Volunteer Roster

Our Contributing Staff

These people volunteered their time to add to this site. Without their contribution, Thomas Speed's tribute to the service of our Kentucky grandfathers in the cause of preservation of the Union would remain obscure and difficult to find. We hope that we have been able to add to the honor of our veteran ancestors through this resource.

Posted in order received.

Robert M. Baker, Project Coordinator, Editor, Webmaster
Steve Lynn, SCV and Ky. Dept., SUVCW, member
Scott Gardner, SCV and Ky. Dept., SUVCW, member
Pamela Norman Baker, Clay County Elementary School Librarian
Joseph Reinhart, 6th Ky. Inf. Historian and Ky. Dept., SUVCW, member
Timothy Downey, Ky. Dept., SUVCW, member
Gloria Rose Gialdella, 39th Kentucky Infantry veteran descendant
Dennis Belcher, 10th Kentucky Infantry veteran descendant
Reg Palmore, 5th Kentucky Infantry veteran descendant
Don Chesnut, 14th Kentucky Cavalry descendant
Charlene Moore, 13th Kentucky Cavalry descendant
Michael Farnsley, member Department of Ohio, William T. Sherman Camp #97, SUVCW, and 9th Kentucky Infantry Webmaster

Special thanks are due Pattie Burke (Women's Relief Corps, Michigan Chapter) for allowing Brother Downey to use her gear to complete the conversion of the paper texts into digital text.

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