My Branches and Their Twigs

My Branches

And Their Little Twigs

I have four children, three girls and a boy, and between them they have presented me with nine wonderful grandchildren - six boys and three girls. I have included some information about my children's paternal sides, as well as some of the family lines of my children's spouses - ranging from those that came from Colonial America, to those from Germany and from Bohemia, as well as other European countries. (Some of the underlined family files below are in the .pdf format, so you must have Adobe Reader to view them. If you do not already have it, please click on the link at the bottom of this page.) After viewing the .pdf files click your browser's "back" button to return to this page.

Some of the surnames on Kere, Greg and Stephanie's paternal side are Newton, Hathaway and Ale. On Robbyn's paternal side are the names of Lemmer and Kister.


My daughter Kere is the oldest of my children. She has three children - two boys, Dakota and Colton, and a daughter, Alexandria. They live in rural southwest Wisconsin. Alex is a high school junior and has just gotten her drivers license. She is very creative-always drawing or making something. Dakota is a freshman in high school and enjoys football, baseball and basketball, and Colton is a third-grader and he likes sports and his X-Box.

Alexandria Dakota Colton

Here are some of the family names associated with Alex and Dakota's paternal ancestors: Graf, Olszewski, and Gobel.

These are some of the family names associated with Colton's paternal ancestors: Knautz, Morett, Puls and Fleege.


Next is my son, Greg. He lives in the Chicago suburbs,and has two children - a daughter, Zoe, and a son, Zane. Zoe is ten, in fourth grade, and is a cheerleader for a team in her towns' youth football program. Zane is five, and like most little boys he likes trucks and trains. He is now into army 'guys' and anything camouflage. He is attending kindergarten this year.

Zoe Zane

At this point I have only limited information on Zoe and Zane's maternal side. Some of the surnames for which I am seeking information are Nagel, Sucharski, and Jungles, all in the Cook and Will Counties areas in Illinois.


My daughter Stephanie also lives in the Chicago suburban area. She is married to Chuck and they have two children, Chloe and her little brother Spencer, who is two. Chloe was three in August, and likes her dolls. Her new favorite thing is dress-up, and she likes to play fairy princess.

Chloe Spencer

Chloe and Spencer's paternal ancestors include Radeke, Kavin(sky),and Zandi


My youngest is Robbyn, and she lives in the Northwest corner of Illinois, close to me and her sister, Kere. Robbyn is a single mom and has two boys, Ethan and Lane. They are only 15 months apart in age, so she really has her hands full. Ethan is 9, in third grade, and plays football and soccer.In the fall of 2006 he played tackle football for the first time. He wants to play football in high school, then go to college to be a veterinarian. After that he wants to be a farmer. Lane was eight in January, and is in first grade. While he is interested in sports, he would much rather sit in front of a TV or a computer and play video games. He played soccer this past summer, and was on a on a flag football team last fall. Surnames on Ethan and Lane's paternal side are Sasek and Gray

Ethan Lane