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Updated 2 Jun 2003

My link to this family is shown in bold "red".

I have not been able to take this HEDGEPETH branch of the family back any further than William Hedgepeth, so I will start with William as Number 1 on our ancestor list...I would not have been able to start this without the assistance of Talmadge Butler and his family, Arlene Waters, Butch Hedgepath, and Virginia Greene, and some others that at their request I will not name, but you know who you are...THANK YOU!  There is a "HEDGEPETH" family reunion yearly...something I didn't know until Talmadge informed me of it...perhaps you didn't know either!  I have given you a few email addresses at the end of this document for Hedgepeth family members that would like to hear from you and exchange information.
Kenny Hedgpeth has a website that gives information on all the various spellings of the surname Hedgepeth such as "hadspeth, headspeath,
hedgepath, hedgepeth, hedgespeth, hedgpath, hedgpeth, hedgspath,
hedgspeth, hudspeath, hudspeth, hudspith . . . just to name a few!".

Please note that dates are lacking on some of the following names so order of birth is most likely in error.

At the end of this page I will put information on any "Hedgepeth" or variant spelling of the name that I come across for others that may be researching this name.

Other "Hedgepeth/Hedgepath" Researchers:

Talmadge Butler:    [email protected]
Butch Hedgepath:  [email protected]
Arlene Waters:       [email protected]
Virginia Greene:     [email protected]
Kenny Hedgpeth:  [email protected]

1 William HEDGEPETH (photo)(note 1)(land deed)
   b.   27 Jan 1818 in South Carolina
   d.  15 Jun 1910 in Borden Springs, Ala
   m. Louisa ROBERTS (also been listed on Census records as ROBERDS)
   b. NC is listed as place of Birth on 1860 Pauding Co. Census; however,
       according to Sara Hedgepeth Rainwater's Death Certificate, William Hedgepeth
       and Louisa Roberts were both born in South Carolina..
      1.1 Sara A. HEDGEPETH (Witness to Mulven M. Hedgepeth's Widows Application)
            b. 1840
            p. Alabama
            m.   W. J. (Joseph) RAINWATER on 28 Oct 1860
            p.  Paulding Co., Ga
            1.1.1 William RAINWATER
                     m. Elizabeth THOMPSON
            Alma Kate RAINWATER
                                 m. William TOWNSEND
                        Genell TOWNSEND
                                                m. Harold THOMAS
                                       Arlene THOMAS
                                                                  m. ? WATERS
         1.1.2 L.M. (Louisa) RAINWATER
                  m. S.J. (Jay) WEST  20 Aug 1877
                  p.  Paulding Co., Ga

          Sources for the Hedgepeth/Rainwater connection are Arlene Waters
          ( above), Susan Chance-Rainwater [email protected] - Susan
          has done extensive research on the Rainwater line and her web
          page is at:  http://www.chronography.com/rainwater/index.html
          and GRM Glidie Rainwater Mobley ( Rainwater family) email at:
          [email protected]

Paulding, GA 1860 Federal Census
Pg# Ln# Last Name  First Name Age Birth Place 
732 27 Rainwater Amanda   5 Ga.
732 23 Rainwater Jane 51  Ga.
732  24 Rainwater John 19 Ala.
732 25 Rainwater  Joseph 15 Ala. 
732 26 Rainwater Margaret   6  Ga. 

Susan Chance-Rainwater states in reference to the above census:

"Jane Rainwater, age 50.  She was,
in fact, Joseph's eldest sister, and the other two
girls found in the HH are his two youngest sisters.
All were the children of Burrell Rainwater.  The mother
of Amanda and Margaret was Elizabeth.  I don't know
the mother of Joseph, but believe that Burrell had
one, possibly two previous wives, whose names are
not known.

Burrell is generally thought to be the son of John
and Susannah Rainwater, but the only child Burrell
actually named in his will was William, so the
grouping of his children is traditional rather than
provable.  Prior to Burrell, all is speculation."

