State Troops Proper

State Troops Proper

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In addition to the organizations which have been shown in this work in detail, there were nearly four thousand men enrolled for duty by the State of Kentucky under the above head.


In the Adjutant Generalís report it is shown that these State Troops Proper were as follows:


First Regiment Capital Guards

 Frankfort Battalion

 Paducah Battalion

 Sandy Valley Battalion

North Cumberland Battalion

Three Forks Battalion

Hallís Gap Battalion

Mercer County State Guards

Green River Battalion

Middle Green River Battalion

South Cumberland Battalion

First Kentucky State Cavalry

Casey County State Guards

Frankfort Battalion


The service of these state troops is thus mentioned in the adjutant-generalís report:


The Capital Guard Regiment, Kentucky State Troops, was raised under sanction of the War Department, dated July 11, 1863, and consisted of three battalions- one stationed in the neighborhood of Frankfort, one at or near Paducah, and one in the Sandy Valley. The remainder of the state forces, except the Mercer County State Guards and Casey County State Guards, were raised under an act of Kentucky Legislature, approved January 26, 1864, entitled "An Act empowering the government to raise a force for the defense of the state."


The two State Guard companies mentioned were raised under the militia law of the state, and being ordered on duty, were assigned for service to the battalions with which they appear. All of these troops did valuable and efficient service to the state and the general government, as the history of the time would fully show. The Sandy Valley battalion rendered most important service during the Saltville raid. The Frankfort battalion protected the capital from the frequent incursions of guerrilla forces. The Paducah battalion protected the southwestern portion of the state. Shortly after the muster-out of this battalion the gallant Capt. Thos. J. Gregory, Company A, was killed in action while leading a charge against a guerrilla force. The troops raised under the act of January 26, 1864, were enlisted subsequent to the muster-out of the Capital Guards regiment, and were located as follows: The Three Forks battalion in the extreme southeastern portion of the state, with headquarters at Booneville.


The Hallís Gap battalion in the locality between Stanford and Hallís Gap; headquarters at Stanford.


The Green River battalion in the counties between the Ohio and Green Rivers, with headquarters at Calhoun.


The Middle Green River battalion in the southern portion of the state, with headquarters at Rochester.


The South Cumberland battalion, also in the southern portion of the state, with headquarters at Burksville.


The 1st Ky. Cavalry in the central part of the state, with headquarters at Lebanon.


The Frankfort battalion was assigned to duty in guarding the Louisville and Lexington railroad, and the country adjacent thereto.


All of these battalions performed the most valuable service against the rebels and guerillas under Morgan, Johnson, South, Lyon, Mundy, Gentry, Jesse, etc., and for some time freed the state from the incursions of these troops.


September 3, 1862, Gov. Robinson appointed Col. Wm. H. Wadsworth, of Maysville, to command the state forces in Mason County. Col. Wadsworth appointed on his staff Richard Apperson, Jr., Thos. M. Green and Sam W. Owens (Collinsí Annals). In connection with the history of the 14th Ky. Cavalry this service of Col. Wadsworth is mentioned.

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