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May 27, 2002
Cynthia Clair norkin <>
Nice work! What a wonderful tribute-!!!!

May 27, 2002
Captain James S. Vinyard USMC <>
Bill-I am a good friend of your Dad. he served with my Dad in the 4th Marine Division. Your Dad is a pleasure to be with. Semper Fi

May 26, 2002
Delores Mooney-Bartlett <>
Great site. Enjoyed looking. Great job.

May 26, 2002
Judy Norwood Knight <>
I have not visited your site in a long time. It continues to grow and expand with wonderful geneological information as well as super patriotic and historical information. Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you do.

May 26, 2002
Warenne Hammond <>
Love your ultra-rich site, Bill. Back later to explore further.....

So sorry for the double loss. I gather both your wife and your mother died last year. You're a super guy to take the time to put all this up for us. My mother is 82 and just finished her military memoirs. "Vanilla" to the max! Love the attitude but Manilla and New Guinea were not exactly picnics. Via your links, hope to find examples of writing by her "female personnel" contempories who have "told it like it was."

King is the only family line we might share. King/Dolby at the Kemp Family Massacre site in Old Pendleton Dist.

Bless you! Warenne in SC

May 26, 2002
Shirley M. Montgomery <>
I enjoyed your patriotic memorial to your ancestors and family that served our country. My late husband was in the Rhineland during WWll. My uncles served in Okinawa & Phillipines. Although they were too young for any of the wars, my brothers & my two sons both served in the U.S. Marines. Memorial Day is a very special day for our family. I just wish our young people would appreciate more what our service men do for them.Thanks again for a very moving site.

May 26, 2002
neva Durfee <>
You have a vey nice and interesting website. I have even put it on my favorites so i can refer to it again.
It was very thoughtful to remember our Veterans. I have some in my ancestors, too, including brothers,(one recieving high honors),X-husbands and a son

May 26, 2002
Tom Smith <>
Bill, Saw your posting on a list and took a look at your pages. Enjoyed the trip, especially this Memorial Day week end.

May 26, 2002
John Turner <>
Very nice web site. Especially appreciate all you've doe to honor the Vets. Maybe one of these days I'll get mine up and going and hope it is as informative and well laid out as is yours. Thanks, John

May 25, 2002
I just looked at your site and it is very well done. Your tribute to the Miliarty members of your family is special. My husband was in the Marine Corps for 20 years and has recently died. When Taps are played at a full military funeral it is very emotional. He is buried among his peers which makes the family very proud. My oldest son served in the Air Force in Viet Nam and has seen his share of sorrow as well. My brother served in the Marine Corps during WW II as well. Everyone that sees your site should take time to reflect on the freedom they enjoy due to all our service men and women. Thank you for the reminder.

May 25, 2002
Ann and Bob Reed <>
Your web site is great. Hubby Bob is also related to The Planagenets by way of Frances Dungan and Randall Holden. He's also 9th G-Grandson of Roger Williams of RI. I'm still trying to find my ancestors, Grandparents
Dan M. JONAS and Minnie REEP from somewhere in NC.
Nice to stop by and visit your site.

May 25, 2002
Alice Cyphers <>
You have a very nice site.

May 25, 2002
Mary Lou Kline <> and
What a wonderful tribute to your family members who fought to help give us our rights today!!! You must be very proud, and I'm sure your ancestors are proud of you too......for carrying on the patriotism which drove them. This is such a beautiful memorial!! Thank you for sharing!
Mary Lou

May 25, 2002
Betty Cox <>
I gave no family (that i know of from the south), but enjoyed reading about your family. Haven't read all the response, but plan on doing so. My late husband was in WWII, (Stanley Cox) NAVY.

May 25, 2002
Barbara Cofer <>
Great site! (Especially the music!) My father was in the Army in WWI and the Marine Corps in WWII (volunteered both times, although 46 w/wife & 2 little kids the 2nd time).
Son-in-law was in Marine Corps for 23 years, ret. i year ago.
(Husband was career Navy, but I still favor the USMC!)

Thanks for this site!

May 24, 2002
Anna Rudy <>
I enjoyed visiting your website. Thanks for sharing.

May 24, 2002
Betty Ann Hughes Henry <>
I am the daughter of another "Bill" Hughes. William Vaton Hughes, born 1869 in Marion County, Ala.
died June 14, 1945 in Kingston, Oklahoma. He was the son of Thomas Edwin Hughes, a veteran of the Civil War, having joined at the age of 16. I have a list of the battles he fought in. If you would like more info, please let me know. I have quite a bit of info on his line, if you are connected in any way.
Betty Henry
Oklahoma City, OK

May 24, 2002
Cleo Morrison <>
Very nice web site. I don't have one. I am a Elliott reseacher.

May 24, 2002
Faye Maarshall <>
Thank you for sharing this wonderful tribute to the veterans in your family. We salute them along with you. Will visit your site often for I haven't even scratched the surface yet. The best to you.

May 24, 2002
Harold A. Zander <>
1321 S. Ross St.
Congratulations! This is a very well engineered site.

May 24, 2002
Leland Blackwell <>
Very well put togather. A lot of loving work shows here. Bill where does the Blackwell name come in with you? Would like to share with you on the Blackwell linage.

May 24, 2002
Mary Fair <>
Hi, my family is in South Carolina.I have yet to find
my William David Gentry confederate soldier
my brother served the Marines well May God Bless all
that have served this freedom we enjoy.I always enjoy
your web site.Thanks.

May 17, 2002
Danielle <lilchic_911>
im only on here because i't for school but your page is nice!!!

May 14, 2002
ethel vancil richardson <>
hi, have been on your site numerous times , what a fantastic job you have done.. i am from the bickel- zeller line. tobias sr. and margredalis zeller. thank you for all the info. ethel canton, ohio

May 12, 2002

May 11, 2002
Pat Cooper <>
Quite out of the ordinary. Really enjoyed browsing.

May 07, 2002
Denise Lannon <>
Dear Bill: I found my ancestors John Coleman, Andreas Shade, Johannes Stein and Johann Philip Klinger on your excellent website. Thanks are in order. --Denise Lannon

May 06, 2002
Sandra Sowles Spires <>
Enjoyed the visit. Very Well done.
One problem---I could find no adult picture of you.
Nice to picture the person I'm e-mailing
Thank you for your response.

April 15, 2002
Jay CeeClark~~ <>
Very well done pages. Loved the photos mixed in.

Jay Cee~~

April 07, 2002
jill <>
brilliant web site, unfortunately i was looking for the surname baker but i do not reconise any of your ancestors.
Keep up the good work!!!

April 02, 2002
Nancy Ahner <>
Great web page. Doesn't seem to connect with my Kings, but great page anyway.

April 01, 2002
John Helmut Merz
Dear Bill, when are you going to stop calling your
Hessian ancestor Johannes Schwalm a MERCENARY?
You know that he was not a mercenary at all, just a poor farmer boy who got drafted to serve his prince.
Please give him more credit, he deserves it.
And btw., I don't mind if you advertise your webpage
on the mail list, the
JSHA is featured there all the time, too.
John Merz

March 30, 2002
jinjer jarvis todd <> family is also from arkansas , louisiana and south carolina..please send me any info you have on the jarvis name...thankyou jinjer todd

March 28, 2002
Donna Kramer Lighty <>
First time visit interested in Kramer's in Pittsburg also Clearfield Tws. PA, several cousins in Pittsburg area yet.

March 27, 2002
Rex Kirby <>
Excellent, simply excellent! A very beautiful tribute to your wife. Thanks for sharing.

March 27, 2002
Florence Patch Creasy <>
Bill you have done a great job with your site. I had no problem getting to the site.I am tracing my line PATCH who were in the Charleston area 1790-1810.

March 27, 2002
Patricia E. Miller <>
My interest is in the Blackmon parts of our tree. I know of an Irvin Blackmon, William Jackson Blackmon, Joseph Dewitt Blackmon, Flossie Irma Blackmon Miller, then my father, Mark Manson Miller. Irvin is a mystery except that he was in Harris County, GA, and ran a grist mill on the Chattahoochee River. The family Bible states the date 1760, but we don't know if that was when he was born or when he was already in the Georgia Territory. I don't know if William Jackson is next in line or if a generation is skipped, but Joseph Dewitt is William Jackson's son,and Flossie Irma is Joseph Dewitt's (called Pomp) daughter. Pomp moved his family to Chambers Co, AL, and that's where they all stayed until they died, the last in the late 1980's. My grandmother's younger sister out-lived her by 40 or more years. Their sons and daughters almost all moved away. I would love to hear from you if you can lead me anywhere else.

March 27, 2002
Mary Atherton Baccus <>
Was interested in your Hilton ancestors. My gggrandmother, Jane McClure Hilton was born 1823 in Ohio, dau. of William Hilton. She married Reuben Ross Atherton 9/5/1848 in Morgan Co., OH.

March 27, 2002
Roy D. Gay <>
Looking for anyone that has anything on a John Gay of Nash Co. N.C. B:1754 in Engling ?

March 27, 2002
Marsha Clark <>
I am researching Hughes from western P.A. My Great Great Grandmother was Olive Loretta Hughes b. 1859 P.A. Her Father is Charles Casner Hughes. I found 3 sibs. for Olive, they are John, Edward and Margeret.

March 27, 2002
Eva L. Morton <>
You have a great site, and I can tell you have put a lot of work and time into it. I hope one of these days to discover all of my roots and can go back as far as you have. I am new to Genealogy, and still in the learning process. Just wish the bug had bitten me years ago, might have been a little easier when many of my family were still alive. Thanks for sharing.

March 27, 2002
Cate Richards <>

Saw your post on the Schweitzer Roots List. Your information on Susanna is very Interesting. I will pass it on to some other Scwheitzer researchers who are interested in lines of that area. I know we are all interested about which line you connect to.

March 27, 2002
Lisa <>
Alot of loving work put has been put into your website, Bill. Good job!

Lisa Kennard
Researching the great names of Owen, Gay, Auer, Schweizer, Harris, Curry, Loveless and more...

March 26, 2002
Tom Campbell <>
Great site. I live at Vance,SC on Lake Marion near
I-95. I was born in Dorchester County SC.
I am Commissioner, South Carolina, Clan Campbell Society (North America).

March 26, 2002
Sue Chitty---Blackwell <>
I'm amazed at all the work you have done on your lineage. My gggg-grandfather was Abraham Blackwell, b. 1742.I've got most all of his lineage. would be interested to know what kin you are to him. I loved your website. thank you Sue

March 26, 2002
John Daniel Blackwell <>
MY Mother, family is Ussery, I have a lot of information on them.

I have a Barber Shop in Camden,S.C. 1014 Broad St.

803 432 2262 or 438 0604 work number

home 803 432 0192

March 26, 2002
suzanne Holeman <>
Your site was was very interesting. But our names do not match. I have ancestors from Camden. The name is Hudson. They had a plantationm,but lost it in the Rev war. They were on the other side.Lodwick was killed by the milita. The sons went to Nova Scotia. I will keep this site and give it to other people.--take care

March 26, 2002
Charles Kindt <>
Hi Bill:
I enjoyed your page very much!
I'm always intersted in other sites.
Please check out mine!!!!!

March 26, 2002
Bob Hughes <>
I have enjoyed your web site. Sorry but I don't have one to share.

March 26, 2002
Rex Rocine <>
What a great website! Don't have the time right now to look it through fully, but I have bookmarked it and will return. I'm looking for a George R. Hughes who married my half sister, Vera Rocine and they moved to El Paso, TX around 1940 or 1950 and had a daughter Harriet born 12/20/38. At the time they lived at 2719 N. Copia Ave. If anybody reads this and knows anything about them, please e-mail me directly,

March 26, 2002
Jane Randall <>
wonderful webpage Bill :-)

March 26, 2002
Sandy Carneiro <>
Thanks for the great website. Not my Hughes but found much intereting on your site.

March 26, 2002
Sharon Lindley <>
Bill, sorry to see that your wife passed away. May God bless you. Enjoyed your web site.

March 26, 2002
Wayne L. Rickert Jr <>
I just did a quick check on the Gebhardt line, and it seems to be a well constructed web site.
My line of Gebhardts came over in the late 1800s to Oregon, don't have much on there earlier history in Germany.
Charleston, SC - My favorite city. Went to college at The Citadel. Class of '66

March 26, 2002
Nice page Bill I research the BLACKMONs out of Lancaster,SC

March 26, 2002
Sandra R. Pound <>
Nice website.
Being an old stiff-laced English teacher, I must commend you, Bill. I only found one thing I'd edit--you have repeated Charleston in the sentence telling where you were born. Now correct that or you will receive an A- on your website.

March 21, 2002
William "Grant" Huckabee <HUCK1@FIREHOUSEMAIL.COM>
I am David E. Huckabee's youngest of three sons.Wayne is my uncle and refered my brother Brian and I to this site.Alene was my grandmother.I thought alot of Aunt Sue.She was a great woman of God.I know that she and gradma are together in Heaven.I bet they have a time getting a word in as much as they liked to talk.Thanks for this wonderful site and information.I'm just trying to get started in this and your information was a big help.Please e-mail me anytime you would like.God Bless you and your family.Thanks again......Grant

March 20, 2002
David Wilson <>
Dear Mr Hughes,

My name is David Wilson. I enjoyed your website very have put a great deal of heart and energy into it. I am a descendent of Andreas Shade. My great-grandmother was Frances Shade (Dale), daughter of Charles Fremont Shade. I was born and raised in Tulsa, OK but now live in New York City.
Thanks for the great information.

March 19, 2002
Jeannie M. Sullivan <>
I am curently researching the Bumgardner side of the family and your web site came up for Bumgardner. You did a wonderful job of genealogy background research.

March 18, 2002
Olaf <>
I'm searching von details about Carl Hinrich Suhr, which came to Australia as an Immigrant in year 1965 with the vessel "Peter Godeffroy".

March 14, 2002
Betty Rambo <>
I went to school with a Bill Hughes in Paradise - Wise County, Texas, just wondered whatever happened to him. My name was Betty Crenshaw at the time - you don't happen to be him?

March 14, 2002
Susie Gillick <>
Hi Bill, I am a descendant of Andras Shade, through his second wife Marie Eve (May) Kettner. One of their daughters married a Burd, and eventually I was born a couple of generations later. I have added a bit of info from your generation list to my files, with you listed as the source, of course. Hope that is ok.

March 13, 2002
Kathryn Hughes Williams <>
What a fabulous site you have! I'm attempting to locate my great great grandfather who lived and died in Glascock County Georgia, but I beleive he came from South Carolina. I only know his wife was Polley Thigpen and their son, also named John Hughes, was born April 1847 and died April 16, 1921.

March 11, 2002
Bob Albert <>
GOOGLE search for George Leonhard KLINGER pointed to this web site. What is your association to the KLINGER family?

March 06, 2002
Chris <>
I have been looking for Hiram Gilbert who married Mary Jane Cole. They were married 2/20/1844 in Dearborn Co. Indiana. Hiram was born 1/28/1819 in Indiana and Mary Jane Cole was born 2/11/1827 in Ripley Co. Indiana. I hope someone could shed some light on this for me. Thanks

March 05, 2002
Carla Ussery <>
Thank you for your awesome labor of love as a timeless tribute to your family...which I can tell you love dearly by every small detail you included.

March 02, 2002
DiAnna Lee <qasdrs@EARTHLINK.NET>
I love the way your web site is set up. We are both descended from John Martin Batdorf and Maria Eliz. Walborn. i would like to get my old brain straightened out on the Feg ancestry. Happy hunting. DiAnna

February 28, 2002
Karen E. McLendon-Laumann <>
Your page is extremely interesting. You have taken lots of time and dedication on this.
I believe that my given name McLendon, was in originally McLennan, Not sure, but I wish I had
the patience to do this. Keep up the work, its wonderful!!!!!!!!

February 25, 2002
Robert Andrew Hughes <>
Probably unrelated. I know very little about my grandfather as he abandoned the family early in this century. He was Thomas Jefferson Hughes, served in the Army during the Spanish American War, married Emma Miller in Bakersfield, California, and fathered my father Otho Lloyd Hughes in 1898. He came to California in the late 1800s, from either the Midwest or the Mid-South.

February 23, 2002
Vote for Sarah Hughes or for Michelle Kwan

February 22, 2002
Linda Rosenblatt <>
I am a descendent from the Obadiah, Richard Sowell line from Bertie N.C. My great great Grandfather was James Sowell who Married Millie Rape Sowell from Mecklenburg County N.C. They moved to Henry Couty Georgia, then to Echols County Georgia. They had several children, one of which was my great grandfather Andrew Jackson Sowell. My grandmother, Vernie Loca Sowell was his daughter. I presently live in Glen St. Mary, Florida. I will be glad to share any information I have if you feel we descend from the same line of Sowells. Thanks. Linda Rosenblatt

February 16, 2002

February 15, 2002
Sara A. Budwell <>
I am a decendent of Issac Allerton, I have all the family records, interested in more about the lives of those that signed lived and other relatives of the Allerton's, I have a copy of the family crest of anyone was interested in that? Thank You, Sara

February 12, 2002
Dana <>
Nice informative articles you got there!! It really helped me out. Thanks.

February 10, 2002
clay dietrich <>
Are you a kin to the dietrichs?

February 08, 2002
Richard W. Ussery, Sr <>
Great web Page Bill....under CSA is your Samuel the same that died in Chatt. 1863, Ga 57th Co.D.. I think D is right, anyway trying to clarify his ancestry as he was my gggf.tx.RWU

February 06, 2002
Mary Atherton Baccus <>
Jane McClure Hilton (my great-grandmother) was the daughter of William Hilton of Ireland. She was born 8/5/1823 in Ohio (probably)and died 11/2/1908 in Fulton Co., IL; married Reuben Ross Atherton 9/5/1848 in Morgan Co., OH

February 03, 2002
Jana Williamson <>
I am not sure if you are the person I am looking for but I am willing to try. I am locating William
Hughes, Sr. of Grand Prairie, Tx. who is approximately 80 years of age. There was a newspapaer article in the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram about Survivors Remember Pearl Harbor with a picture and name. My father R.T. Williamson, Jr. remembers the man in the picture, he is almost positive. He says he worked with him and walked to work with him at the plant. He is not sure if Mr. Hughes even knew my fathers name. But he would very much like to talk with William Hughes, Sr. If you are this person please let me know.

Thank you,
Jana Williamson or

January 29, 2002
Demetra Logan <Dsunshineno1>
Hi! Just happened upon you. Pretty neat!
I'm searching the GASKIN family.Looking for link -
James Burton GASKIN b.1-2-1882 in AL. Son of Thomas Jefferson GASKIN and Mary Ann Strickland

January 27, 2002

January 24, 2002
Jeannie Hampton <>
I enjoyed your site..really wonderfully done. I couldn't find a mutual relatives but I'm going to forward your e-mail on to my Hughes cousin in Shelby NC to see if they can find a connection. Good job.

January 22, 2002
Lorie Hughes-Rehrig <>
I am looking for my grandfather's father, Thomas John Hughes. I know no information about him, but that he had a sister, name unknown, and he lived in Coaldale and moved with his wife and children around 1917 to Allentown, Pa. Somewhere around 1925 he left the family and we think moved to his sister's house in Pottsville, never to be heard from again. If anyone knows if he may be related please contact me. I would be glad to give current info on family after him. Thomas John Hughes married Elizabeth Williams and he was probably born around 1870 (that's when his wife was born, so give or take a little) Thanks for any help!! We're really stuck on this one.

January 15, 2002
Nancy Marie Hughes Fiedler Williams <>
I am looking for The Hughes side of my family that came from Cork County Ireland. My Greatgrandfather's name is George B. Hughes, he was born in 1901. He had several brothers; Idon't know all of them. These are the names I do know."John D. Hughes and Q.P. Hughes. They all lived in Enterprise, Alabama and Westville, Florida. Please contact me if you might know something about this branch of the family line.

Thank you,
Nancy M.H.F.Williams

January 14, 2002

January 14, 2002

December 30, 2001
Paula <>
My Hughes relations begin with William Hughes (sailor). His daughter Hannah was born Sheerness, Kent, England c1839-1843. Hannah's mother was of Jewish ancestry and she was employed as a domestic in Pembroke, Wales, married there to Herbert Smedley 1867 and then resided in Derby, England. Any similar connections?

December 27, 2001
William Mark Hughes <>
I am beginning to do some research on the Hughes side of my family.
My Great Grandfather was William Hughes and he lived most of his life in Northern Michigan. He is buried in Boyne City Michigan and most of his family remains in Michigan.
My Grandfather was Mark Hughes (b. 1899, dec. 1957) and he moved to Mancelona Michigan in 1937.
Being new to this I am seaching for any and all help.
I am planning on setting up a geocities webpage and will come back and leave the address when I do.
Bill Hughes

December 25, 2001

December 03, 2001
Beverly Ann-Beery Mowrer <>
Hello! I am the daughter of Dale Max Beery (1916/WA-1984/WA)and Florence Agnes Miller (1919/SD-1998/WA)
Flo.was the daughter of *George Miller(1885/IL-1950/OR) and Margaret(Maggie)Snell 1885/SD-1957/OR)
George was 33 and Maggie was 32 when they married in 1918.

*George's father:Joseph Miller of IL
*George's mother: Grace Moshel of Fance
George & Maggie's children:John 1878/WI
Annie 1882/WI
James 1884/SD
and Margaret 1885/SD

Do you happen to have any other information about these Millers? I'm afraid that I don't have much more. Thanks so much and I wish I knew how to do a webpage of my own, one of these days I will just have to take the time to learn how to do it. Thanks again. Bev Mowrer

November 27, 2001
Ted Blakeney <>
Mississippi Blakeney

November 21, 2001
Ruth Holland Collins <>
Bill, you say we are not related but your mother has small Holland eyes like my people do.She is probably not even related to the Hollands. I had a cousin who was a hairdresser that looked so much like her. My John came from NC/SC/GA/TN/TX. Is there a chance my John was related to your John back in SC? I can't go further back than my ggrandfather John. Are you from the VA line? Sharon Barnes gave me your address and she definitely is a distant cousin of mine. Your website is awesome. I have never seen a more impressive one. Ruth

November 20, 2001
Robin <>
I think that your site is really a good thing for anyone that is looking to dig up their roots or just looking for someone. Keep up the good work Bill!

November 20, 2001
frances ivins <>
BILL ,i'm looking for the JOHN E HILTON IN VA in 1859 he and elizabeth live in va there was a WILLIAM BELLAMY listed in there home my wm bellamy married sarah a ayers in1870 . .he was my greatgrandfather if he's the one we're looking for. please email if you can help. FRANCESDIVINS@AOL.COM

November 15, 2001
George Wilson <>
I was very touched by your tribute. I am trying to find out something about my grandfather, Franklin M. Miller. I grew up in Van Wert, and have been to Findlay. Good Luck! Sincerely, George Wilson

November 12, 2001
Sandra Rabalais <>
What a wonderful site. I enjoyed taking a peek even though I didn't find any connections I could use.
Please keep up the good work.
Sandy in Alaska

November 12, 2001
Betty Short <>
I am interested in your KLINGERS...My GG Grandfather, William (Wilhelm) Klinger was born in Hesse-Darmstadt, town unknown, ca.1830. Married in early 1850's to Elizabeth EINLAUF, also of Hesse-Darmstadt; son George Leonhard KLINGER born to them in 1855 in New York City.
Any clues to the parentage of this William?
Thank you for your webpages...very nice!
Betty Short

November 06, 2001
Marilyn Hughes
It's a great idea to have website and I think I will do the same. As you can see I'm a Hughes but my grandmother was a free that married a Henry Hughes which both died in Aliceville, Al. About 12 years ago my great aunt Bernice Hughes who was my grandfather sister died before I had a chance to ask questions about my family. The Hughes name is a very large task to handle because there are so many of them. God Bless and Keep you strong in heart and in mind. Love Marilyn

November 05, 2001
Brenda Beggs-Salazar <>
Hi, I throughly enjoyed searching your site. The dedication to your Mom is exceptional.
I am hoping that you can help me with a couple of questions I have.
I am trying to find out the origination of the surname Sowell for my brother-in-law, Charles "Dennis" Sowell.
He was born and raised in Arkansas; do you think there may be a connection somehow with your Sowells?
Thanks for any assistance.

In the Light & Love of our Lord & His Angels!


November 03, 2001
champney f smith <>
Bill, I got your email. Very impressive home page. Looking forward to exploring to see what you have on the hiltons. I'll be in touch via email real soon.

October 30, 2001
Patsie M. Hatley <>
am looking for info on the Jonathon Gilbert who m. my gr grandfather's sister Margaret Peggy Clark on 3 Sept 1811 in Wayne county indiana then they moved to monroe county in where they had these children: Thomas Gilbert who died bef. 1840, William H. Harrison Gilbert, HIram Gilbert and Enoch Gilbert of Ft Madison Iowa, and their young sister Amanda Gilbert, I got the info on the children from item about Jonathon Gilbert dying in 1835 and his estate being settled from 1835 to 1840 Monroe co. In, seems Margaret clark must have also died as William H.Harrison Gilbert was made guardian of his sister Amanda. Anyone with any info on Jonathon Gilbert and his parents and siblings please contact so much. Nice site you have here.

October 30, 2001
John Duling <>
I was interested in your site as we both descend from Simon Schaedel.

October 24, 2001
Richard L. Claar <>
I can relate to you in the matter of the heart. Last December I learned I had to have bypass surgery(six in all) This was quite a jolt to me since I thought I was in very good health. My father, Lawrence McKinley Claar, died of heart failure at the age of 84. He was born in Jackson, Ohio and I in Columbus, Ohio.
Thank you for all your work and for sharing this with others. Richard

October 21, 2001
Monte Ray Ussery <>
not yet
Nice home page. My ancestors made it to California via Virginia, Georgia and Texas. I was born in LA CA in 1923. We now live in Bremerton, WA. I'm a retired DOD training film producer.

October 20, 2001
Marilyn Delois Hughes <>
I am only try to find my family.

October 12, 2001
Etta- Olde Tyme Cooking <>
What a wondeful page!! And such a beautiful tribute to Anita.

October 12, 2001
http:// I HAVE NONE
I've been over 35 years trying to find my ancestors in
South Carolina. Your lines are none of mine but your site is terrific.

October 12, 2001
Carole Ann Heller <>
Bill, you've become a welcome addition to my life. You are one of the long-lost cousins I've had the pleasure of discovering via internet genealogy. When you aren't around to send your uplifting bits of wisdom, I miss you terribly. Although I never met Anita, I know she was a wonderful woman, because you loved her so. I know she'll be watching lovingly over you and your girls until one day you're all together again. As a Christian, isn't it a joy to know heaven is so much sweeter now?

October 12, 2001
schmitt <>
Ancestor research in the Eifel / Germany

It gives an interesting Mailing list under The URL moreover is:
In this Mailing list are more than 150 "ancestor's researchers" with active interest in genealogy in the area(field) the Eifel. Possibly the half of these ancestor's researchers are descendants of earlier emigrants and today they live in the U.S.A.

October 12, 2001
Pat Barco <>
Bill, I was really touched I cried. She was a beautiful lady and I know she was deeply loved. I am soooo sorry for you loss, but as you say she is in a beautiful place now, whole,happy, and looking after you still. Love you Cuz,Pat

October 12, 2001
Gay Jones <GJONES6206@Aol.Com>
This is a BEAUTIFUL web page. Much thought has been put into it. Gay

October 11, 2001
Carol Bauby <>
Been here before but wanted to read the tribute to Anita, which was very beautiful and from the heart. Memories and of course, God, will sustain you Bill. Fondly, Carol Bauby

October 11, 2001
Leslie F. Moore-Olde Tyme Cooking <>
What a lovely tribute to Miz Anita. Your whole website is very, very nice Bill. I loved visiting.

October 11, 2001
Nancy G Chesnutt <>
Bill, Have not visited your site in a while. It gets better all the time. God Bless.

October 11, 2001
cindy baker <>
love your web page nice job! looking for Baker/Jarvis lines did'nt find them but injoyed my self anyway, thanks for your hard work.

October 11, 2001
Diane Dove <>
Very impressive, however, althow my mother-in-law's family came from Lancaster Co. none of the names match. I am looking for Ghantt, McMurry, Miller, Dove and Shirley.