   1.2  William HEDGEPETH
          b.  1845
   1.3 Charles Frank HEDGEPETH (note 2)
         b.  1846/47
         d.   ? Oct 1900
         m. Mulven Mysina COUCH (Widows Pension Application) on4 Sept 1872
         1.3.1 Nancy O.Lena HEDGEPETH (LORREN # (photo)
                  b. 9 Mar 1882   Cleburne County, Ala
                  d. 17 Feb 1957 Borden Springs, Ala
                  m. Samuel Prathel LORREN (LORREN # deed)
         Jasper Tillman LORREN(LORREN #
                              m. Christine Inez COOK (photo)
                     Infant (LORREN
                     Sue LORREN (LORREN # (photos)
                                             m. (1) Horace Marvin HALL
                                    Rebecca A. HALL (LORREN # (photos)
                                                               m. (1) James Robert BAKER
                                                      Stephanie BAKER
                                                                                    m. Randy Fogg
                                                                           Justin Kivak Fogg
                                                                           Amber A. Fogg
                                                               m. (2) John KIVAK
                                                      Cassandra KIVAK
                                                                                                       m. Rick Walsh
                                                                           Ashley Walsh
                                                                           Brandon Walsh
                                            m. (2) Bernard PRITCHETT
                                            m. (3) Thomas (HADALA) (RYAN)
                    Kenneth LORREN (LORREN # (photo)
                                            m. (1) Nina LAYNE
                                   Donnie LORREN
                                   Terri LORREN
                                                                 m. (1) John STOWE
                                                        Molly STOWE (Stowe Ancestry)
                                                                 m. (2) Ronald STRIBLIN
                                                        Clint STRIBLIN
                                   Jeff LORREN
                                                                 m. Melissa BOATNER
                                                        Dylan LORREN
                                            m. (2) ?
                                                               4 Mitchell MORGAN
                                                                  m. Lisa MAYHALL
                                                                  4.1 Jessica MORGAN
                                                                  4.2 Tyler MORGAN
                                            m. (3) Nina LAYNE
                                   Melissa LORREN
                                                                 m. John LEDBETTER
                                                        Dustin LEDBETTER
                                                        Laurin LEDBETTER?
                    Clarence D. LORREN (LORREN #
         Emmit W. LORREN (LORREN #
                              m. (1) Parlee ?
                     Cecil LORREN (Cowboy) (LORREN #
                     Leon LORREN (LORREN #
                                             m. Arlene ?
                                    Barbara LORREN (LORREN #
                                    Charlotte LORREN (LORREN #
                                    Steve LORREN (LORREN #
                                    Regina LORREN (LORREN #
                              m. (2) ?
                     Emma Jean LORREN (LORREN #
         Laura Mae LORREN (LORREN #
         Nellie Sue LORREN (Aunt Sudie) (LORREN #
         Mattie Lee LORREN (LORREN #
                              m. (1) Frank LYLE
                     Jessie LYLE (Jabbo) (LORREN #
                     Emmitt LYLE (Buddy) (LORREN #
                     Margaret LYLE (photo) (LORREN #
