Genealogy - Bush, Cason, Law, Lee, Meeks, Smith, Spivey, Towner and Related Lines

This genealogy data covers both my and my wife's ancestors. Most of our ancestors are thought to be from England, Scotland or Ireland. As my research progresses, I am sure other nationalities will be discovered since this nation of ours is a vast melting pot of people from around the world.

I believe most of my ancestors entered the English colonies through Virginia and the Carolinas. They followed the traditional migration routes through the southern states to Louisiana, where I was born.

My wife's ancestors settled in Virginia and what became West Virginia where they were content to stay rather than follow other Americans in the Westward journey across this continent.

Genealogy Data

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Accuracy and Updates

I have tried to make my genealogy research as accurate as I can. Since I am only human, mistakes are present in my information. Some apparent mistakes are simply judgement calls on conflicting data. In any case, if you find what you consider a mistake or inaccuracy, please let me know. I may not change it but I will keep an open mind. I will explain my reasoning in cases I consider a judgement call.

Please do not take the information you see on this website as written in stone. As more research is done, as errors are corrected, or as judgement changes, this data will be added to, changed, and corrected. Look upon this information as a starting point for your own research. Such research brings its' own rewards.

Images from the Past

Some of these images are people and places mentioned in the genealogy information presented above. Others may be old pictures that I have that, while not related to my genealogy data, may be of interest. Click on the following link to view the images: Link to Images

Documents from the Past

I have some interesting documents from the past that I would like to share. An example is the pages from the Dickert Bible that I received from my father, which will be posted when I scan them and load them onto this site. Any other, similar documents that I feel are of interest to visitors will also be included here.


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