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The Bircher Family Tree

Welcome to the Bircher Family Tree. We have been researching for about five years now and our GEDCOM contains almost 5,000 individuals, including some 1,200 different surnames, and spanning 59 generations. I wish I could claim all the credit, but I truly must thank the many researchers who have contributed to the various ancestry and genealogy sites and boards for sharing their painstaking work, especially those in the UK. I also want to thank the many living cousins for their contributions – probably the most rewarding result of researching our families has been the opportunity to reconnect with a number of lost family members and to make the acquaintance of other who I never knew existed.

For the Bircher Family Tree, we are currently researching some of the following major families:

The Bircher Families, originally from region of Tamworth Staffordshire-Warwickshire, UK (1770), then Philadelphia

The Coldwell Families, originally from the region of Attercliffe & Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK (1770), then Philadelphia

The Reeves Family of St. Mary’s and Charles Counties, Maryland (1625) then Indiana

The Freeman & Morris Families of Monmouth, New Jersey (1732) then Kentucky

The Leer Families of Bourbon County, Kentucky (1720)

The Allen Family of Virginia (1650), then North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama

The Hamby & Spraggins Families of Alabama and Georgia (1800)

The Thompson & Meeks Families of Georgia (1785), then Madison & Suwannee, Florida

The Scholes & Kindle Families of North Carolina & Tennessee (1800)

Index of All Family Names in Alphabetical Order

We would welcome any suggestions, changes, or corrections from other researchers or family members. We would also appreciate any family history, antidotes, and especially photos that anyone would like to share. I am also willing to share my GEDCOM with anyone, as long as you understand that try as hard as we try to source and verify all the data therein, there could be errors --- I do not guarantee it's accuracy.

You are more than welcome to contact me, or visit my website.

John E. Bircher III

Last Update: June 15, 2006

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