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Rodney Cemetery (Rodney Ontario) - Queen Street entranceRODNEY CEMETERY - 21991 Queen's Line [Queen Street], Rodney, Ontario -
CENOTAPH updated!

Location and Layout (maps adapted from "Canada 1: 25 000" maps, Rodney 40 I / 12b sheet)

Administration Office: Rodney Cemetery
Box 129, Rodney, Ontario N0L 2C0
Phone: (519) 785-0810, Fax: (519) 785-2002

The Cenotaph at Rodney Cemetery

Cenotaph at Rodney cemetery, with lists of WWI & WWII war dead  

The Cenotaph, a block with the lists of local war dead (on the north side) surmounted by a cross, is located near the centre of the cemetery's old section. The aisle of cedars starts just inside the entrance of the cemetery and leads south to the cenotaph.

The same names (with one exception) also appear on the Cenotaph on the McMillan Public Library (207 Furnival Road, Rodney). The error is Thomas A. Bushensky instead of (Trooper) Albert Bushensky. There is some overlap with the names on the Cenotaph at the West Lorne Arena (171 Graham Road, West Lorne).


WWI & WWII war dead, link to cenotaph.jpg (426100 bytes)


1939 - 1945

JOHN PLATT [2 large maple leaves]
Rodney and West Aldborough

World War II entries missing from Rodney Cemetery Cenotaph:

 JOHN E. MEYER missing from the cenotaphs but listed on the family gravestone at Rodney Cemetery
HOMER SCHLEIHAUF listed on the West Lorne Arena Cenotaph, but not on family gravestones in Evergreen or Rodney or Saint Peter's cemeteries


More about the Fallen:

World War I (1914-1918)
Full Name Rank and Service Birth Death Burial Place or Military Memorial Find-a-Grave memorials Canadian Virtual War Memorial Parents
Albert Nathaniel BAKER Lieutenant, Royal Air Force 14 Oct 1894 Rodney, Ontario, Canada 25 Apr 1918 France Arras Flying Services Memorial, France Arras - Lieutenant Albert Nathaniel Baker,
Rodney - Lieut. Albert Nathaniel Baker
Albert Nathaniel Baker Adam Baker & Annie Praschan
Richard Frank BOLTON Private, 8th Battalion, Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment) 14 Jul 1894 England 02 Apr 1917 France Villers Station Cemetery, France Villers - Pvt Richard Frank Bolton Richard Frank Bolton Richard Hardy Bolton and Emily Gertrude Bolton
Nelson Patrick DOYLE Private, Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment) 21 April 1898 Wardsville, Ontario, Canada 03 Sep 1918 France Vimy Memorial, France Vimy - Nelson Patrick Doyle,
Purcell - [no memorial yet]
Nelson Patrick Doyle Patrick Doyle and Sarah ??
Atwood Roy GARDINER Private, Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment) 25 Feb 1893 09 Jun 1917 France Canadian Cemetery No. 2, Neuville-Saint Vaast, France No. 2 - Pvt A R Gardiner Atwood Roy Gardiner  
David Arnold GILL Corporal, Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment) abt 1890 England 08 Aug 1918 France Hangard Communal Cemetery Extension, France Hangard - Corporal David Arnold Gill David Arnold Gill William Gill and Agnes ?? 
Robert Frank KAY Sapper, Canadian Engineers 28 Aug 1875 09 Apr 1917 France Zouave Valley Cemetery, France Zouave - Sapper R F Kay Robert Frank Kay  
Charles Emerson McCALLUM Sapper, Canadian Engineers abt 1896 Rodney, Ontario, Canada 22 Oct 1918 England Seaford Cemetery, England [no memorial yet] Charles Emerson McCallum Charles McCallum and Edith Bennett
Thomas J. McCOLL Private, Canadian Infantry (British Columbia Regiment) 11 May 1881 25 Feb 1917 France Etaples Military Cemetery, France Etaples - Private T McCOLL Thomas James McColl  
Lloyd Archibald McPHEE Private, Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment)   20 Apr 1918 France Roclincourt Military Cemetery, France Roclincourt - Private L A McPHEE Lloyd McPhee  
John William PLATT Private, Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment) 03 Nov 1899 England 09 May 1917 France Vimy Memorial, France Vimy - John William Platt,
Rodney - John William Platt
John William Platt William John Platt and ??
George SEARLE Private, Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment) 10 Apr 1889 03 May 1917 France Vimy Memorial, France Vimy - G Searle George Searle  
Alfred William SEWELL Private, 58th Battalion, Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment) 06 Jun 1890 03 Nov 1916 France Ecoivres Military Cemetery, France Ecoivres - Pvt A W Sewell Alfred William Sewell  
Archibald James TEMPLETON Corporal, Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment) 09 Jan 1887 Rodney, Ontario, Canada 21 May 1915 France Vimy Memorial, France Vimy - Archibald James Templeton Archibald James Templeton John Templeton and Margaret ?? 
Stephen S. WEST Private, Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment) 11 Nov 1899 England 27 Sep 1918 France Haynecourt British Cemetery, France Haynecourt - Private Stephen S West