October 11, 2001
Terrie K. Collins <>

Bill, I was born in Camden and lived between there and Chester (mom was from Chester and dad was from Camden) until moving to Tennessee in 1966. I didn't find any names on your surname list but still found it very interesting. Thanks, Terrie Collins

October 10, 2001
June Cole <>
Bill, unfortunately I did not see any surnames I am researching, but just wanted to let you know what a beautiful job you have done with your web site. Your tribute to your mother is wonderful.

My relations from South Carolina are CASTLES and BOYD.

God Bless
June Cole in Oklahoma

June Cole

October 10, 2001
Mae Jarvis <>
I am searching for Jarvis's in Lancaster S.C.
Need help if any one has any thing the Jarvis family
i would appreciate some help.

October 10, 2001
Frances Montgomery <>
I saw that you have Montgomerys, but I don't think they are mine. Robert Montgomery was born in South Carolina in 1765. He was the youngest of nine brothers. He married Rebecca Coffee.
He may have been born on the ocean as the family immigrated from Northern Ireland. I wish I knew the names of his parents and brothers. They may have been in Lancaster county.
They later moved to Tennessee, then Mississippi where I was born. I now live in New Orleans. Frances

October 10, 2001
Louise Pettus <>
One of these days I hope to do a Pettus (for the family that settled in the Fort Mill section of York County and the Indian Land section of Lancaster County. Your site is a good model for me to follow. Nice work!

October 10, 2001
Alex Hafner Evans <>
Bill, this is a great page you have done. You have a beautiful family and your pictures are portrayed in a very appropriate manner. Good luck to you and yours. Thank you for publishing this interesting family history.

October 02, 2001
Jo <>
Great Web page - I'm bookmarking it for all of the history data!

October 02, 2001

September 25, 2001
Tim Berkhimer <>
I happened upon your site quite by accident and then set about researching my family name. I was suprised to learn of your ancestor Barbara Berkheimer - the "old" spelling of my name, as I understand it. My father, his parents and grandparents lived in Roaring Spring, PA and I wonder if, in some very distant manner, we are related. I would like to hear back from you with any additional information you may have on the Berkhimer family name. Thank you for your time.

September 17, 2001
Mary <>
My G.Grandmother was Josephine(Josie Lou)Hughes,B.1965 D.1950,in Al., her mother was Bertha, Father J.A.Hughes
so I have been told, looking for any information on my G.Grandmothers family.

September 15, 2001
donna <>
It is a beautiful site. Thank you for sharing. I grew up in Chesterfield/Cheraw SC and have happy memories of visits to Charleston.
Most of my Teal/Teel, Gainey/Ganey, McRae and Munn ancestors can be found from and in AL, NC and SC
If This is a duplication please excuse, I was having trouble with my computer the first time I tried signing your guestbook.
Thanks for sharing, it is truly a lovely site.

September 15, 2001
Jane Foley <>
Hi! Bill This is a very nice website. I have only been to Charleston about 4 times but I love that city. I also think that Camden is like Charleston in that it is one of the most charming towns. It is like stepping back into time. My Teals came from Chesterfield Co., SC.

September 12, 2001

September 07, 2001
Brenda Hughes Daniel <>
Trying to find information about Great-Grandfather A.J. Hughes in Ky. around the late 1800's. Thanks

September 07, 2001
claire (mason) Liddle <>
I'm searching for Mason's in/around Illinois. My great great grandfather Thomas was there in 1859, we know this because he married there, but returned to England in 1860. It's a mystery as to why he went and I wonder if there was a family connection that led to his journey.

September 06, 2001
William J. Sowell <>
Nice Website I really enjoyed it. My lineage GG Granfather: James J. Sowell b. 1820 in Kershaw, S.C. d Tx /John Sowell b. 1776 Bertie Co. N.C. d Henry Co., AL./ James William Sowell b. 1738 . N.C. D abt. 1807 Kershaw Co., S. C. on back to Thomas Sowell, England

September 04, 2001
Helen A. Love <Love Connections>
I have been searching for my lost roots of the Coleman family of Wheeling/Richmond W. Va, but I keep hitting a brick wall, if there is anyone that has information on the colemans of this region please contact me at Love Connections my great great grandmother is named MARY,she is the mother of thirteen children some of thier names are Silas,Paul,Mary,Martha,Blanch,Butler,Richard. Silas was born around 1853,Butler has two children Dewey and Ella who lived in Texas,early 1900s. Silas lived in OKARCHE Okla, thier father is of IRISH/GERMAN/SCOTTISH descent Mary is African/American Indian please if you have any info., please share..... Thank you and may God continue to bless you. Love from Oklahoma.......

September 04, 2001
Helen Love <Love Connections>
I am in search of the Coleman family of Richmond Va. ca17 and 1800s.Mary is the name of my great great grandmother, my great great grandfather is of irish/german and scottish descnt.Mary is african/amer indian.any information will be greatly appreciated thank you and May God bless you Helen Love.

September 04, 2001
James L. "Jim" Small <>
Nice webpage. I am a resident of B'ham. Al and a descendant of Small clan of Lancaster Co., SC. Great grandfather was Joel Bennie Columbus Small who came to Alabama after serving in Civil War. Haven't been able to get past his great grandparents, Thomas and Cytha Small of Lancaster Co., SC.

September 02, 2001
Julie Perry <>
Your webpage is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

August 28, 2001

August 25, 2001
Just saw you listed as the'national authority' on the Hilton and Terrell families of Landcaster and Kirsaw Co.,SC. I am trying to locate Avery Nelson Terrell (or any of that family in Kirsaw Co.. Can you help me, please. Thank you. OM

August 24, 2001
Myrna Crane <>
I come from Martin, William Allen, Allen, Jacob,John Henry,John Adam and so forth. I find it amazing that all this time I thought I was the only one in the world researching the Batdorf line. I am thrilled to find so many.

August 21, 2001
Suzanne Newlands <>
I am trying to locate my family's roots - I have reached the 'wall' and cannot go any further in Australia. My family goes back to Johannes Andreas HANSEN who came over to Australia on the ship Peter Godeffroy which left Hamburg, Prussia and arrived in Moreton Bay, Australia on 9th August 1865. He was 24 years old at the time and by the ship's records came from Dellstedt, Holstein, Prussia. Any help with finding out more would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely Suzanne Newlands.

August 21, 2001
Stephany Harper <>
I too am researching the Aumiller surname. I latest I have for Aumiller is John Aumiller b. July 15, 1735 in Germany d. 1815 in Pennsylvania. He married Catherine Weisen.

I enjoyed your site very much.

Stephany Harper

August 21, 2001
Sharon Thomas <>
I have mysterious Masons in my family tree also. It doesn't look like our families are connected but maybe we can help each other search. Look at the "History's Mysteries" page on my site to see what I have to say about the Mason family. Good luck and God bless.

August 16, 2001
Anne <>
It's me again! It turns that quite a bit of the
KLINGER information that I have is from your website.
Again, I'm looking forward to receiving your
information on the KLINGER family! Bye.

August 15, 2001
Paula Taft Keele Christensen <>
I have been looking for a long time for my husband's grandfather, Earnest J. Blackwell. He was born in South Carolina in 1909, died in Asheville, NC around 1954--Have you had any luck with the Blackwell line at all? Your web page is awesome!

August 12, 2001
Harold Shields Blackmon, Sr. <>
Great Task Done Well! Thanks from one of the Rich Hill, Heath Springs, Lancaster County, SC Blackmons
relocated to Union County, SC

August 11, 2001
vickie sloan <>
very well done

August 10, 2001
Vivian Shatto Rogers <>
I was looking for the surname Shatto and found your site. However, while at your site could not locate further reference to that name.

August 08, 2001
Holly Patricia McGowan <>
I am trying to find family. My father Williiam Lester McGowan Sr. is dead and I have no way of contacting his side of the family.If you can help I would be eternally grateful. Thanks, Holly P. McGowan

August 07, 2001
Carol Moyer <>
Thank you for contacting me about your web page. It's
first class. Hannah Klinger was my grand-
mother. Your early Klinger information jives with what
I have. My ancestor was Alexander's brother. I'm buried
in Klinger stuff if you find some one looking.
Carol Gipple Moyer Berthoud, Co.

August 02, 2001
Ron Dunbar <>
Your web page is wonderful. I love the picture of you in your uniform. A true Marine for sure. I was glad to hear your voice today (8/2) and I wish you well and will keep you and Anita in my prayers.
I have done some research into my ancestry. I have learned that my Great Grandfather came from Scotland with his English wife. I guess that kind of makes my part of the Dunbar family line newbies to the US.
I don't have a homepage yet. Not real sure if I will ever start one. Any how y'all take care and I will keep in touch.

August 02, 2001
Randy Zellers <>
Thanks for the beautiful page. I was wondering, I have an ancestor that has puzzled me and my Aunt said that many times a nick name for Mary was Polly, I think this could help me. Is there any creadence to that?
Thank you Bill.

August 02, 2001
Martha Long <>
Really enjoyed Anita's info... and gleaned information from it. My 3Xgreatgrandparents were Johan Jost and Anna Klapp (Clapp). Was delighted to get dates from your info. Thanks for sharing!!

August 01, 2001
Sally J. Wildasinn-Ward <>
Very Nice Site. Welcome to the Zeller Family Website, hope you enjoy it as much as I have. I am descended from Johann George Zeller > Bishop Andrew Zeller > Michael Zeller > Margaret Ann Zeller + Joseph Kumler > Franklin Abia Zeller Kumler > Emma Juana Kumler + Clarence Kaler Wildasinn > Donald Kumler Wildasinn > Sally Jane Wildasinn + Brian Lee Ward.

Sally J. Wildasinn-Ward
Seal Beach, Calif.
Aug.01, 2001

July 31, 2001
Nora <>
Bill, you have done a great job! Keep up the good work. See you back at the Bluffs!
Your friend,
(AR list)

July 29, 2001
early <>
My thoughts are with you Bill. My parents died 6 days apart 2 yrs ago. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help if you want to talk email me. early

July 29, 2001
early gardner <>
Nice site. I am a Hughes descendant..abt mid 1800, John Hughes m Jennie Bellew daughter Elizabeth Hughes.
TN to Mid Mo...Pulaski and Miller Cos.

July 29, 2001
Mayann A. Ross <>
Very nice web site...I have DINGER in my family grandmother was b. in Germany in 1881, Frieda Alma Dinger. Her father was Franz Louis Dinger from small town just outside Crimmitshau. The family settled in Paterson, NJ. Mayann A. Ross

July 29, 2001
Nina Santoro <>
Bill - I enjoyed viewing this site - an amazing array of family information! You have done a great job. I shall contemplate the STEIN and KLINGER names. There must be a STEIN connection here somewhere - will be in touch. I am in your debt for the KLINGER information you so freely shared. Thank you again.

July 29, 2001
Patti Hatcher Campbell <>
Bill, I enjoyed your site, especially the tribute to your mother. So sorry for your loss. She looks like a lovely lady.

July 28, 2001

July 28, 2001
Sharon Green <>
On my first visit to your interesting site, regret to read of your Mother's passing.
My maiden name was Stratford but I have only begun the search and have little to contribute at this time. What a tremendous amount of work you have done, congratulations.

July 26, 2001
Mark Hughes <>
Thanks for the great web site. It looks like my Hughes family tree could be somehow connected to yours. I descend from David Hughes, who was born in 1809 around Bedford co., Pa. My research shows that David was the son of Edward and Ruth (Price) Hughes. I would love to hear from anybody who has information on this Hughes line. I have been unable to trace back beyond Edward.

July 22, 2001
Bret Berger <>
Very nice site. I was looking for Bergers today but didn't find any incommon. (No male Bergers after Stein) Sorry for your loss.

July 22, 2001
Carole E. Cravatt <>
Hi my blood mother's maiden was Hilton from Mo. I saw your page and just wanted to visit. You have done a wonderful job. I am still searching for ancestors on both sides. I enjoy just looking. Thank you for having me. My prayers and thoughts are with you in this time of loss. Carole

July 20, 2001
Figgie <>
so sorry to read of the loss of your loved one this week. Semper fi

July 20, 2001
Linda Hilton Perry <>
A wonderful tribute to your Mother. Your cousin did a great job. We are all thinking of you. Take Care,
Linda Hilton Perry, Kissimmee,Fl

July 18, 2001
Karen <>
Bill, what a lovely tribute to your Mother.

July 18, 2001
Melissa Ann Gersey <>
Hello Bill,
I was looking for my family tree on the net in a search engine came up with you of two places.
If you could,could you please tell,write me if you would have any info on Gersey geneology?
I would greatly appreciate your help.
address Melissa A.Gersey,3508 Beech Ave.,Baltimore,Md.21211

July 18, 2001
Jane Beattie <>
The picture of your Mom is beautiful Bill. The tribute was wonderful that your cousin wrote. God Bless

July 17, 2001
Blanca Mon Hinojosa <>
I was trying to find something for the ZELLER'S in Santo Domingo Island. So I decide to visit you

July 15, 2001
William Harris Hughes <>
The Hughes side of my family were "Potato Famine Irish" from County Monaghan.
They settled in North-Eastern Pennsylvania and took up farming. Disaster. Walked off the
farm and went to work in the coal mines. Anthracite. My grandfather was 8 and in the
third grade. That was the end of his education and he pushed a shuttle car until he was
twelve, at which point he ran away, as all young men were expected to do in those days.
He went to Philadelphia and the first shop with a "Boy Wanted" sign in the window was a
pumbing shop. By the time he was 21 he owned his own shop. At 31 he married one of
the Carrolls (Signer of the Declaration Of Independence and siigner of the Constitution)
and headed West. He arrived in SF in time for the earthquake and fire which was a bit of
an opportunity for a contractor. He had a dozen siblings. A cousin, Bill Hughes, of
Camden, NJ was the first Senator elected by Labor. I figured that "Camden" might get
your attention owing to the coincidence. There was another Bill Hughes who was a
govenor of New Jersey who is related somehow.

July 12, 2001
Gary Coleman <>
Doing a bit of research on the Coleman clan. Came across your site by accident. Very well put together. Nice touch to honor the vets, and include the historic documents. When I read Lincoln's Gettysburg address, I remember my high school teacher commenting that at the conclusion of the speech, the crowd turned away in dismay--a typical speech in those days was expected to run at least an hour. This one went less than 5 minutes. The crowd, and Lincoln thought it to be an utter failure. Turned out to be one of the most elequent speeches in all of history. Thanks for including it. Makes our modern-day politicians look like they are--shallow pretenders to greatness.
Gary Eugene Coleman, Moscow, Russia

July 08, 2001
Frances KIng Bowden <>
not done yet
Hi - I was looking for census data and visited the usgenweb site - from allcensus I found your link - my King relatives are all Massachusetts I believe as I am just starting, but I thought it was interesting that I now live in Lancaster, SC se4arching for my 'northern roots' If I find any connections I will let you know

francie king (bowden is my exhusbands name)

July 07, 2001
Leslie S. Hill <>
Very good site, and thank you for all of your help. Looking for POOL family members coming from VA,NC,SC,GA and on to AL.

July 04, 2001
Terry Cawthorn <>

Looking for information on Christopher Cawthon, Hanover Co. He was listed in the Vestry Book of St. Paul's Parish as early as 1719. He is listed in the recostructed census of 1720 in New Kent Co. Then in 1740 he is shown living in Hanover Co., Va. His sons are I believe Robert, James, John, Gideon and maybe a brother or cousin Thomas is linked with him at this time. I connect the Thomas with Christopher because of proximity in Hanover Co their land probably adjoined one another. The other link is that when Thomas sold his land in 1733 - Richard Cawthon signed as a witness thats why I believe the Hanover Cawthon's are related directly to the Essex Cawthorns. Any opinion on this?

July 02, 2001
Linda Lee Jones <>
Stumbled on your website in search of Jones family of Lancaster, SC, my husband's ancestors. Thanks for sharing.

June 29, 2001

June 23, 2001
Sheila Berube <>
Thanks for the view from you site. It was an enjoyable time spent there.

June 22, 2001
Jack <>
Just wanted to thank you for posting your info. If I have it figured properly, you and my grandfather
are 6th cousins descending from Johannes Batdorf and Anna Herber.
This Anna Maria Catharina Herber is very intersting to me since she married twice - once to Johannes
Batdorf who you and I descend from and then to a Johann Georg Zeller who my wife descends from!
Thanks again.
- Jack
Bowie, Maryland

June 21, 2001
Charles Dill <>
Great time. I am coming back and spend more time. I came here looking for Colemans in SC

June 21, 2001
Carol BraunFarnsworth <>
I have just started looking for my Fathers side of the family, They were not close, I it is a little harder for me. I know the lived for awhile in Renvile Minnesota. And also know they came from Wisc. That is the best I can do right know. Any help would be great. Thank you

June 19, 2001
Herbert Kent <>
still looking thanks for the effort.

June 15, 2001
Catherine Truesdale <trued @ arcom.>
Bill we dont know much about the Truesdale's,my eldest aon is William 1111 no middle names. have you seen the Truesdale reunion photo they all look like my husband.I was stunned when I looked at it. I couldn't see your eyes for you cap brim my husband had hazel almond shaped eyesthanks for your answer Cath Trues.

June 15, 2001
Catherine Truesdale <support @>
Dear Bill loved your page I am a Truesdale by marriage
We emigrated to australia from Scotland 1961. I can see resemblances to my husband in you unfortunately he pass away in 1989 so I dont have much info.You must have spent ages in doing that page there is so much in it and so well done Cheerio lots of luck Cath Truesdale

June 12, 2001
martha peebles <>
hi bill great site, i couldn't get in the cato home page the new web site address is i'll visit again soon,,martha

June 12, 2001
Faye Purcell <>
I have researched the West in MS, TN, AL,and Texas,
Trying to find out if maybe they came from North Carolina.
So far no luck.

June 10, 2001
Robert Gay <>
Am of the New England family of Gay`s and I hate the way they have corrupted the name,we go back to the 1620
landing in Mass. and moving thruout ther U.S. from there am a WW2 vet serving in the Navy

June 09, 2001
Carol Boyer Munson <>
I'm working on my fatkhers family tree line too. I thought the Boyer ling was small, but i have a lot of Boyer are tracing there family line. So far I have not
had much time to work on it. But I have gotten to my gg gradfather. Do you have a John Joseph Boyer in your famiy line? From Pa to Indiana?

June 09, 2001
ken burleigh <>
I know where my freedoms came from, thank a vet. Your Dad and Mom have been real nice to talk with over the years.

Ken and familiy

June 09, 2001
B. F. Young <>
Am decended from Kershaw County stock. Burley Franklin Young , Jr (Father born Johnston County, N.C.), Burley Franklin Young (Grandfather born Kershaw County, S.C.)
Fleming Young (Great Grandfather born ??, died Kershaw County, S.C.) Archibald Young (GG-Grandfather!!unconfirmed!!) Great site, any confirmation from you or visitors appreciated. Bill

June 08, 2001
Bennie Williams <>
The best lay ouy of any site I have visited. You have done an outstanding job and have everything layed out in order for anyone to read.
A lot of the places you had listed, I go through there on my way to Sunter, SC.
Best of luck to you and youe family.

Bennie Williams
Salisbury, NC

June 07, 2001
Winifred Matter Gould <>
Great website. Enjoyed seeing your parents pictures. I remember visiting your home as a young girl. We do have many "cousins". You did a wonderful job on your site. Winnie

June 07, 2001
Maureen Shade Reader <>
I am a direct descendant of John A. Shade, born in Pittsburg. PA, Allegheny Co. 1/18/1816 died in Wheeling, VA(now W.Va.) 7/18/1868. He was a steamboat engineer on the Ohio River. He moved to Louisville, Ky with his wife, Martha A. Dunn in 1851. She was also born in Pittsburg 1/12/1818 died in Louisville 6/27/1871. They brought three children with them: James T. Shade, Mary Alice (later married Michael O'Mara in Louisville), and Martha A. Shade(later married Thomas T. Gilbert, Union Soldier Civil War from Va. in Louisville) T. T. Gilbert's parents were: Thomas Gilbert and Sarah Schreick(Schrech) They were from the western part of Va., now W. Va. My grandfather was named for this man Gilbert. My great grandfather James T. Shade and T.T. Gilbert met through the Civil War. John A. Shade's family would have been in PA for the 1850 Census. I do not know if any children remained behind. Since I have not been able to see that record (1850 Census, PA). I have not been able to locate an entry for that household. Still looking. On the 1860 U. S. Census, Jefferson Co., Louisville, KY John, his wife Martha and the three children above mentioned are listed, ages from 18-21. John is 42 and Martha 40. The members of that Shade family are buried in Cave Hill Cemtery, Louisville, KY. John A. Shade was my 2 great grandfather. I am descended through his son, James T. Shade and his son Gilbert Shade, my grandfather. My father was James Edward Shade. My Gr. Grandfather, James T. Shade was a Union soldier in the Civil War. He was wounded at Shiloh. I am interested in finding more about my ancesators in PA before John A. Shade. I do not know his father's name. Would appreciate any help. Any Shade connections out here recognize this family? James T. Shade married Martha Lee Toops of Harrison County, Indiana(just across the Ohio Rv. at Louisville. This Toops family came from Switzerland by way of Pennsylvania in the Lebanon Co. area. They first settled in Jefferson Co. KY in 1799 (Henry and John Toops) before going across to Indiana ca. 1809. Any Toops connections out there?
Thanks. What a wonderful thing you have put together. I enjoyed seeing some of the family connections that I recognize from so. Indiana. Simon Potorff(Potoff, Bottorff), Revolutionary Veteran) daughter Betsy Potorff married John Ganote relative of mine in Jefferson Co. KY in 1815 and relocated to so. Ind. Names I am researching are: Henry H. Miller from Fincastle, Botetourt Co. Va. to Floyd Co.Ind. in 1821 with brother George Miller, wife Malinda (Melinda) Breedlove The brothers married sisters. Henry's wife, Elizabeth Breedlove and his wife's parents, Isaac Breedlove and his wife,Barbara A. Shanks from Shenandoah, Va. Henry H. Miller and wife brought their infant son John H. Miller. All other children were born in Ind.:Barbara Ann, Samuel C., William, Isaac M., Elizabeth J., Sarah O., Adaline, Mary K., Jacob J. and Francis Marion Miller, My ancestor. John Wesley Franklin VA-Ky (indirect descendant of Benjamin Franklin, connection lost) John Wesley Franklin's parents unknown. His father died while he was very young. His mother remarried a man named Martin (Va.)and moved to Coles Co. Illinois. the Ky Franklins maintained connnections with this area in Illinois. John Wesley Franklin, Jr. born in KY, later a Dr., moved to Coles Co. Married, lived there, but is buried in the Franklin family plot in Pennsylvania Run cemetery, in Jeff. Co., KY. His father was KY born 1814-5. Married Eliza Louisa Ganote in 1837 Jefferson Co., KY. They had a large family. Many of the children moved to Illinois as did Eliza, John Franklin, Sr.'s wife, after John, Sr. died in 1892. She died in Coles 1900. Several of their daughters and sons lived in IL for a time. Most are buried in KY. Eliza Ganote's Beeler family side came from TN to KY to so. Ind. Her mother, Sarah Beeler married David Ganote in Clark Co. Ind. then moved to Bullitt Co. KY and then Jefferson Co., KY David Ganotes's parents were in buried in Pennsylvania Run Cemetery, Jeff. Co. KY. They were Coonrod Ganote and Catherine. Their children were; John, Catherine and David Ganote. Catherine married Jacob Smyser in Jeff. Co. Ky.
Thanks Bill. Great Site. God Bless you and all the Veterans of the Armed Forces. How can we ever thank you enough. We can't.. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you !

June 06, 2001
Jo Martin <>
Congratulations on locating all of your ancestors. I am working on my Miller ancestors, but can get only as far as my great grandparents. I have an Issac Miller who is my great uncle. I am sure we are not related. My great grandparents are from Wolfe Co., Ky. I have been told that my gggrandfather Miller was from Va., but no one seems to want to tell me any more. Wish me luck. Jo Martin

June 02, 2001
Cathie Johnson <>
I looked at your website because my mother's maiden name is Gay. Her father was born in Pennsylvania in 1895. I am beginning to see that this surname is more popular than I thought. Nice website. Hope your health is doing better now.

June 01, 2001
Doreen Thomas <>
hello again, well shows how knew I am at this, Anita I wanted to tell you your family history is amazing, my Mason family came from Ireland,Canada,Mo. and Ok., so I guess you are not a long lost cousin. Thanks for letting me drop by. Your site is a really nice one.
Thanks for letting me look.

June 01, 2001
Doreen Thomas <>
I went into Canada Webb site, looking for the Mason family and I found Anita's site, so I could not sign her guestbook without looking at yours. It is a great job, I am very knew to this, tho not in years and it is amazing how people do this. Great job. Thanks for allowing me to look.


June 01, 2001
tina evans <tinaevan@crosswalkmail.con>
My maddian names was aumiller . My great grandparents was Gedion and nancy oliver .My family was from Iuka Illions .I hope were are faimly.

May 31, 2001
Hudson Peavy Meacham, Jr <>
Subject: Surnames: Peavy, Williams, and Campbell
Georgia Counties: Warren, Walton, Morgan and Meriwether

My name is Hudson Peavy Meacham, Jr.

Seeking information on Georgia ancestors. My main interest is to find a family connection for my great grandmother Hattie C. Williams [b. January 21, 1852] who married John White Peavy [b. July 29, 1848] they married February 28, 1871 in Meriwether County Georgia.
I have been searching to see if the Warren County, Walton County, Morgan County and Meriwether County information is connected.
Warren County Duncan Campbell married Elizabeth Jones August 18, 1823

Walton County 1830 census: Duncan Campbell 1 male under 5, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 30-40, 1 female under 5, 2 females 20-30, 1 female 30-40 and 1 female 60-70.

Morgan County Emeline Sophia Campbell married Carter W. Williams January 22, 1839

Meriwether County 1850 and 1860 census C. Willis Williams's wife listed as Emeline daughters listed as: Elizabeth b. 1841,
Sallie A. b.1843,
Virginia C, b.1846,
Udoria "Dora" b.1848 [married Pope],
Hattie C. 1852 and
Fannie C. 1855

My grandmother Emma Peavy Meacham left Georgia around 1910 and left her husband and brought her four children to Jacksonville, Fla.

May 30, 2001
Janice B Pauley <janicepauley58@hotmail:com>
i don,t have home page. could you add alvis m horton to your list ww1 thanks alot

May 29, 2001
Liz Smith <>
Your Veterans Honor Roll is very impressive.
The music stirs up Country Pride in my heart.
I find no connection to any of your families.
Good website.

May 29, 2001
martha s mazyck <>
very good

May 28, 2001
Audrey Manly Mabe <>
Your website is beautiful. I enjoyed browsing through it. I am searching: (NC/SC) Manly(Manley); Searcy; Rickman; Stepp; Volrath; Orr; Crenshaw; Mabe; Carr; Peterson; Lofton,en,in.
Good luck in your searching!
Audrey Manly Mabe Kenner LA

May 28, 2001
Harold Shields Blackmon, Sr. <>
Family Line: James @ Anna; Elisha @ Sussannah; James Alexander Powell @ Mary R. Mickle. Blackmon of Camden District, Lancaster County, SC. You have very nice Home Page, thanks. (Union County, SC Blackmon now.}

May 28, 2001
Keith A. Baker <>
A very good site, as my Dad fought in WW2, I fought in Vietnam. I am a disabled veteran that is wheel chair bound, so spending time on the computer is a normal place for me. Maybe talk to you sometime. Keith

May 27, 2001
LaRae Clinger <>
Jacob Clinger born about 1520 in Wurttemberg had a son Steffan who spelled his name with a C and K. and that is when the K in our Clinger line began. Then our Henry Klingers' name was changed back to C by the War of 1812.
A very nice site.

May 27, 2001
Lula Ramsey Elliott <>
You have a nice web page, We are beginning to look for my husbands family. But don't know how to locate them, most of them are dead. We can't fine or get information from any Elliotts from Georga. Thanks your page has took alot of time and work.

May 26, 2001
Mary Bryant Park <>
Very nice webpage -- I'm looking for parents of my James Monroe Williams, b. 1833, m. Anna Dodd. His mother was Annie ?, b. MD, and I don't know which Williams was the father. Thanks, Cousin Mary in OK

May 26, 2001
cynthia C. Norkin <>
Absolutely fabulous web site-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 25, 2001
kermit minich <>
i am a minich. shades didn't see any

May 25, 2001
Judy Langelier <>
Hi Bill, I guess I'm a long lost cousin, daughter of Phyllis Rummel DeFeo. I was born 11/30/55 in Shamokin, PA. My mother sent me your web page to take a look.

