Later Generations

The Bewleys of Cumberland and my Family History

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Meanwhile Mary's son Francis, my grandfather, was being raised by his grandparents Francis and Ann at Thursby Mill.  As we have mentioned, mother Ann, son George and young Francis were to run the Mill at Haltcliffe, for a short time - adjacent to Haltcliffe Hall, Hesket Hall and Wood Hall, built by the early Bewleys.

When young Francis married Clara Wilson of Bell Gate, Cumdivock on 18th Nov 1885 he was described as a Miller of Thursby Mill.  Their first born Emma was born at the Mill and later records show them living at Gamelsby Mill for a short time where old Francis died, he was buried at Thursby Churchyard on 16th July 1890.

Francis and Clara went on to have 8 children.  Francis gave up being a Miller on old Francis' death and worked as a carter for Clara's benefactor James McKay at Chalk Quarries.  It was whilst living beside the quarry in Toddle Row Cottages that their son Francis was drowned in the communal wash house.

The family then moved to Carlisle and then to the Carlisle Cemetery Lodge where Francis rose to become Deputy Curator at the Cemetery.  My father Sidney was born there on 10th December 1910.  On retirement they moved to Maxwell Cottage, Newby West until Francis' death in August 1942.  Clara was to live another 8 years before dying on 31st July 1950.