  Sep 7, 1843
I am pretty sure this should be Richard
p. James A.Ross and Hester Ann Hall

Sara Ross  George Warren  Nov 1, 1838
p. James A. Ross and Hester Ann Hall

Susanna Ross  Alford Williams  Sep 11, 1854

James A. Ross  Martha Ann Jones Dec 15, 1878
p. John F. Ross and Nancy Jane Wright

John F. Ross  Nancy Jane Wright Jan 20, 1848
p. James A. Ross and Hester Ann Hall

Wm. Ross  Pensy Wallace  Feb 3, 1825

Wm. Ross  Sara .Bishop  Dec 21, 1848
p. James A. Ross and Hester Ann Hall

This marriage was not in the book but the following one was:

Wm. Ross  Sara Bishop  Feb 3, 1825

Then under "Bishop" was
Sara Bishop  Wm. Ross  no date

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