May 25, 2001
CBranson of Indiana
Very impressive! You have something here to be proud of, I really enjoyed it. Carolyn

May 25, 2001
Bonnie Koci <>
Thank you so much for your web page. I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you for reminding us what Memorial Day is all about. Bonnie

May 25, 2001
Edwin O. Miller <>
Nice site!

May 25, 2001
Dan Green <>
A very nice and squared away page Brother. Will keep looking into the past for clues into my present, as I am sure you will. With the best wishes of a Brother Marine, Good Hunting and remember "Fortes Fortuna Juvat". Dan (79-82) USMC

May 24, 2001
Susan Campbell <>
I have been truly blessed with the friendship of your father, Bob Hughes. He is one squared away Marine...."like father, like son". Great job, Bill.
Semper fi' Susan Campbell - Columbia, South Carolina

May 24, 2001
Phyllis DeFeo <>
Great page! Keep up the good work, cuz'n
Descendent of Andreas Shade, John Shade,Andrew Shade, Emmauel Shade + Ida Naomi Reed Shade. Mother's name was Helen Shade Rummel + Elvin Forrest Rummel, Shamokin, Pa. now living in W.P.B. Fl.

May 24, 2001
Russ Campbell <>
you have done some exhaustive work here. It all looks really good. I have just started doing some tree tracing myself. Any pointers you could pass alaong would be helpful. Also I can't believe out of all those ancestors from the Kershaw and Camden area that we aren't related. My Father's family is from that part of the state. You might even know some of them. I had lots of relatives in Camden. Enjoyed your page and looking forward to hearing from you.
Russ Campbell, Jr.

May 24, 2001

May 24, 2001
Ed Baker <>
Very Nice Thanks for the service to Our Country and To God our Father. Ed

May 24, 2001
Nancy <>
Very impressive. I have been tracing family back to Andreas, since he had 15 children he may be related to everyone. just kidding. Think he had a second wife and my side of the family is from the John Adam. Thanks you for sharing.

May 24, 2001
Joanne E. Shade <>
Searching for a link from William Shade to his ggrandftr Andreas.

May 24, 2001
Pat Miller <>
I did not have any relatives on you Veterans's Roll, but enjoyed the music very much. I'm ready for Memorial day now!

May 24, 2001
Ken Hedgpeth <>
Greetings Bill ~ you have created a wonderful website !
I really enjoyed your presentation of your families Veteran's Honor Roll . . .

Many blessings of continued success . . .

your friend in Christ; Ken Hedgpeth ~ Arcadia, CA

May 24, 2001
Gilbert F. Russell <>
My mother was Phillis Jean Baker (Russell) from Elwood Indiana her Father was Harry James Baker,her mother was May Shrock from Elwood Indiana.
Please let me know if these Bakers cross yours some where thank you

May 24, 2001
Pam Gay Bertagna <>
Great Job !!!

May 23, 2001
Lynne Leflore Trammel <>

Found your page from the SC list. It is very neat and well-organized. We have some common surnames: Artois, Beauchamp, Bigod, Chaworth, DeBeauchamp, Mowbray, Seagrave, and Warren. Mine line where these are concerned is thru the line of Henry Luce.


Lynne in Mississippi

May 23, 2001
Norma E. Leibold <>
I found your site very interesting. Also was impressed with the way you proudly displayed the members of
your family military history. Thank you for sharing it, unfortunately I did not find any of my ancesters on
your proud list. My GGG Grandfather served during the Revolunary War and a GUncle served in the Civil War.
My own husband served in China, Israel, Korea. My brother was in WWII, and one of my sons served in
Viet Nam.
Anyone that had a family member serving in the military service can be proud that they served their

May 23, 2001
Edward Emanuel Hughes, Jr. <>
Have been searching ancestry (paternal) over the internet for the past two years. Have met several cousins and made connections. What a thrill!
So far I have traced my ancestry back to Northumberland, VA, Thomas Hughes b. l680. From there to Edward 1715, Nathaniel 1740 (Prince Wm. Co. VA), who raised his family in Pittsylvania Co., VA, who migrated to Abbeville Co., SC after Nathaniel's death in 1784. Edward b. 1774, James b/ 1806. James son Edward Marshall Hughes b. 1831 migrated to Timpson, Shelby Co., TX. where he raised his family including my grandfather Richard Gilbert Hughes. Richard Gilbert migrated to Rosenberg, Tx raised his family including my6 father Edward Emanuel Sr. My father migrated to Little Rock, AR where I was raised. And I migrated to Silsbee, TX after a long journey and retirement. For whatever it might be worth to you and your searches. You have a great website.

May 23, 2001
Carol Bauby <>
Hi Bill-
We haven't 'talked' in ages but want to say hi and hope you are doing ok. If I recall, we have a PA connection. I am a STAUFFER descendant and perhaps I sent you some copies of a related family history book, perhaps 2 years ago.

Best wishes---
Carol Bauby in CT

May 23, 2001
Alice Peterie <>
Emily Frances Hughes and James Anthony Williamson were my gg grandparents. Emily's father was George H Hughes born abt 1813 in Bertie County North Carolina. Your web site is great! Thanks for sharing. Alice

May 23, 2001
Betty Storrs
beautiful job on your website! No connection to my lines (yet).

May 23, 2001
Marion Loffredo <>
Basil (Sp many ways) Baker

May 23, 2001
Betty <>
My GGrandmother was Lucinda Elizbeth Elliott from Camden Co Mo.She married my GGrandfather James Scammahorn.Lucinda is buried in Camden Co,Mo.James is buried in Benton Co Mo.Their daughter Bertha May Elizbeth "Annie" Scammahorn ( my Grandmother ) married Gustav Metscher ( My Grandfather )..They had 2 children.My Dad Henry and Elizbeth.Then My Grandparents devorced.She married a man named Charles Lawrence.They had children.But can't find any thing out about them.She is buried in St Mary Cemetery in K C Mo.Would love to find out more about Annie.My Grandmother...We know that she killed herself.We know that she abandoned her first to children.But that is about all anyone can find out.I'd love to learn more,if anyone has any info that I don't have...

May 23, 2001
Robert Gay <>
Decended from John Gay of Dedham Mass 1630

May 23, 2001
Alva Jr and Pat Hughes <>
I really enjoyed your page haven,t made one yet. My grandfather was edward m. hughes. Don"t know his father are mother. Alva

May 23, 2001
Nancy Evans Parr <>
What a wonderful web site! Only a fellow researcher can truly appreciate all the time and work involved in your findings. I am in awe and am amazed; I've never seen so much love go into sharing and comparing. I've only begun to look at all your information (found some 'matches' already) and look forward to visiting the site many times in the future to check for common ancestors. Thanks for caring enough to share!

May 23, 2001
Larry R. Gay <>
Excellent site

May 23, 2001
Mary Holland <>
Thank you for taking the time to show honor to those who paid so dearly. I too have lost relatives and friends. Most recent my brother Michael Newnan went to Viet Nam stayed for a year and a half,died three days after he came home.1973. God Bless

May 23, 2001
Ellen Hughes-Hansen <>
Your web site is great. My father is Gerald Hughes and he was born in Canada. I am hopeful that I
will be able to connect to others as time goes on.

May 23, 2001
Donna Weber Stemper <>
I found your web page to be fascinating. I regret that I can find no mutual surnames. I wish I were related somehow because I keep hitting brick walls as I try to trace my lineage.

May 23, 2001
I was wondering if you know where the HORTONS are from that is in your Vets. Mine are from NC and that is where it ends.

May 23, 2001
Jeanne <>
Looking for Hughes ancestor connections. Mine starts
with Charles b.a 1665 Wales Crossed Atlantic on the ship Vine will dated 1711, probated 1712 Lancaster Pa.
Anything in your files connecting Charles to your Owen or Edward?

May 23, 2001
Elizabeth Johnson Schoeb <>
Just signed on will let you know if I find my kin!

May 23, 2001
Ted D Jones <>
Thanks Bill for you wonderful history. I totally as a veterean share your interests as I come from some very notable people who dared to explore and make our America so great, the Early American Bennetts. I even beleive they are a big reason that I am a vet also. TED

May 23, 2001
Allen Striffler <>
Enjoyed viewing your web page just about as much as hearing from the old man. I too am a member of the brotherhood of Marines.

Sure glad I would never have to pick up the bill for your family reunion.

Semper Fi.

May 22, 2001
Charlotte Caeton <>
I have already posted a message. But I viewed quite a bit of your lineage, and looked for any Cato names. I could not find any.But thank you for the pleasure anyway.

May 22, 2001
Charlotte Caeton <>
I am of the Rebecca Ann Cato Wiley lineage. She was my mothers great grandmother, and married a Wiley, had a son named John Quincy Wiley, and he and his wife had my grandfather 'Tobe' Wiley. You have a very nice webpage. I have enjoyed it immensely.
I am in California, where our leg of Wileys ended up. They started in Penn., also, I believe.
Thank you

May 22, 2001
E.M.Almond <>
We may be related through your HUNTER or USSARY line but have no further information, Realy injoyed your site and like you would like to leave something for my Daughters to read after I have passed on, I to have had two H.A.'s and a Quad. Bye.
Best of luck
and look at the sun rise every morning.
Marvin Jr.

May 22, 2001
Barbara Roesch <>
Nice tribute, Bill. Looks like you got em all! I didn't know you are connected to Lemuel Price ...he is is from a Price lineage I am sure. My friend's husband was a Price.
Anyway, jus tthought I'd say "Well done." Barbara

May 22, 2001
Shirley Braun Plumb <>
Your site was impressive and I loved the music that went with the different pages. It made me stop and think about all the men and women who have served in the military through our country's history. I'm going to compile a list now of all my relatives that served in the war since the Revolutionary War. Thanks, Bill, for sharing your meaningful website with others. My husband and I are members of the American Legion. I didn't see that name listed in your credits. Any reason why? Or did I miss it? Keep up the good work.

May 22, 2001
Julie <>
http:// n/a
My ancestors have been here since colonial times. Several fought in the Rev. War and a GGGgrandmother is listed on the Patriot's List. Civil War, WWII, and Vietnam are the other wars my family has fought in, so I very much enjoy visiting a site such as yours. You did a wonderful job. Altho I didn't find any of my ancestors here, I did enjoy looking around. Thanks for the roll you played in our country's freedom. You and others like you are appreciated but we don't say it enough. Bless you all.

May 22, 2001
Peggy Quimby Bowman <>
I do not have a home Pg. but this one of yours is great . I will go through this again. My husband was in WW11 & was in Japan when they went in Linguyen Gulf very tough time . Our ancestor are from S.C. (Chester ) hope I can get there some day. My Husband Died 19 Nov. 2000 .Very rough time For Me & Our 3 Children 7 Gr Children . My great grandmother Nancy Emma Montgomery Ford Born in Chester , her mother was Sarah Bailey Montgomery . Is this Posible link to your Bailey / I think her father was James ??
want to express my thanks to you for puting this Web site on Bill
Peggy Quimby Bowman

May 22, 2001
Linda Elliott <>
Loved your site. Especially the Honor Roll. Ancestry is not only fun, but educational and inspiring. Your site is also an inspiration. Keep on keeping on.

May 22, 2001
Wanda <>
I'm really impressed! You are truly an inspiration to all who seek their roots. Thanks for such a neat site!

May 22, 2001
Patricia Myers <>
What a wonderful webpage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Patricia

May 22, 2001

May 22, 2001
Dottie Tinsley <>
Bill, so impressive is your work. One of my grandmothers was Mary Ann Baker who married Andrew Jackson Pryor in the 1840's. She was the daughter of Jonathan Baker from Virginia. Have you every run across this line? Thank you.

May 22, 2001
Fern Christensen <>
Ok, cuz. You have 58720354. Richard Clare back more generations don't you? I'm sure I do. The one who signed the Magna Carta had two daughters, Maude and (I'm drawing a blank. Was it Jane?) My mother was from one and my dad from the other. They were married 60 years before I found that out. And Dad looked at Mom and said, "I knew there was some reason I liked you. (being a cousin!)". Isn't genealogy fun? Thanks.

May 22, 2001
Fern Christensen <>
This is what genealogy should be about--the way you put it. I've always liked ahnentafel's. However, is there any way to show documentation, too? We have family in that area--Hesse, on both my side and my husband's. But none of the direct family married yours. Thanks for sharing in this way.

May 22, 2001
Dan Howe <>
Beautiful web site. If you visit ours, go to the two genealogy sites I have. Thanks for sharing. God bless.

May 22, 2001
Eleanor Edmondson <>
I descend from Joel Blackwell who died ca 1821 in Rutherford Co. NC. I can find no record of his every being a patriot, but have just recently found out his brother was a TORY. So, I am going to have to take another look around.

I do have ancestors who fought in the AM REV and the War of 1812 for their county. I also have a group of Southern gentlemen who fought for States Rights, their families and their land. They did NOT fight for slavery regardless of the new rewritten history being spread around.

Today I am fighting to prevent my Southern heritage from being destroyed one flag and one statute at a time in my home state. Long Live the South.

May 22, 2001
Jo <>
I love your site. I wish everyone had an understanding of how great it was to have the servicemen of all the wars in this country and to know that without them we would not be what we are today. My Uncles and brother served and my son was a U.S. Marine. I looked thru your surname registry but didn't see any that might be related to me but I am really just beginning my quest. I know my 4th greatgrandfather served in the Revolutionary War and my 2nd greatgrandfather served and died in the Civil War. I hope everyone remembers these fighting men every day and honors them always. Jo

May 22, 2001
Miles Gardner <>
I enjoy checking on your pages from time to time and always seem to learn something. Had not known that Abraham Blackwell's wife was a Chancellor. Let me know if you ever learn who his brother, John's, wife was (my ancestors). Someone wrote she was a Lee; since his nephew married a Leigh, I thought that must be worth investigating. Had not known that Wylie Blackmon was a son of James and Anna either; how does Britton Blackmon fit into that family? Think I wrote you once before of Zadok Hilton's testimony during the probate of my ancestor, Michael Horton's will, which showed him living as late as that. Forgot date of his testimony, but Horton died in June of 1862, so it was after that. Miles

May 22, 2001
Helen Lane <>
Very interesting! It's good to know another South Carolinian. Haven't visited all you Home Page yet, so may be back in touch . My family as well as my husband's located in SC all about the same time--around mid 1700s. Helen

May 22, 2001
Frank Quirk <>
Ihave Hughes in my tree. They got off the boat and stayed in Penna. as coal miners. great job

May 22, 2001
Martha E. Smith Wells <>
Glad to see another "Boyer" cousin, I am a direct-line decendent from all the "Boyer" kin in Berks, Cambria, etc. Pa., only some of mine went to Ohio, and on to Indiana, hence me. Thanks, Marty

May 22, 2001
Bobby Thigpen <>
Great Job.

May 22, 2001
Elaine Moore <ELMoore>
Great Site! I am new at writing personal history and I can see how much research you have done for this. Also, as a librarian, I can appreciate your organization of materials. Elaine Moore (May 22, 2001)

May 22, 2001
Joan Raney <>
Pretty impressive--I'm descended from Cato, Horton, Ingram, Truesdel, and Ussery myself. I'm interested in the military information you have on the guys that I might be descended from.

May 22, 2001
Tom Soles <>
Wonderful site Bill. I will be back, I too am from South Carolina, born in the lake Swamp area,Horry County,grew up around Tabor City.Live in and around Charleston also.Thanks for having such a lot of history
on your site.
Tom Soles

May 22, 2001
Albert Cato <albert>
I can trace my line back to one William Cato who married Susan Echols. They lived in Fairfield County or District in SC. I can go back further but havent been able to document it. I understand that William's parents were from Virginia.

May 22, 2001
Cyn Williams Bowen <>
Bill, you have done a wonderful job of constructing your Website. Unfortunately, I don't believe I share any surnames with you, with the possible exception of Williams. My ancestors migrated from somewhere in SC to Barbour Co., AL in the mid to late 1830s, and the patriarch of the line was born in NC, moved to SC and then on to AL with his wife and children. If any of this sounds like it might mesh with the history of your Williams line, I'd love to compare more detailed notes. Again, great Website! Thanks for sharing the fruits of your labors. CWB

May 22, 2001
Alex H. Evans <>
Bill, This is a great family page you have created. It is always a pleasure to view the work of others and at the same time understand the effort and time necessary
for publishing a web page.
Thanks for the pleasure of viewing your page.
Alex H. Evans

May 22, 2001
Melvin Byrd <>
The Pages are just great.

Melvin Byrd

May 22, 2001
Edmund B. Stewart <>
Will look to see if there is a relationship with Blackburn Hughes, my half-brother.

May 21, 2001
I'm trying to find out for sure what my great grandmother's history was. Her name is Mary Catherine Hughes. Her father is Edward Hughes and her mother may have been a Shannon or O'brien. No one seems to know. It appears that she came from the Summit (Cresson area) but that is not sure either. She committed suicide (or was helped) about 1910-1920. How is that for vague guesses and maybe's. The family was strict Catholic and so the subject is hush hush and my grandmother would not talk about it. Her sisters are all dead also. I always try to put this on every HUGHES site I can find in the hopes that it will sound familiar to someone. Mary Catherine Hughes was married to Edward Gaynor from Canada/New York area.
They had six children: Florence Regina, Ruth Ann, Margaret, Blanche Mary, Veronica (died young) and a brother that was still born. Most lived around the Clearfield and Cambria County area at death. Thanks for any help you may be able to give me, or thanks for reading this little story of yet another Hughes. Jan

May 16, 2001
Judy Twitty <>
Hi Bill; Just had to add a little notation on your page. It is great! I thank you so much for the information on my husbands great grandmother, Elizabeth (Betsy Jack) King. I had been looking for about a year and was at a complete standstill until you answered an e-mail that I sent to you. You are a wealth of information, that is for sure!! Thanks again! Judy

May 14, 2001
Mrs. Ardith Houghton <>
My sister said you had some good stuff on Clairs (Klohrs, Klaars, etc.) of PA. We have found it to be a dead end street.

May 13, 2001
Mendy Zayas <>
I am also working on my family tree. I can go back as far as my Great(x5) Grandfather Johan Bickel, came from Prussia and settled in Quincy Illinois. Any helpful information on any Bickels from that area would be helpful. (or any tips on how to search for information.) Thank You.... Mendy

May 10, 2001
JoAnn Beale <>
I was checking out the Brandt surname as it was my great-grandmothers. Unfortunately, I don't know enough about her to know if they connect. Love your website, had to print up the Direct Ancestor Tree, hope you don't mind.

May 07, 2001
Mattie Childers <>
I am a member of the Afternoonrocking group. Your research is very interesting. My Craft side of the family is from England. They go by the name of Crofton. We have two published books of A FAMILY CALLED CRAFT. I have been to Germany twice. Once I lived there for a year. Last year I spent 2 weeks in Hamburg visiting an exchange student. It is a beautiful country. Also many of the Crafts, Krafts, etc. are from Germany.

May 06, 2001
Betty Moss <>
What a neat site. Lots of great work.

May 05, 2001
brian g. king <>
32 bosuns cres point moore
Really great site Bill,I am a70 yr old amature computer geek trying to find out something about my great great grandfather, born in Linconshire England in 1830.
Brian king

May 02, 2001
Dannette Morgan <>
I have no comments at this time, but enjoyed browsing your family history. Thank you.

May 02, 2001
hey i dont know if i know u or not im 12 years old my name is mark hughes sign my guestbook at my homepage

May 02, 2001
George Curry <>
I noticed a surname "POPE" wich I have in my line who is the grandmother of Annie Perry Fripp, my cousin.
Annie descends from Edward Fripp/Elizabeth H. Fripp/Isaac Perry/Mary Pope. The line originated in Cornwall UK.

April 28, 2001
Dee Rackley-Hunt <>
Hello. Just browsing when I seen the USSERY name. My mother's maiden name was URSREY. The name was changed from Ussery to Ursrey by John Ussery's son Peter. Where we seperate in the tree is I breakoff to Peter you go to Samuel. I have traced back to the year 975. How far have you gotten? Maybe we can trade info. Great site by the way. Thanks, Dee.

April 28, 2001
Carole S. Walker <>
Loved your web site. Thanks for sharing. Carole in Catawba, South Carolina

April 25, 2001
Darrell Kershaw <>
I am attempting to trace my roots but as far as I had gotten was my great grand father's name was jessie edward kershaw, I know this because my brother was named after him, do you have any info I can use , I would be greatfull

April 25, 2001
Nancy Valencia <>
I was chasing wild geese, my Trimble/Williams line, when I encountered your website. If your website reflects who you are, it isn't difficult to determine that you are a unique character! Your website is easy to navigate, is colorful and has "little surprises" around every corner. I love it! I'll visit again to pick up some inspiration. Nancy Valencia

April 25, 2001
Angela Andrews <>
I am the grandaughter of Steve Cauthen fro Rolling Fork,Ms.He was born and raised in camden,Ms.of Madison county.

April 24, 2001
Vicki Latham <>
Seeking information re: Capell family: granfather: William Mack (8-14-1899); his father Luther Anderson (1872) , his father "Billy"

April 24, 2001
Glenda Presswood (Artz) <>
Great job! I am also from the Jacob Artz b-1732 Phillip b-1765 Johannes b-1797 Elias b-1814 Lewis b-1844 Sinary b-1866 Homer b-1892 then my dad Neil b-1928 if you have any information on children from any of these could you share thnaks Glenda

April 24, 2001
Glenda Presswood (Artz) <>
Great job! I am also from the Jacob Artz b-1732 Phillip b-1765 Johannes b-1797 Elias b-1814 Lewis b-1844

April 19, 2001
thomas j.king <>
born and raise in a small town call little river,sc.trying to track all my kin

April 18, 2001
Clarice Spencer <>
Enjoyed. I'm searching Joseph Hughes born 1814--1824, Green Co. PA. GGrandson of Felix Hughes. Father likely one of James Hughes's sons. Don't believe it was John, son of Thomas. Any ideas?? Clair

April 18, 2001

April 16, 2001
Joan Freeman <>
I hope I find you in my list of "cousins". Thanks
for the great lines. Joan

April 14, 2001
John Marvin Chastain <>
I am also a descendant of Joachim Waldbrunn and his wife, Anna Maria

Very interesting website

April 08, 2001
Gloria Gingrich Belair <>
Good site, distant cousin! I'm through Johan Jacob Artz I (RWV);Johan Jacob Artz II; Johan Jacob Artz III; Catherine Artz m. to Isaac Kurr; etc.

April 07, 2001
Amanda Gilbert <>
i am so glad that you found your place in the world, now that you have found your passed, now you can look to the future with pride, however i can't i am despertaly trying to find my roots as Gilbert being such a common name and it is spelled in so may ways i makes my search very difficult my 5th generation line is at a stand still because i am unable to find any infomatio on Gabriel Gilbert who was born in 1852 and i do not now where or who his parents were any help that you could provide - i would be very greatful

April 01, 2001
Nancy Wilson-Coleman <>
Great site, guess I'd best complete one myself on the Colemans, William, Peter, Abraham, Zopher, Samuel James, Rhoda and JOhn to George! Thanks!

March 30, 2001
Suzanne Bobb Hunter <>
Very nice site. I was so surprised to see the 2 Bobb names listed. I do have more Bobb info if interested contact me. God Bless----Suzanne

March 29, 2001
Mona Wooten <>
Great Job!

March 27, 2001
Berill Michelsen <>
There are 2600 Michelsen`s in Denmark .I am just starting my Father (hagbard ,gfather Sven Torvald Michelsen
Perhaps we find that down the line we are related
Hilsen berill

March 27, 2001
Glenda (Paul) Geist <>
My great great grandfather Frederick Schwalm married Catherina Stein and their son Frederick Stein Schwalm and his wife Sara Rubendahl were my grandmother Amelia's parents. Amelia married Daniel Paul. Now if I could only find more info on the Daniel Paul Family I would be very grateful. I have some info on the Schwalm family back to 1718. Sure glad I ran across your site.

March 21, 2001
Bonnie Gay Christensen <>
Surnames: Baker, Harrison, Gabbard, Gay

March 18, 2001
Katherine Hughes Shook <>
Looking for John Hughes 4-4-1817/ 1872/74? of Lancaster County Pa. Married a Margaret Susan Crock 9-6-1820 of Phila. Pa.

March 17, 2001
Jim Moseley <>
Very nice webpage! I like the way your page is constructed - very easy to navigate - and your home page with picture is very nicely done!

I am also descended from Johannes Martin Batdorf & Maria Walborn through their son, Johann Adam. His son, also named Johann Martin, settled in Kentucky, near present day Louisville. From there, the generations migrated to southern Indiana, then southern Illinois where I was born. By the time they reached Illinois, the Batdorf name had mutated to Bottorff the to Pottorff.

I also have a SC connection - the surname is KIRKLEY from Chesterfield - who migrated to Indiana in the early 1820's. Unfortunately, not many old records remain to definitively track them once I get back to SC.

Thanks for publishing your genealogy for others like myself to enjoy!

Jim Moseley, Memphis, TN

March 13, 2001
Sharon Lindley <>
Great page. Looking forward to filling in gaps in my information. Glad to meet another "cousin".

March 12, 2001
You have done a great job! Your family tree has really helped. I was stuck in my own roots search until I found this site. At the time I was stuck on Elias D. Artz but now I can trace my roots all the way back to Germany. By the way, my great,great grandfather was Irvin Artz (Jennie's brother).

Thank you,
Quinn Alec Artz
St. Clair, PA (originally from Williamstown, PA)

March 11, 2001
Judi Harris <>
Having taken a look at your site , I'm impressed !
We have a connection I believe, as I have traced my Stratford ancestors (with help from other researchers) back to 870. I took a look at yours to see if we had anyone in common, and I think we do.
The connection is way back in 1478 when Richard Stratford of Farmcote and Hawling married Frances Kyrkeby
Children - William ( my ancestor)
John ( your ancestor)
On checking your tree, have you missed a generation out? My records show John Stratford married Christine Howell and their son John married Margaret Tracy.
I think there is also a generation missing again, as John and Margaret's son Henry married Lady Mary Maire of Chester, and their son John married Mary Throgmorton.
Also can you tell me if you have any details of George Stratford, father of Gyles, ever marrying. The parish baptismal records of Standish give details of children born to a George -Gyles being one of them.Is this George the son of George Stratford and Elizabeth Hobby, as the info I have been given said he never married. I look forward to your reply and any other help you think relevant
Cheerio and God Bless

March 11, 2001
Wallace Sowell <>
Just checking around the various web sites for my surname and found your site. One of our relatives in Florida has done and extensive genealogy which I will check for the Sowell relatives you have listed. As you said it is amazing how many people someone is related to.

March 11, 2001
George William Hughes Jr <>
Good Job. Thanks

March 08, 2001
colin bready <>
some information about mollie hollingsworth-born near rathfriland ireland about 1732 died kershaw s.c.1815 married john truesdale.mollie daughter of henry brothers john,henry(gave rise to nova scotia hollingsworths),billy and sister esther.have any information on the two hollingsworths in your ancestory?

March 03, 2001
Darlene <>
my grandfather was william bill mcgowan b=1875 d=1957
my mother was annie grace mcgowan b=1925 d=1981 she was married to a john harris from sc and i have the family cross date back to the 1700
your website help me to understand alots about my family history keep up the good work
need some more help on the family cross plaease let me know if you are anyone can help me
take care

March 03, 2001
Darlene <>
my grandfather was william bill mcgowan b=1875 d=1957
my mother was annie grace mcgowan b=1925 d=1981 she was married to a john harris from sc and i have the family cross date back to the 1700
your website help me to understand alots about my family history keep up the good work
need some more help on the family cross plaease let me know if you are anyone can help me
take care
anything you may have on

March 01, 2001
June Wilson <>
I just wanted to say what a lovely website you have. It shows the love and devotion that has gone into making it. I wish mine was that good. We don't share relatives, but we live in Columbia, SC and I wanted to say hello. My husbands family were born and raised in SC, I'm from Illinois but I've called SC home for many years now. I really enjoyed visiting your site. June

March 01, 2001
Patsy Blackwell Holt <PHolt99@Aol.Com>
Very nice page. Read about your heart failure. Hope you're doing ok. I have an irregular heart beat that can be worrisome at times

February 27, 2001
Doug Cornwell <>

I ran into your web page upon looking through the Schuylkill Co., Pa., US GenWeb project. The reason?
Your surname. My gr-gr-grandmother was Clara Hughes, b. abt. 1845, in Pa. She married
William F. MacLennan (or McLennan), of Maryland, prob. just after the Civil War. William & Clara's
family is found in the 1880 federal census in Orwigsburg, Schuylkill Co., Pa., with several
sons and their 1-year-old daughter, Mary A. MacLennan, who is my gr-grandmother.
Mary A. MacLennan Eldridge gave birth to my grandmother, Clara Permelia Eldridge Schoonmaker,
19 May 1899, but she (Mary A.) died in 1903, apparently due to complications from

We have lost all touch with that branch of the family, in fact my grandmother
would often talk about how the only mother she knew was the woman whom her father
married following her own mother's death -- naturally! --- my grandmother would have
been 2 years old when Mary Angeline MacLennan Eldridge died.

