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Ontario Birth Registrations
"U" Surnames

7508-69 (Peterborough Co) UDY, Lilly Louisa, f, b. July 20, 1969, father William UDY, laborer, mother Mary Ann GLASS, infm William Udy, Smith Tp

035138-95 (Wellington Co) UDY, Lloyd Milner, m, b. 28 Mar.1895, father Arthur UDY, farmer; mother Jane COATES, infm Arthur Udy, Lot 9, Conc.12, Peel Twp

018528-70 (Waterloo Co) UEBERSCHLAG, Agatha, f, b. 20 Oct. 1870, father - Joseph UEBERSCHLAG, farmer, mother - Magdalena VOLL, infm - Joseph Ueberschlag, Near St. Agatha, Wilmot Twp

32877-78 (Waterloo Co) UEBERSCHLAG, Anton, m, b. 10 June 1878, father - Joseph UEBERSCHLAG, farmer, mother - Magdalene VOLL, infm - John Ueberschlag, Wilmot Twp

32876-78 (Waterloo Co) UEBERSCHLAG, Jacob, m, b. 20 July 1878, father - John UEBERSCHLAG, farmer, mother - Maria VOLL, infm - father, Wilmot Twp.

13702-98 (Frontenac Co) UFFORD (?) John, m, b. Jan. 31, 1898, father William Henry UFFORD, laborer, mother Alice Elizabeth CAMPBELL, infm W. H. Ufford.

22475-71 (Essex Co) UGHBANKS (?), Isaac Eugene, m, b. Mar. 6, 1871, father Robert William UGHBANKS, farmer, mother Jane W. FAIRFAX, infm Robert Ughbanks, S. Colchester Tp

033203-97 (Perth Co) UGLOW; Elma Haynes; f; 10 Aug 1897; father -  Gerrance UGLOW, druggist; mother - Jennie MAXWORTHY; Dr. Armstrong;  Fullarton Twp

005155-69 (Waterloo Co) UHRIG, Eva Maria, f, b. 7 Oct. 1869, father - Jacob UHRIG, laborer, mother - Mary LOEFFLER, infm - Jacob Uhrig, Berlin

005516-69 (Waterloo Co) ULBERSHLAG, Maria Theresa, f, b. 2 Sept. 1869, father - Joseph ULBERSHLAG, farmer; mother - Madgalena FOLL (or VOLL), infm - Christina Wey, midwife

004576-83 (Carleton Co) ULLETT, Jane, f, b. March 14, 1883, father - John ULLETT, mortar in (?), mother - Maria WHITE, infm John Ullett, Nepean

8807-69 (Ontario Co) ULLYOT, Ambrose Edward, m, b. Oct. 29, 1869, father Isaac ULLYOTT, laborer, mother Mary CAMERON, infm Isaac Ullyot, East Whitby

4661-69 (Wellington Co) ULLYOT, Mary Catharine, f, b.  July 4, 1869, father - Henry ULLYOT, medical doctor; mother - Catharine Miller KAY, infm - Dr A Ullyot, Rothsay

#004069-01 (Toronto) UMBACH, Douglas Campbell, m, b. 21 Aug. 1901, father Philip UMBACH, policeman; mother Maggie MILLAR, infm Philip Umbach, 67 McMillan

#047549-02 (York Co) UMPHREY, Iva Elizabeth Sinclair, f, b. 30 Jul. 1902, father - J. Newton UMPHREY, farmer, lot 19, con1; mother - Mabel Ross BROWN, infm - W.D. Webster, Georgina Twp.

#030907-04 (Ontario Co) UMPHREY, Margaret Lenora, f, b. 5 Sep.1904, father John U. UMPHREY, farmer; mother Ethel A. BAGSHAW, infm John U. Umphrey, Scott Twp

#045982-01 (York Co) UMPHREY, Robert Frederick Wallace, m, b. 11 Feb.1901, father James Newton UMPHREY, lumberman; mother Mable Ross BROWN, infm R.E. Webster, Georgina Twp

#002941-07 (Toronto) UMPHREY, William Andrew?, m, b. 30 Mar 1907, father -  William UMPHREY, retired gentleman, mother - Minnie STRACHAN, William Umphrey, Toronto

#015545-72 (Ontario Co) UNDERDOWN, Thomas Benjamin, m, b. 1 May 1872, father - William UNDERDOWN, farmer; mother-  Catherine WESTCOTT, infm - Wm Underdown, Thorah Twp.

