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With Ontario BDM registrations available on www.ancestry.ca, updates to this site are sporadic and based on what is received from volunteer transcribers.  Presently ancestry.ca has births up to 1909 - there are some 1910/11 entries on this site.

November 20, 2010 - some 1911 entries from Toronto, Nipissing Dist & York County.

  RECENT UPDATES - an "archives" of uploads 

The site has been created to house transcriptions of Ontario Birth Registrations for genealogical research, and has a good representation of most Ontario counties and districts. Daily postings are highlighted at the top of this page; in some cases surname lists of updates are posted to the Ontario & York County lists on Rootsweb.

Birth Registrations housed on this website cover the period 1869 to 1911 only. Civil registration began in Ontario on 1 July 1869, although in the early years, not all births were registered. Prior to 1869 you will need to check existing church registers to find baptismal records.  Check the Archives of Ontario website for more details on parish registers. 

For births which occurred after 1911, you will need to contact the Office of the Registrar General for the province of Ontario. CLICK HERE.

All entries are arranged alphabetically by surname and can be accessed by clicking the appropriate letter of the alphabet on the chart to the left. In many cases, the content has grown so large that pages have had to be sub-divided.  Look for the links at the top of each Birth page to lead you to a different page (ie: For H surnames, you will need to click the link "Ho-Hu" surnames to access this surname information).  

FORMAT - Each entry is arranged in the following format - Registration Number; County; Surname; child's name; sex; birth date; father's name & occupation; mother's maiden name; informant; township/town/village of registration.

If you are not familiar with Ontario Birth Registrations, the sample birth registration on the right is a good example of what you can expect to see on an original entry. It also shows you the questions that were recorded and the format of the originals. 

Due to space restrictions, I have omitted the name of the Doctor or midwife, the date of registration and the registrar's name.  In many cases, the informant, often the child's father, signed the registration form himself.

SOURCES - The Birth Registrations shown on this site are available through the Archives of Ontario (see link below) or the LDS Church.  Bill Martin's site gives an excellent overview of both sources with corresponding reel numbers. CLICK HERE to learn more.

WARNING - if you find an entry of interest, I would urge you to obtain a copy of that entry and verify the data listed here.  Although care has been taken to list the correct facts in each transcription, errors can happen, old writing can be miss-interpreted and sometimes entries can be very difficult to decipher. For the integrity of your own research, you should use this information as a guide and support it with a copy of the actual entry.

Keep in mind that although this site is updated several times a week, the entries found here are a mere sampling of Ontario Birth Registrations.  When  you do not find the entry you are interested in this does not mean that the registration doesn't exist.  Check the Ontario Birth Registrations indexes (see link under Sources) to learn more.


Miscellaneous Ontario Birth Registrations - as extracted by Duncan Blachford and arranged alphabetically. These 900 entries roughly cover the period 1866 to 1905 and encompass a number of counties and cities in Ontario. CLICK HERE

Baptism index to Grace Anglican Church, Markham Village, Markham Township, 1849 - 1862. From notes of the late Marion Keffer.  This index includes the parents' names, father's occupation, abode and baptism date.  Includes primarily families from YORK County.  CLICK HERE.

Births from the Brampton Presbyterian Church, Baptismal Register, 1849 - 1876 (GS3452).  Transcribed by Mary Crandall and listed in alphabetical order - most families from PEEL County.  CLICK HERE.

PEEL COUNTY BIRTH REGISTRATIONS. A transcription by Mary Crandall of births registered in PEEL County for the years 1869, 1870, 1881, 1885 & 1901.  This has been set up on a separate page and these births have not been included in the alphabetical listing, so be sure to check here also! CLICK HERE.

Baptisms 1853 to 1916 in Frontenac and Lennox & Addington Counties. (MS248, reel 6, vol 11). A work in progress by Mary Crandall.  To view the entries transcribed to date, and arranged alphabetically, CLICK HERE.

Markham Circuit Primitive Methodist Baptism Registers (1843-1866). The Markham Circuit included areas of Markham, Scarborough, Whitchurch, Pickering and King Townships (to name a few) - predominately areas of YORK COUNTY and ONTARIO COUNTY, Ontario.  The register begins in 1843 and includes the child's name, parents, father's occupation, birthplace and in many cases, the actual birth date.  Often, whole families were baptised at one time. CLICK HERE to see the full register.

Markham Circuit Primitive Methodist Baptism Registers (1866-1881).  This is the companion register to the baptisms listed above and continues where the first register ends in 1866.  Again, entries are predominately for persons in York and Ontario Counties.  This register begins in July 1866 and includes child's name, where and when born, parents' names, father's occupation and baptism date.  CLICK HERE to access this register.

Parish Registers of St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in Beaverton, Ontario.  This parish served the Catholic community in Ontario County, York County and some areas of Simcoe County.  The parishioners were predominately Irish and French Canadian.  This is an on-going project and register pages will be uploaded as they are transcribed.  Thanks to Joan Jackaman who supplied copies of the registers and suggested the project. The register begins with Baptisms in 1858.  You can access the originals at your LDS library, using film number 1305883 St Joseph's Parish Beaverton.  CLICK HERE to see the first 7 pages, covering the period 1858 to 1863.

