Ann Victory Evans 1863 to ?
Ann Victory Evans
B. 9 May 1863 D.  ? (believe after 1920)
daughter of Adolphus Monroe EVANS (1835 - 1912) (photo)
and Elizabeth CUMMINGS (1860 - ?)

Ann Victory Evans Dudley with, perhaps, two of
her grandchildren taken in
Piedmont, Ala.
(photo courtesy of Tom Allred)

Ann Victory Evans Dudley
Tom Allred believes this picture was taken
in front of the monument to Emma
Sansom (see Note) in Gadsden, Ala.
Ann's sister was on the
1920 census in Gadsden so she
may have been visiting there at the
time this photo was taken.
(photograph courtesy of Tom Allred)


Emma Sanson (photo) was a sixteen-year-old Alabama farm girl During the Civil War.  She led Confederate General Nathan Forrest to a place where
he and his men could cross a river (the bridge had been burned by Federal
troops), thus saving him several vital hours. Later, the state of Alabama
voted to grant Emma a square mile of public land, 644 acres. However, she
never received the land because after the South lost the war, all public
land was confiscated by the U.S. government. She is thought to be the
only woman to have rode with Nathan Forrest on his warhorse. The
marble statue depicts Emma pointing the way to a shortcut across Black
Creek, which enabled Forrest to capture the Union forces. The night of his
victory Forrest sent his 'highest regards to Emma Sansom for her gallant
conduct' and asked for a lock of her hair as a keepsake. (story)
(additional information and some genealogy on Emma)  What I find
interesting is that my g-grandmother seemed to identify with this young heroine - so much so that she wanted her photograph taken in front of the monument (photo of monument).

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