It was interesting that I should run into someone in Schuylkill County with the very same
surname, Hughes. At this point, I know nothing about Clara Hughes' parents or other
family members. In fact, I know very little about the MacLennans.

It is also very interesting that I happened to run into your web page this very evening and saw
all that you have about the Marines. I just learned about an hour ago that a friend of our
family (I grew up in the Binghamton, NY, area) just passed away last night. He had
served in the Marines in the Pacific during WWII and, in fact, came from the Pottstown, Pa.,
area originally. There was a couple of times he described that very statue from Iwo Jima that
you have on your web page.

He was a graduate of Lehigh University, which I believe may be very close to Schuylkill County (not
that familiar with Pa. geography, though, so pardon me if I fail the geography test!)

Hope you get this message and are able to write back.

Douglas W. Cornwell

February 26, 2001
Jeanne Riley <>
I I am hoping some of these names are on you list, the Petersen clan is a large on tough to trace
I also have a Clarence Petersen buried in the family plot in Elkhart Kansas with Howard and Viola any help would be appreciated. I know we had some relation in Denver, I remember visiting a deaf uncle there in the 60's

thanks for your help Jeanne Petersen Riley-Kohler

Howard Orville Petersen born Elkhart Kansas Jan. 17, 1900 died July 13, 1940; mother Viola May Sutton Petersen born May 1, 1874 in Iowa; father
J Jorden Petersen [born in IowaAugust 8,1877 died June 11, 1957]; parents
Jorden Petersen [born in Denmark] Anna Cecelia Clint [ born in Holstien Germany]

am trying to find some of the Petersen Clan also , Maybe we will get lucky an something will match up. I am new at this so, just trying to get a home page going, more information later
thanks again Jeanne

February 23, 2001
Barbara Taylor <>
I am searching for the following surnames; Spradley, Johnson, Turbeville, Brown, McInnis, Miles.
Any information you might have would really be appreciated.
Many thanks in advance for your kindness.
God Bless,

February 22, 2001
Laurie Lisa Elliott Varrelman <>
I would like to locate Nellie Marie Elliott, dob 1931-1933. She lived in Oregon in the mid 1950's. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks much, Laurie Lisa Elliott

February 22, 2001
Rebecca Ann (Walburn) Thoms <>
Hello Bill,
Am new to the internet with my genealogy research. Pleased to find another cousin. Your site is wonderful! We sure have a lot of loyal military types in our background. My grandfather (Frederick Walburn) was a veteran of WW I and a Purple Heart recipient; my father (James Walburn), a veteran of WW II, Korea, and Viet Nam. My direct paternal line goes back to Christian Wilhelm Walborn's son Hermanus. If I can provide you with any information, I would be happy to. I do not have my own site as yet; still too much of a novice.Again, a great site.

February 22, 2001
wilma cargill nee hughes <>
Hi.Greatsite looks like a lot of work gone into it.
My father and grandfather were hughes's from pittenweem
in fife scotland.Fisher folk.Although it seems our anscestors came from wales.They came to fife to work in the coal pits.Would love to start a family tree but not sure where to start.Your site has given me a good few pointers.

February 22, 2001

February 22, 2001
Thank you for all your hard work and willingness to share it. If and when I get my family together, I will do the same.
Great job.

February 20, 2001
Marilyn McGinnis <>
Looking for confirmation of relative. My great-grandfather was James Frank Claar who married Verlinda Aten in Jackson, Ohio. His parents were Joseph and Margaret Claar. However, I do not know if this is the same Joseph Claar whose parents were George Washington Claar and Mary Mercer. Do you know, if they are the same?

February 19, 2001
Bob De Villiers < or>
I have you in my address book of Worldwide network of USMC members Bill. Bill Pierce (Gyrene 629) sent me your Hyperlink. I will spend more time, but can already advise you it is super fine. I have been working on my family history for 7 years, but nothing blends in with any of yours. Best wishes.

February 17, 2001
Kennard L. Van Camp <>
I was referred to your site by good friend, Wayne Huckabee. I enjoyed it.

February 17, 2001
Know and have met your Dad...a fine man and a wonderful combat marine. Great site and you are to be complimented for it, and your evidence of superb patriotism..thanks for all your efforts..fellow Marine!
Semper Fidelis

February 16, 2001
Phyllis DeFeo <>
Hi, I am a direct descendent of Andreas Shade. His son Andrew was my gt gr father. My grandfather was Emanual Shade, roots in Shamokin, Pa now living in WPB, Fl

February 16, 2001
Jack Hilton <>
Great page! Very well put together

February 13, 2001
Dennis Wayne Hilton <>
You have a good sight. thanks anyway the information you had is the same as mine on my ancestors.Richard,James,William, Miles,Ben,Roy \Hilton,s

February 11, 2001
Roger Martn <>
I am seaching for a Bickle, possibly Robert S. who may have marrieda Francis Mary Martin in Ontarion,Canada or Manitoba? Does any of this ring a bell for you!!!!
Thanks for any response.

February 11, 2001
Sharman Meck Carroll <>
Great site. You have very early Klingers,do you have any Klingers lines in Pinegrove, Sch. Co. Pa? Solomon Klinger Line?

February 10, 2001
lynn leonard <>
Good to see you on-line. I've missed you. Am still at the same phone number. How are you both. Give a call. The website is great!
Love, Cousin Lynn

February 09, 2001
Janet Hilton Jones <>
I always enjoy visiting your site, I find something new every time. Thank you for keeping the Hiltons updated on your research. I just wish you were my first cousin so I wouldn't have so much work to do!!

February 08, 2001
Glen Shively <>

February 08, 2001
Floyd R. Mason <>
I took a look at your page. Great Page. I checked Anita's Masons and they don't seem to connect. However she is a cousin in the Michael Miller Book. Lydia Miller m David Shively p 69......we dont carry it any further but we do have the ancesters to Hans Michael, the father of Philip and many cousins.

February 05, 2001
Denny Gilbert <>
Gilberts, my father's side, have roots in Warren, Minnesota - 1880s, I believe.

February 04, 2001
charles t. barthlow jr. <>
we are tring to search our family.,

February 02, 2001
Richard W. Ussery <>
Enjoyed site very much, there appears to be a match with your ancestory.

January 31, 2001
Amy Shreve <>
I think I have visited your kinseeker before.The pictures looked familar.I am related on the Gay side,but I
was really impressed with 30 generations.How long did it take to get all of this.I have my paternal side back about 12
generations and they are mostly in the 16 and 1700's.

January 31, 2001
Yvonne Gresser <>
I found your page very interesting

January 30, 2001

January 29, 2001
Alice Hill <>
I love your webpage. I am searching for Hiltons that came from South Carolina and ended up in the south western part of Mississippi, around Brookhaven, maybe by way of Alabama

January 29, 2001
Jackie < >
No relation, just browsing. Just Beautiful! What a wonderful tribute you have made to your ancestors! My father was a three-time Veteran, my mother was a WWII Vet. Four of my Uncles were also Vets, one died at Normandy. I beleive your ancestors would be proud!! Very moving site!! God Bless. Jackie Gammon

January 29, 2001
Lisa Reber <>
Hi Bill,

I am glad I stopped by to visit your site; however at this point I do not beleive I am related to your line of Shade' earliest known Shade is Christopher in 1715; I am still trying though...



January 29, 2001
Guy H Thomas <>
Visited your pages. A really wonderful job.

Guy Thomas
Houston, TX

January 29, 2001
Donald F. Hughes <>
3914 S 122nd Eave, Tulsa Ok, 74146
Enjoyed your web page and your comments. I am looking for the parents of Benjiam O. Hughes born in Hanover Co Va in 1823 but not having anyluck. Take care

January 29, 2001
Leland M <Puckett>
Very good page! thanks. My family line is Caroline Elliott
that first married Alexander Romulous Crocker than Hamilton B Smithee
do not know who her parents were but possible Almira/Elvira Elliott of Green Co Mo.
or she may have been a kother in law to Carol;ine

January 28, 2001
Marcelle Gebhardt LaBuda <>
What a delightful site and the tribute to your family is really wonderful. My Gebhardt's are from Silesia area and migrated to Ludweiler,near Saarbrucken and then to U.S. in 1881. I miss them very much!

January 28, 2001
Rhonda from PA <>
Wow, cuzzin Bill! You are so busy! Thanks on behalf of the Walborn cuzzins for all the hard work!!~

January 28, 2001
Thank you for notifing us of the changes /additions

January 28, 2001
Sherri Hilton Streight <>
We've communicated before. I'm still looking for John Hilton's father in S.C. Looks like you're doing well!

January 28, 2001
Tom Elliott <>
Thanks for such a wonderful website, Bill. I may a Yankee cousin (ALL of my Elliot(t)s are from Maine starting in 1742), I still appreciate your artistry, sense of history and mostly your patriotism. My military career spanned 21 years and I was NEVER sorry that I did it, from the race riots to the rice paddys to the distinction of being in the "Honor Guard" Company to being just old Master Sergeant Nasty - the supply sergeant who "knew his stuff." Other than my family, it is the was important part of my life. Sadly, I am diabled now, but I love to find sites like yours. The picture on your main page is beautiful. I pray that your parents continued to love you as they obviously did in that picture.
Waldo County, Maine USGenWeb Coordinator
Waldo County, Maine listowner

January 27, 2001
Janet Elliott Douglas <>
Very nice. Haven't found a surname yet, but will keep looking. My Elliotts and Schlotterbecks/
Slaughterbacks came from PA. As far as we know-Schlotterbacks for sure. Haven't proven the Elliotts yet. Some say PA & some say KY

January 27, 2001
Frances Wimberly <>
Haven't checked it out yet but wanted to say THANK YOU and I'm here. Most of my lines on my fa's side are from SC, others are from NC. By the time they got to Ala and Texas, boy is it something else to find them in SC. frances

January 27, 2001
Eileen Truesdell <>
Great page layout, Bill. Enjoyed stopping in. Thanks for the invite.

January 27, 2001
Al Huntsman <>
I am related to Baker's from NC, TN, KY, MO and points west. Most of my immediate families settled in Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and latter California.

P.S. I am a heart attack survivor also.

Thanks for recognizing the veterans, we Americans owe them so much. 30 years Active and National Guard. No combat.

January 27, 2001
Jack D. Elliotte <>
Keep up the good work, and if you ever hear anything about the Elliott's of Gastonia, NC, let me know. I
have hit a brick wall.

January 24, 2001
valerie hughes <>
Enjoyed your site - sadly you were unable to help me - our Hughes being Irish (Co.Armagh) and immigrated to New Zealand 1864. Valerie

January 21, 2001
Carol Collins <>
Hi, you have a wonderful homepage. I noticed a Maria Christina Henninger on one of your lists. My maiden name is Heninger, but there are several spellings in the ancestoral history. My maternal grandfather was a Stein but I don't have much information at all about his family. All I know is that my ggrandfather's name was Wilson Stein and he married Eliz. Herbig. This was probably in the mid 1800's. Their children were Edwin Leroy Stein (my grandfather - born in late 1800's), Gertrude, Annabell, Albert, Irving, Howard, Robert (died young) and possibly a Charles (?). Edwin Leroy Stein was born in Bethlehem, PA (near reading). My grandfather (Edwin L. Stein) was a dentist and married Lily M. Springer. They had two daughters, Virginia (adopted) and Elizabeth (born 1923). If anyone out there knows anything about this branch of the family, my mother (Elizabeth Stein Heninger) and I sure would like to hear from you. Thanks, Carol

January 20, 2001
Mike Eastridge <>
I just entered your website and what I see -- it's GREAT. I haven't looked around yet but am very much looking forward to doing so!! I am also an EASTRIDGE researcher and most of what I can find on my ancestors is in Alabama and Georgia. Maybe I can find a connection!! Thanks for allowing me to look around. Feel free to contact me at any time and I'll be happy to share what ever I've found!!

January 18, 2001
Chris Blackwell <>
Thank you for allowing me to view your website. It is awesome and I know there are many years involved in securing all this information.

January 11, 2001
Art Barger <>
I just now entered your page. I will look around and get back to you. Thanks for your effort and sharing.

January 11, 2001
David Lee Zellers <>
Hi Bill;

Just checking back, last time I checked was April 11, 2000... Talked to Janeice Beaudrie the other day, she mentioned you didn't remember me. I am Administrator of the Zellers Family Website, remember now ?

David Lee Zellers

January 08, 2001

January 08, 2001
Claudette E. Ferrell <>
My family surnames are as follow:- Gaskin, Cauthen, Wright, Kirkland, and Truesdale. This is a very nice site and filled with much information. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to visit.

January 05, 2001
Judy Hughes Opitz <>
Just got on to your site. Will look some more later.
Liked what I've seen so for.
My father Leo Hughes was born in Mo. in 1898 His father was William Henry Hughes and I believe he was born in Alabama.
Don't know a lot so for but will continue to look when and surf the web when I have the time.

January 04, 2001
Wayne H. Huckabee <>
Wow!!!! 20,000 plus visitors to your website in
just over one year. Absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!
Who wudda thunk it?
Thanks for allowing me a small part in what has obviously turned into a blessing to so many people. I sure am proud of you, Cuz.

I love you,

January 03, 2001
Al Plyler <>
Doggone, Bill. With a list that big one would think there might be a connection. Not a chance! Wonderful sit you have. Keep up the good work.

January 03, 2001
Evelyn Hartman <>
I am doing Kissinger, Hartman, Radel, Umholtz, Schlegel, Shadle, Scheib, Spotts, plus. Will gladly share info.

January 03, 2001
Patricia Hughes Jones <>
Your website is well done! Enjoyed reading it!

My gg grandfather was Evan E. Hughs/Hughes, b. 1805 in
Chatham, NC. Migrated to TN, then St. Francis Co. AR.


December 26, 2000
Beverly Beck <Fru697>
You've done a wonderful job. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your genealogy. I am searching for Ann Shadle b. PA abt 1834. M. Beck b. in PA. Had son William Henry Beck b. 1852 PA. She was in IA 1854 M. to a Wm. Bogart. She D. ca 1928 Newton, KS at home of dau. Mrs. Wilson. Mr. Bogart is bur. Grundy co. IA. and she is bur at Grundy Center, IA. beside her kids. It gets very confusing, and very hard to pin these people down as this is all we know about them.

December 22, 2000
Jane Shimer Heinemann <>
Very nice!! I looked at your Haas but don't think I connect there. My paternal grandmother was Frances Elizabeth Haas. I think she was born in Ohio. Don't have all the info yet to start a web page.

December 21, 2000
Barbara Jean Diekmann <>
Don't have now to check it all out but like what I see. I come from a long line of Hughes, will get back to you.

December 21, 2000
Bill Anderson <>
Very good lay out,,I was from Warren Pa.,,old_bill in clubs.
Thank You

December 19, 2000
Ruth Hughes <>
What I've seen I like. I'm Looking for my Hughes Family.

December 19, 2000
Erika Ball <>
i likke to see some good ideas about how to break thru the brick walls. Or how to get free ideas how to locate some one if everything has been checked on the computer day after day. thanks for letting me say this. Erika Ball

December 19, 2000
Cindy Heath (Hughes) <>
Hey Bill, nice site you have.
I am from the Hughes in Haverhill/Bradford, Ma.
My father's name is David. His brothers are Robert and James. All I know is my fasmily was originally from Pa.
I know our Nationality comes from Wales.
take care & God bless you! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nunny ~~~~~~~

December 17, 2000
carol mobley smith <miami>
I came across this family tree when I entered the names MOBBERLY THOMAS ANNE JOHN ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY. I don't know why this turned up, but it is very intresting. Thank you for sharing your research.

December 14, 2000
sharrel hilton jones <>
very nice-my hiltons are from ky-hardin county

November 27, 2000
Wayne Huckabee <>
Greeting from Switzerland to Bill and Anita and all my cousinsfrom Wayne and Susan, Victor and Mary. God bless all of you.

November 18, 2000
Penny Fields <>
Am interested to see your reference to Jacob Stahlman, married to Nancy, in 1700s. Also, John Stahlman, married to Eleanor McCrorey. Am wondering how you were led to this information. I am a descendent of these folks, but have not been able to discover any defining information regarding them prior to John Stahlman in Rev. War. Do you have any defining about the marriage of either couple?

November 12, 2000
Ronnie Helton <>
Very good. I think I am related to your family in some way. I have been told that Richard Hilton had a son Samuel Hilton that was the father of my gggrandfather William Joseph Helton.

November 12, 2000
3D Spain
Congratulations for your great web page. Thank you very much for your visit to my website about the North of Spain (the Pirynees Mountains). As you say the 3D panoramics are really superb... May I sugest you signing my guestbook? I'd really love if you answer to some of the friends who has already signed, because we're creating the "Altogallego's friends Club" . See you....

November 12, 2000
Janice Hughes Talley <>
I am a descendant of the Charles Hughes line from Wales. Just beginning my trip into the geanealogy of my family and loving it.

November 12, 2000
Phyllis (Grizzle) Waddell <>
Hello Bill

I think your web page layout and the information contained is wonderful. You've done some good creating, there. I do not have any of your surnames...sorry. My own research is the Duncan family that I have found originating in Fauquier Virginia, and the Grizzell (Grizzel or Grizzle) family which was in Nash County North Carolina and Russel County Virginia. I alwo started my research in 1993. I had tried to begin my research twenty years earlier, but the demands of raising five children kept me pretty busy. Good luck in your endeavor. Phyllis

November 11, 2000
Norman Hughes <>
Looking for Hughes's from Northumberland County, Va.

November 06, 2000
Jim Campbell <>
Hello Bob... I hope "Bob" is your nickname. I know your dad, Bob Hughes. We were in the Marine Corps League together, and still are, as a matter of fact. Except we're not active anymore due to the current political scene there. I really enjoyed reading your web site. You have really done some excellent research in your geneology. I would certainly be interested in knowing about my Campbell relatives of past eras. Anyway, keep up the good work.

November 05, 2000

November 05, 2000
Barbara Brown <>
Haven't seen the site yet so looks good so far


November 03, 2000
Lloyd Claar <LClaar@Aol.Com>
The name Claar was originally spelled with just one A CLAR and was changed over time. There is a community in PA that is called Klar.

November 02, 2000
Jan Heller Beaudrie <>
Johannes Martin Batdorf is my great (X 6) grandfather. I am greatful for the work you have put into this website. It is loveley. The information will be very helpful. Thank you. Jan

November 02, 2000
Pam (Gay) Bertagna <>
Those who Care, Share. Great Work.

October 31, 2000
Roy and Judy Croxton <>
Enjoyed looking through your impressive family!

If you are ever in Kershaw SC, look us up!

October 31, 2000
Sue Whittington <>
Just found out my HUGHES family is from New York: Richard, Joseph and Mary (Mae). Mae moved to Eagle Alaska, Richard married Bessie Kinnamon abt 1885 in Tilghman, MD, Joseph probably stayed in New York?

October 30, 2000
Polly Stratford Smith <>
I am a descendant of Ephriam Stratford, Youngest child of Richard Stratford. Ruth was the oldest. I may have corresponded with you a couple of years ago.
I am working on the Stratford Family History for my family. If you would like a copy I will be glad to send you a copy when it is completed.
Your site is a very good one.

October 30, 2000
Mary Lou Hurley Melton <>
My grandfather was James Arthur Hughes son of Jesse s. Hughes son of Jesse hughes son of Jesse Hughes of Pike Co Mo who moved to MO from Christian Co Ky.

October 30, 2000
Mary Livingston McKerrow <>
Surnames include: Elliott, Price, Wallace, Byrd, Kingery, and more. Was very interested in Thomas Elliott as I have Thomas Elliott (Sr.) b. 1760 in North Carolina marrying Sarah ____. They had five children. I've been unable to find info on his parents. Also, Thomas' son Henry had a son Thomas b. 1819, possibly b. in South Carolina. Anyway, good site!

October 29, 2000
Donna Ickes <>
I am a fledgling at geneology, but have begun looking for my great grandmother, Ella Miller, married to Adolphus Claar around 1884 or 1885. I understand that she was adopted, so the search is a brick wall. However, I was happy to find out about my great grandfather Adolphus; we share a common relative, and I found you pages intriguing. Thank you.

October 29, 2000
Sandy Ellis <>
Bill, I loved your site---it's beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!

October 28, 2000
Ann Marie Gelven Rogers <>
You have a good Homepage. I am not sure about our Hilton connection, but will look into the possibility. Ann

October 28, 2000
Paul R. White <>
You have an interesting site.
I am trying to unwind those Elliotts who were living on Fishing Creek in Chester Co., SC, before 1800- Mainly Archibald and son William Elliott's line

October 27, 2000
Heather Grant <>
good job!!!!

October 27, 2000
Dawn Conner-Jeppesen <>
Did not see any connections but you have done a very nice design with your pages.Good job!

October 27, 2000
Judy (Hughes) Opitz <>
Just got here so will take a look around.

October 26, 2000
HELEN V McConchie Stith <HELENS249@AOL.COM>
HI,I am looking for the parents of LUCY ANN HUGHES MARRIED JOHN BROWN JR IN CULPEPER VA 1812 CAnnot find them any help would be appreciated

October 26, 2000
Yvonne <>
I am searching for a deceased woman, by the name of Mary Stratford, who was a schoolteacher. Let me know if you have any information.

October 26, 2000
Thomas K. Marquis <>
You have a fine page. I am always on the look out for any information on these surnames, they are all connected to my wife or myself.
Those are just a few of the ones I am researching.
Having better luck with some than others.

October 26, 2000
Ethelyn Hughes Smith (Mrs. Robert L.) <>
How fortunate you are to have traced your Hugheses back before the Rev. War! I have been searching for the parents or siblings of my gt gt grandfather, James Henry Hughes, b. 1798 where?, m. Hannah Weddington 1823 in Concord, NC. The trail from there forward is pretty well documented. They moved to Henry Co., TN in 1825 and many of their descendants moved to East Texas after the Civil War. If you have a James Henry let me know!!!!!!!!! Nerxt, I would like to pray for your heart to be well and strong. My husband is former pastor of First Baptist Church, Houston, TX. and First Baptist of Pompano Beach, FL. He is now Distinguished Professor of Preaching at Howard Payne Univ. in Brownwood, TX. My ministry is in intersessory prayer and it will be a privilege to pray for another Hughes cousin, however "far removed." Ethelyn Hughes Smith

October 26, 2000
Amy Shreve <>
I am looking for information about Samuel Gay who was a foundry worker in the early 1800's in Bucks Co.,Pa.
Samuel is the father of:

Mary Ann(my ancestor who married Alexander Caufield.He died in 1860 and she then married Henry Jacobs)
Charles ?
They moved from Star Furnace,Carter Co.,Ky.Family legend says they at some time came from
Maryland or at least had some relatives there.Some of William's children settled in Ga.and the late 1800's.

October 26, 2000
Nadine Gauthier Heppell <>
I was hoping our HILTON might connect. Mine were in Maine, Ohio, Illinois. Your site is well done, and I can tell you have put a lot of thought and time into it, but just FYI, it is VERY SLOW to download on this end.
I almost gave up waiting! Don't know if others have this same experience. Good luck in your continuing family search. This is a great hobby!

October 26, 2000
Arthur Shehan <>
Bill, you have a great webpage. I also am doing genealogy, but my Hughes are in Iowa. Being a veteran of the Korean War I read with interest your Veterns Honor Roll. I found your article on the Hessians extremely interesting as I have german ancestors also. I wish you good fortune in your continued search for those elusive ancestors. Art

October 26, 2000
Larry Gay <>
Great Page

October 26, 2000
Sue Whittington <>
Cool web site! I'm a HUGHES born and raised in the Washington D.C. and Prince Georges County area of Maryland. My great grandmother was Bessie Kinnamon from Tilghman, Maryland and she married Richard Francis Hughes abt 1885. I have plenty of information on Bessie (Kinnamon's are well documented) but nothing on Richard. I'm still looking.....

October 26, 2000
Diana Johnson <>
It looks great. All though I have no Southern roots that I am aware of. I too have a Hughes line.
Maude Hughes b 25 May 1874 birth place Scotland?
Diana Johnson

October 25, 2000
Ann <>
Love your web site. Wish I knew how to build one.
Ann Works Maynard
3814 Lake St.
Houston, TX 77098

October 24, 2000
Bob Manning <>
Your site is one of the best done and most interesting I've come across. Couldn't find any common ancestry until about 20 generations back. I'll find it hard not to steal some of your ideas for my own web pages.

October 24, 2000
Jay cee Clark <>
Very nice sight, Bill. I wish I knew how to do this. Jay Cee~~

October 24, 2000
Mary <>
Bill, You have a great website!!

October 24, 2000
Marie Parks <>
This is a great family site and congradulations for all your efforts and hard work. Best wishes.

October 23, 2000
Donna Reardon <>
I have an old photo album from around the 1800's
The pictures are made of tin,most of the men in these photos have on Mason Rings.( Grand Chaplain,Onondaga Lodge. No.79, Syracuse, one of them

October 14, 2000
Bruce Baker <>
Have a Baker line in Mecklenberg cnty-starting with a George Sr & JR that first appear 1770 in land deals. Have no idea where they came from or who's line. Drop me a note anfd i will send my gedcom. Nice site-Bruce

October 10, 2000
Shirley McCoy <>
I told you I would visit. The URL you gave me didn't work so I had to "come the long way around."
I didn't tell you that I was born in Greenville, SC.
Haven't looked at your family but I love the layout so far.

October 07, 2000
Donna Knupp <>
Thank you for making your work available to us. I came seeking Gebhardt ancestors, but I also found the
I appreciate your efforts.

October 02, 2000
Donna Wyatt <>
Bill,this is the best famly site I have seen so far,good work!I have only been researching for about 6
months,so I don't have a lot,however my mother was a
Hughes and her great grandmother was a Hilton,Al/Ga/Sc/Md on early findings.By the way if you ever ran into a huge,mean s.o.b drill instructor at Parris Island named Belton Hughes,he was my mom's brother.

October 01, 2000
Jerry Osborne <>
Am descended from the Hetzels and Balmers. It is good to see them on your site.Perhaps we can exchange info.

September 29, 2000
Glenna Bottorff Burden <>
I really enjoyed your website. My 7th great grandfather was Johannes Jacob Peter Batdorf. My 3rd
great grandfather came to Clark Co. Ind. and settled. That was John Henry Bottorff. I just started looking
up my ancestors and I find it very interesting.

September 21, 2000
Pat Short <>
I'm checking out your website. I enjoyed your pictures.
I have several pictures of our families. They make the people seem more real to me. Wouldn't it be neat if we had pictures of all our ancestors?

September 15, 2000
Michael Herbert Mason <>
My father was Milton Herbert Mason
My grandfather was Wiley Clarence Mason
and he was married to Cora Sartin
My great grandfather may have come to Louisiana from Missouri
If I can be of any help e-mail anytime
Thanks Mike Mason

September 14, 2000
Mary Hughes Collins <>
I was just looking around and found your site. Very interesting. Good luck in all of your searching.

September 12, 2000
lots of interesting stuff.Thanks for the website

September 11, 2000
Kathy Burnett <>
Great site. Thanks for sharing. Great Great Grandparents were Robert Hughes & Ellen Williams from Bangor PA originally from Wales.

September 10, 2000
Claudia Riley <>
We have written before. I have a Hughes Line. Good job on the web page! Claudia

September 06, 2000
Garnetmoon <>
I could not bring up the Surnames List . Please send me her names .I too have family from Finldlay,Crey,Van Buren McComb.Maybe I can help.