Baptisms for St. Andrews (Maple) Presbyterian Church, Maple, Vaughan Twp., York County, Ontario (Dec.1865- Dec.1871). CLICK HERE to learn about the congregation and access the baptism register.

Baptisms for Erskine Presbyterian Church, Pickering Twp., Ontario County, Ontario (1869-1881). CLICK HERE to access the baptism register.


CLICK HERE to access Ontario Birth Registrations for the counties of Essex & Kent.  This is a portion of the Essex & Kent County Transcription Site maintained by Cindy

CLICK HERE to access Mary Crandall's transcription of birth registrations for Goderich HURON (1870-75) & Galt WATERLOO (1870).

CLICK HERE for Erin Township, Wellington County birth registrations.  Sandy McLellan's site contains many resources for Erin Township research.

CLICK HERE to access Jen Wylie's site with transcribed birth registrations for Howe Island Twp., Frontenac County from 1872 to 1903. Included are some entries for Amherst Island (Lennox & Addington Co) and Wolfe & Garden Island (Frontenac Co).

CLICK HERE to visit Mary Crandall's site of Ontario Marriages which houses full transcriptions of Ontario Marriage Registrations and was the driving force behind the creation of this site.  If you find a birth registration on this site, check Mary's site to see if the parents' marriage registration is listed!

CLICK HERE to visit the Archives of Ontario site which explains the Birth, Death and Marriage Registrations, interlibrary loans and how to use the indexes.

Wesleyan Methodist Baptism Register - transcribed by Ida Reed and housed on Bill Martin's site.  Lists full details of baptisms recorded throughout Ontario by the Wesleyan Methodist church - starting in the 1840s. CLICK HERE to go to the register.

Early Ontario Records - including baptisms, marriages, census etc - can be found on Bill Martin's site.  It is a wealth of information!  Scroll through his material and you will be amazed at the depth of on-line resources he has made available.  CLICK HERE to go to Early Ontario Records.

To contact me about this website, please email - [email protected].

Steve Marshall, November 2010

All the information presented here is from the public domain. It is provided on an entirely voluntary basis and thus may not be used for any commercial gain.

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Sample of an Ontario Birth Registration

(Source - Archives of Ontario) MS929

Etobicoke Twp. York Co. Ontario

Sample formats of Ontario Birth Registrations

Thank you to the following people who have contributed Ontario Birth Registrations:

Doug McEntee, Sue Best, Bonnie Petee,Trudy Sutherland, Mary Crandall, Beverly Gutenburg, Debra Parminter, Arnold V. Weirmeir, Katherine Paterson, Gail Pearce, Adrian Donley, Trish Robertson, Lorna Madill, Karen Haffermehl, Harvey Simpson, Karen Lawrence, Susan Leitch, Carrol Press, Jo-Anne Cottrell, Carol Lylyk, Tania Turner, Steve McKay, Carol Fraser, Louise Cannon, Pauline Franzen, Joan Lader, Pat Bain, Bill Martin, Donna Robson, Esther Meerschaut, Faye Peterson, Shelley Hilton, Barry Brown, Nora McGee, Jean Lawson, Tom Pollard, Duncan Blachford, Annette Fulford, Sandra Dennis, William Higgins, Caitrin Malone, Kathie Fortner, Diane Shaw, Cecelia Payne, Audrey McMillen, Catherine Fitzgerald, Susan O'Meara, Sandra Lindsay, Ken Taylor, Jan Burton, Dawn Hicks, Lynda Worthner, Robert Hammond, Jacqueline McCrae, Kate Taggart, Thomas Hunter, Jean Norley, Heather Bertram, Alison Causton, Lorne Shunk, Peggy Wessel, Susan Campbell, Dave Johnson, Angie Case-Campbell, Edith Bassingthwaighte. Laurie Lovelace, Gayle Gurney, Eileen Wilson, Jennifer Thompson, Darla Love, Lisa Lane, Mary Lou Dunn, Gloria Phillips, Stephanie Bell, Denis Duval, Pat Corney, Ruth Burkholder, Connie McCann-Wilkes, Shirley Ann Cook, Bill Smith, Joan Hunter, Ellen Murray, Paula Chodacki, Beverley Rittwage, Vivian Dickinson, Allan Woods, Katherine Palmer, Jean Flynn, Bill Zuefelt, Jean Oxley, Jopie Loughead, Anne Margerison, Mary Harris, Anna Kinley, Joanne Goltz, Robin McLeod, Tracey Montgomery, Alison Cadue, Gail Teed, Pat Rogers, Linda Shea, Sherri Pettit, Del Templin, Ley O'Connor, Sheila Spence, Wendy Seguire, Lorraine Eagle, Sylvia Robinson-Leonard, Patti Wallace, Loraine Ertelt, Anne Burgess, Allan Wands, Denis Duval, Martha Patterson, Gerald Britton, Joan Koonstra, Helen Gordon, Sheila Windsor











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