Bev's Genealogy Page

Bev's Genealogy Page


I'm Beverly Diaz and here you will find my family history, some family pictures, and links that have helped me with my favorite hobby - genealogy.


I began to have an interest in genealogy around five years ago. My brother was getting married, and as I attended the wedding I spent a lot of time with my two grandmothers. The event made me think about my connection to them. I began my search shortly after that. Having a closer connection to my anscestors make me feel much more complete as a person.


Mom's side:
Polish - Brychel, Sikorski, Turzynski, Molska, and Bela
Italian - DeFrancisco, Tenuta(o), and Marchese

Dad's side:
Colorado - Wilson
Georgia - Bradley, Downs, Michall, and Swilley

Nelson's side: Honduras - Diaz, Raudales, Quijano, Carias, Espinoza, Urquia, Varela, and Gutierrez

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