12347-72 (Oxford Co) UNDERHAY, Eliza, f, born 4 Aug 1871, father - George UNDERHAY, farmer; mother - Eunice A. BOND (or Bend); infm - Dr. Daniel Clark of Princeton

#40532-82 (Toronto) UNDERHILL, no name, stillborn, born 4 Jan.1882, father - Abraham UNDERHILL, laborer; mother - Annie RAMSDEN, infm - Louis Ramsden of 42 Water St., Toronto

#038847-93 (York Co) UNDERHILL, Edgar Egbert, m, b. 27 Oct.1893, father Fredrick UNDERHILL, shoe maker; mother Della REESOR, infm blank, Markham Village

007071-07 (Toronto) UNDERHILL, Edith Julia Marie, f, b. Nov. 4, 1907, father William George UNDERHILL, machinist, mother Edith Marie BROWN, infm Mrs. W. Underhill, Toronto

003953-08 (Toronto) UNDERHILL, Frances William, m, b. Mar. 26 1908, father - William Harold UNDERHILL, fitter, mother - Beatrice Lily FOSTER, infm - A. T. MacNamara, Toronto

1760-83 (Brant Co) UNDERHILL, Horace Mellville, m, b. 17 July 1883, father - William B?. UNDERHILL, farmer; mother - Jessie CHISHOLM; infm - father, Brantford twp

4658-69 (Wellington Co) UNDERHILL, Lillie R, f, b.  Dec. 26, 1869, father - Judson UNDERHILL, mother - Rose UNDERHILL, infm - (not disclosed)

28723-00 (Nipissing Dist) UNDERHILL, Myrtle Trina? f, b. July 15, 1900, father H. J. UNDERHILL, laborer, mother Maggie JAMES, infm H. J. Underhill, Sturgeon Falls

#026929-74 (Toronto) UNDERWOOD, Anna Geraldine, f, b. 3 Jan. 1874, father Charles Fredk. W. UNDERWOOD, Gentleman; mother Mary Victoria Geraldine PIERCE, infm C.F.W. Underwood, Oakville.

#007641-73 (Huron Co) UNDERWOOD, John, m, b. 9 July 1873, father - Joseph UNDERWOOD, Laborer;  mother - Ann  ALDERSON,  Infm - Joseph Underwood, Twp. of  Grey

042476-96 (York Co) UNDERWOOD Martha Ann, F, 13 Oct 1895, Richard UNDERWOOD, farmer, Christina CLARK, infm- Richard UNDERWOOD, Scarborough

2670-69 (Hastings Co) UNDERWOOD, Morley Teinceon, m, b. Aug. 9, 1869, father Benjamin W. UNDERWOOD, farmer, mother Catharine A. OUTWATER, infm B. H. Underwood, Sidney

#039837-87 (York Co) UNDERWOOD, Robert, m, b. 15 Apr.1887, father Richard UNDERWOOD, farmer; mother Isabella SELLAR, infm Richard Underwood, Armadale, Scarboro Twp

018106-70 (Waterloo Co) UNDERWOOD, Samuel George, m, b. 27 Oct. 1870, father - Benjamin UNDERWOOD, laborer, mother - Matilda BRIGHTON, infm - Benj. Underwood, Waterloo Twp

027552-99 (Northumberland Co) UNDERWOOD, William E. Gladstone, m, b. Dec. 15, 1898, father John UNDERWOOD, farmer, mother Bella RITCHIE, infm John Underwood, Lot 24 Conc 3, Haldimand Tp.

#29634-00 (Ontario Co) UNDERWOOD, Wm. Harry, m, born 15 Apr 1900, father - W. J. UNDERWOOD, Clerk, mother - Annie Sophia CHAPMAN, infm - W. J. Underwood, Town of Uxbridge

005612-69 (Waterloo Co) UNGER, Blank, f, b. 27 Nov. 1869, father - Moses UNGER, farmer, mother - Magdalena HISTAND, infm - Dr. Wm. Bell, Ayr

#031148-00 (Parry Sound Dist) UNGER, Chester Harold, m, b. 4 Oct. 1900, father Johnston Clark UNGER, butcher, South River Village; mother Elizabeth SHIELDS, infm J.C. Unger, Machar Twp

018420-70 (Waterloo Co) UNGER, Margarett, f, b. 1 Feb. 1870, father - John UNGER, farmer, mother - Mary BOWMAN, infm - John Unger, Wilmot Twp

018624-02 (Hastings Co) UNKNOWN, Bridget, f, b. June 14, 1902, father not given, blank, mother unknown, infm Rev. J. J. McInerney, Monteagle/Herschel Tp.?

