John Zimmerman

John Zimmerman, my Great-Great-Great-Grandfather.

Seneca Republican, 1 Nov 1850, Pg. 3

Awful Accident

     Our citizens were startled on yesterday afternoon by the painful
intelligence that their esteemed neighbor and fellow citizen, Judge John
ZIMMERMAN, and a youth, aged about 14, were both buried beneath a bank of sand,
a short distance south east of the city. Upon repairing to the spot, they found
but too sad a reality!
     It appears that the Judge had been hauling sand, and proceeded to the bank
immediately after dinner. The boy and himself descended the pit, and whilst
engaged in digging, a portion of the bank caved away and fell upon them;
burying them about four feet beneath the surface.
     There was no one present at the time of the occurrence, nor for several
hours afterwards. An individial enganed in a cornfield in the vicinity,
observing the team standing unemployed at the bank for several hours, proceeded
to the spot to ascertain the cause, and discovered that the bank had caved in,
and immediately gave the alarm.
     The Judge leaves a large family to mourn his sudden and untimely
departure. He was much esteemed as an honest and upright man, and at the time
of his death, was one of the Associate Judges of this county. He was formerly a
citizen of Frederick county, Maryland.
Northwest Continent, 31 Oct 1850, pg 2, Col. 6

Melancholy Occurrence

     We are sorry, truly sorry, that it becomes our painful duty to announce
the death of our very worthy and much esteemed fellow citizen, John Zimmerman,
Esq., as well as that of a German boy in his employ. They came to their deaths
in the following manner: They were digging sand, and (accidentally, as we
suppose,) the bank which they had undermined, caved in upon them, killing them
     The death of Mr. Zimmerman will be much regretted by our citizens. He
ranked amongst our earliest settlers, and was much esteemed for his integrity
of purpose and uprightness of character, by all who knew him. He was one of our
Associate Judges for the Court of Common Pleas of this county, and his death
will fall heavily upon his associates upon the Bench, as well as on the members
of the Bar. 'Peace to his ashes;' life's fitful fever is over, and we trust he
sleeps well.
The Family Of John Zimmerman
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