                                             m.  ? REDDING
                              m. (2)  ? BEECHAM
                              Child by Beechum's 1st Marriage: ?
                     Jackie BEECHAM (LORREN #
                     Roy BEECHAM (LORREN #
                     Troy BEECHAM (LORREN #
                     James BEECHAM (LORREN #
                     Henry BEECHAM (LORREN #
         Annie Lou LORREN (LORREN #
         1.3.2 John Henry HEDGEPETH
                 b.  12 Mar 1878 in Georgia
                  buried:  Marshall Co., Ala, Boaz at New Hope Prim. Baptist Church
                 m. Francis Joanna (Aunt Fannie) PALMER in 1899
                   b.  16 Feb 1878 in Cleburne County, Alabama
                 d. 19 APR 1966
                  Buried: Marshall County, Alabama, New Hope Primitive Baptist Church
                  (Note:  Francis Joanna Palmer was the daughter of Amasa Marlin PALMER
                   [b. 24 Oct 1832 Loganville, Walton Co., Georgia d. 15 May 1895 Cleburne
                  Co., Al, buried at Oak Level, Alabama] and Sarah Jane BAKER [b. 16 Jun
                  1840 Walton Co., Georgia d. 7 Aug 1923, Polk Co., Georgia near Esom
                   Hill and buried at Shiloh Church Cemetery] Sarah was the daughter of
                  Joseph D. BAKER and Margaret W. SHIPP; Amasa Marlin Palmer was
                   the son of Elijah PALMER [aka Elijah Benjamin PALMORE] [b. 31 Aug
                   1804 Union Co., SC and d. 9 JAN 1882 and buried Walton County, Georgia
                   Green Family Cemetery] and Mary MOORE [b. 13 MAR 1809 Walton Co.,
                   Georgia d. 18 JAN 1863 with burial at Walton Co., Georgia, Green Family
                   Cemetery]; Elijah Palmer was the son of Benjamin Hezekiah PALMER
                   [b. 9 NOV 1778 in Near Brown's Creek, Union Co., SC d. 1839 Benton Co.,
                   Alabama now called Calhoun Co], about 1800 he married Elizabeth
                   ROBERTS, his second wife, [b.1781 in Hornes Creek, Edgefield Co.,
                   South Carolina] and they lived in Union County, SC until 1816 when
                   they moved to Green County, Georgia, about 1819 they moved to
                   Hancock County, then around 1829 they moved to Walton County,
                   Georgia, Hezekiah was a farmer and a preacher and lived close to the
                   Indians, about this time of 1829 Hezekiah and his wife Elizabeth with
                   their four youngest children [Children of Hezekiah and Elizabeth
                   were Willis PALMER b. 1803, William W. PALMER b. 13 JAN 1803,
                   Elijah PALMER b. 31 AUG 1804, Elizabeth PALMER b. 1805,  Ann
                   PALMER b. 1808, Amasa PALMER b. 1808, John PALMER b. 21 APR 1808,
                   Augustus Henry PALMER b. 1816, David S. PALMER b. 11 DEC 1817,
                   Russell Porter PALMER b. 5 SEP 1818, Joseph (Joe) Marvin PALMER
                   b. 1827, Benjamin Hezekiah PALMER b. 1829, Nancy PALMER b. abt 1810)
                   moved to Benton County [now Calhoun County] Alabama where they
                   lived near the Indians again. Elizabeth and the three youngest sons
                   moved on to Marion County, Alabama a few years after Hezekiah died
                   in 1838.  Hezekiah's was the son of John W. (or H.) PALMER [b. 6 Sept
                   1753 Virginia d. 19 Aug 1828 Union Co., SC, Burial Palmer Family
                   Cemetery, Will made 20 Nov 1826 Union Co., SC, fought Rev. War
                   betw. 1775 and 1783] and (#1) Martha"Patsy" WILLIAMS [b. 18 Apr 1754
                   in Virginia d. Aug 1813 Union Co. SC, Palmer Family Cemetery]; John
                   was the son of Ellis PALMER [b. 1725 Wicomoco Parish, Northumberland
                   Co., VA  d. 1800 Edgefield County, SC, Christening was No. Fornham,
                   Richmond, VA, burial Union County, SC] and  Anne RUDD [b. Chesterfield
                   Co., VA daughter of John Rudd and Hannah Russell]; Ellis was the son