009099-97 (Carleton Co) UNKNOWN, Joseph Alexander, m, b. Jan, 19, 1897, father blank, blank, mother blank, infm Dr. Mongenais, St. Mary of the Cross, Ottawa

009101-97 (Carleton Co) UNKNOWN, Joseph Andre Wilfred, m, b. Jan. 23, 1897, father blank, blank, mother blank, infm Dr. Mongenais, St. Mary of the Cross, Ottawa

9055-97 (Carleton Co) UNKNOWN SURNAME, Joseph Antoine, m, b. 3 Jan 1897, father - unknown; mother - unknown; infm - St. Mary of the Cross, Ottawa

009102-97 (Carleton Co) UNKNOWN, Marie Adeline, f, b. Jan. 26, 1897, father blank, blank, mother blank, infm Dr. Mongenais, St. Mary of the Cross, Ottawa

009100-97 (Carleton Co) UNKNOWN, Marie Aglae, f, b. Jan. 19, 1897, father blank, blank, mother blank, infm - Dr. Mongenais, St. Mary of the Cross, Ottawa

9056-97 (Carleton Co) UNKNOWN SURNAME, Marie Victorie, f, 30 Dec 1896, father - unknown; mother - unknown; infm - St. Mary of the Cross, Ottawa

9057-97 (Carleton Co) UNKNOWN SURNAME, Marie Ann , f,  b. 6 Jan 1897, father - unknown; mother - unknown; infm - St. Mary of the Cross, Ottawa

9058-97 (Carleton Co) UNKNOWN SURNAME, Marie Agnes, f, b. 5 Jan 1897, father - unknown; mother - unknown; infm - St. Mary of the Cross, Ottawa

9059-97 (Carleton Co) UNKNOWN SURNAME, Joseph Alphonse, m, b. 13 Jan 1897, father - unknown; mother - unknown; infm - St. Mary of the Cross, Ottawa

39068-80 (Wentworth Co) UNKNOWN [torn page, surname lost], Carrie, f, b. 17 Mar. 1880, father - William, mother - Martha [reg'd in Barton Tp.]

 39073-80 (Wentworth Co) UNKNOWN [torn page, surname lost], Ira Roy, m, b. 10 Feb. 1880, father - Ira [torn page, reg'd in Barton Tp.]

39075-80 (Wentworth Co) UNKNOWN [torn page, surname lost], Ethel Blanche, f, b. 10? Mar. 1880, father - James, mother - Blanche [reg'd in Barton Tp.]


5813-69 (Lambton Co) UNSWORTH, Margaret Louisa, f, b. 14 Oct 1869, father - Isaac UNSWORTH, merchant, mother - Elizabeth Margaretta WEBSTER, infm - father, Florence

#022077-77 (Oxford Co) UPFOLD, John, m, b. 30 Dec 1876, father Ambrose Uphold, farmer, mother Caroline HAINES, infm Ambrose Upfold, West Oxford Twp

006577-69 (Norfolk Co) UPPER, Baby, m, b. Nov 5, 1869, father James. S. UPPER, merchant, mother [blank], infm Alfred Bowlby

023416-73 (Welland Co) UPPER, Charles Henry, m, b. 2 Mar 1873, father - Joseph UPPER, carpenter, mother - Emeline MOSIER, infm - mother of infant, Allanburgh

023410-73 (Welland Co) UPPER, Richard Alexander, m, b. 4 Feb 1873, father - James Strut UPPER, hotel keeper, mother - Lizza THOMPSON, infm - James S. Upper, Allanburg

018895-84 (Lincoln Co) UPPER (YPPER?), Viola May, f, b. Aug. 19, 1884, father - Luther UPPER, teamster, mother - Maggie DALE, infm - Luther Upper, Merritton

025650-75 (Toronto) UPTHGROVE, Ida Alberta, f, b. May 18, 1875, father John UPTHGROVE, carpenter, mother Mary LUCAS, infm J. Upthgrove

029760-08 (Middlesex Co) UPTHGROVE, William Osborne Richard, m, b. Apr. 23, 1908, father - Wm Francis UPTHGROVE, fireman, mother - Ula Adelaide DUNN, infm W. F. Upthgrove, London

039658-05 (Rainy River Dist) UPTON, Elsie Alexandra, f, b. May 10, 1905, father Alexander UPTON, bridge carpenter, mother L. McKAY, infm Mrs. A. Upton, Kenora

#039171-93 (York Co) UPTON, Frank William, m, b. 1 May 1893, father George UPTON, labourer; mother Elizabeth FITCH, infm George Upton, 98 Edmund St, Toronto Junction

041165-84 (York Co) UPTON, Jessie Louise, f, b. 7 Feb. 1884, father Thomas UPTON, brick maker; mother Alice LACELLES, infm Thos. Upton, Carlton West.

