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This site mainly represents the ancestors of James F. SNOW and his sibblings. James' paternal family line descends from Nicholas SNOW, Constance HOPKINS, Stephen HOPKINS, Isaac J. LAYMANCE, Katherine LIGHTNING. His maternal family line descends from Thomas BENEDICT and Mary BRIDGHAM.

Rufus J. and Louvisa (Benedict) Snow

Rufus J. SNOW was born 12 Oct 1879 in Wartburg, Morgan, Tennessee to Joseph H. and Margaret Elizabeth (LAYMANCE) SNOW and died 17 Sep 1957 in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington. At Winlock, Lewis, Washington on 27 Nov 1900 Rufus married Louvisa Merila BENEDICT, daughter of John W. and Mary Elizabeth (BENNETT) BENEDICT. Louvisa was born 18 Dec 1879 and died 3 Jan 1964. Both Rufus and Louvisa are buried in Greenacres Cemetery, Ferndale, Whatcom, Washington.

Pictured in the following photgraph are Dora, Nina, Mel, Dick, Agnes, Mac, and Jim. The children seen in the picture are Rufus Joseph and Agnes.


  1. Nora Alice SNOW, born 27 Aug 1901 in Winlock, Lewis, Washington, and died 3 Mar 1985 in Ferndale, Whatcom, Washington. Nora married (1) Burrell Rupert WILLET, who was born 8 Apr 1894, the son of Hiram and Lucy (FAUSHIER/FANSHIER) WILLET. He died 8 Dec 1920 in Wickersham, Whatcom, Washington in a logging accident. Burrell is buried in Saxon Cemetery. Nora married (2) on 8 Sep 1921 in Mt. Vernon, Skagit, Washington, Lewis Lyle HAMILTON, the son of Edwin Dewitt and Marjorie Matilda (BURDICK) HAMILTON. Lewis was born 1 Jan 1894 and died 2 Jan 1959 in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington. They were divorced. Lewis was a veteran of WWI and is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery. Nora married (3) 4 Dec 1931 Charles PETERS who died 11 Jan 1958 in Seattle, King, Washington.

  2. Earl Rufus SNOW, born 27 Feb 1904 in Winlock, Lewis, Washington and died 9 Nov 1996 in Richland, Benton, Washington. He married Marjorie "Stella" Rosetta NAPIER, who died 12 Jan 1971 in Ferndale, Whatcom, Washington. His second wife Bessie GLASS was born 16 Apr 1902 in Ellsworth, Michigan, the daughter of Edward and Alice (VANDERYACHT) GLASS. Bessie died 25 Sep 1992 in Kennewick, Washington.

  3. Clarence Edward SNOW, born 31 Oct 1905 in Sumas, Whatcom, Washington, and died 12 Oct 1988 in Olalla, Kitsap, Washington. He married Lilie Delilah ROE, 4 Mar 1928 in Winlock, Lewis, Washington. Lilie was born 14 Apr 1904 in Kalama, Washington to Elden Emery Roe Lettie Hugill Roe. Lillie died 15 Feb 2004 in Olalla, Kitsap, Washington at almost the age of 100 years.

  4. Melvin Elwell SNOW, born 6 Nov 1906 in Sumas, Whatcom, Washington, and died 12 Jul 2001 in Prescott, Arizona. He married Virginia H. BURCH on 24 Mar 1930 in Portland, Oregon.

  5. Rufus Joseph SNOW, born 9 Feb 1909 in Sumas, Whatcom, Washington, and died 15 Feb 1953 in Salem, Marion, Oregon. He is buried in Greenacres Cemetery.

  6. Agnes Marie SNOW, born 6 Jul 1911 in Winlock, Lewis, Washington. She died 30 Jun 1989 in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington. Agnes married (1) Benjamin Franklin HAMILTON, who was born 12 Feb 1890 in Sumas, Whatcom, Washington, the son of Edward Dewitt and Marjorie Matilda (BURDICK) HAMILTON. He died 14 Apr 1962 in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington and is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery. Agnes married (2) Donald Kelly BURGE who was born 10 Jun 1912 in San Francisco, California and died 26 May 1983.

  7. Mary Elizabeth SNOW, born 10 Jul 1913 in Sumas, Whatcom, Washington and died 23 Dec 1987 in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington. She married Edward Joseph MARSH, who was born 7 Oct 1904 in Saginaw, Michigan, and died 30 May 1987 in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington. They are buried in Bayview Cemetery.

  8. Nina Margaret SNOW, born 21 Apr 1915 in Wickersham, Whatcom, Washington. She died 26 May 1997 in Ferndale, Whatcom, Washington. (Also known as Margaret Nina SNOW. Her obituary notice gives her name as Nina) She married (1) Earl Edward WOOD, then she married (2) Jules Leon CHEVAL who died 18 Jun 1985 Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington and is buried in Bayview Cemetery. Jules was born about 1918 in Kansas to Jules & Georgette CHEVAL.

  9. Dora E. SNOW,born 8 Apr 1917 in Pacific Co, Washington and died 9 Apr 1964 in Ventura, California. She married Ritchie A. MacKENZIE 15 Dec 1934 in Whatcom County, Washington. Ritchie was born 4 Aug 1912 and died 5 Sep 2003 in Bothel, Snohomish, Washington. Her second husband was Clyde Merle HAWLEY. Clyde was born 1 May 1914 in Lynden, Whatcom, Washington to Robert Emmett HAWLEY and Irene (LONG) HAWLEY. He died 20 Apr 1992 in Riverside, California.

  10. James Floyd SNOW, born 29 Sep 1918 in Lebam, Pacific, Washington and died 11 Jul 1990 in Dillingham, Alaska. He married Gladys Louise JOHNSTON on 8 Dec 1941 in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington. She was born 21 Aug 1924 in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington and died 11 Oct 1960 in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington. Gladys was the daughter of Harold Ellis and Lillie B. (JOHNSON) JOHNSTON and is buried in Greenacres Cemetery. James married as his second wife Venus V. HARDING, who was born 24 Sep 1921 Fertile, MN to Edward Phillip and Estella M (WHITTAKER) HARDING and died 28 Apr 2001. Venus is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery.

  11. William Harding SNOW, born 6 June 1920, died 2 Feb 2012 in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington. He married Dorothy Jean DALTON-CAMPBELL. She was born 1 Dec 1920. She died 15 Nov 2011 in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington.

  12. Richard Leroy SNOW, born 22 Aug 1924 in Winlock, Lewis, Washington and died 21 Jan 2000 in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington. Richard married Lillian RICHARDS 17 May 1945 in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington. Richard served in the USAF during WWII and Korea.


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  14. Slide Show

  15. Sources: Some of the photographs seen in the slide show are from Patricia Chaddock, Cimby Edelstein, Marcia Beck, Greg Benedict, and Don Olson's collection. Several of these photos belong to me. NOTE: The best way to view the slide show is to go to "Select Effects" and then choose "Classic", "3D", "Photo Stack", or "Cover Flow."

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