                   of Benjamin Palmer [b. 1684 in Northumberland Co. Va, Wicomoco Parish
                   d. 1735 Wicomoco Parish, Northumberland Co., Va - a Baptist Preacher]
                   and Ann ORLAND; Benjamin was the son of Joseph PALMER [b. 1645 in
                   England, North Farnham Parish d.1704 in Northumberland Co., VA] and
                   Alice Shaw HUDNALL [b. Abt 1650] [other children were John PALMER
                   b. 1677,  Joseph PALMER b. abt 1680, Thomas PALMER b. 1682, Issac
                   PALMER b. 1686, and Rebecca PALMER b. 1690]; Joseph was the
                   son of John PALMER [b. betw 1613 and 1615 Northumberland, VA
                   d. betw. 1686 and 1704 Rappahannock now Richmond County, VA]
                   and #1 Sarah BAKER [b. 1624] [other children were Edward PALMER,
                   John PALMER b abt 1640 in England, William PALMER b. 1643 England,
                   George PALMER b. 1655 Virginia, Thomas PALMER b. 1658 Virginia,
                   Robert PALMER b. 1662 England, Hanna PALMER b. abt 1664 in
                   Rappahannock (now Richmond) County, Virginia, James PALMER
                   b. 1665 in Northumblin Co., Va, and Jenny PALMER b. abt 1668];
                   John was the son of Capt Thomas PALMER [b. abt 1590 in
                   Jordan's Ferry, England - Kent d. betw. 1632 and 1633 in Charles
                   City County, Virginia] and Joan JORDAN [other children were
                   Samuel PALMER, Priscila PALMER b. betw 1610 and 1614 in England,
                   Edward PALMER b. 1612, and Thomas PALMER b. 1617 in England];
                   Capt. Thomas Palmer was the son of Esq. Edward PALMER [b. abt 1550
                   in Todenham Parish, England d. 1624] and  Muriel PALMER [other
                   children were Richard PALMER b: ABT 1572 in England, John PALMER
                   b: ABT 1574 in England, Edward PALMER b: ABT 1576 in England,
                   Giles PALMER b: ABT 1578 in England, Jone\Joan PALMER b: ABT 1580
                   in England, Mary PALMER b: ABT 1582 in England, Margaret PALMER
                   b: ABT 1584 in England, Unknown PALMER b: ABT 1586 in England,
                   and William PALMER b: ABT 1588 in England]; Edward (Esq.) was
                   the son of Father: Giles PALMER [b. abt 1525] and Muriel FIELD\FEILD
                   [Other children were Mary Palmer and William Palmer b. abt 1552];
                   Giles Palmer was the son of Esq. John PALMER [b. :abt. 1500 in
                   Todenham (Gloucester County) England - Leamington House] and
                   Maria\Mary GREVILLE\GRIVELL [other children were William Palmer
                   and Edward Palmer]; Esq. John Palmer was the son of John PALMER
                   [b. abt. 1475] and Unknown ROCLIFFE [other children were William
                   PALMER, Richard PALMER, and Anne PALMER]; John Palmer (Sr.) was
                   the son of Richard PALMER and Ursela HERRON." Talmadge Butler,
                   states "the Palmer lines goes back to Thomas PALMER born about
                   1590 in England" -  Talmadge would love to share any information he
                   has on this line and can be emailed at: [email protected]  The
                   following Palmer information comes from Jim Upchurch
                   <[email protected]> and expounds on Talmadge's information. Jim
                              Benjamin Hezekiah, PALMER
                              Birth: 9 Nov 1778 in Near Brown's Creek, Union Co., SC
                              Death: 1838 in Benton Co., AL; later named Calhoun Co., AL
                              Title: MD and Rev
                              Occupation: Farmer and Baptist Preacher, MD
                              Father: John H., PALMER b: 6 Sep 1753 in Virginia
                              Mother: Martha Pattie WILLIAMS b: 18 Apr 1754 in Virginia
                              Marriage 1 Elizabeth ROBERTS b: 1780 in Hornes Creek, Edgefield
                                    Co., South Carolina
                              Married: Abt. 1800 in Union Co., SC