#004982-00 (Toronto) UPTON, Laura Victoria,  f.  b. 6 Nov. 1900,  father - Frederick Edward UPTON, St. Ry. Foreman,  mother - Maria Blanche COOK,  infm - mother, 121 Oak

052586-07 (York Co) URCH, Ada, f, b. Aug. 29, 1907, father - Leonard URCH, plumber, mother - Ada LEWIS, infm - Dr. E. Bull, Etobicoke

#015306-76 (Ontario Co) URE, Christina Annan, f, b. 25 May 1876, father - Alexander URE, sailor & shipman?; mother - Margaret HERD, infm - Alexander Ure, Dunbarton, Pickering Twp.

8388-69 (Middlesex Co) UREN, Francis, m, b. Sept. 20, 1869, father - Richard UREN, farmer, mother - Mary BOWERS, infm - Moffitt Forster MD, Thorndale

43505-97 (Waterloo Co) URIG, Irene Ellenora, f, b 14 Aug, 1897, father - URIG, Joseph, carpenter, mother - HIETUS, Wilhelmina, infm: HIETUS, Joseph, Woolwich

#32155-84 (Renfrew Co) URITCH, Rosa, f, b. Sep 4 1884, father Joseph URITCH, laborer, mother - Ann SHALLOW, infm - Mrs. Joseph URITCH, Renfrew

032785-82 (Glengarry Co) URQUHART, Baby, f, b. Mar. 28, 1882, father William URQUHART, merchant, mother Janet DICKSON, infm Wm. McDermid MD, Dunvegan, Kenyon Tp

#015425-73 (Ontario Co) URQUHART, Albert William, m, b. 10 Dec 1872, father - David URQUHART, agent; mother - Mary WALKEY, infm - David URQUHART, Reach

17035-04 (Grey Co) URQUHART, Cassey Wilfred, m, born 24 Sept 1904, father - Hugh Herbert URQUHART, chair maker; mother - Hester Elizabeth McCOMB; infm - infm - Mrs. Mary Jane McComb; residence of parents - Melville St.,  Owen Sound

#001386-97 (Toronto) URQUHART, Clarence Attrill, m, b. 2 Jan.1897, father George William URQUHART, shoe cutter; mother Agatha LITTLETON, infm Mrs. Urquhart, 65 Berkeley St

026091-98 (Muskoka Dist.) URQUHART, David Dalton Ellard William, m, Oct 26, 1898, father - David S. Urquhart, laborer; mother Almeda B. PEP(cut off), infm - Mrs. W. Monohan, Huntsville

005564-07 (Toronto) URQUHART, Donald Mowat, m, b. Aug. 19, 1907, father Archibald URQUHART, engineer, mother Margaret MOWAT, infm Mrs. Woods of North Temiskaming. Toronto

4102-69 (Wentworth Co) URQUHART, Harriet, f, b. Sept. 15, 1869, father Alexander URQUHART, black smith, mother Mary Ann McDONAGH,  infm Alexander Urquhart, Dundas

#015043-00 (Grey Co) URQUHART, Herbert, m, b. 28 Feb 1900, father Hugh URQUHART, laborer; mother Esther McCOMBE, infm Mrs. Urquhart, Owen Sound

#014738-73 (Ontario Co) URQUHART, Ida Jessy, f, b. 15 Jul.1873, father George URQUHART, carpenter; mother Mary F. RICHARDSON, infm George Urquhart (signed), E1/2 Lot 6, Conc 4, Scott Twp

#023780-90 (Ontario Co) URQUHART, Jane Evelyn, f, b. 14 Jan 1890, father - John URQUHART, farmer; mother - Sarah Jane HUSSEY, infm - not given, Lot 12 in 5th Con, Scott Twp

038057-99 (Glengarry Co) URQUHART, John McKay, m, b. Jan 21, 1899, father - John URQUHART, labourer, mother Isabella CRAIK, infm D. McLunnan, M.D., Charlottenburgh

#015919-72 (Ontario Co) URQUHART, Mary, f, b. 28 Jun.1872, father - Donald URQUHART, farmer; mother - Lucy CHRISTIE, infm-  Donald Urquhart, S 1/2 Lot 8, Conc5, Scott twp.

