The Billings Family: Genealogical Ramblings
Genealogical Ramblings

These are the people who make up my tree.
They gave me their heritage and their DNA.
They helped make the US what it is today.
They are my family.

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A quick note on the family indexes:
The farthest generation back that I know of is the top link, the following generations from earliest to latest,
with the most recent generation in the family line at the bottom of the list.

The Billings family.
The Crotts family.
The Waddell family.
The Goad family.

The Dixon family.
The Gladden family.
The Stewart family.
The Mauney family.


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Most Common Surnames
Billings, Bird, Carpenter, Dalton, Dickson/Dixon, Duncan, Eaker, Edwards, Gladden, Goad, Lipscomb, Mabry/Maybury, Mauney, Patterson , Stewart



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