                    Jim's information for Elizabeth Roberts:

                              Elizabeth ROBERTS
                              Birth: 1780 in Hornes Creek, Edgefield Co., South Carolina
                              Death: 1851 in Marion Co., Alabama
                              Burial: Marion County, Alabama, Mount Zion Church Cemetery
                              Father: Absolom ROBERTS
                              Mother: Elizabeth ?
                              Marriage 1 Benjamin Hezekiah, PALMER
                              b: 9 Nov 1778 in Near Brown's Creek, Union Co., SC

                    Perhaps it is possible that this Roberts family is our Louisa Roberts'
                    family?  This line connects up with the Hedgepeth line, which
                    mean the families were in the same area. Absolom Roberts
                    may be our Louisa Roberts' grandfather....anybody checked
                    this out?)
         William Boyd HEDGEPETH
                              b. 5 AUG 1906
                              p. Georgia
                              d. 16 JUN 1992
                              m. Julia UPCHURCH 28 MAY 1933 in Marshall Co., AL
                              b: 1913 in Dothan, AL
                     Francis V. HEDGEPETH
                                             m. Bill GREENE
                                    Joe S. GREENE
                                                               m. Raine ROY
                     Earl HEDGEPETH
          John L. HEDGEPETH
                              b. 13 JAN 1917
                               m. Nell Dean DUNN 8 APR 1939
          Benjamin Franklin HEDGEPETH
                               b. 17 OCT 1911
                               d. 4 JAN 1980
                               Buried:  Marshall County, Alabama, Boaz at New Hope Prim. Baptist
          Susie Adeline HEDGEPETH
                               b.  2 Oct 1902 in Georgia
                               d.  6 Aug 1960
                               Buried:  Marshall Co., Ala., Boaz at New Hope Prim. Baptist Church
          Hattie Lue HEDGEPETH
                               b.  28 Nov 1899 in Georgia
                               m.  #1 Sam MADDEN 22 Aug 1915
                               m.  #2 A. E. BAILEY
                               m.  #3  George TAYLOR
          Mildred Elizabeth HEDGEPETH
                              b. 31 MAY 1914
                               m. Emmett SMITH 23 OCT 1959
          Lola Mae HEDGEPETH
                              b. 18 NOV 1908
                               p. Georgia
                              m.  James A. NATION 13 OCT 1950
          Eula Beatrice HEDGEPETH
                              b. 26 JUL 1920
                              m. Henry Oliver BUTLER 16 AUG 1941
                     Talmadge  BUTLER
          Florence HEDGEPETH
                               b.  23 JAN 1904
                               p.  Georgia
                               d.  27 NOV 1904
         1.3.3 George HEDGEPETH
                  m. (1) Mattie H. JOHNSON (see Burial Note)
                b.  23 Nov. 1882
                  d.  16 Oct. 1918
                        Burial Note:  Talmadge Butler passed the following information
                        to me 3 Mar 2003:  "I went down to Calhoun County today and visited
                        Patterson Cemetery.  There was no church, but may have been one
                        at some time.  The sign says the cemetery was established in 1840.
                        There is a large area of graves marked with field stones with no
                        inscription....I found:  A grave for Mattie H. Hedgepeth, wife of
                        G. N. Hedgepeth. (Mother says this is the first wife of Uncle George)
                        Inscription says, '"wife and child of"' so I guess she died in
                        childbirth.  MY NOTE:  Researchers need to keep in mind that this
                        was the year of the great influenza pandemic, which reached
                        North Alabama and Georgia in Sept. 1918.   Map showing outbreak
                        and spread of the deadly flu can be found:
         Lily HEDGEPETH
                              m. ? WHITE
         Culman Eugene (Cub) HEDGEPETH
                              m. Mary Jeanette BEAL
                     James E. HEDGEPETH
                     Adelia HEDGEPETH
                     George K. HEDGEPETH
         Effie HEDGEPETH
                              m. Clifford WOODALL