September 05, 2000
Iris of Auckland, New Zealand <>
My grandfather, Peter Petersen, came from Schleswig, Denmark. He was born Sept. 1856. In the 1860s
Schleswig was taken over by Prussians and they put my grandfather in the Prussian Army. He emigrated to
New Zealand arriving in 1870s and married Anna Catherina Nielsen from Sch. DK, in NZ in 1882. His brother,
probably Anders Petersen, went to Chicago and had a bar there. Came to NZ to see Peter early in 1900s.

September 05, 2000
My compliments. A great site.

September 05, 2000
ruth wolcott <>
neat page. I like your quotes. I am looking for Prehn Jager from Kiel germany

September 05, 2000
Lois Kerr-Heffel <>
I really love your site.When I saw Mason surname thought maybe there would be a tie to Anna Mason buried at Earlham cemetary in Richmond,Wayne,Indiana.I think her maiden name was Oelklaus,married first to Pearl Edsall then to somebody with last name Mason.Anybody see anything familiar? I will be coming back to your site often.

September 04, 2000
Robert Mason Kipp <>
The Masons on my mother's side came to Wayne Co IN fro NC in the very early 1800s. he family was then Quaker. Thomas Mason (b. 1761, d. 1828) and wife Elizabeth ( 1765 d. unk) had two daughters: Mary ( b. 1 Dec 1782, d. unk) and Elizabeth (b. 15 Mar 1787 and d. unk), and three sons: Thomas Jr., (b. 1792, d. 21 Sep 1865), Richard (my gt-gt grandfather)( b. 1795, d. 1844), and James (b. 1790, and d. unk). Any connection?
R. Mason Kipp

September 04, 2000
Jon Mason <>
I'm just 2nd generation American, so I don't know if any of my MASONS will connect but it's worth a try.

Nice site.

Jon Mason

September 03, 2000
Robert Owen Hughes <>
I am searching for Charles, and Carrie Hughes, who adopted my father, Sherman Nelson Dewey Post, in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1905, Grasping for straws. I too am a Cardiac. 75 yrs of age, and no longer repairable. I wish you much success, and good fortune. Bob Hughes

September 03, 2000
Holly Mason Sullivan <>
I have had the same problem as you with the Mason side of the family. This is What I have:
Philomena Simon married Joseph Mason, born in Ancola (?) Ind. in about 1831 died there in 1882. This family farmed at Ancola about 12 miles from Ft. Wayne. They had 7 children: John Baptiste b.on 11/20/1856-died in Jonesboro,AR 10/26/32.(this is my branch of the family) Mary, 1859-1943. Joseph Francis 1863-1928. Eugenia Louise?-?. Eugine James 1866-1943. Adeline 1868-1943. Frances Louise 1874-1943.Let me know if any of these ring a bell with you. I have spelled the names the way they were given to me. I'm not sure they are correct. I do have some info on the ones I have listed but not very much.

September 03, 2000
Letitia (Mason)Morton <>
I received your email and thought I'd visit. I had Mason's in OH back in the 1800's so I don't know if I can be of any help. If you will email me the names and dates that you know, I will check my files.


September 03, 2000
Wanza <>
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUZ.......From a backdoor cousin. Wishing you very many more! And All of Gods blessings!

September 03, 2000
Gay Jones <GJONES6206@Aol.Com>
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. Happy Birthday Dear Billy, Happy Birthday to you. And many more, and many more.

September 03, 2000
Jack and Patty <>
Happy Birthday, Buddy!
You're wiser now, and we're wiser for knowing you. We are happy to call you our friend, and wish you many more happy returns of the day.
Jack and Patty

September 03, 2000
Wayne Hilton Huckabee <>
I just wanted to bless my favorite cousin and friend on his #% birthday.
May the Blessings and Favour of the Lord overtake you and abound
unto His Glory, both now and always.

I also pray that the Lord would provide you with a BRAND NEW
can continue to bless us all with your wonderful and productive
research into our ancestry. You are a blessing.

You are loved!

August 28, 2000

August 25, 2000
byron nelson <>
looking for information on Joseph Nelson and Polly? who both were born in S.C. and came to Tennesse in 1830 or subsequent. They were enumerated in 1850 Jackson County, Tennesse. Last child born in S.C. is Soloman/Soloman about 1830. son Joseph and grandson Joseph my direct line.

August 24, 2000
Björn Ehebrecht <>
Dear Mr. Hughes

when Iwas surfing through the Internet I had an Idea to search for my Surname and Bang I was on your Homepage. A really great Homepage .
Its interisting to see that there was a relationship beetween our familys befor hundreds of years. My grandfather was born in east germany 1928 .He was grown up without a mother and a father
I wish you a long life . Thank you for this great work. Sorry for this bad english

BY BY from Germany

Your Björn Ehebrecht (25 years)

August 21, 2000
Bobbye Winston <>
You have done a wonderful job in building this site. (Mine is still basic, but I am learning) I see many familiar names.Practically all my relatives came from Kershaw Co.(Flat Rock area). Truesdale, Williams, Gaskin, Peach, Horton.

August 20, 2000
Jean S. <>
Great site. Enjoyed very much. Nice to know there is still American pride in this country. Jean S.

August 19, 2000
Austin C. Geiling, Jr. <>
Great Web Site. I am a Veteran of the Fighting Fourth Marine Division, and a correspondent with your Dad.

August 14, 2000
Judy Hilton Ayer <>
my father is haskell noel hilton,jr. his grandfather is richard allen hilton married Annie Catherine Mizzel{mazell} any kin here they resided in dorchester,sc and richard and catherine are buried in harleyville,sc behtel cem.

August 07, 2000
Crystal Ritter <>
Very good web page. I thought I may find a connection, but didn't find one. There are a lot of places listed I either have people from or buried there. Maybe my families knew you families!

August 06, 2000
Richard N. Marsh <>
Hi Bill,

Here I am searching for my predecessors in Penn. and find a good old S.C. boy. I live in Newberry, SC and have been working on family for 40 years along with my wonderful wife of 40 years (her side and mine), with a good deal of success. I commend you on your sight and keep up the good work.

Good hunting on yours,


August 06, 2000
Lawton Cook Sr <>
It was good to talk to you today

August 03, 2000
Ann Bailey <>
Enjoyed looking through your pages. Couldn't find any connection to your Hiltons

August 03, 2000
Betty Ruth Gandy <>
My husband's great Grandfather was Henry Larkin Hughes
(no dates) mar. Zilphia McCroan(21 Dec. 1843 - 29 Nov 1922) Had 2 children Henry Larkin Hughes(15 Aug 1881- 14 Sept 1941; mar. Evie Vanlandingham) and Angelina Hughes (mar. Joe Bartlet and lived in Calhoun Co. FL)
Henry Larkin Hughes Jr.was raised in Grady Co, GA. and lived his adult life and raised family here.
I did find a Henry L. Hughes in S. C. 1812, I think this was year of birth.
If you have any information on the older Henry Larkin Hughes I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. I'm still looking but can't find anything.
Last week I did find where Zilphia McCroan Hughes was burried along with her dau. and her family. HL Hughes was not there. Thanks

August 01, 2000
Gordon L. Hughes <>
Very nice site...I just stumbled on by accident. No relationship as my family were the Hughes of West Virginia. I have them pretty good back to the Revolutionary War. One was a Tory I'm afraid.

July 28, 2000
Rosanne Simmons <>
Hi Bill, I have been standing at a brick wall with my children's Roberson ancestors. I pick up Henry Roberson in Georgia in 1840 where he married Sarah Patterson. Seems he and the Patterson family had come from NC, and from GA they went to Tallapoosa County, AL. After the 1850 census he and Sarah disappeared even though I am able to trace descendants to the present day. Can you offer any insight into Henry's origin? Rosanne

July 28, 2000
Art Hughes <>
Surfed in. Researching my Hughes line in Jackson Co,WV. (VA) Stuck at William P Hughes dob about 1840, CSA veteren. Wife Margaret Herdman. My line probably came out of Pa. or thru Eastern Va.

July 28, 2000
don huff-hoff <>
my dad and the huff/driggers/burbage families are from summerville-moncks corner from back to before 1800.
happy to see others who are on the search journey inward and outward.
eager to discover who i am in the lives of those who came before

July 28, 2000
Janet Hughes Armstrong <>
Wonderful homepage! I will be back again. James Hughes of Bedminster Twp, Bucks Co. PA in the 1700s was my 6th gr. grf. His gr. grson brought his family here to White County, IL in 1815 and there are still several of us in this county.

July 27, 2000
Ralph L. Roberson <>
My GG Grandfather was raised in N.C, and married ElizabethProffitt in Burnsville, N.C in the 1840,s, moved to Mo. in 1857, to ill. in 1861, and back to Mo. in 1867, or so. His Name was Charles, and i am not sure if his Dad was George, who was born in Va. in 1775 but he is a likely suspect, as he died in Yancy Co., N.C. in 1862.

July 27, 2000
katherine hughes shook <shook >
looking for phila. pa. roots of hughes 1860

July 27, 2000
William E. Moore <>
My Mother's maiden name was Roberson. Her Father was
William, and grandfather was Edward. They were in and
around Cobool Mo. Have not been able to go beyond Edward. Would you have any info. Thanks William

July 25, 2000
tom stupfel <>
i was searching for hessen soldiers of the civil war

July 25, 2000
Good work!

July 24, 2000
Jennifer Lynn Hayter <>
I am a distant cousin, descended from the Batdorf/Walborn families.

July 18, 2000
Carol Hughes Champion <>
Hello Bill,
I hae just recently became interested in my family tree. I have traced back to my 4xgreat grandparents.
Abner Hughes B: 1763 died: 1816 in Larue Co. KY close to Hodgenville, Ky and Catharine " Caty" Miller Pearpoint Hughes b: 1770 died:1852 in Larue Co. KY also. I have been corresponding with relatives in Missouri and Arkansa. Genealogy is very addictive.
Best of luck. Carol

July 16, 2000
Kent Kirkley <>
Hi Bill:
I believe we've crossed paths numerous times, as my KIRKLEY's lived at the confluence of Hanging Rock and Little Lynches Creeks on the northern border of Kershaw and southern border of Lancaster Co. SC.
Kent Kirkley

July 11, 2000
MaryEllen Martz <>
Great homepage! I am also a direct des. of Johannes Schwalm (through paternal grandmother) and having just received the 2000 Journal of the JSHA in the mail, I entered "Johannes Schwalm" into search and found your information. Am also a des. ( through paternal grandfather) of Hoffa's - I think Abraham.

July 06, 2000
Gert Mysliwski <>
Good work I shall return and am passing this homepage on to some others that have names you have.

July 04, 2000


July 04, 2000
Patricia O'Connor <>
Bill, I am descended from Johannes Martin Batdorf and Maria Elisabeth Walborn through their son Hermanus Heinrich. You have several generations back that I didn't have, including the Walborns. Love your site, and appreciate finding info. Really love your site.

July 03, 2000
Chuck Wingate <>
Bill, Thanks for the invatation to visit your Homepage. It really looks good and is informative. I am an Army Korean War (enlisted) and Viet Nam (commissioned) vet. I was wounded in Viet Nam.

I am a member of the Sons of the American Revolution and was impressed with your genealogy section. WOW! Two Medal of Honor holders in the same family. That is something.

Keep up the good work.

July 03, 2000
E.M.Almond <>
Very informitive site, must have been very hard and long to set it up, I am very impressed !
Best of every thing .

July 03, 2000
Joan Chelson <>
All your names are familiar to me. One of my ancestors- about 5thGGAunt married a Schwalm, a Hessen Soldier. When I have time, I'll write about the other connections.
Thank you for the web page!

July 02, 2000
Victoria Emily (Stupp) Miller <>
You have a very impressive site! Not sure how I connect.

July 02, 2000
Virginia Dill Haren <>
What a great site. I am on the Horton list, which is how I found out about this site. I am just starting my search for my Horton family, but I'll bet I'm gonna' find a connection to some of your Hortons. Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing it with others. I have put this site on my "favorites" list so I can go back and spend more time. Thanks again.


July 02, 2000
Missy Lambert <>
Wonderful web page. Thank you for putting it out. I also shre the surname Ingram, McAteer, Hunter, Patton from Lancaster

July 01, 2000
Karen Nelson Marcum <>
This is an awesome sight - especially with the song- I was totally in awe as I scrolled down your list of veterans. I've been gathering up information for over 20 years, but I have no idea how to start a project like you've done here. I am looking for a John Nelson - all I know about him is what my grandfather told me before he died in 1980. I know that my g-g-grandfather was George Nelson, born 1812 in TN, married Nancy Tussey 1838 in Claiborne Co., TN. My grandfather thought that the above George's father was George and his father was John. He thought they were in N.C. before they came to TN and on to Floyd CO., KY.
I have been stumped on the 1812 George for 23 years.
Anyway, your site is just inspiring. My dad and 4 of his brothers were veterans - my husband served two tours in Vietnam and so did one of his brothers - he had two brothers in the Air Force and two in the Army. He was in the USNavy. My brother is a veteran.
My nephew is in the army - he was in Korea but is now in Hawaii. So, I found your website at an appropriate time to remember and to honor all those I just mentioned. Right before my grandfather Hiland Nelson died, he called all his family to the hospital. He wanted to tell us how much he loved God and his country. It was when Reagan and Carter were running for president. He was a kind, humble man, and he said,
"I believe Jimmy Carter is a good man, but...I love my country...and I think Reagan will be a better president. I want you all to go vote." This was what he wanted to discuss as he was dying - his love for God and his Country. I will never forget that. I just intended to make a comment on your remarkable site, but I think your music inspired me to keep typing. God Bless America.
Be Blessed,
Karen Nelson Marcum

July 01, 2000
Nancy Stone Bassett Mykel <>
I'm from a different Coleman, but probably the same Bigod. I greatly admire your site! It seems perfect to me.

July 01, 2000
jeanne jones <>
I received your homepage message from Barbara King, a friend of mine. I have 5 free webb pages but have no knowledge as to what to do with it. I have tried several times but just couldn't seem to come up with anything. Thanks for sharing yours. Researching Flow, Jenkins, Blair, Starr.

July 01, 2000
Jim Allen <>
Many thanks Bill for your salute to Veterans. My two
sons and I have a collective 73 years of federal
service. I'm a veteran of the Korean War. I served
as a pastor in the low country of South Carolina. Good
country and good people. May God richly bless you Bill
Hughes. Sincerely, Jim Allen.

July 01, 2000
Barbara B. King <>
I have visited your site before and enjoyed it, as I did this time. Always like to see your veteran ancestors' list. That is quite an undertaking! One of these days I'm going to fix a page for all of my husband's and my ancestors who participated in all of the many wars of this country. A very commendable thing for all of us to do.

July 01, 2000
MaryLee Kirkley <>
Always expanding my mind with information about the past. Thanks for helping me do that.
My husband's grandfather was from Kershaw, South Carolina and fought in the Civil War. He was a prisoner for two years at Ft. Delaware, came back home to South Carolina and married. He came to Marlin, Texas in the late 1870s with 5 children, and had another child in Marlin. Then the entire family moved permanently to Cushing, Texas. His name was Robert Kirkley.

July 01, 2000
Walt Peterman <>
A really nice web page. My needs a lot of work but I am a beginner so to speak. Haven't seen a connection but I have Boyers on my mother's father's side (My GG-Grandmother was a Boyer (daughter of Peter who was son of Henry from Alsace-L. Germany) Walt

July 01, 2000
Robert Henry Thames,Jr. <>
I liked your webpage. I have only been doing my family research for the last two years. I have discovered that I also come from "old blood" and many of our family members served in our nation's military as well as the CSA.
I am a veteran and appreciate your salute to all the veterans. God Bless America! Robert

June 30, 2000
Glenn Seiple <>
Hi Bill I'am the Son of Doris nee Walborn B1932. She is a decendant of Rev Christian W. Walborn B1692 D1769
Hermanus Walborn B1734 D1813
John George Walborn B1769 D1838
Jacob Walborn B1799 D1871
Daniel Walborn B1820 D1865
Joseph Walborn B1857 D1922
Edwin Hammom Walborn B1897 D1974
Doris Loretta nee Walborn B1932
Glenn Edward Seiple B1963
This is My Walborn Line COUSIN !
Great Web Site

June 30, 2000
Gail Blackwell <>
very nice page. I especially liked your veteren's honor Roll.

June 30, 2000
Ina Allison <>
Enjoy your Web Site and have been here before, but failed to sign the book. I'm really bad about that.
I'm going to try to do better as I know how much time it must take to get one going. Hopefully I will
have one with my information on it by years end. Love the picture, pray for continual improvement
in your health.

June 30, 2000
J McCarty <>
I really enjoyed looking at all the hard work you have put into your web site.

I am a descendant of Thomas West from Chatham, North Carolina. I sure wish I could have found a match.
Keep up the nice work.

June 30, 2000
Tom Hughes <>
Thanks for reconizing veterans. From a 22 year veteran.
Great web page.
Tom Hughes

June 30, 2000
Ronnie Nelson <>
Bill I think what you have done is just great.As a former sergeant in the ARMY I would like to thank you.
Ronnie Nelson

June 30, 2000
Connie Parnell-Beverly <>
I was very impressed. The music was wonderful. It really makes you proud to be an American.

June 30, 2000
Karl Edward Shade <>

June 30, 2000
Sandra Stephens <>
Thought I might find a connection to your Elliotts, but no such luck, though mine were from Chester Dist, SC. You have a great site - it's very professional looking and a pleasure to peruse.

June 30, 2000
Gladys Wager <>
I like your site. My mother was in the Gay family of Stoughton, Massachusetts.We have been really working on our family tree.And I just love to visit different sites. I now live in Branson Mo. Gladys

June 30, 2000
Bob Hughes <>
Great page. Have you seen the document showing what happened to the 56 signers of the Declaratio of Independence.
Remember--freedom is never free and if the Liberals ever take our guns away from us, the end is near. As Charlton Heston said, "from my dying cold hands".
Bob Hughes, Pres.
Hughes Families (A proud freedom loving family)

June 30, 2000
LaRae Clinger < or>
Thanks for inviting me to your web pages. They are truly beautiful.
Still looking for the parents of Henry Klinger Clinger (1787) who is the grandson of J Philip Klinger (1723)
And guess what - Jacob born in about 1520 is spelled with a C not K in the origional records.
I will be glad to send anyone my records.

June 30, 2000
Gladys Wager <>
I like your site. My mother was in the Gay family of Stoughton, Massachusetts.We have been really working on our family tree.And I just love to viset different sites. I now live in Branson Mo. Gladys

June 29, 2000
Troy Ingram <>
Great site Bill. I especially like the links to the Constitution, Declaration of Independence,
the Ammendments to the Constitution, etc. I think people don't study these things enough ; I
certainly don't as much as I should. Thanks...Troy Ingram

June 28, 2000
Pam Bretherton <>
I would like to put a link on my page to yours. Even if people don't find they are related to my BREWERs they can click over and look at yours.

June 28, 2000
John W. Carson, Lt. Col. USAF Ret. <>
A very imprssive piece of work, a family tree with two MOH's is highly unusual. I enoyed this and have it in favorite places were I can pull it up and look it over at my liesure.

June 21, 2000
Nice website, keep up the good work, My Hughes family are from Virginia, but enjoyed your site

June 20, 2000
Beverly CAwthorne Sebastian <>
Hi, Want to look over your site and lines and see if we're connected. Gotta be cause we all go back to Virginia.
Will drop you a note after studying your line. Bev

June 20, 2000
Sheila Berube <>
A real pleasure to spend time in your life for awhile.Thank you for your wonderful pages.

June 17, 2000
Chris Reeder <>
Hey Cuz, Just stopped by to see about those Estridge and Blackmon families.

June 15, 2000
Chuck Murray <>
Very well done, thought I would connect but did not see a familiar name. One of my main lines is Brecht/Bright who also settled in Berk , PA. Two sons and a mother came over from a small town in Palatinate called Schreissheim in 1726. One of the other main lines is Gilbert but not enough information to connect.

The Gilbert line is a tough one for me. Several other cousins have connected with me on the internet and in person and we are all stuck on 1816. My gggrandfather William Riley Gilbert was born in Tenn. in 1816 and we believe his family came from S.C. He married Louise Foster in 1836 in Lawrence Tenn.. We have every thing from thereafter but nothing before. Thank you for providing such a nice web site to review.


June 11, 2000
John H. Hilton <>
Bill, You have done a great job on your site. I am interested to know more about your James and William Hilton"s service records, as I have a James Isaiah and a William A. Hilton that were in the Civil War.

June 07, 2000
Sammye Baker <>
You have a site that is a pleasure to browse through. I have been here several times and always enjoy your improvements and information.

June 06, 2000
Jennifer Sherwood Braswell <>
Hello again from a big fan!!!

June 05, 2000
Linda West Hutchison <>
Excellent job! I can tell you put a lot of work into this. Wish I could find a connection. Best regards,

June 04, 2000
Marcia <>
Bill, Great site! I am related to alot of Elliott's who settled in the Beck's Mill area of Washington Co Indiana. I saw that you were related to the Elliott's and I thought I would check your site. I am just starting this line so I don't know if we are related or not. I will check back. Marcia

June 04, 2000
Robert Gay <>
Am a decendant of John Gay who came from England to Mass.ABT 1630 settled in Medford,Mass,His greatgrandson Samuel moved to Leban0n Conn.where married Abigail Curtis Have complete family tree to John BOB Gay

June 04, 2000
Robert Gay <>
Am a decendant of John Gay who came from England to Mass.ABT 1630 settled in Medford,Mass,His greatgrandson Samuel moved to Leban0n Conn.where married Abigail Curtis Have complete family tree to John BOB GAAY

June 04, 2000
Bill Gay <>
Hi there Bill,

I like the name.... Like you I've been trying to find out the princes and paupers in my lineage. Looks like lots of them were chased out of Georgia to Texas in the 1800s. Nice site you have.

June 03, 2000
Eileen Truesdell <>
Hi Bill,
Love the pictures and the way you have set up your pages! My late husband descends from Samuel Truesdell & Rachel Mallory, from Leeds County, Ontario.
Will share information from this line.

June 02, 2000
Don Hughes <>
Very impressive..too bad I couldn't find an EBENEZER Hughes of Cwm (near Ebbw Vale) Wales!!but you never know who did connect in the hills of Wales...

June 02, 2000
Waymon Griffin <>

Nice site! I have HELTON/HILTON/HYLTON ties picking up back in Monroe Co AL 1800s with William Joseph Helton b ? Lancaster Co, SC.

June 01, 2000
Patricia Yolanda Dye (Barco) <>
Bill, this is outstanding. You did a wonderful job
Glad to know we are cousins . Pat

June 01, 2000
Great pictures bill. One of these days I may get to meet you dad, in person.....

May 31, 2000
Barbara M. Huckabee <>
Bill, I know you don't remember me but I became a Huckabee when I married Paul. Yes, that's Wayne's first cousin who's father was Dalton. Gussie is still living and doing well for her age. She still cooks for Blake and just celebrated her 95 birthday. I think. If I am wrong on that figure I will let you know. I miss Alene since she moved into a residential home. We are going to see her soon. Enjoyed your web page so much!

May 31, 2000
M'Rae Perry <>
Wonderful page! I am inspired, I didn't say motovaited ... inspired! I am working on a page with gif's of family head stones.
I found your page by your invitaion. I am researching "CAPEHART" and have heard family rumors that the family name
used to be "Gebhardt". Any input would be helpful. On the "other side" of my tree is: Stewart/Cozad/Pearse. Happy hunting all :)

May 31, 2000
Laura Woolschlager <>
A beautifully done website. I enjoyed brousing. You are obviously of the same generation as my own who still knows what it means to feel patriotic and grateful to be American!

May 31, 2000
Sherry Nace <>
Great website! I hope I'm related as I'm a true southerner at heart. Born in the "south"....southeast Pennsylvania that is, but have lived 6 years in Columbia, South Carolina and loved it. Truly wish I'd been born in SC. No surnames match...yet...I'm still at the beginning of my search. However, on my maternal side is the name PICKELL and I have been told it may have been BICKEL(L) long ago so maybe we are kin! Blessings, from Lancaster, PA

May 31, 2000
Daniel Scarborough Hoyle, Jr. <dhoyle8557@aol,com (work e-mail)> (home e-mail)
Most impressive homepage! I descend from Daniel Horton of Nansemond Co. Va through his sons, Amos l and Joseph and grandsons David Horton of Wake Co NC and Amosll of "Hanging Rock", Kershaw, SC and Wake Co. NC.

May 31, 2000
Alta Claunch <>
Hi Bill,
Thanks for sharing your website with us. You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work. Alta

May 31, 2000
Dawn Ackerman <>
Wonderful Ideas.

May 31, 2000
Gayle < >
What a nice place to visit. I wish our Boyers were connected.

May 31, 2000
Walter Kenneth Smith <>
Thanks for your efforts and for sharing!

May 30, 2000
Roger W.Anderson <>
206 Riverview Plantation Williamsburg, Va.23188
We are interested in the Nelson Line

May 30, 2000
chris winner <>
we share the West surname...

May 30, 2000
Dennis West <>
Great page Bill, you've obviously put a lot of effort and love into it.
Thought we might have a connection. I had a great aunt, Annie Florence WEST who married Tom Hughes
in Ripley Co. MO abt 1896. I see they are a long way from your SC WEST family though.

May 30, 2000
bill hisey <>
gebhart shade zeller are names in my family tree

May 30, 2000
Judy <>
Your site is nice. It was nice to think of your ancestors at Memorial Day and to remember them. I also like that you put quotes on your page.

May 30, 2000
Faye Purcell <>
Searching WEST from Water Valley Ms to Comanache Co. Texas

May 30, 2000
Jackie Sparks <>
Just browsing around and seen you invitation to see
your sight at the AGS mailing list. So far sure like
what I see. Just wanted to say your doing a great job.
Jackie, or at

May 30, 2000
Lorae Hudson <>
Hoping to find more about Abraham HUGHES b 1813 in Ohio. Had sibling William W. b 1812 in Ohio. Parents are unknown. Both lived in Tuolumne county, Ca in the 1860s.

May 30, 2000
Joanne Shade <>
Nice work, Bill, and we may well be related. My Shade ancestors are from SE PA as well. They moved to the Connellsvelle area (Pittsburg is an hour) about 100 years ago.

May 30, 2000
Mae Reiner <>
I have enjoyed your photo and write up of you and your family, NEAT , it is

May 30, 2000
30 generations! I thought 15 was good! Sue, I remember that suit and hairdo. I had one just like it in 1945, when I was married. Carol.
P.S. I would wish you good ancester hunting, but evidently you have had good luck. Thanks for sharing with me.

May 30, 2000
Carol <ggcable>
15 Generations! I'm impressed. Great Site, even tho no names were familiar. Carol

May 30, 2000
Sandra <>
It is a nice site. You have really done alot of research. I only started about one yr ago if that. My Grandmother was a Clark. that is the only surname I saw that it related to me so far. Her name is Marguerite M. Clark. b.1898 in Corry, Pa. D.3-11- 1930 due to complication of birthing twins. Margureite marriedHarry B. Hepler 3-4-1920. Margurites mom and dad are Geroge Clarke and Edith Dutton. I do not know any dates on her parents.

May 30, 2000
Very nice Interesting

May 30, 2000
Corinne Gustafson <>
Loved your page. What a lot of work you put into it. I am researching Hawk, Hedglin, Mathieson, Hilton,
Bauer, Franks, Scannell, Close, Gustafson. I don't find any connection in the Hilton surname. W e
are from Western Pa.

May 29, 2000
Rev. Nelson R. Sulouff <>
I enjoyed looking over your Ahnentafel. We share surnames
Klinger, Heist, Geiss, Goettman, and Eberlin.
My Ahnentafel is at:
(complete Ahnentafel URL ends with ".txt")

I am working on ancestors and descendants of immigrant
George Adam Geiss b. 6/14/1725 Germany, d. & bu. Berks
Co. Pa. If you see any possible connection, please let
me know. His parents were Heinrich Geiss b. abt 1695 &
wife Anna Catharina.

May 29, 2000
Paul Sanders <>
No homepage yet. But I'm working on it. I hope it is half as good as yours.

