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Sito personale di Silvano Ferro per le ricerche genealogiche.

Historical and genealogical researcher.

Studiosodi storia e genealogia.


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In these pages you will find a brief demonstration of my Database Marcorengo 1673-1923 © and my Metodo Ferro ©.


Above you can see a portion of my family data and my family tree.

All my ancestors named Ferro are chronologically shown.

This file as been created in a special way called Metodo Ferro © (method); from the data available, here enclosed, you will understand the work done.


Here below two Excel files of the genealogy of my family are shown in two versions:


  1. Family tree of a portion of my ancestors who have Ferro as surname. Such report is entirely extracted from the Database Marcorengo 1673-1923 ©


  1. My complete family tree from the 4th generation up-to-date.


In the next future I wish to public the Metodo Ferro ©: it will give you the possibility to create a database such as mine just following a few basic rules.


If you are interested in publishing my Metodo Ferro © (book, floppy disk, Internet, CD, etc.) and in selling it through commercial channels, you can contact me at the following e-mail address:


List of Italian genealogist Genealogia CaffŤ



My family tree as point a)


List of my publications

My family tree as point b)


My visit to Family Search.

Professor and Surgeon Enrico Martiniís photo, my very important ancestor, founder of two hospitals in Turin.



The death act of August 2, 1679 of my ancestor Pietro Ferro, (Latin text: "1679 2 augusti obiit Petrinus de Ferris incola huius loci et sepultus fuit die tertia eiusdem in Parrochiali Sancti Petri Marcorengi").


Enrico Martiniís publications.



Part of testament of July 29, 1679, of my ancestor Pietro Ferro (jpg file).


Father Giuseppe Ferroís photo, another important ancestor of mine, missionary of S. Vincent de Paul, headmaster of the Scuola Apostolica)

Part of testament of July 29, 1679, of my ancestor Pietro Ferro (word file).






A few notes on Database Marcorengo 1673-1923 © and Metodo Ferro ©




In order to create my database, the activities have been input of data, check out and partial and total addition.







Directly from the original documents.






I have checked all the records with reference to the same person starting from the correct origin family, with any kind of control, when possible, also from different archives.

Please find here below a few cases of compatibility and actions:

         control with birth, marriage, death dates of the person, of his sons, of the correct attribution of parents and compatibility to their birth, marriage and death dates; the same for the consort;

         compatibility of the death age indicated on the original document with his birth date;

         for the correct attribution of the sons I took into consideration the widowhood cases and possible 2nd and 3rd marriages;

         age range to the attribution of children: 15-65 years for men; 14-45 years for women;

         child attribution to the father died prior to his sonís birth; the attribution is valid when the son is born no longer than 8 months after the fatherís death;

         surnames standardization (from Latin to Italian, if declined to plural or to feminine);

         names standardization i. e. from Battista, Gio Batta, Giovan Battista to Giovanni Battista;

         standardization of the different kind of recording of parish priest, (same person indicated in three different ways): i.e.:

On birth record: Rossi Giovanni Carlo Antonio Giuseppe

On marriage record: Rossi Antonio Giuseppe

On death record: Rossi Giuseppe

         same name given to more sons; control of the sons dead previously;

         overcoming and correction, in the focussed cases, of some errors made at time of recording;

         the above activities, when possible, have been validated by other documents found.

Whenever the recognition of a person or the attribution in the family is not found or uncertain I have indicated the symbol "?". The same thing for the name of surname not indicated on the document in origin or indicated with an incomprehensible writing.

All dates are indicated in day/month, but ordered by month/day.













There are several information added by me to the simple transcription of the original document, the major points of my database and they deserve a particular attention.

The partial o total additions are the added value of the process of validation, the brick upon which I have built my database.

For this reason I ask the protection for my Copyright.

Technically, once found the correct person, his available data (i.e. 2nd, 3rd, 4th name, father, mother, consort, etc.) has been reported in all the boxes of the database referred to himself.


         Partial addition if on the original document the uncompleted name is reported. I.e:











Rossi Carlo

Rossi Mario





Rossi Carlo Francesco Antonio Pietro

Rossi Mario Eugenio Giovanni

Neri Clara Maria Benedetta Orsola






         Total addition if on the original document no name is shown. i.e.:











Neri Filippo Claudio Antonio

Neri Mario Carlo Gaspare





Neri Filippo Claudio Antonio

Neri Mario Carlo Gaspare

Bianchi Lucia Maria Carlotta






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