#043275-93 (Toronto) URQUHART, Matilda, f, b. 26 Sep.1893, father - Frederick William URQUHART, machinist; mother - Matilda MILLER, infm - Mrs. Miller, 302 Broadview Ave

#039417-03 (Simcoe Co) URRY, Eveline Eleanor, f, born 8 June 1903, father - Walter URRY, furniture dealer; mother - Rebecca INGRAM; infm - father, Toronto St. in Barrie

#03380-77 (Wentworth Co) URRY, Minnie Jane, f, b. May 21, 1877, father - Walter URRY, Barber; mother - Fanny BEVIS, infm - Walter Urry, Hamilton

6783-69 (Northumberland & Durham Co) USHER, Baby, f, b. July 18, 1869, father William USHER, yeoman, mother not given, infm William Usher, Haldimand Tp

#042055-84 (York Co) USHER, Alice, f, b. 27 Feb.1884, father - Thomas USHER, farmer; mother - Jane LISTER, infm - Thos. Usher, Etobicoke Twp.

#027674-98 (Northumberland Co) USHER, Bella? Grace, f, b. 20 Apr 1898, father- John B. USHER, farmer, mother- Jessie A. WAIT, infm.- John B. Usher, Haldimand Twp

#019204-72 (York Co) USHER, Eliza Jane, f, b. 21 Feb.1872, father - William USHER, farmer; mother - Emma BROWN, infm - Jno. Wilkinson MD, Etobicoke Twp.

055819-08 (York Co)  USHER, Evelyn Marie, f, b. March 11 1908, father - Richard USHER, dairyman, mother - Eva SHAISSON? infm - first name illegible Wells, Etobicoke

#039535-93 (York Co) USHER, Harold, m, b. 27 Sep.1893, father - Thomas USHER, farmer; mother - Jane LISTER, infm - Thomas Usher, Thistletown, Etobicoke Twp.

 #024435-95  (Peel Co) USHER, James Alonzo, m, b. May 8, 1895, father - William USHER, Carpenter; mother - Annie LEGGATT, infm - Annie Leggatt, Bolton, Bolton

#046333-98 (York Co) USHER, Norman, m, b. 12 Jun.1898, father William USHER, labourer, Islington; mother Eliza E. NEWLOVE, infm E. Bull MD, Etobicoke Twp

#038786-77 (York Co) USHER, Richard, m, b. 21 Sep.1877, father - William USHER, farmer; mother - Emma BROWN, infm - Jon Wilkinson MD, Etobicoke Twp.

#046976-97 (York Co) USHER, Thomas Albert, m, b. 28 Jun.1897, father Thomas USHER, farmer; mother Jane LISTER, infm John E. King MD, Etobicoke Twp

055795-08 (York Co)  USHER, Violet Louise, f, b. Jan. 8 1908, father - William USHER, farrier, mother - Eliza NEWLOVE, infm - Dr. E. Ball, Etobicoke

003596-69 (Toronto) USSHER, Florence Victoria, f, b. 4 Nov 1869, father John Frederick Campbell, USSHER, Gentleman; mother Frances Emma STANTON, infm John F. C. Ussher, No 2 Victoria Place, Victoria St

#022090-77 (Oxford Co) UTLEY, Sarah, f, b. 6 Feb 1877, father Isaiah Utley, carpenter, mother Anna Margaret RAYMOND, infm Isaiah Utley, West Oxford Twp

055616-08 (Wentworth Co) UTTER, Emily Margery Jessimine, f, b. Feb 1 1908, father - Geo. W. UTTER, farmer, mother - Emily Margery PICKERING, infm - Geo. W. Utter, Stoney Creek

6638-69 (Norfolk Co) UTTER, George Darius, m, b. July 11, 1869, father Peter UTTER, labourer, mother Mary M. SMITH, infm G.W. Wood M.D., Delhi  *Note: this registration had the word deceased written beside labourer

042192-01 (Waterloo Co) UTTLEY, Lanier (Laurier?), m, b. Sept. 26, 1901, father Peter UTTLEY, mother Catharine OBERER, infm Peter Uttley, Waterloo

#040676-84 (Welland Co) UTZ, Anne Caroline, f, b. 15 Oct.1884, father John W. UTZ, farmer; mother Elizabeth HELSEL, infm John W. Utz, Humberstone Twp


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