May 29, 2000
Chris C. <>
Sorry, we share no links among our ancestry. But, I did enjoy your presentations...great!
Strausstown is a quaint little place (visited in 1999).
My research is primarily Schuylkill Cnty: both sides.
Again, really liked your new presentation.

May 29, 2000
Charles Kindt <>
Great site, but unfortunately no surname connections!

C. Kindt - Lebanon, Pa.

May 29, 2000
Charles Kindt <>
I saw your post on Palebano & I think your site is
excellent. Unfortunately I did not find any matching
surnames from my listings.
Charles Kindt, Lebanon, Pa.

May 29, 2000
Carole B. Buehler <>
Very nice and I plan on returning when time permits. Am researching PA, Berks and Schulykill counties, but did not find their names among yours, except for Kramer which I could not connect with. My husband was born in Frackville PA. in 1936.
However, I did find that I connect with you through my Hungerford and Peverell lines and you have quite a few other surnames that I also have in my line. I was born in CT in 1937 and have been quite lucky as my mother's family pretty much stayed in the area. My father's family had got me at a stand still, needing some Canadian information and also Ireland and Wales. I just keep telling myself that it will come together soon.


May 29, 2000
betty doherty <>
I am enjoying your site very much.
Because today is Memorial day I really enjoyed your Honor Roll. What a neat idea. I think I`ll make one for my albumn.

May 29, 2000
Jim Artz <>
Bill, Your improvemnts are nice,I've been here many times, but I think this is the 1st time in the Guest Book.
Doing research on the following: ARTZ,HEARE,POLAND, SCHAEFFER,FUNK,SENSENEY,CAYTON/CATON,SNAPP,PRIEST,MOYER,BUCKNER, Just to name a few. Keep in touch, ceya

May 27, 2000
Dave Houck <>
A beautiful page, Bill. Still looking for a link to the Hughes listed in the Houck Family Tree. Dave

May 19, 2000
Faye Wheeler <>
Semper Fi

May 11, 2000
Beverly Cawthorne Sebastian <>
Hi, My site is not a geneology page but it tells a little about me and what I do. Thats me on the front with my retired racing grehounds. drop me a note.
I'm researching the Cawthorne line and got you on that research room.

May 11, 2000
Jim Vinyard <>
Bill- I am a goood friend of your father. We met at the Marine Corps League. Had dinner with him a couple nights ago. he and my dad served in the 4th Division in WWII. I served in Nam. He sent me your web page--impressive. Take care.


May 06, 2000
Ruth Husbands Haddox <>
We have some common ancestors, but you have to get back to the Wests (De la Warrs) to find them. Like your site. How are you related to the Hortons?

May 02, 2000
Bob Baker <>
I have some North Carolina Huckabee connections.

April 30, 2000
Amanda M. Law (Schwalm) <>
Great site, I am very interested in geaneology and luckly a library specializing in this area has opened in my area (Bryan/College Station, Texas)

April 30, 2000
Tommy Giles <>
Found your web site thru HUGHES information. I am looking for information on my Thomas Jefferson HUGHES born in South Carolina lived in Louisville, Miss. he was married to a daughter of John 'Old John' Gage. Thomas Jefferson HUGHES passed away in Louisville, Miss..

April 29, 2000
Ross Harold Schwalm <>
I too come from the long line of Schwalm's who were either figntin' or farmin'. I currently am serving in the US Marines
and am training to be a teacher. I use the Schwalm reference material for concrete examples of American History. It
helps drive home the point to the next generation. Here is an interesting fact. Johannes increased his first farm more than tenfold.
I did a comparison chart between him and George Washington, who only increased his farm by tenfold. It is a fun fact 24 acres to
252 acres as compared to Washington's 1000 acres to 8000 acres!

April 29, 2000
Elaine (Schwalm) Stine <>
I found your webpage through the Hessian listserve. You have a super website! I, too, am a descendant of the Johannes Schwalm line. Also a "kinseeker".

April 28, 2000
Wade H. Calhoun < >
http:// my
researching Blackmon/Blackman Colquhoun/Calhoun Blackwell Lewis Whitehead Roofe Flowers Gurganus
Ward and many more too numerious to mention.
Good site

April 28, 2000
Robert DeFee <>
I am researching my surname as well as Floyd, Kirby, Lee, Truluck, Hatchell. Oliver. I believe the DeFees
lived in N. C. in the 1700's but have not been able to prove it. Have seen the name spelled Diffee, Duffee, Durfee, Defi,etc.
If you every run across that name please let me know. You have a nice web page.
Robert DeFee

April 27, 2000
Shela Norton Greenlaw <>

Thank you for an educational and very well done site. What a lot of work you have put in.
Wonderful work!

April 27, 2000
Chris Blackwell <>
Enjoyed your website. I am a descendent of Abraham and James Lewis Blackwell. I don't know anything about Abraham yet but hope to learn.

April 27, 2000
Robert Lee Schucker Jr <>
http://719 chestnut st Hegins.Pa 17938 have quite a few "roots" in my area.I too had a stroke heart attack in 1997 and since that time
got interested in geonology.If you would like photo"s
of tombstones or gravesites maybe I can help...bob

April 27, 2000
Robert Lee Schucker <>
http://719 chestnut st;Hegins,Pa.17938
Schuylkill co; would like to find information on my
great grandparents...Paul schucker or Shucker ?...1912
and spouse Roseanna (Morgan) Schucker died sept.23 1888
she was born in march 17 1838.want info on morgan family...

April 26, 2000
Christine Young Fuller <>
I am a decendant of Archibald Young--son Fleming's son John Zachariah and John Zachariah's son
Walter Haywood Young was my grandfather.Hope you can understand this--am so excited can not
think straight.

April 26, 2000
Harold Blackwell <>
Sorry can't help on your search . Still having trouble on mine. Harold

April 26, 2000
John Helmut Merz <>
No need to introduce myself once you read my webpage.
Just to let you know that I noticed the name of
HENNINGER in your tree with very little information.
A Henninger who lived in Philadelphia settled in N.S.
after the AMREV. claimed to have come from Frankfurt.
Perhaps there is a connection. Cheers, John

April 26, 2000
Tom Jenkins <>
I enjoyed your pages. Have several new leads to look at. Great job.

April 25, 2000
Carter Darnell <>
I am a fellow South Carolinean (sp?). I grew up near Orangeburg and I am searching for my Carters. They were
from Ehrhardt, Barnwell, Bamberg area.


April 22, 2000
Vicki Rush <>
nice page, especially like the picture of you and your folks

April 20, 2000
Linda Gray <>
Very nice, you've done a wonderful job. I believe my line of Hughes were in IL.

April 17, 2000
Meike Kerper
Very nicely done. I enjoyed your narratives.

April 17, 2000
Marilyn Coslett <>
I am also tracing my Gay family--specifically John Gay b.1785, NC and his father Henry Gay b. abt 1740, Northampton Co., NC.

April 17, 2000
Bill Hughes <>
glad to be onboard

April 16, 2000
Dale Alexander <>
I was looking for King connections and thank you for all of the wonderful goverment lession with all of the documents /I have copied them for future use on veterans day and other times.

April 14, 2000
Ed Wolfe <>
http://in the process of construction
Nice to work with you Bill

April 14, 2000
Jim Blass
Made a mistake. Uncle Bill was , Earl William Hughes. See page 284 Volume I "The Lafayette Flying Corps" for his abbreviated war record.

April 14, 2000
Jim Blass <>
Veddy Interesting! You sure have done a lot of work. Your name Hughes, interested me. My parents had a best freind, William Earl Hughes. He is buried in the family plot in Michigan. He was born in MI near Traverse City so I don't believe there is any connection to your family until way back. He was a big gruf lovable man. My "Uncle" Bill. He was not of our family line. His Father and my Dad's father played ball in the Western Michigan area before 1900. Anyway, Uncle Bill never spoke of it to my memory, but, I have found that he was a member of the Lafayette FLYING Corp, not the Escadrille. But he served in DeHavalind bombers with the French until the end of the war. Because he had no time in the American armed services his grave is not marked. Couldn't be a member of the American Legion or VFW.
Just another interesting sidebar to life.

April 14, 2000
Jeanne Gillespie <>
Just dropping by still need to check things out here. I used to know a Bill Hughes can't remember if I teacher from Chicago or someone I knew in Hawaii.

April 11, 2000
David Lee Zellers <>
Hi Bill;

Just checking your updates, you recently posted to Zeller lists... Looks Great Keep up the Great work !
I'm sure all of your family is very proud of what you have done.

David Lee Zellers, Administrator of the Zellers Family Website.

April 11, 2000
Patsy Kling <>
Looking for my Maternal GGranfather Thomas Hughes b. ?
Tn.? m. Mary Alice Pritchette Mar. 1884 Yuscaloosa County, AL. Am checking all lists for this "brickwall"Thank you for The great site.

April 10, 2000
O'Bain Hylton <>
Connected by marriage, wife is a Hughes from Patrick County Va.

April 10, 2000
Lori (Bartholomew) Price <>
It was interesting looking at your Homepage! My first Bartholomew ancestors that I know of is Benjamin Bartholomew who came to Chester Co., PA. in the early 1700's. They were called PA. Dutch I am told. His son Daniel was killed during the Revolutionary War and in the late 1700's they moved on to Bucks Co., PA. I am also researching my Heberling side of the family that was from Schuykill Co., PA, also prior to the Revolutionary War. Your page is impressive! You must have spent a lot of time working on it! Have a nice day!

April 10, 2000
Jan Hughes Smith <>
I, too, am searching for my Hughes ancestors. I have so far documented back to George Hughes who married Rhoda Garrett in Laurens County, SC sometime around 1790. According to the Garrett family records, George is descended from William Hughes who built the St. Peter's Parish church in New Kent, VA in the year 1703. I am trying to make that connection for myself. Jan

April 08, 2000
Emma Peoples Smith <>
Love your page. Take care of yourself. Emma

April 08, 2000
Wayne Michael Hughes <>
Great page

April 08, 2000
virginia <>
Many thanks for your beautiful site. My husband has a BLACKWELL connection with you through Abraham RWV. His g-grandmother,Penelope Victoria Blackwell(1847-1929) married Hiram Oswald in Jackson Co. FL. Your Chancellor-Gilbert info is new to us so many thanks for your wonderful work.

April 08, 2000
Bill Williamson <>
From your comments, above, we seem to have traveled a
similar road. I had Bi-Pass on Christmas Eve 1992, but
kept working until Fall of '96. Had a lifetime of
interest, but didn't get started looking seriously for
family until Spring of '97, and like you, have met many
fine Cousins who have helped me tremendously.
Having problem find Williamson Grandma, Sarah Aletha
Blackwell (Williamson), my GFathers 2nd wife who must
have married in Florence, SC or Brewton,GA area, as he
had turpintine still, always on the move.

April 07, 2000
Wilma Kershaw Conway <>
I really enjoyed seeing your update. I have looked at your page before, hoping to find some connection
to my paternal grandfather, William Kershaw, who arrived in Phila. in 1900. I would like to do a web page
similar to yours, but am still learning.

April 07, 2000
Ruth Hughes Cupit <>
Very nice. I have traced my William Henry Hughes back to SC but then hit a brick wall. Ruth

April 07, 2000
Frances Walls <>
Searching for Susan Elliott married to Minus Cannon Parsley 1867 in Rutherford Co.TN

April 07, 2000
Susan Gardner Frye <>
We may be related but as yet I haven't determined how. I may have a dozen or so surnames in my father's maternal family ancestors that are the same line as yours. I just recently was made aware of the West family of Massachusetts, one of whom married into my grandmother's family way back in the late 1600s. I haven't had time to confirm the information so I may be a little premature in my assumption. After further checking, I'll let you know.

April 07, 2000
Bob Hughes <>
Don't think you are a member of Hughes & Related Families Int'l., Inc. Please visit our web site and let me know if you have any interest.
Bob Hughes, Pres.
Hughes Families

April 07, 2000
Anita Collins <>
I love your Web Page. It's what I would like to do, but don't know how. How did you learn to put it together??? Your "little face" on the Blackwell list was cute too!!! I have Blackwell ancestors too. My great grandmother was Dortha Ann Blackwell (Gilmer Co, GA) who married James Thomas Sparks. The Sparks family was from SC.

April 07, 2000
Pamela Meyer <>
What a beautiful site! The care and thought you have poured into this page is inspiring. Congratulations! I enjoyed! Just discovered I have Zellers and I have been poking around the web. I will return.

April 07, 2000
martha peebles <>
you have a great page. easy to access. my family members are catoe,marshall,douglas,peebles,I am from camden s.c.

April 07, 2000
Joan McCarty <Joan>
I enjoyed looking at your site. I wish I could have made a connection. I have a Thomas West in my lines. He was born in North Carolina and died in Christian Co. Ky. That is as far as I can get. Good luck on your research.

April 07, 2000
Warren Kimmel <>
Very interesting and very well done. Will return and explore further. Thanks for your work and time to compile this great information.

April 07, 2000
Frances Gay Craven <>
I have no Homepage Address,

April 07, 2000
carol hughes chehotsky <>
All I know about my fathers side of the family is him. He died 25 years ago. I was born and raised in Bridgeport,Conn. but as far as I now he was born in Virginia.

April 07, 2000
Walt Foster <>
Bill, You have a fantastic site. Thanks from all of the frustrated genealogical researchers in the world. My grt grt grt grandfather, Absalom (Abner) Martin SC 1829/30 Cynthia Blackwell b. ca.1812 SC. They were in Habersham Co., GA in 1830, in Lumpkin co., GA in 1840 & 1850 in Dawson Co., GA in 1860 & 1870 according to the census records. Absalom(Abner) was listed as a "miller". The 1850
census of Lumpkin Co., GA listed 7 children in their household. As listed: 1-Polly b.1832 2-Patience Caroline b.1835(my grt grt grandmother)3-John b.1837 4-Harris b.1839 5&6-Twins= Mary Ann & Maranda b.1841 7-Jane b.1845. WHO are the PARENTS and SIBLINGS of Cynthia BLACKWELL?? WHO are the PARENTS and SIBLINGS of Absalom(Abner)MARTIN.

April 06, 2000
HELEN V McConchieStith <>
I have LUCY ANN HUGHES married to JOHN BROWN JR in chesterfield co va 1812 I need her pARENTS CANNOT FIND THEM

April 06, 2000
Mary Carner Rice <>
Bill, I thoroughly enjoyed your site! It's great. Especially liked the photo's and Lottie was a beautiful lady...keep up the good work.
P.S. My grandmother was a Kentucky Hughes.

April 06, 2000
Baker L. Peebles <>
Earliest Peebles ancestor documented is one James Peebles who died in what is now Greenbrier Co.
West Virginia abt 1820. We believe he came to the area (which was Augusta Co. VA at the time) from Pennsylvania.
If any of this rings a bell would appreciate further correspondence. Thank You. Agree with all that you have a n excellent
web page.

April 06, 2000
Franklin Nelson Horton <>
Good Page. Wish we were kin. Frank

April 06, 2000
Danny Lawrence Elliott <>
Enjoyed your homepage. My lineage is:
Father: John Glenn Elliott,Jr.
his father: John Glenn Elliott,Sr.
mother: Hazel Remick
Great grandfather:Issac Elliott
Great grandmother:Ruth Dake

April 06, 2000
Darla Elliott <>
I enjoyed viewing your work on your ancestry! There apparently was much time and effort contributed to your family line.


April 06, 2000
Ina Askew Allison <>
My Nelsons came from Smalland Sweden, my ggrandmother Mathilda Johanna Nelson Davis
b 10/13/1866 d 3/23/1898 in Leadville CO. I do not know the name of her parents, but know they are
burried in unmarked graves in the Gothenburg Cemetery in Gothenburg NE. My gggrandmother drowned.
Siblings of my ggrandmother were John (m. Sophie ?), Selma, Tilda (m. Olaf Alberts-CA), Henry (NM),
David (NE), Mary m. ( ? Larson), Andrew (m. Emma Magnuson),and Charlie (MN). State in parentheses
indicates I think they settled. Ina Askew Allison

April 06, 2000
Ina Askew Allison <>
My Nelsons came from Smalland Sweden, my gggrandmother Mathilda Johanna Nelson Davis
b 10/13/1866 d 3/23/1898 in Leadville CO. I do not know the name of her parents, but know they are
burried in unmarked graves in the Gothenburg Cemetery in Gothenburg NE. My gggrandmother drowned.
Siblings of my ggrandmother were John (m. Sophie ?), Selma, Tilda (m. Olaf Alberts-CA), Henry (NM),
David (NE), Mary m. ( ? Larson), Andrew (m. Emma Magnuson),and Charlie (MN). State in parentheses
indicates I think they settled. Ina Askew Allison

April 06, 2000
Faye Nobles <>
looks like a great site and I intend to explore it completely. I am looking for my Hughes family who are
still in England so I don't think I will find any relatives. My grandfather came to the US in 1912 (no not on
the Titanic) on the Adriatic and entered through Ellis Island. I know I have cousins in the Sittingborne area
but my family lost contact with them after my grandfather, George Hughes' death in 1964. Last letter was
from his 70 yr old sister Ivy. Any Hughes reader who recognizes this family, I would love to have contact.

April 06, 2000
Ethelyn Hughes Smith <>
I'd love to know if you could be kin to James Henry Hughes, born in 1798 married in Concord, NC in 1823. I am the wife of a Bible professor at Howard Payne University, in Brownwood, TX. We will pray for your continuing good health.

April 06, 2000
Tony Mayberry <>
Your site looks very neat. I didn't do a lot of looking around, but I'm impressed with what I saw. I see some surnames of interest; namely, Baker, Blackwell, West, & Mowbray. I wonder about my Mayberry's sometimes. Supposedly they came from Germany. But I'm not so sure. Thanks for sharing your site.

April 06, 2000
Cindy West Wilson <>
Just checked to see if there was a connection to my WEST. We are from Southern Ohio (Highland Co.) and have roots there dating back to the mid 1880's or earlier. Only I can't seem to get any further than my great grandfather (James) or his father (James). Too many West with the same first name. Going to visit home this summer and hope to do some serious research. Cindy

April 03, 2000
Pearl Morton <>
I realy enjoyed your page! Keep going Strong...

April 02, 2000
Claudia Menzel <>
Have kin in Schuylkill Co. and also Westmoreland, Venango, and Armstrong Counties in Western PA. Surnames for me are VARNER, RUNGE, LUDEMANN, BITZ, SILVIUS, and others.

April 02, 2000
Dolores Laughlin-Hickernell <>
none so far...
Nice web page! However didn't find any names I'm researching.

April 02, 2000
Barry Lutz <>
Saw your post at RootsWeb and got to see your page.
Pretty nice I might add. Did not see any of my surnames
Barry Lutz
Camas, Wa.

April 02, 2000
Bob Sheetz <>
Lookin good - ENJOY

April 02, 2000
Bernie Bernatonis <>
excellent job with the webpage...I have a GGM Jane Hughes who was born in Wales in 1840...a common name...

April 02, 2000
Charles Kindt <>
I enjoyed your page, which I picked up from the
PaLancas list. Unfortunately, I did not find any
connections to my lines! Your page is great!
Charles Kindt..........Lebanon, Pa.

April 02, 2000
Michelle Lynch <>

March 25, 2000
Don Barker <>
I got your page address from Barbara Mahaffey. My Great Grandfather was William Mahaffey, brother to John Alexander Mahaffey. John was husband to Sally C. D. Truesdell. William and John were sons of William K. Mahaffey. According to a letter from one of John's sons, William K. was killed by a runaway team of horses. I think that happened around 1880, but haven't been able to confirm it. My Great Grandfather William married Christian Johnson and relocated to the Calhoun County, AL, area from the Kershaw County area following his father's death. I'm interested in any information you have on the Mahaffey family. Please visit my web page and let me hear from you. Thanks.

March 18, 2000
Pat <>
A very interesting site. You have invested a lot of time and effort into it. Thank you for sharing.

March 17, 2000
Colleen Newsome Jolly <>
A very beautiful and patriotic site.

March 17, 2000
Carole Proctor <>
Hi Bill, What a GREAT web page. I'm just sorry my names are not on your surname list. I have JOHNSON and BALLARD families from Camden, Kershaw Co, SC in the early to mid 1800s. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing. Carole

March 10, 2000
Ronald W. Crockett <>
Great Web page and a lot of work! Thanks so much for the information. I am descended from John West and Sarah Pearson by their son Joseph West and Jane Owen and by their daugher Sarah West. Thanks for helping me connect to so many branches of the family.

March 09, 2000
John W. Cauthen <JohnnyC@InfoAve.Net>
Bill, You have an excellent website. My family is from Kershaw, SC and that is where I still reside.
My father is John Cauthen and was born in Westville. His father was Marion Cauthen who married Ledell
Truesdale, I still have family living in Camden on the Truesdale side. I am also related to the Mickles in
Camden through the Truesdales. Also I married a Cauthen and now I am trying to trace her family. Frank
Beckham has been a great help to me. Also I am the Sheriff of Lancaster County. I look forward to
hearing from you. Johnny Cauthen

March 09, 2000
Howrd Graham <>
Very nice page well composed. Wish I had your skills.

March 07, 2000
William H Marshall <>
My Great Grandmother was Julie Hughes, her father was John S Hughes. He was born in 1797 Penn. Do you suppose we could be connected some how?

March 07, 2000
Cheryl A. Brennan <>
Great website! I particularly like the Veteran's page, what a good idea. I have no surnames that link to yours but I have a great interest in the research and it's presentation.

February 29, 2000
Jack Cauthen <>
Your site is fascinating and it's great to be able to come here and learn. Thank you again! J

February 29, 2000
Al Ward <>
I am researching the LITCHFIELD family that was back and forth from Horry County, SC and Brunswick County, NC. This is my wife's family. She is from Savannah, Ga. Andrew J. Litchfield was born in Horry County in 1822 and died in 1906 in Berkeley County. He is buried with his second wife Matilda at Berea Methodist Church Cemetery. I think his father may have been John Litchfield, who died abt 1780 in Horry County. He was one of the few Litchfield's there the correct age--my only reason. I'm trying to connect A. J. and John and continue the line; and learn more about the Litchfield family in SC. Thanks, Al

February 29, 2000
David Nelson <>
Just looking for some Nelson kinfolk.

Dave Nelson
Christian Co. Missouri

February 29, 2000
Janice Davis <>
Very nice honoring of your heritage. I was interested in your Hessian soldier as one of my paternal grandfathers was a Hessian soldier who deserted and supposedly fought for Washington.

February 28, 2000
Patty & Jack Cauthen, Jr. <>
Dear Bill,
What a fantastic tribute to your family. We are very impressed by the excellent job you have done
in creating this site. Wanza has said so many nice things about you, and we hope to get to know you.
Best regards and thank you,
Jack & Patty Cauthen

February 28, 2000
Karl Shade <>

February 27, 2000
John D. Williams <>
Very nice home page. I have just started exploring it. I have many Schuylkill names.

February 27, 2000
Pat <Tartan33eh@aol>
Enjoyed running thru you web pages. We're in NJ but I grew up in So. Cal. so I can appreciate your beautiful sunsets and weather.

We don't have any names in common. Sorry.


February 27, 2000
Ella Winsbro <>
Hi, Bill, I saw your website noted in one of your postings to the Schuylkill Co. list and have enjoyed
exploring it. You have done a fine job. I was especially interested in the Medal of Honor recipient
Richard Hobson Hilton, 118th Inf. 30th Div. at Brancourt. I have compiled a book for my family of my
father's memoirs of World war I. He was in the 119th Inf., 30th Div.. and was involved in the Breaking
of the Hindenberg Line on Sep 19 and was at Brancourt on Oct. 12 I thought that was quite a
coincidence. His Sgt., Milo Lemert, also received the Medal of Honor, posthumously, for action
on Sep 29 at Bellicourt, and his best friend, Litton Thurman, received the Distinguished Service Cross
for action at the same place. Did your relative receive his training at Camp Sevier like my father?

February 27, 2000
Louis G. Ressler <>
I am just starting to go through your web site & it sure looks very interesting . My main surnames are

February 27, 2000
Patsy Paterson <>
Nice site. Census records say ancestors (Flippo) were from South Carolina but haven't been able to trace them there as yet.

February 27, 2000
David A. Huffines, Jr <>
just looking around. My ancestors came through PA to NC. - Hofheintz

Looking for obscure PA records.

February 27, 2000

February 27, 2000
Wayne Huckabee <wayne@fireandglory>
Cuz, I just looked at your counter and WOW!!! You have had over 10,000 hits in just four months.
This is incredible. You are to be commended for your hard work and long, long, long hours in
restoring the knowledge of our ancestry. May we learn from the past so we are not destined
to repeat the errors in the future. May we also learn that this life is fragile and temporal, and that
the greatest accomplishment for man on earth is to know God and dwell in unity in His Son.

February 23, 2000
Aileen Norris <>
Cuzzin, you been busy. Great job. Give my love to Anita.

February 23, 2000
Judy Lalicker <>
I am researching in Kershaw Dist., SC but the name Narramore. You have a great webpage. Please visit mine.

February 22, 2000
Etheridge, Anne LSA
Thanks for all the hard work. Everything looks great!
xxoo Lil Sis

February 22, 2000
Joy Skipper Hinson <>
Looks good so far......all I have seen is that you were born in Charleston, SC. Well, good. So was I. I am a Hughes descendant also. Will get together later.

February 22, 2000
Colleen Newsome Jolly <>
'Haven'y looked yet Bill, but this page with the USA flag is very attractive. Lot's of Hughes around here, and Branchville, SC.


February 21, 2000
Jean Williams Farrar <>
I'm so glad you have been able to find so many of your ancesetors. My mother' aunt BURNED two trunks full of land grants, deeds,letters, some from Andrew Jackson to her gggrandfahter, David Rounsavall who was sent to Build and defend Ft. Nashboro, she burned her father's Not So Civil War uniform & medals AND Four or Five Family Bibles. She burned my heritage. So far, I have not been able to find out anything about my mother's family other than David Rounsavall. He fought Indians in the Holston Valley of VA in 1776 and in 1778/79 went on Col Donaldson's Flotilla to Build & Defend Ft. Nashboro, TN

My father's lines are mostly from South Carolina - DuBose, Warren, Norwood, Fort & Williams. I do believe the Williams' were placed here by Aliens as I cannot find the parents of my 3rd ggrandfather, Ira E. Williams, who m. Mary Norwood Fort in Darlington, SC in 1822.

I hope this finds you as well as can be. I definitely know about the heart problems as both my husband and father were heart patients. Have a nice week.

February 21, 2000
Crawford Best <>
I am from Spartanburg, SC, and my sister still lives there. My father's side of the family came from Darlington County, SC, and before that Duplin County, NC. My mother's side started in the the US in SC in 1749 when 4 brothers named Gladney emigrated here. There is a book written about the Gladneys called Gladneys in America. I have recently become interested in genealogy. Crawford Best

February 20, 2000
Marion Bowman <>
Dear Bill,
We share many names - Artz,Dietrich,Schwalm,Schadel Etc
Since I grew up in Hubley Twp I guess thats not too
surprising.One question- where is Schwalms Church?
You have done a lot of work-If I can help you out from
here let me know. Marion

February 19, 2000
T. A. Houston <>
I am gr-gr grandson of James Greer Harrell who settled in Travis and Williamson Counties in Texas

February 19, 2000
Sandy Boyer Hayward <>
You sure have done a nece job on your home page. I can tell lots of work and thought went into it. Sorry to say, my Boyer and yours aren't the same.

February 18, 2000
Karl Shade <>

February 18, 2000
Wade Calhoun <>
Am recearching Blackwells and Blackmon/Blackman's

February 17, 2000
Juanita Shade-Noe <>
My Shade ancestry is from my father's side. His name is Wilbert Dwayne Shade, born in Altoona, PA in 1923. I can send you more later, if it is of importance to you. Good luck.

February 17, 2000
Paige Huckabee <>
First visit, so I'm just browsing around. First blush is that you've obviously put quite a bit of work into this...excellent job (that's the formal way of saying you done good) !

February 17, 2000
Joyce <>
Heard about your site via the Elliott Roots List--now I'll have a look around; thanks.

February 14, 2000
Samuel West <>
Bill, much work went into gathering this material and posting it to share with others. Thanks. Have you ever seen or heard of Passmore West or John Otho or Otho/Oath West? Sam

February 14, 2000
Joan Reed <>
Very nice website. I am descended from the Peyton
West family of Gerrard Co., Ky., and Monroe Co., MO.

