James A. Ross

Letter from James A. Ross, (William Daniel) (James Alexander Ross) to his Mother.

Griffen, GA., Aug. 1, 1864

Dear Mother,

I seat myself this evening to inform you that I am well except I have a verry bad cold. Truly hoping these few lines may come safe to hand and find you all in good health. As for I know so much and believe so little, I wont write much and only what I can so rely upon. There has bin some tremendious hard fighting at Atlanta and a hevy loss on our side. But drove the enemy back four miles and yesterday there was a skirmish at Macon, Ga. with a raiding party and our malishery thats garding some prisners and our loss was 40 killed, wounded and missing. But the enemy loss I have not heard yet.

I haven't heard anything from Va. in a long time. I dont know whzt's going on up there. I wrote to you from Columbus and left next day and went back to Ft. Valley and then we marched through here to this place about 48 hours ago. And I don't know when we will leave here nor where we will go. I now know what it takes to make a soldier. I would be more than glad to here from you and still glader to see you. But I can't tell you when I ever will for it is warm times everywhere. Now I believe I received a letter from you when I was at Columbus dated 19th. of June.

I got in to the bullets a little on Johns Island but there was but two of this regement hurt and both was wounded one in the left side of the back severley and the other in the thy slightly.

The 47, 32 is a Georgia Bat. and the First Ga. Regulars suferd severely. I recon I had better close my letter as it is getting late in the evening. Give my best love and respects to all the conection and all inquiring friends if there be any and except same for yourselves. Direct your letters to me in this way J. A. Ross, H Troop, 4 Ga. Cav., care Col. D. L. Clinch, Macon, Ga.

I am your affectionate son, James A. Ross
P.S. I Frank all my letters on account of there being after to go through for there be danger there being destroyed for the postage hen.