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This Family Tree is Dedicated to my Mom,

Annie Mae Somers Whitesell.

Annie Mae & Brice

Annie Mae and Brice Whitesell
Picture taken spring 2000

    Mom worked almost continuously researching our Family Tree from her retirement from public work in 1979 to about 1995.  Her idea was to be able to share the history of our family with others.  It all started out to be a simple history of the direct line of her ancestors in the Somers Family, but as time went by it grew into much much more. Not only did she research the Somers / Summers families, but continued on to gather information and to research the Whitesell family as well. Both the Summers / Somers and the Whitesell families are related to each other at several branches of the tree.  The amount of family information that she gathered inspired me to continue her work today.  I give all the credit to her for taking the time to do the foot work collecting and recording the family genealogy information.

    I cannot forget my Dad either. He was a very patient man when it came to Mom's work on the family tree.  He always replied with his unique laugh when Mom told stories of her travels and findings.

 The smiles that Mom had on her face were viewed by so many people that she met along the way.

Those smiles that I have seen many many times, will remain in my mind forever.

Thank You Mama for your time, trouble, dedication and most of all your Love.

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Whitesell, Somers and Related Families

I hope you enjoy looking at Our Whitesell Family Tree.

Have Fun!    Terry

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