February 13, 2000
Mary Jones <>
My g-grandfather and his two brothers, and two of their wives, came from County Meath, Ireland to Australia in the early 1850's. Could there be any connection please? Best wishes, Mary

February 12, 2000
Maxine Eilliam <>
Thanks for a very interesting site. I appreciate all the hard work.

February 12, 2000
Dell L. Nelson <>
Interesting and well-organized page; unfortunately, I found no NELSON clues leading to g-gf Thomas Nelson, b abt 1804 in SC, actual date and place unknown, to parents (names unknown) who were both later listed as b in SC. First record of Thomas: 1850 census of Benton County, AL, with wife Nancy (Penix) and family listed correctly up to that time. He moved to Arkansas in 1857 and helped organize Craighead County (AR) and served as the first county treasurer. Twenty-plus years of looking has not produced any clues as to Thomas Nelson's ancestry.

February 12, 2000
very interesting...

February 12, 2000
Ann King <>
Just looking, always hoping to find a connectino.

February 12, 2000
Betty Harney <>
I liked it. It had everything and was easy on the eyes and it was easy to understand.. I have Nelson in my family tree also. Great Grandfather was Laurell Byron Nelson. He didn't like his name so he went by Byron most of the time. Sometimes he would use john or dan. On his wedding application he gave his fathers name as J.M. NELSON and his mother's name as M.A. DUNN. He said that he was born in Keithsburg.IL . Also said his father came fome Scotland on 1925 IA. state census. If you hear of any nelson's that would fit in this family I would love to be notified. Almost forgot to tell you that Byron was born May 07,1854 D. Sept.15,1934 and was Mar, to BRIDGET SCANLON on May 14,1881.Thank you Betty Harney.

February 12, 2000
Robbie Elliott <>
Thanks Bill, I am enjoying it very much. Robbie

February 12, 2000
Frank J. Hughes <>
My parents came from Ireland in the 1920's so I doubt if I have any relationship to your Hughes's

February 12, 2000
Debby Neves <>
My husband is related to Kings in Upper South Carolina. I can make no connection to your Kings at this time, nor can I rule them out.

February 11, 2000
Iris <>
You're improving your homepage and looks really good and easy to use. I like your comparitive comment of "old blood" which is a good way of stating the all American pioneer ancestry.

February 11, 2000
Paul S. West <>
A great home page. You are very fortunate to be able to go back so far.

February 11, 2000
Danica (Dana) Henninger <>
Bill, what a terrific website! Thanks for posting on the Gebhardt page, which is where I found this. I have
Gebhardts and Henningers...happy to share with you. I'm using the computer at work--yes, I work for
Playboy, a great place to work, and no, nobody is running around naked. I'm getting a computer
at home shortly when I'll be able to do Gedcom files. Meanwhile, I've got information on paper. I think
your honor roll is outstanding--what a beautiful idea, with the music and the running soldiers, the service
flags--you obviously put a lot of thought and design ideas into this site. It's the best I've seen so far: easy
to read, user friendly, and plenty of interesting material to keep me browsing from topic to topic. Thanks
again, Dana

February 11, 2000
Maxine Elliott Gilliaim <>
You have a great homepage. I continue to search for Stephen ELLIOTT born ca.1788 in SC or Nc. If you ever run into him, please send him my way.
Maxine Elliott Gilliam

February 11, 2000
Warren Smith <>
A very nicely integrated web site. You have obviously put a great deal of work into it. Congratulations!

February 11, 2000
Geraldine King <>
Beautiful site very easy to use.

February 11, 2000
Karen <>
Stopping by for a visit....
I feel as you speak about our families. My LOOMIS/THAYER/PORTER/KEIME/MASON/DENNY/
MASON/PORTER/HEINEY/ALFORD/BARTLETT, have been here since the beginning. I also have
MOHEGAN (for sure) and perhaps MOHAWK.(still searching)
Best of HEALTH and PEACE to you

February 10, 2000
Jack Bender <>
Have not toured the site except to see your mom and dad and you. What a great photograph it is.
I am off to look at your site. But since you asked I am interested in Bender,Mayer/Moyer, Sinclair,
Harple, Diehl names to name a few in S.E. Pennsylvania.

February 10, 2000
Robert L. Hughes <>
I was just curious as to why you wern't a member of Hughes & Related Families Int'l., Inc.
You have have a great web site.
Please visit Hughes Families web site:
Now nearing 400 members on four continents, we are without a doubt the # 1 Hughes Family
group in the world. Will look forward to your reply.
Bob Hughes, Pres.
Hughes Families
NOTE from WebMaster: The above link is a wonderful site and well worth a visit! Wayne

February 10, 2000
William (Bill) Hughes <>
Bill: One of the best organized and interesting genealogy Web Sites I have seen. My Hughes may
have come from SC, but am unable to connect to yours. I liked your "Combat Veterans" page, and
invite you to see my Military History Page at the URL listed above.

Best Wishes

February 10, 2000
Paul A. ROTH <>
Hi Bill,

We've talked before. I just read about your HUGHESes from Wales > PA. I think my HUGHESes are from
Wales and they settled in Spring Twp. Centre Co. PA. Henry HUGHES b. ca 1785 was a charcoal maker.
He may have had at least one brother named Patrick (who shows up in the 1815 Spring Twp. Assessment).
You can view my HUGHES connection at: -


February 10, 2000
Marian A. Snyder <>
Hi Bill! I appreciate your site so very much. We are related through the Klingers. My ancester is Johann Philip Klinger who is the brother of 510 Alexander Klinger on your chart. I didn't have the Klinger information past 4080 George Klinger. Needless to say I was delighted with the effort you put into your great site! Thanks again!

February 10, 2000
Esther Wright <>
What a GREAT website! I was sorry that I did not find any of my surnames on your list but I was elated to find the Semper Fi page! That hymn will forever make me feel proud that I am married to a Marine for over 45 years. He is a veteran of the Frozen Chosin (Korea) and Vietnam.
I don't know how you did it but even my relic of a computer was able to download your website quite rapidly.
Semper Fi and God Bless!

February 10, 2000
eileen ivory <>
Receive your site from PADUTCH. Very nice and I
love your little message about hugs. Was hoping so
much to see Schroeder in your sunames.
We just cannot find them and yet we know they were
in PA. Thanks for sharing.

February 09, 2000
Carolyn Murray-Leinweber <>
Nice job:) you've been doing some quality research. Keep up the good work.

February 09, 2000
Joseph McCabe <>
Bill Iwas born in southern Pa. in Carlisle Cumberland Co. I like your HOME PAGE.My family is from Cumbverland Co. and Dauphin Co.My mother was EGE I have not gone back in th Ege to far. i did not see any one your family tree GOOD BLESS JOE

February 09, 2000
sally <>
Great page! You "put a face" on your person and make the visitor welcome right off the bat. Wish I was connected.

February 09, 2000
Anne Beidler <>
Great web site! I have seen so many, but enjoyed none so much as yours. Thank you.

February 06, 2000
Jerry E Kane <>
I am a begginer at genealogy. I too have Irish and German ancestors and one of my ancestors was supposedly a Hessian mercenary. Thanks for the explanation of Ahnentafel system. I really enjoyed your site.

February 06, 2000
Elaine Albert <>
Hi Bill, wrote you an e-mail connecting me to you through the Hoffa Family.Very nice web site.


February 05, 2000
Nancy Hess <>
My ggrandmother was Margaret Mosteller. I believe her father was a Wayne Mosteller. I believe there was a Wayne Mosteller from Berks County (?) I do not have much on my Mosteller line. I would be glad to share with you.
Margaret married John Thompon Hanna (born in Cecil County, MD) One of their 15 children was George Miller Hanna, my grandfather. He married Benarda Hukey.

February 02, 2000
Ronnie C Martin <>
Just started Looking so far great.

January 31, 2000
Mabel L. Thomas <>
Very interested in the Hopewell Furnace and Robeson Twp part of your genealogy. I read it all in hopes of finding some crossover and I have many ancestors who come from the same area.

January 30, 2000
Pauline G. (BETTY) Nelson <>
Hi Cuz'n Bill. Sorry I haven't been in touch lately. Been ill. Your Website is fantastic. Wish I had one half as good.

January 29, 2000
Frank Joyner <>
I like the webpage very much. It has been a while since I communicated with you. I noticed that you have who Hannah Kershaw's father was. I would be interested in obtaining information on the source for this. I am related by the West line. William Eli West is where our two lines come together.


January 28, 2000
Mary McCrury <>
Hi Bill,
I enjoyed your site. I looked at your information on McCrorey and McGowan. I have McCrorie, McCrary, McCrory, etc. that I am working on but can't get them out of Mo. My McCrury's and McGowans are in Texas very early.
Mary McCrury

January 27, 2000
Jack Culler <>
Your's is the best organized and easiest to move around in of any I've seen.
Thanks, Jack Culler, Columbia, S.C.

January 26, 2000
Betty Coller <>
Bill, you have done an excellent job with this
website. One of the best I've ever seen. Wish
I had your "smarts".

January 26, 2000
Terry Vanderslice <>
I realized as I hit send that I had the email wrong.

January 26, 2000
Terry Vanderslice <>
Beautiful web page. Easy to navigate. You have done a tremendous amount of work. I was looking at the Vanderslice name - Van Der Sluiss. I will have to compare it to my notes. I don't think that I knew about an illigetimate child. I will have to see how far out I go and where we hook together. Thanks, Terry

January 26, 2000
Violet Mullins <>
Great site. I was hoping for a connection since my family is from SE Pennsylvania.

January 23, 2000
Janice F. SMith <>
Mock is of interest to me especially since you rs is in Bedford Co. (Pennsylvania) I hope I have a Sarah Mauk
Married Valentine Finck. Her father Paul Mock. Spelled both ways. Do you have any info that would help me
This is all I have on this line
Thanks in advance

January 17, 2000
Mary Cassel Case <>
Cousiin Bill, Your website is excellent, easy to get around in , especially compared to some I have found. We share the Zeller, Hast, Walborn lines.
Mary Cassel Case

January 16, 2000
WB Buthker <>
I finally was able to get into your webpage and now for some reason when I click on the e-mail button and send it it comes back from the MAIL DEMON as I call it. Help!
All I wanted to know is if you had ever been able to make any contact with Wisconsin Hetzels?

January 13, 2000
Linda Hoffman <>
A very nice site.

January 12, 2000
John Philip Adams <>
Thought I would look in on you.


January 10, 2000
Betty Windham <>
Cuzzin Bill,
I am amazed at all the research you have done. It is quite interesting, especially seeing that some of my ancestors are listed there, also. You, and the other folks that researched the Truesdale/Truesdell family genealogy, have provided more information than I could have ever found.
Thanks for sharing.
Cuzzin Betty

January 03, 2000
Carol Bauby <>
Hi probably remember me, the Stauffer researcher from CT. Saw the note on a PA site about your URL change awhile ago so decided to check it out...jope to do one someday. Hope all is well with you

January 01, 2000
Susan Hunsicker <>
You must be on one of my mailing lists. I do not see any connection between you family and mine, except that our father's families came from Montg. Co. PA, and my sister lives in Columbia, SC.


December 30, 1999
John <>
I finally got the "Marine Hymn" to play off your page. Soundds really neat. Had to down load a "MIDI" plug in for the browser before I could play it tho.

December 27, 1999
Coy "Lee" Driskell, Sr. <>
Marie gave me a new puter for Christmas and NOW I can checkout your site. VERY GOOD!!!!

December 26, 1999
Wayne Huckabee <>
Just wanted to say a Belated Merry Christmas and an early Happy New Year. Thanks for all of your hard
work. It is a blessing to so many. Only time will tell the full benefits that we will reap due to your efforts.
You are loved and appreciated.

December 25, 1999
Diana 'Dee' Sue Hughes Hester <>
Bill I know you have great love for our forefathers and I respect that. I am glad you have a passion in
life that gives you the drive to do what you do. Thank you for sharing with us.
Merry Christmas to you and Anita

December 24, 1999
Mima <>
Hi Bill: Just browzing around your web site, checking over some surnames. I am a direct descendant of William Brewster, one of the signers of the Mayflower Compact. This is my father's side. Mother's side is Schedele and I am still looking.

December 24, 1999
Ann <>
Hello! Got your message about the change in your e-mail address. Thanks for keeping me posted. I enjoyed your web page too! Thanks for sharing with me. Hope you all have a wonderful, blessed Christmas.
Love, Bubba, Ann and family

December 22, 1999
Delores Reagan <>
You have a really great site with so much information.
Maybe someday my site will be as well done. I did not find a connection with my King line but I look around some more. Good luck with all your searches.

December 22, 1999
Scott Sweitzer <>
You sure have a lot of ancestors. I have about a dozen and a half or so I have found or been made aware of. If I get as many as you have this will take the rest of my life to document.
It is a nice website. I only noticed one name so far although I think I could easily have missed a few. There is a Schweitzer listed. When I clicked on her name it went back but I didn't get to her parents. Do you have them and do you have her husbands name?

Scott Sweitzer

December 21, 1999
Good Site

December 19, 1999
Edith Todd <>
I enjoyed looking through and getting ideas to use for my Memory Book. I think it is well done and I'll HAVE to come back, ran out of time today. Edith

December 19, 1999
Ronnie Segars <>
Bill, Great site,I have really enjoyed it here in McBee SC. RS

December 19, 1999
Iris <>
I'm impressed with your ancestral line going back to
22 generations. It looks really good how you have it all layed out on your homepage. I'm going to follow your example and list mine as you got.

December 19, 1999
Kim Barenthin <>
I like your web pages. Keep up the good work.

December 19, 1999
Byron Brown <>
Hi Bill, I live in Sumter County, SC. You have a very fine site with much infomation and easy access!
Don't know if this is place to leave query but here goes: Isaac Baker born 1757 married Hannah Houston
1780 in Greene County, NC/TN. John "Renta" Baker & Elizabeth Terrill had a son Isaac born 1757 in
Chowan, NC. I believe these two Isaac Baker's are the same person. Seeking information as to what
became of Isaac the son of John "Renta" & Elizabeth Terrill Baker. For what became of my Isaac see
my Homepage & click on Baker.

December 19, 1999
Marie Davis Studebaker <>
You have a great site!
All of my paternal lines are in Williamstown, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. I just started my genealogy
just last Christmas! I have hit a brick wall but I am not going to let that stop me. I feel like this is just
something that I have got to know!
I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and the best ever New Year!
Marie Davis Studebaker

December 19, 1999
David V. Nelson <Nelsondv@deseretonline>
I will get back to you if I see any connections!

December 19, 1999
carol aldinger <>
was curious as my maiden name was Hughes, and my great grandfather is a big mystery to me.
But alas my Hughes's come from Texas, and Oklahoma.

December 19, 1999
Lois W. Grizzard <>
Your last name, Hughes, caught my attention. My mother-in-law was Emma Elizabeth 'Betty' Hughes b.1909/1910 GA & d. abt 1970 GA. I was told that her father was James Madison Hughes. Do you have anything like that in your family tree?

December 19, 1999
Verna Bice (Shadle Cousin) <>
Bill...... your family gene page is easy to view.

December 19, 1999
Blake Watson
You have quit a mix or origins! I also have quit alot of German ancestry as you do. Your site is great! Keep up the good work!

December 18, 1999
Evelyn Shadle Hartman <>
I have some dates for you and data - how do I get this info to you

December 02, 1999
Joanne B. Harley (Mrs. J.E. ) <>
Have just arrived at this site. Looking forward to veiwing it. There is nothing like the great state of South Carolina.!!!

December 02, 1999
Bob Hemby <>
You have a very nice site. If I have my genalogy right, we are 4th cousins once removed on the Sowell
side of the family. We both descend from sons of Levi, you from William, I from Lewis Littleton. Keep up the good research.

November 27, 1999
Brian Huckabee <>
Thanks for sharing the fruit of your many, many hours of research. The web page is fantastic. I could spend a lot of time here wandering back into the past. Keep up the good work.

November 25, 1999
Sherri Storey <>
NICE SITE ! I think I'm kinda limited where I have my site.
I think were cuzzins on the Ussery side although I don't recognize the names I'm sure their there. Carlah says were related I think that's the side she's talking about. You should upload your gedcom and let her merge yours with ours.
Has your site helped you find anyone new in your tree yet?
Well come see me

November 25, 1999
Ed C. Baker <>
My line of Baker's start in Nc. Then South Carolina then to Alabama, To Florida, some went to Texas.
Ed Baker

November 25, 1999
Wayne Huckabee <>
Just wanted to stop by and wish you and Anita a very blessed Thanksgiving. Throughout all of life's
challenges, wants, and needs...we still have so much to be thankful for. Thanks for being a loving and
caring cousin and most of all a real friend. I love you, Wayne

November 20, 1999
Julie Zerbe <>
If your Zerbe's come from Shuylkill County, PA in
Pine Grove then you are almost certainly a relative!
Ours went to Cedar County, Iowa and then to Nebraska.

Best regards

November 20, 1999
Valerie <>
What a nicely done site! I am impressed with the way you honored the veterans in your family.

November 18, 1999
Mary Bayles <>
Enjoyed, very nicely done, the picture is just great.

November 17, 1999
Wadene Bennett <>
I saw your message on the Schuykill surname mailing. I am researching the name Zerby for my Sister-in-law. Her grandfather was John William Zerby born about 1866 in Dauphin Co. PA. to Aaron and Amanda Hoffman Zerby.
Aaron had grandchildren who married into the Moyer and Shadle or Shadel families. I just recently discovered Who John William's parents were. He left PA when he was 18 and went to Douglas County, Ks where he married, and later participated in Okla. Land Run and settled in Garfield Co, Ok. Would Love to exchange info with you.

November 15, 1999
Elma Cowan <>
Greetings, very nice site, I looked over surnames and will check those again later.Than you for inviting us to see a site well done! Some of many many ancestors were from Spartanburg, S.C., such folks as Wofford,Lancaster, Sumner, Llewellyn etc. Was hoping to find a few more on your site. Good luck and regards to you. The picture was so neat. ENC

November 15, 1999
Heide <>
Your page looks like it's developing nicely.

November 15, 1999
David Lee Zellers <>
Nice page!!! Would you like to come to the Zellers Famliy Website that I am Administrator of ?? Let me know and I'll log you in !! Many of your family members there...

November 15, 1999
Barbara Roesch <>
Just overview checking, but like what I see already. I think the governmental pages are a great idea!!!!!

November 15, 1999
Sheila <>
Thank God we are now teaching the Pledge of Allegiance, I did that last year with Kindergarten.

November 14, 1999
Sharon <>
Hi Bill: Great looking pages. I am bookmarking your site for future checking. Not much time nowadays. Hope you and Anita are doing well.

November 13, 1999
Joe A Batdorf <>
Great site, very honorable with the veterans.

November 13, 1999
Dallas LeRoy Phelps <>

Geat to finally visit your site after getting bad addresses for it over the last few months!!! It was great of Shelby to run this correct address in our chapter newsletter for everybody to use to reach you!!! I am very impressed with all of your hard work on your site!!! After checking with several Hiltons, I am very surprised to learn that you have listed only half of this large family in your database! Would you like me to send you more Hiltons for your family file?

November 12, 1999
Clarence Kline <>
Good start - I will spend a lot of time here - CDK

November 12, 1999
Jan Franklin <>
Easy to read. Great! Thanks for listing in Nelson and inviting us in.

November 12, 1999
Christy Hodges Smith <>
Bill nice work.
keep it up ,
we still searchig for those escaped Edwards and Cowick;s that have eluded us for so long

November 12, 1999
Kim Duncan-Egan <>
Bill, what a great site! Your eloquently written
story warmed my heart! I intend to visit to often.
Stay healthy!

November 12, 1999
Herschel J. West, Jr. <>
West Lines Veterans:
Herschel J. West, WWII, Navy With combat medals
Herschel J. West, Jr., son of above name, Vietnam, Navy, With combat medals
Kevin L. West, son of above name, Gulf War, Marines, With combat medals

November 11, 1999
Francis D. Heckart <>
An excellent page. Korea - Gunner's Mate 2/C, EOD, 103rd Sea Bee Battalion & Mobile Construction Battalion 10, USS Le Ray Wilson, DE-414. Viet Nam - Air Force, Communications Supervisor. 23 years in all. My favorite saying is "Those who have the power to set me free, also have the power to enslave them". My gg-grandfather dies at Andersonville, Georgia.

November 11, 1999
Linda <ljbscothorn>
I returned to MI in May after spending a year in Columbia, SC What a beautiful State. My beginnings seem to start in Rev. War times with a Hessian soldier who was a bodyguard toGW. I'm trying to learn more.

November 11, 1999
Mitch Yeager <>
Hello Bill,
I saw a posting to the Dauphin Co. Mailing list and thought I would drop in and say hello.
Nice site. Thank you. For your service, and your excellent page.
Best Wishes,
Mitch Yeager

November 11, 1999
Gretchen Gay <>
Been here before, but was so impressed by the research you have done relating to your relatives who served in the military, I just wanted to tell you I think it is great. Gretchen

November 11, 1999
Judy Spilsbury <>
Your honor to veterans bought tears to my eyes.
Thanks for sharing your site.

November 11, 1999
I thought I saw West name,hope so they are from Hot Springs AR,Mena AR. married into the staffords

November 11, 1999
John F. Marshall <>
Enjoyed you home page very much. I'm a veteran of WW II and Korea.
Researching MARSHALL, Moses and ADAMS, Mary, ca. 1800 in eastern PA.
(Note: There appears to be a problem with this URL,
please send me the correct URL and I will re-enter,
Thanks.Wayne, Webmaster, )

November 11, 1999
Byrl V. Laucks <>
Visited your site. Very impressive.

November 10, 1999
Dotty H <>
Nice Work on your pages I really enjoyed them
Honor to Veterens is Beauitful

November 10, 1999
Adruain Cato <>
Are you a descendant of the Cato's? If so you might want to visit the Cato main page at

November 10, 1999
E.V. " JAN" Garber <>
Great job Bill . We've exchanged genealogical data several times and I hope will many more times
Your page is obviously a labor of love. JAN.

November 10, 1999
Ruth <>
A fine job you've done with your web site. Maybe someday I will be able to come close to yours. Reading all your PA antecedents I hoped to find a connection or two. I'm looking for BATES, CASNER, HUSTON of Montgomery Co., & Philadelphia, PA & PETTY, Middlesex Co., NJ. Your time and efforts spent were worthwhile.
Ruth in GA

November 10, 1999
My great great grandfather, Charles Wile, had a pottery business in Wolmersdorf, PA, near Reading, Berks County. He died at I believe a relatively young age in 1840 and I have been unable to trace back to his parents.

November 10, 1999
Steve Yeager <>
Bill, very nice site! I have been looking for my gggrandfather, George Yeager, Harrisburg Pa abt 1829.
During WW11, between my wife & I, we had both fathers, and nine uncles in the military. All came home but one. Several went back to Korea. Some of their sons fought in Vietnam. They all did it for us.

November 10, 1999
Amy Waltz <>
I wanted to compliment your honor roll! What a wonderful tribute on this Veteran's Day.

November 10, 1999
Jean Corio <>
Wonderful job on your website ~ lots of great info and interesting reading!

Great Job, Bill!

Researching HUGHES & HICKS from Central, Pa
WESTBROOK ~ Huntingdon, Pa
SIMPSON ~ Huntingdon, Pa
GRUMBLING ~ Indiana Co. PA
BURKARDT/BURKHART ~ Rottweil, Wurttemberg, Germany
SCHULER/SCHEELER ~ Odenwald, Hesse-Damstadt, Germany\

November 10, 1999
Bobbi <>
Your Honor Roll is quite impressive. You have every right to be extremely proud. As a U.S. citizen, I'd like to thank you on behalf of your ancestors for serving our country and keeping it safe.

November 10, 1999
Arlene Buch-Houghton <>
Just looked over your Ahnentafel again. We have to be related by Johann Bobb. Also, a question: Is Pottstown in Schuylkill or Berks Co? Great work, Bill. Wish I could do this...

November 10, 1999
Linda R. Allen <>
Looking for Elliotss in ohio?

November 09, 1999
Ron Woodring <>
worthington name is really my WOODRING family

November 09, 1999
judy cooper <rcooper@thegrid>
Did not see connection to my Wilbourn Buck Holder OK AK but you've done a great job with your family chart Judy'

November 08, 1999
Anita Jones Adler <>
I noticed you have two surnames tht I am working on. Sure would like to find we have common families. The surnames are Elliott and Williams. My Elliott family was in Delaware and one of the sons came to Texas in the early 1800's and married Mary Polly Williams. Hope we connect. You have a sweet baby. Anita

November 08, 1999
Rex Eastwood <>
It was interesting reading your details.
For myself, I can only go back one generation despite using a professional firm to research. My father was born in 1883 and changed hands for £50 just after he was born, he was never told and only found out after the person he thought was his father died and he found some documentation.
Good luck with your further searches.

November 08, 1999
Pat Williams <>
I am related to Smith and Williamson but they are from Ireland. I see you refer to Germany. If you have any Irish leads for these two names please contact me. Thanks

November 08, 1999
Sherrie Crawford <>
I am interested in your Coleman line. My Coleman line goes back to 1644 in Virginia to Robert Coleman.

November 07, 1999
Nancy Webster <>
Impressive! I've been asked to talk to the annual Schwalm gathering next July, so look forward to meeting you. I've found a lot of "old blood" too; am looking for KING family now, of Columbia COunty, NY and points east. God bless you, friend!

November 07, 1999
Sharon Doran Turnbow <>
Very nice page, your graphics are fantastic. I see the German connection, but not Down. Am I looking in the wrong spot?
My Doran ancestors are from Killowen, Balintur and Ballydoalty.

November 07, 1999
Aileen Norris <>
Aint you somthing! This is great Bill. Good luck with your web page keep up the good work. Give my love to your lady.

November 07, 1999
Jacqueline Dougherty <>
Your site is wonderful, love the patriotic theme. Want to do a site of my own enjoy looking at what others are doing. Thank you for the invite.

November 07, 1999
Shela Norton Greenlaw <>
This looks like its going to be great web page, keep up the good work. Its really a lot of fun isn't it!
I am working on the Nelson line... ..without much luck. From California where the long hot summer
is taking its first good shower

November 07, 1999
Dorothy Campbell <>
Great site!

Dorothy Young Campbell

November 07, 1999
Ann Martin <>
Enjoyed your homepage. Am also interested in genealogy.
Love your Red, White, and Blue theme--Looks great!!!

November 07, 1999
Priscilla Varney <>
Very good.

November 07, 1999
jim johnson <>
just dropped by to look over KING and BAKER surnames but was unable to view them. I am descended from Lucy M. KING of the portion of White co., Tn that later became Putnam County. Also from Solomon BAKER line of White Co., T

November 05, 1999
Cora Sue Crum-Barret <>
My maternal male line, Joseph W. Elliott, Nathan Alexander Elliott, (Civil War), son, Joseph Liss, Desert Storm/Desert Shield. Husband, Lee E. Barret, jr., WWII, Korean, Nam. 05 Navy retiree, 1941-1971. My brother trained troops for jungle warfare. You have a beautiful site commerating our men. Keep up the good work. I thank all of you for fighting to keep us free. I was not quite 2 yrs. old when my husband went in service. I tell him he was fighting for me. THANKS, again.

November 05, 1999
Don Gardner <>
Bill, I didn't know that I had been exchanging info with a real pro. Great job, I really enjoyed your web site .Don

November 04, 1999
Sheila Pierce <>
8th generation, John Truesdale ties to my mother who was a Truesdale from Kershaw, SC, her name is Myrtle May Truesdale. She is 84 and living in SC now. Her father's name was "Lim" I know that is the wrong spelling and her mother's name was Carrie, Carrie's Father was James T. Truesdale I believe. I visted the cemetries several years back and took pictures but I am sorry I can not locate them today due to an illness but later I will gather them and make sure the names I have are correct. I always want to search my family but haven't taken the time. My sister who lives in SC set me on you site. Thank You for your knowledge.

November 04, 1999
Halle Cauthen <Cauthen>
You did an excellent job on your web page.
Thanks for sharing it.

November 02, 1999
Lori Leahy <>
I really think your web page is most wonderful!! Keep it up! I am interested in finding more of the Elliott surname. I don't have much to go on as of yet. Thanks!!!

