BITTMANN and DAVIS Family Genealogy
Civil War veterans,
Revolutionary War soldiers,
early wild west pioneers,
Quakers who travelled to the U.S. with William Penn,
three Mayflower pilgrims,
farmers, lawyers, wine-growers,
carpenters, homemakers, sailors,
stonecutters, shopkeepers, and religious independents.
Regular people, but this is their exceptional story.
A work in progress, our family history.
To not know what happened
before you were born
is to remain a child forever.

For what is the worth of human life,
unless it be woven
into the life of our ancestors
by the records of history?

- Cicero

Actively researching families from the following areas:
  • Baden, Germany (Michelbach, Selbach, Haueneberstein, Kuppenheim, Rauental, Baden-Baden): Anselm, Bastian, Bittmann, Dillinger, Hertwig, Hirth, Hornig, Karcher, Klumpp, Krafft, Laub, Riger, Stuckel
  • Limburg, The Netherlands (Helden, Broekhuizenvorst, Tegelen, Geleen, Belfeld, Neer): Achten, Aen Gen Dijck, Brenten, Bruijnen/Brunen, Caris/Karis, Claessen, Cluijtmans, Deegens, Driessen, Eummelen, Evers, Faessen, Geenen, Gommans, Gossens, Heesen, Heijnen, Janssen, Knops, Laus, Linssen, Minten, Opbergen, Peeters/Peters, Rutten, Schreuers, Sijbers, Smits, Snijders/Schneiders, Speiken, Stroeken/Stroucken, Teuwen/Theeven, Thelen, Theunissen/Teunissen, Thomassen, Timmermans, Verhaegh, Winnen, Wouters/Wolters
  • Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany (Wallertheim, Flonheim, Gau-Weinheim): Schneider, Mann, Fischer
  • Bohemia/Bavaria Border (Stachesried, Schachten, Hajek, Kaltenbrunn): Augustin, Bohmann, Lax, Mihlbauer, Pankratz, Possl/Baesl, Predl, Preu, Prey, Schreiner, Wellner
  • Oppland, Norway (Gausdal, Vågå): Skjeggestad, Stene, Fyksen, Reistad, Reton/Reiten, Korsrud, Fougner, Waalen, Sønsteng
  • Ireland: Malone, Moran
  • Somerset, England (Somerton, Compton Dundon): Chipper, Davis, Edwards, Groves, Hurd, Mead, Peddle, Weech, Wheller
  • Highlands, Scotland (Inverness area): Atchison, MacKenzie, MacKintosh, Malcom, McDonald, Munro
  • American Colonies: Betterton, West, Owen, Martin, Oglesby, Moon, Farmer, Brown, Thompson, Mount, Matthews, Chambers, Martin, Bonham, Rennals, Slater, Oney, Bentz/Pence, Oberlin, Swisher, Dutwyler/Tutwiler, Strough, Burger, Whetstone, Schonfeldt/Shoenfelt, Gessinger, Baker, Bowers, Minnear, Rudi, Carter, Hines/Hinds, Mullins, Dale, Thornton, FitzHugh, Haynie, Brent, Violet, Saunders, Thomas, Linton, Usselton/Uselton, Cooper, Green, Arnold, Elliott
  • Rostock Area, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany (Warnemünde, Groß Klein, Schmarl, Wahrstorff, Parum, Gülzow, Lütten Klein, Lichtenhagen, Fresendorf, Pastow, Stuthof, Roggentin): Barten/Badten, Eckhorst/Eickhorst, Kruger, Klorriss/Klors, Ruthgard, Holtfoth, Wramp, Stoll, Beese, Wittenborg, Sieverts, Kruse, Havemann
  • Pomerania, Poland (Tonnin/Unin, Wollin, Codram/Kodrab, Darsewitz/Darzowice): Rose, Sarnow
Bittmann and Davis Family Genealogy
Updated January 12, 2011

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Updating Somerset, UK relatives
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Famous Family Connections

Edward Violet was an overseer for one of George Washington's plantations. These signatures come from an agreement between the two dated 1762
Lori Saunders (originally Linda Marie Hines) played Bobbi Jo on the popular television series "Petticoat Junction"
Bill Bittman successfully prosecuted Teamsters president Jimmy Hoffa, and defended E. Howard Hunt during the Watergate scandal (Nixon referred to Bittman as "that damned Bittman" in the presidential transcripts)
Edward Fuller, his wife, and son Samuel were Mayflower pilgrims. Edward signed the Mayflower Compact. He and his wife died during the first winter - their 12-year old son survived.
George Usselton was a Revolutionary War soldier, serving during 1777 as a young teenager in the Maryland militia
James Moon, his wife and six children were Quakers who came to Pennsylvania in 1682 - possibly on the ship Welcome (with William Penn, pictured above), possibly on the ship Lamb.


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    A Bridge Across Time

    She calls to me from long ago;
    Through sunlit skies; through drifts of snow.
    In clouds that dance upon the sea
    I call to her and she to me.

    So real was she. She laughed. She cried.
    She loved; she lost. She lived; she died.
    She hoped and dreamed; so real was she.
    She lived a life that I may be.

    The blood through which my veins does flow
    is the same as hers from long ago.
    So it will be that when I'm gone
    in an unborn child it will flow on.

    I'll live my life and when it's done
    I'll live again in those to come
    For I'm a bridge from she to me;
    From those that were to those to be.

    Darlene Stevens