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Welcome to the heart of my genealogy research. I am researching two main family groups, that both break off into many many different lines and surnames. From my husband's side of the family, the main surname is of course, Bishop. This family, as far back as we know it, originated from Germany, with the surname of Bischoff. I am including a link here to my family tree maker web site where some of my files are located. The Bishop family that I am researching descends from Hans Jakob Bischoff, b. 1645 in Germany. The ancestor that started this family off in America was Hans Johannes Bischoff. He arrived here in 1747 with his mother, and several brothers. Hans Johannes Bischoff was born 4-7-1731 in Oberhausen, Germany, and died about 1810 in Montgomery County, Virginia. (The area is now located in Floyd County, Virginia.) After coming to America, Hans Johannes began using the name John Bishop. From him, all of the future generations began to use the name Bishop instead of Bischoff. This family's descendants concentrate mainly in the Montgomery/Floyd/Russell county areas of Virginia; in Kentucky the following counties are known to have large numbers of his descendants: Pike, Floyd, Morgan, Lawrence, Montgomery, and Rowan. In West Virginia, there are these: Braxton, McDowell, Roane, Jackson, Kanawha, Wayne, Mingo, and a couple of others. And in Ohio, the town of Middletown seems to have been a popular gathering spot for some of the descendants, as well as Brown County, and Meigs County. My side of the family consists of the Mayo and Bandy lines. The Mayo family, as far back as I feel comfortable saying I am sure of, descend from James Mayo and Martha Williamson of Virginia- Anyone who has researched the Virginia Mayo families will be familiar with those names, and the confusion that goes along with them concerning their ancestry! I am, right now, however, working on that aspect of the Mayo lines- trying to determine and prove who the father of Valentine Mayo actually was. I hope to have some of my files uploaded here concerning that before too long. My particular line of Mayo's migrated from Virginia, through Georgia, and Florida, into Louisiana. Vernon Parish, Grant and Rapides Parishes are the main sources. My Bandy lines, consist mainly of Crawford's, and Whittlesey's. I have had a very hard time of locating proven facts on my Bandy lineage- so of course, if you are familiar with any of the names I have, please contact me. I would like everyone who visits this page to know that I am going to update this site as often as time permits. My genealogy is definitly, as they say, is definitely, ALWAYS under construction. I welcome any and all additions and corrections. I try to verify personally everything I have, but in some cases, this is just NOT possible. Please, try to keep that in mind as your go through the pages on this website. Feel free to fill out the forms included here, as well as contact me as need be. Thanks for stopping by, and please do check back often.

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