November 01, 1999
Betty Windham <>
Super work, Cuzzin Bill. Since visting your website, I now feel a greater kinship to my Truesdell(Truesdale) ancestors. Bless you many times over for sharing our
common ties.

November 01, 1999
Randall Britt <>
I am related to the Williams of Darlington County, S.C. maternally. My father is paternal lineage is as far as I know from the Britts of Lancaster County, N.C. Also, maternally, I am related to the Truesdales. I have paternal relations including Whites of southeastern N.C. and Hatchels of northeastern S.C. I am a corporate training specialist in Florence, S.C. at a major insurance claim processor.

November 01, 1999
Susan Kleinschmidt <>
This is cool!! My mothers maiden name is ELLIOTT. She was born in Thayer county NE. Can't wait to see if there is any connection with the ELLIOTTs from IN.

November 01, 1999
anita hill <>
Very nice. Was looking for Hill and King ancestors of my husbands, but didn't find any links here.
Thanks, anita

November 01, 1999
Rebecca Sewell Homan <>
Great format. Easy to read and I cannot wait for you to get it all up and running.

October 31, 1999
Sonja West Burleson <>
Great page! My ancestor is John West, b.22Apr. 1762 in Va or NC. They were in Bertie County in 1786 when John Jr. was born. Later in Gates Co. NC and Jasper County, GA. During the time of Civil war Johns decendents were in Arkansas. They migrated to Rusk County, Texas and then to Somervell County, Texas. I am sure that we are connected in some way. Thanks for all the good info.

October 31, 1999
Audrey Conner <>
I enjoyed your web site. I'm a GAY family researcher & always check out anything to do with that family.
My Gay family was located in Jefferson County GA. Came to FL in late 1850s. I have Barnabas Chesley, Gilbert, Thomas, William, Lewis & many more.
Audrey Conner in St. Petersburg FL

October 31, 1999
Patricia Sims <>
Thanks for your time and effort in preparing and maintaining this website! I am a novice at this (family research) and I appreciate the you are putting into this.

October 31, 1999
Paul S. Elliott <>
I like your sight. I'm interested to see your Elliott line when you have it set up. Please take a look at my sight
sometime. I just started it back in August. I've hit a major roadblock with my Elliott tree.

October 31, 1999
Jean Warwick <>
I'm new to this great field. Perhaps we are related, but, as of this moment, can't we just be friends?

October 31, 1999
Carroll King <CBKing@PBTCOMM.Net>
Bill,You have made a great start on your webpage. Good luck, and if I can help, please advise.
C.B. King, Leesville S.C.

October 31, 1999
Carolyn Curtis <>
Looks like a good site. I'm looking for confirmation of parents of Alexander West who married Elizabeth Wiley in McLean Cnty, IL in 1856. He died in Ray Cnty, MO, in 1869. Parents may have been Wm and Sophia

October 31, 1999
Jerry Gay <>
Relatively new to genealogy. Started about six to eight months ago.

October 31, 1999
Jim Coats <>
My maternal grandmother's maiden name was Shadle. Her father, James Shadle, died the year she was born (1873) and my great grandmother, Amanda Shadle, remarried a man named Hilburn. My grandmother Shadle married a man named William North West. So I have both a West and a Shadle in my ancestry line. I know quite a bit about my West grandfather, practically nothing about my great grandfather Shadle. I would like to know more about him.

October 31, 1999
Eddy D. King <>
Bill, I'm very impressed with your website! No apparent kinships, but I enjoyed the site. Maranatha!


October 31, 1999
Cleave West <>
Glad to see your interest. I live in Cumberland Co., N.C., and have quite a bit of information on the West from around here.

October 31, 1999
Lottie Gay Parker <>
Your Page is very enlightening. I hope to have a page up and running soon, and I would like to have pictures included on my page. Again, congratulations toyou in searching for your roots. It surely is rewarding, isn't it?

October 31, 1999
Marilyn <>
I have a Gilbert/Gay connection and was wondering what yours was. Would like to hear.

October 31, 1999
Lisa Kennard <>
Very nice website. Unfortunately, I don't think we have a Gay surname connection.

October 31, 1999
Judy Hughes <>
Looking for info re: James Hughes b. 5 Nov 1762. Can you help?

October 31, 1999
Anita Roberts <>
Great site
cuzin dear

October 31, 1999
Eileen Balli <>
Your site is very nicely done. I came looking for any possible connection to John King b 5 Feb 1801 in Lincoln County NC. He married Elizabeth Clark in 1822 in Greenville County SC. Between 1822 and 1844 they had children William, George Henry, Jane Eliza, John Wesley, James Marion, Jesse Parmer, Daniel Christenberry,Sintha, Lucinda, Hannah Elizabeth, Richard Solomon, Andrew U, and another Sintha Margrete.

October 30, 1999
George Dysinger <g>
I have enjoyed viewing your web page. I have hopes of learning more about your family.

October 28, 1999
Wanza Cauthen-Zech <>
Hiya Bill,
As you know, I think this is a great site! You have done such a good job and I know you had fun. The best part of your site (to me) is all the Veterens in your line. I am so glad to be a part of that. Direct descendant of William Cauthen. Good job!
cuz Wanza

October 27, 1999
Jo An Haws <>
My mother was Lea Elliott. Her father was William J. Elliott and his father was Frank Elliott. I am just starting to research my Elliott ties.

October 26, 1999
Karen Kay West <>

October 26, 1999
Herman A. Newman <>
Bill, I'm impressed!!!!!! This looks great for someone that was asking me all those questions just a few short months ago. Keep it up. Who knows it may just make it to the top. Great work.

October 24, 1999
Joel White <>
I e-mailed re John Jay McGowan an Thomas McGowan through the McGowan family site. You invited me here to look around. I'll let you know if I find any ties. Thanks!!

October 24, 1999
Alma May <>
You are doing great. I just went thro' it and the only connection would be thro'the Klingers. Good luck and happy hunting. Alma

October 23, 1999
lee hayes <>
Great looking site. I decend down thru the Gays of Rockingham, Richmond NC Haven't found where your Gays are I will look further.

October 23, 1999
Deborah Outlaw McClellan <>
It's a great looking site. This gives me incentive to do one for myself. Very informative.

October 23, 1999
Gloria Bloore <>
So far have not figured out how to get to your tree. Hope to find it soon. Glo

October 23, 1999
Lavonne Sanders Walker <>
Hi, Your mention of Kershaw, S. C. perked my ears up. I am working on Sanders, Drakefords, Scotts, Stephens/Stevens, Cowserts, all in Kershaw, Lancaster and Chester Counties in 1700s. Will look at your pages now if I can. I am a first grader at computers. Thanks much, Lavonne

October 22, 1999
Walsie Aday <>
Going to try the Turkey sounds great.
What Hilton's are you researching. I have a lot of Hilton's.
You have a site to be very proud of we need more of them.
Hope we can connect.
From Oklahoma

October 22, 1999
Cindy West Wilson <>
Have been trying to trace the West line back from Hillsboro, Ohio. ggrandfather was Joseph West (1850-1931) May have also been called Jade. Think his parents are Jas. and Rebecca McCoy West. Not living in area so going to county offices hard. Highland Co. doesn't seem to have much on line. This area is southwestern Ohio, about 60 miles east of Cincinnati. I believe that the family was in the area at that time. Farm my parents passed to us was owned by our "line" for over 100 years. Have never heard that there is a German connection but would like to know if you have any connection. thanks, Cindy

October 22, 1999
Fran L. Pennington nee Schneider <>
Bill it's really great and I'm jealous as we can't even prove our Harmon Schneider Hessian lineage yet, but trying through John Merz's site. Happy to know others find their roots and it may come to pass for us.

October 22, 1999
Helene Stein <>
This was a very interesting page. Thanks for informing me. My husbands great-grandfather was Michael Paul McGowan born in Ireland in 1842. My husbands mother, Virginia McGowan, daughter of Joe McGowan b 1875, son of Michael, married Adolph Stein. So you paternal surnames caught my attention. However, I don't think we have a match.

October 22, 1999
Dianne Planeta <>
Great job! Looked because of McGowen name,but mine are from Arkansas. Other from PA German Palatine name Mechling. So, no hits but great enjoyment going through the leaves on your tree.

October 22, 1999
Mary (Hylton) Johnson <>
I love your site. I just wish I had more time to work on mine. I am (Hylton/Sledd) from parents who where born
in Floyd County Virgina. I understand the Hylton/Helton/Hilton are of the same "stock".
I am the blonde teacher. The rest are students learning English and in the back row the Lt. Governor of Florida.

Mary Frances Hylton Johnson

October 21, 1999
Jackie Forsythe <>
Great job. I especially enjoyed the Patriotic sites. We need more of these types of sites
to remind this younger generation of why they have the rights they do and the high cost
to keep these rights. My connection doesn't seem to be along your lines. Mine changed
their spelling to Megowan and I am having a hard time locating them. I'll just keep clicking along :))
(URL Link modified to correct error - 10/24/99, Webmaster)

October 21, 1999
William J. (Jenk) Stephenson <>
Great job on your web page, Bill. Someday I'd like to be that far along in my research.

October 21, 1999
bonnie fouts <>
I would be interested in learning more about your Nelson lineage. I've just begun my search and have
traced Ray Franklin Nelson, Hood County, TX to John Grady Nelson, Pickens County, AL married to
Early Gilliam, from Hood County(?). Just wondering if your lineage is in these vicinities.

thanks for all your website work.

October 21, 1999
Linda Allen <>
I am researching Elliotts in Ohio, PA and New England
Hoping to make a connection somewhere, I havent had much luck with tis line,

October 21, 1999
Jula Pelfrey <>
I think your page looks great! I am working on mine (sigh). I am searching for Kirby or Richard
King from the South Carolina area. Kirby was supposed to be in the Rev. War but I have had
no success in proving that. If you are familiar with these names, drop me a line. Otherwise
Good Luck. Thanks, J.P. in Ohio

October 21, 1999
Lois Morgan <>
Bill, I love the sense of honest pride you have regarding your family.I also see your awe at finding so many of them and your happiness at being able to share them and their
achievements with others. We share two surnames..BRAUN and DIETRICH. My family is from
Pennsylvania too and my forebear Peter Mueller/Miller was a Hessian who became a soldier for
the other side.
He married a Mary Braun in 1788 in Trinity Lutheran Church, Reading, Pa.Don't know her parents'
names. My Dietrichs are from NE.Pa.and came there in the early 1700's.Elizabeth Dietrich m. David Tillman.
Can't seem to place her amidst the huge Dietrich clan of that area and time.(ca. 1848)
Let me know if there's any connection, will you? And in the meantime, good luck. Your site is
beautiful and your research inspiring!

October 21, 1999
Debby Neves <>
Can't find any matches. Thanks anyway for letting me check out your site. You know, it would be neat to take each William West and do a dates and area of migration, then do a comparison. I wish I had the time!

October 21, 1999
Louise F. Hodge <>
Very impressive! I love the music you chose.

October 21, 1999
Phyllis Rosley <>
You certainly have a family to be proud of . You have done a great job!

October 21, 1999
Dennis West <>
Congratulations on your webpage Bill.
Checked the WEST line, doesn't look like we're related, at least within the last couple of centuries.

October 21, 1999
William Riggs <>
I'm looking for members of the RIGGS clan that lived in Tuscarawas county, OH prior to 1830. Other names in which I'm interested include West, Devore, Ellwood and Nixon, in the same early period of Ohio's history.

October 21, 1999
Patricia Howe <>
You have a very nice home page going. I liked the links to the Mayflower Compact and the other documents.
McGowan is in your paternal side. I really doubt we have any connections because as far as I know my grandfather
Michael McGowan came from Ireland. I do not have any information on him at all; only that he died in NYC in 1906. He was
killed in a trolley car accident; he worked for the trolley company. He must have been young as my grandmother was 26 when he was killed.
He had three young children. I do know that he had a sister, Ellen. All the relatives I know of were all Irish.

Pat Howe

October 21, 1999
William Henderson <>
Nice Web site!!!! I will have one in the future and will keep this type in mind, at the top of my list. I have a McGowen in my surname list also. She is a Sarah Sterling McGowen. She married my GGG Grandfather in Ireland, she was from County Antrim and he was from County Derry. They came to the state of Pa in 1816, settled in Franklin County, Pa. Moved to Iowa around the 1830's. Thank You Mister Bill.

October 21, 1999
Gretchen Gay <>
I think you've done a wonderful job on this site. I am originally from Schuylkill Co. PA. Obviously I married into the GAY family. His family originated Isle of Wight, to N.C. to Bullock Co., GA, to now Colquitt Co. GA. There are some persons in Schuylkill Co. and Blair Co. PA that one of these days I hope to be able to connect to the VA Gay line. When I retire!!!

October 21, 1999
Jack R. Saylor <>
Hi Bill! Visited your WebSite today...because of your
invitation on the WEST WebSite. You have don a GREAT
job so far on your URL (I think that is what they call
a WebSite). My grandfather, Joseph Elmer SAILOR 1864-
1944, m. Nina Alice WEST 1872-1953 in 1892 in Pike Co.
OH. Nina d/o Joseph Sperry West 1841-1911 & Elizabeth
Jane Watts 1841-1922. Joseph & Eliz. m. 1865 Muskin-
gum Co. OH

October 21, 1999
Brenda Baird Magee <>
I saw your message about your new Homepage on the WEST rootsweb , so dropped by. I am searching for the family of my Jonathan WEST , who was married twice & had 24 children during the 1700's. Jonathan was born in the early part of the 1700's in NY State. And his 21st child, Noah, was born in 1776 in PA. Very little else is known of the family. I will check back & see how your Homepage is coming along.

October 21, 1999
Freda P. Summar <>
Going to be a nice page. I'll come back.

October 21, 1999
Marcia (King) Franklin <>
My father is Glynn Edmond King. His father was Nathaniel David King who died when my father was 4 years old. His father was James Leonard King who was a Civil War soldier and born in Johnson Count Iowa. We cannot find out about his parents due to he was orphaned at a young age. Something to do with his parents and two other siblings drowned.
My mother is Barbara Lorene Hughes Vanzant. Her father was James Dave Hughes. I have no idea where they originated from but we have many relatives with the Hughes name from your area.
I have a great Uncle Bill and A great Uncle Bob. Do not know if we connect but lots of the names tie into my line. I like your web page. It is informative and Hope we can connect.

October 21, 1999
Jan <>
Checked your names none are my families. Good Luck!

October 21, 1999
Marian Bryson McGowen <>
Heya Bill - I loved your site. Great job. I'm just starting to research McGOWEN in Tennessee. While reading your guest book, I saw where someone is researching SPRINGFIELD in South Carolina (Greenville area) which is mine. By reading your guest book, I may be able to make another contact. Keep up the good work!

October 21, 1999
Sheila Bassett Pranger <sbpranger>
Just looking! My Elliott's were Quaker and 6 generations in Perquimans County, North Carolina before the migrated to Wayne County, Indiana at Civil War. Bennett1 & Letitia (Aggar) Elliott, JOseph2, Thomas3, Caleb4, Solomon5, Caleb6, and Wyke7 Elliott.

October 21, 1999
James W. Crippen <>
Couple spots I did not get into. Interested in your Mayflower whatever. Have several French&Indian
War Vets, in addition to a passel of Rev War relatives. Will get back to you site soon. JC3.

October 21, 1999
Hubert T. (Tom) Chandler <>
Well done - I like it. My mother's maiden name was Gay, but not the same branch as yours. Old Henry Gay was transported from England in 1764 and fought in the Revolution and the War of 1812. Very few, if any, of the Gays from are part of this line. Most of the Gays are from the New England Group or the IOW, VA and SC branches. My Henry spent part of his life in Frederick, MD and PA and the last 10 years or so (he died ab 1833) in Ohio. I have a track on several of his son's branches. You can see my Gay members at my Family Tree Home Page site and its Gay linked page. I am retired (30 years) active Army - I finished as the Army's Chief Dentist.

October 21, 1999
Frank Hummel <>
Great Homepage. Best that I have seen.
Great job.
Frank Hummel, of New Jersey

October 21, 1999
Nancy J. McCombs <>
Wow, you've found more info on the Bickel Family since we've e-mailed. Shame on you for not sharing!!! (Just kidding you). Surprised neither Hetzel nor Bickel fought in the Revolution. Really enjoyed your website. I know it is a tremendous amount of work. Sure keeps you out of trouble though! Nancy in Indiana

October 21, 1999
John Helmut Merz <>
Dear Bill, having the names Johannes Schwalm and Maria
Ottilie Bobb in your family tree makes me believe that
you are indeed related to the Johannes Schwalm people
of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association, Inc.,
who published a yearly Journal, and are very active in
Hessian research. I used to be a member of theirs, but
since they seemed to be too much family oriented, I am
not participating anymore, except I am still having
excellent contacts with some of their real experts.
Perhaps it would be a good idea if you let our mailing
list know how your 'Ahnentafel' is set up, starting
with you down to Johannes Schwalm, just that particular
branch. We all would appreciate. Incidentely, I also
have a Bopp in my early 1800's tafel which has eluded
me so far.
All in all, you are doing a great job with your page.
Congratulations. John M.

October 21, 1999
Jane [King] Richards <>
My King line began with 'Michael the Immigrant' in Va.,and spread to NC,SC, Ala.,Tx, Ark., Wash. and
Oregon [my native state, and where I live]. David King captained a wagon train in 1860 from Ark. to Or.
and settled in Jordon Valley, 1874.This is where my Gmother was born.---Jane

October 21, 1999
Leland M Puckett <>
Good page
Looking for, Voyles, Finney, Smithee, Trout, Wilkerson, Roden
Calk, Carter and many many more--Leland--

October 21, 1999
Karen Elliott <>
I received your email today, but cannot access your genealogy site -- I can get into the Surname file, and did find Elliott as a maternal link. I will try again later........ My Elliotts (from what little I know), all came from Missouri..... but I cannot find out where the began. I will let you know what I uncover if it does link us in any way. Thank you, Karen

October 21, 1999
Garland Horton <>
Hi, Bill. I'll follow your website with much interest.
Take care.

October 21, 1999
Erin Brinser <>
Very well done site!! Congrats on all the hard work. Someone is going to find lots of help here. Unfortunatly that person is not me. Your Nelson line is in South Carolina and mine is in Maryland. But I just wanted to let you know you have a wonderful site.

October 21, 1999
Mary Jo (Batdorf) Fritz <>
Congratulations on a job well done! I am researching the Batdorf line and am in direct line down from Christian and Eva Regina Karsnitz.

October 21, 1999
John Shipman Hendricks <>
I believe we are related on the FEG/FAEG line.

October 21, 1999
Linda Nelson <>
Just checking out to see if our WEST lines connected, but they don't. Your mother was a very beautiful lady.

October 21, 1999
Dorothy Campbell <>
Love your page.

Dorothy Young Campbell

October 21, 1999
George Elliott <>
Very nice home page. Thanks.

October 21, 1999
Tom Elliott <>
Bill.. I was very impressed with your page!!! My Elliott's came from Perquimans County, N.C. Being retired from the USAF I especially liked your military honor roll! Good luck in your endeavors.. Tom Elliott/San Antonio, Tx

October 21, 1999
Bob Page <>
I truly enjoyed your website. I was especially interested in your Honor Roll as I had not seen one like it. I will file the thought away for when I get around to creating my own Page page.I was checking it for Hughes, but mine (actually my children's and ex-wife's)only go back to Indiana circa 1829 so couldn't make a connection. Semper Fi.
- Bob Page -

October 21, 1999
Paula King Havens <>
I loved your site. I have the following in my line: King, Hughes, Lemley, Holland, Goodrich. Most of mine that I know of are from AR & OK & TN. Thank you for letting me visit your wonderful site.I like the tribute to the veterans. I am a widow of a vet. God Bless

October 21, 1999
Paul Kasper <>
My wife's maiden name is Pottorff, and traces her ancestry to Maartin Batdorf who arived with the Palatines in 1710, also. Thus being a distant relative. I will need to review what info she has and what you might have in comparison. Glad to meet you.

October 20, 1999
carol twitty woody <>
hi, bill, i was also born and raised in kershaw county, in a small community called antioch. i am related to the west and sowell families thru my mother. her maiden name is braddock, my grandmother was a horton. i also have a yearbook from antioch school in 1951.i don't have a home page. i am very new to this genealogy research.

October 20, 1999
Karen <>
Wow! and an impressive list of ancestors. Good work.

October 19, 1999
Helen Lane <>
http:// don't have one
You've done wonders. I, too, am from SC--Aiken, that is.

October 18, 1999
Dots <>
Nice site. No problem getting to it. I am looking for ancestors from SC.-- HOPPER's, HUFF.
SPRINGFIELDS (from Greenville county area , GALLAGHER (from Charleston) Dots

October 18, 1999
Earnest Hoffa <>
We have no homepage but our daughter does have one. I am
am very interested in some of your surnames; they are in
my husbands direct line. They are Henninger, Hoffa,
Klinger, Van Der Sluiss. I would be happy to share
what little we have on some of these lines. We do have
a lot on the Hoffa line.

October 18, 1999
Denise Lane <>
Your page is great! You have worked so hard, and now you can show off all your research. I'll be checking back often to see what you've added.
Your 5th cousin, once removed,

October 18, 1999
Mima Marie Vita <>
It's great, Bill. You have done a good job!!

October 18, 1999
Nancy G Chesnutt <>
Wow! It is plumb wonderful! You did good, Cuz!

October 18, 1999
Phil Douglas <>
Hi Bill. I got your site url off of the SC genealogy board. We don't have any common kinfolk but wanted to visit your site anyway. You have done a great job. Keep up the good work and good luck to you in your search for your ancestors.

October 18, 1999
Rachel Ward Cooksey <>
Enjoyed your site very much. I do have an interest in your John Nelson. By chance, do you know if any John Nelson migrated to Georgia. My gggrandfather was John Nelson and I have him in Thomas County, GA, in 1850. His wife was Mary Wilcox. I haven't been able to find out where they came from. Thanks for any help.


October 17, 1999
ron stone <>
http:// none
Looks like a welldone spot to visit. I was sorry I
didn't see any Stones. I have the line traced back to
s carolina, but not a specific location there as yet.
Anyway, thanks for the invitation to visit. Good luck
in your search.

October 17, 1999
R. W. "Bob" Hughes, Sr. <>
Bill and Wayne have done a GREAT job putting this thing together. Keep up the good work.

October 17, 1999
Jan Rubenkoenig <>
Well done! I also have a BLACKMON ancestor. My gggrandfather George Washington BLACKMON
born about 1835 in GA. His father's name may have been James, born in SC. His mother's name was
Elizabeth ?, born about 1800 in SC. George died about 1870 in Arkansas. If you happen on anything
relating to these people I would love to know.


October 17, 1999
Paul E. Sanders <>
I too have devoted my time to genealogy since my heart failure in 1996. I have tried several times to make a homepage that would include my genealogy but alas, so far I have not been successful. But I'll keep trying.

My surnames: Sanders, Shoop, Swenson. There are a lot more but those are the main ones.

God bless and keep you.

October 17, 1999
Arlene Buch-Houghton <>
great job, Bill. I need to do this also. Arlene

October 17, 1999
Jim Artz <>
Bill; You have done a nice job, the pictures help to personalize everything. Music is good, too.
Keep up the good work, will come back again

October 17, 1999
Lucile S. Fields <>
Very impressive. My husband's ancestors were in SC before the Rev. They were mostly in Darlington Area but a few in surrounding counties. I did not find any common ancestors with yours.

October 16, 1999
Jean Williams Farrar <>
WOW!!! You certainly have done the research in such a few short years. Most of my families are from South Carolina. I didn't see any of the names except Williams on your page. I descend from the DuBose, Warren, Norwood, Fort and Williams' from Darlington Dist. My Williams ancestor is Ira E. Williams who m. Mary Norwood Fort in 1822 and came to Mississippi immediately after that. If you have come across Ira E. Williams I would greatly appreciate your letting me know. He is as far back as I can go on my Williams line and is my 3rd gr-grandfather. You have a very nice home page. Hope you are feeling better now.

October 16, 1999
Barbara Snyder <>
Looking for Berks Co. Moyers 1799-1825. Also Zemers somewhere in PA 1780-1800.

October 16, 1999
Elise <>
Nice job, Bill. You have made so much progress.
We may be related through the Shade line. BUT, I have a
framed photograph of the parents of Harvey and Paul Bickel.
If you have any Bickel descendants who would be interested
in the photograph, please give them my address. Good luck
with your searches. Elise

October 16, 1999
Cynthia Holley <>
Got your site from the SC Genealogy List. I was not able to find a common ancestor but very much enjoyed the site. The pictures are wonderful. Great job! See you on the list.

October 16, 1999
Denise Britt <>
This is truely a nice home page. I have only just begun in my search, but I hope that I will make progress soon. Good Luck.

October 16, 1999
LaVeta Townsend <>
I enjoyed visiting your new site, great job I liked the family photos. hope to see more and please come visit my site.

October 16, 1999
Val McGinness <>
Followed your link from the Darlington list. Congratulations! You and Wayne have done good. Nice looking site!

October 16, 1999
Ruth Croasdale <>
Very impressive, Bill. I have a Pine Grove ancestor too - my gr-grandfather, Reuben Benjamin Miller was born in Pine Grove Aug. 31, 1853 and was buried in Wiconisco Evangelical Cemetery.

October 16, 1999
William R. King, Jr. (Bill) <>
Great Start, Bill!!! Thanks for sending me the info on your web page. Believe we have communicated previously. I, too, descend from a Captain George King (wife-Mary Kolb) of the Pedee River area of Darlington District, SC. My Captain George King has been often confused with your Capt. George King of the Chesterfield District. Does your research contain any data on the Captain George King and wife, Mary Kolb of Darlington District? If so, please share with me. THANKS!! Bill King, Houston, TX

October 16, 1999
Alice McCoog Smith <>
The McCoogs settled in Schuylkill County, PA, around 1850. The men went to work in the coal mines. This surname seems to be unique to my family, which is now spread all over the US. I'd be interested in learning of any connection your family may have with mine.

October 16, 1999
Jan Schach Zerbe wenstrand <>
Just perused your new web impressed and will keep checking back. You certainly have doen alot of research.

October 16, 1999
Dave Wilson <>
Enjoyed your site Bill, going through your chart I noticed several Batdorfs. I subscribe to the Dauphin County genweb mail and have seen several inquiries about that name. Someone is actively researching that name and if you don't subscribe it might be worth your while. I didn't recognize any others but I don't have much in dauphin.


October 16, 1999
Barbara Stainback <>
Hi Bill,
You did a wonderful job. You was a cute baby. I truly enjoyed it. Keep up the good work. I truly envy you. Wish I was smart enough to do something with my lines. Not created anymore. Hey 'Cuz' you are truly a blessing to me. So glad we are kin and hope to hear from you soon. May God Bless You In This Endeavor. Barbara

October 16, 1999
Bobby Ganunis <>
Great job! Quite impressive! I'll be visiting often! Your "Fearnot" Cousin!

October 16, 1999
Marie Driskell <>
I am very impressed, Cuzn! This is really a labor of love and a great deal of work. I will keep coming back to check out what you are adding.

October 15, 1999
Gay Jones <GJONES6206@Aol.Com>

October 15, 1999
Lynn Leonard <>
Bravo, to you and your cousin on this fabulous website. My sincere congratulations. I'll e-mail you later
re a couple of questions on the West genealogy wherein we differ. I'm sure the errors are on my side. It
is heartening to see the line linked. Hope what I sent helped a bit. I do think the reference to Long Grendou
is a misreading of Long Crendon. Someone misread the C as a G and then the n as a u. Same location.
I have not been able to find a Long Grendou--only a Long Crendon there in Bucks.

October 13, 1999
John Helmut Merz <>
How can I say no to have my webpage linked to yours,
you are doing a pretty good job in presenting your side
of the story, and more and more Americans discover that
they do have a Hessian soldier of the American Revolution
in their family tree, who became solid citizens in a new
land. Wish you best of luck! Greetings to all. John.
For those who are still chasing an elusive Hessian, read
my 'GUIDE to find your Hessian Soldier of the Am.Rev.

October 12, 1999
John Lee <>

October 11, 1999
Wayne Huckabee <Wayne>
Thanks for allowing me to have a small part in developing your site on the World Wide Web.
You are a blessing to so many people. I'm glad you're my Cuzzin.