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Betty and Bev
Betty and Bev

Come in and visit my family. One of the reasons for creating this Web Site is to meet new cousins and learn more about their families as they relate to mine.

This is a work in progress and I will be updating it often. Not all information on these pages has been documented nor cited. Please use the information as clue's only. If you find errors (and you will), please kindly let me know. I would be happy to make changes, especially if you have sources.

BLACK is my paternal line. I am one of the many descendants of Daniell Blacke, who came to the Colonies as a "Scottish Prisoner" on the ship "Sara and John" on 13 May 1652. Direct line surnames are BLACK, HARTLEY, DUNBAR, LINK, TRAIN, LAMPTON, MORTON, HUFFORD, and BABER.Collateral line surnames are: PARGIN, BONNELL, TUNNELL, AYRES, HARLAN, VANHORN/VAN HORN, CALLUM, and CHANDLER.

Although I am interested in all of the family history as it relates to 'Daniell Blacke' and his descendants, I am especially interested as it relates to Daniel Black, b: 13 Mar 1778, in Holden, Massachusetts. This Daniel is the 2nd great grandson of the "immigrant" Daniell Blacke and my 3rd great grandfather. I descend through his oldest son, Benjamin P Black.

Not everything I have on my Black family is on this site. I will be adding to it as I go along. So if you have questions about someone that appears to be related but is not on here, please e-mail me and ask. To check out what is here go to Bev Black's Family

Darryl Rowles has an excellent Web Site on Black's in New England including the descendants of 'Daniell Blacke'. If you are interested in checking out what information he has, go to Darryl Rowles.

KIGHT is my maternal line. I am one of the many descendants of James Kight (Kite, Keyt, Keyte, etc.) of Blockley Plantation in Pennsylvania. He came to Pennsylvania in about 1675/80. Various sources give different years. James was a Quaker. This page is still under construction and is not online yet. Direct line surnames related to this line are: KIGHT, SULLENS, SNOWDEN, TUCKER, SAVAGE, RUSSELL, TOMLINSON, KIMZEY, PALMER, BOWMAN, SHORT, NOLAND and BROCK.

SPRINGGATE is my half-sisters paternal line. This page is still under construction and is not online yet. Direct line surnames related to this line are: SPRINGGATE/SPRINGATE, BAUGH, ARNSPIGER, GREEN, MANN, FUNK, CURL, RAFFERTY, CALDWELL, SPENGLER, WILLIAMS and STEWART.

DOWN/BOOTH is the maternal line of my cousin, James Black. He and his wife Judy have helped me out so much that I would like to help him. I am listing the direct line surnames for him in the hopes that family will make themselves known. The surnames are: DOWN, BOOTH, PATTERSON, HICKMAN, STOUT, FALLACE/FALLAS, MILLER, OSBORNE and MOUNDS. To learn more on the DOWN family go to Down Family and if you want to learn more about the BOOTH family go to Booth Family.

I hope that you will come back often. Since I love pictures, I plan to have alot of them on my Web Site. To see what I have now go to Black Family Pictures . There will also be a section for people that I don't know. Hopefully you'll recognize some and let me know.

As a fledgling Web Designer, I would appreciate suggestions for making this a comfortable and interesting place to visit. And if you would like to know more about the surnames listed above, please e-mail me here.

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