This family name was originally spelled Müller, but became Miller when Mr. Miller became a citizen of the United States.  Given names Phillipp and Maria also become Phillip and Mary on later records.

Miller history, from their daughter,  Mathilde's (Mrs. William Holden) family, indicates Phillip and a sister, Emily, entered the United States by way of New Orleans and arrived in Monee, Illinois by way of the Mississippi River in 1852.

Phillip married Maria Apolonia Bischmann in Monee, Illinois 23 February 1854.  Both were from Dorn Durkheim, Hesse Darmstadt, Germany.  They moved to Minnesota in the mid-1850s.  Dates and circumstances vary slightly by family story.  The Sommers family history, written by Gladys Benz for the Sommers Centennial Reunion in 1955, indicates the Millers were in the group that came from Illinois to the Northfield area of Rice County, Minnesota in 1855, while Mary's obituary indicates they came to Waseca County in 1856 and moved to Rice County in 1858.
Mary Anna 27 November 1854, Monee, Illinois
George Louis 2 June 1859, Otisco, Minnesota
Edgar Philip 16 August 1861,  Northfield, Minnesota
Caroline Ann 29 January 1864, Northfield, Minnesota
Mathilde Elizabeth 6 November 1874, Northfield, Minnesota

Mary married Frederick Louis Sommers of Rice County, Minnesota in 1872.  After his death, she married Philip Bishman, her first cousin, and moved with her two children to Waseca County, Minnesota, where she and Philip also had a son.

George married Stephana Bickel in 1880 and resided in the Northfield area. He was the first president of the first Holstein Club in America.

Edgar (E P) also resided in the Northfield area and brought his first Holstein bull from Germany.  He married three times, to Dora Ebling, Susan Buchman, and Emma Zimmerman.

Caroline married Charles Bierman, who was born in Waseca, Minnesota.  Family members remained in the Northfield area, but descendants also farmed land in the Lynd, Minnesota area that had formerly belonged to descendants of Caroline's sister Mary.

Mathilde married William Holden and lived in Northfield, Minnesota.  She was well-known for her needlework and dressmaking skills.

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