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The Bewleys of Cumberland and my Family History

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After her marriage on 30 Sept 1865 Mary and Robert went on to have 7 children all born at Hensingham, Whitehaven.  In 1879 when the youngest was aged 1 year Robert emigrated to Colorado USA, to work as a miner.  The country was new and opportunities beckoned.  After 2 years Robert moved to Kingston, New Mexico where gold, silver had been discovered, the area was also rich in other minerals including copper.   By this time son James and daughter Annie had joined him.  About 1885, wife Mary and the remaining 5 children sailed for New York in steerage and then travelled by train to Lake Valley, some 60 miles from Kingston.  The remaining part of the journey was by stage coach under Cavalry escort because the Apache Indians were on the warpath.  On arrival at Kingston the new arrivals, together with all other women and children, were confined in the only stone built building - the town hall - whilst the men kept guard until Cavalry reinforcements could arrive and quell the Apache uprising.

Robert, Mary and family were to live in Kingston, one of the roughest and toughest of the Wild West towns, until Robert's retirement when the couple moved to Douglas, Arizona to live next to son James, then a successful Haulage Contractor.  Robert's working life had been as a foreman in the Kingston mine, he had also dealt in real estate and been part owner of a saloon bar at one time.   There are many tales of the family in Kingston obtained through Herb Reay of Douglas, Arizona, great grandson of Robert and Mary - all photographs have been sent by Herb over the internet and his excellent research and preservation have established our American connection.

The family are shown below and the linked pages show views of old Kingston and the Reay home there.