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Other Families of Interest

Sometimes I receive information on other branches of the Follett or related families. Not all of these family histories tie-in to my own family tree as represented on my WorldConnect gedcom. However, the information received may be helpful to some of you so I will post info on other families of interest on this page.


If you have information that ties into any of these postings, please let me know by email or by using the Contact form.




Father Juvenaly of St. Tikhon's Monastery in Penn. forwarded this information. His brother Frank Repass had organized a considerable amount of family information, but unfortunately Frank passed on due to heart failure in 2000. Father Juvenaly, born John Follett Repass, was kind enough to forward what information he had on this branch of the Follett family.


This branch had ties to New Brunswick, Canada, New Orleans, LA and the East Coast. I performed additional research to fill in some blanks. I suspect a link to my main family tree gedcom will eventually be made.  Please write me if you have additional info.




This gedcom by Brenda Marion Cox provides a bit more info on the non-U.S. Folletts:

FOLLETTS OF AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND - Try this great site:




Fascinating historical information prepared by Robert Follett and originally shared online by Connie Hoy. Robert had followed the name from its spelling of Foliot in 1070 to a later spelling of Folliet in 1708.


UPDATE: 5/1/11 email from Connie Hoy:


Dear Bonnie,

I am the said Connie Hoy that you have referenced in relation to the Foliot history. Although I would love to take credit for the research alas I cannot. A relative still living in Taunton, Devon, England, a Mr Robert Follett was the person kind enough to give me the information to share. Unfortunately he is not on internet or email so he gave this in the hope that someone could find the missing 100 year link to the Foliot /Follett name.



Connie Hoy

Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

The MAPS below - Our Ancestors Stomping Grounds in Devon, England

This Map shows the location of the medieval Tamerton Foliot Village.

Map of Devon, England. My ancestor Robert William Follett came to the Colonies from Devon. Many Devon towns show up in my genealogy, but I have not yet made convincing links to my specific ancestors "across the pond." Online records from the 16th century are just too vague, with too many similar names.

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