Stephen West parents John West and Victoria ??
Ezra Daniel ZOLLER Lieutenant, Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment) 29 Sep 1888 Rodney, Ontario, Canada 08 May 1917 France Vimy Memorial, France Vimy - Ezra Daniel Zoller,
Rodney - Ezra Daniel Zoller
Ezra Daniel Zoller John George Zoller and Mary Miller
World War II (1939-1945)
Full Name Rank and Service Birth Death Burial Place or Military Memorial Find-a-Grave memorials Canadian Virtual War Memorial Parents
Albert Adolf BUSHENSKY Trooper, 14th Canadian Hussars, Royal Canadian Armed Corps 01 Jan 1921 08 Apr 1945 Netherlands Holten Canadian War Cemetery, Netherlands Holten - Trooper Albert Adolf Bushensky
Rodney - Albert Adolf Bushensky
Albert Adolf Bushensky Anton Bushensky and Katherine ??
Leonard Christopher DEGRAW Private, Royal Canadian Regiment
1924 22 Jan 1944 Italy Moro River Canadian War Cemetery, Italy Moro - Pvt Leonard Christopher Degraw
Rodney - Leonard Christopher DeGraw
Leonard Christopher Degraw Timothy DeGraw and Edna Myrtle Somerville
Ellis Adrian EASTON Lance Sergeant, 1st Hussars, Royal Canadian Armed Corps 08 Aug 1907 26 Jul 1944 France Bretteville-Sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery, France Bretteville - L-Sgt Ellis Easton
Rodney - Ellis Adrian Easton
Ellis Easton Ernest Noble Easton and Margaret Belle ??
Walker Julius HOOVER Pilot Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force 1908 22 Oct 1941 Runnymede Memorial, England Runnymede - Pilot Officer Walker Hoover
Rodney - Walker Julius Hoover
Walker Julius Hoover Jonas Hoover and Caroline Marguerite R. Krause
Lloyd Ross LANCASTER Leading Aircraftman, Royal Canadian Air Force 20 Feb 1918 25 Feb 1941 Canada? McLean Cemetery, West Elgin ON McLean - Lloyd Ross Lancaster Lloyd Ross Lancaster Wilbert B. Lancaster and Christie Patterson
Hector Beattie LANCASTER Flying Officer (Pilot), Royal Canadian Air Force 22 Dec 1916 10 Jul 1943 Germany Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Germany Reichswald - Hector Beattie Lancaster [includes McLean Cemetery photo], 
McLean - [no memorial]
Hector Beattie Lancaster Wilbert B. Lancaster and Christie Patterson
Orville Albert LONG Trooper, 14th Canadian Hussars, Royal Canadian Armed Corps 1921 27 Aug 1944 France Bretteville-Sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery, France Bretteville - Trpr Orville Albert Long
McLean & Purcell - [no memorial yet]
Orville Albert Long Garnet H. Long and Annie May ??
John Emerson MEYER Flight Sergeant, Royal Canadian Air Force 1918 25 Jun 1942 Runnymede Memorial, England Runnymede - Flight Sergeant John Meyer
Rodney - John E. Meyer
John Emerson Meyer Rev. Frederick Bauer Meyer and Alice Hooey
Homer Gilbert SCHLEIHAUF Lance Corporal, Lanark and Renfrew Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C. 1920 Dec. 13, 1944 Italy Villanova Canadian War Cemetery, Italy Villanova - Lance Corporal Homer Schleihauf Homer Gilbert Schleihauf Albert Gilbert Schleihauf and Marion Ann Skillings


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