                     Merle WOODALL
                     Mickey WOODALL
                     Marvin WOODALL
                     Mira WOODALL
                     Mary WOODALL
                     Mazie WOODALL
                     Mildred WOODALL
                     Martha WOODALL
         Furman HEDGEPETH
                              m. Gladys WILLIAMON
                     Faith HEDGEPETH
                     David HEDGEPETH
         Elmer HEDGEPETH
                              m.  ?
                     Fay HEDGEPETH
                     Frances HEDGEPETH
                     Barbara HEDGEPETH
                     Gail HEDGEPETH (twin)
                     Dale HEDGEPETH (twin)
         Homer HEDGEPETH
                               m. Maudie GARMON
                      Shirley HEDGEPETH
                      Dorris HEDGEPETH
                      Shelby HEDGEPETH
                      Eloise HEDGEPETH
         Lula HEDGEPETH
                              m. Gordon MAY
                     Judy MAY
                     Sandra MAY
                     David MAY
                     Jean MAY
         Loyd HEDGEPETH
                              m. Estelle (Dutchie) HOMESLEY
                     Margie S. HEDGEPETH
                     Jimmy HEDGEPETH, Sr.
                                          d. 17 Oct 2001
                                             m. Elaine DIEHL
                                   Jimmy (Butch) HEDGEPATH, Jr. (see Note)
                                                           m.  Rebecca (Becky) KIDD
                                                  Caryn P. HEDGEPATH
                                                     Alexander B. HEDGEPATH
                              Note:  The letter "e" in the "peth" part of Jimmy Hedgepath, Jr.'s
                                          name was given as "a" by the hospital at the time of his
                                          birth.  This clerical error was never corrected.
         Infant HEDGEPETH
                  m. (2) Pearlie POOL
         Billy HEDGEPETH
         Tommy HEDGEPETH
          Fred HEDGEPETH
                      Bobby HEDGEPETH
          Lindsay HEDGEPETH
          Euverley HEDGEPETH
          Carol HEDGEPETH
          Ida Mae HEDGEPETH
                                 m. Johnny UPCHURCH
          Brenda HEDGEPETH
          James HEDGEPETH
          Nadine HEDGEPETH
          Charlie HEDGEPETH
         1.3.4  Grover Cleveland (Doc) HEDGEPETH
                   m. Sally E. ? (see Burial Note)
                   b. 10 Sep. 1886
                   d. 25 Oct. 1918
                   Burial Note:  Talmadge Butler passed the following information
                   to me 3 Mar 2003:  "I went down to Calhoun County today and visited
                   Patterson Cemetery.  There was no church, but may have been one
                   at some time.  The sign says the cemetery was established in 1840.
                   There is a large area of graves marked with field stones with no
                   inscription....I found:  A grave for....A grave for Sallie E. Hedgepeth,
                   wife of G. C. Hedgepeth.  (Mother says this is the first wife (she
                   thinks) of Grover Cleveland (Doc).  MY NOTE:  Researchers need
                   to keep in mind that this was the year of the great influenza
                   pandemic, which reached North Alabama and Georgia in Sept. 1918.
                 Map showing outbreak and spread of the deadly flu can be found:
          Inez HEDGEPETH
                               m. Jim HOLDEN
          Tera Mae HEDGPETH
                               m. Cleve SAMS
                      Angie SAMS
                      Terry SAMS (male)
                      Johnny SAMS (male)
           Bertha HEDGEPETH
                                m. Howard WILLIAMS
                       Brenda WILLIAMS
                       Edsal WILLIAMS
                       Marty WILLIAMS
                       Dennis WILLIAMS
                       Travis WILLIAMS
           Linda HEDGEPETH
                                m. Homer PARRISH
                       Betty PARRISH
           Plumer HEDGEPETH
                                m. Ellis PARRISH
                       Dewey Edward PARRISH
                       Pearl Roan PARRISH
                       Joyce PARRISH
           Mertie HEDGEPETH
                                m. Tom ELLIS
                       Judy ELLIS
                       Basel ELLIS
           Dewey HEDGEPETH
                                m. Ada REA
         1.3.5  Walter HEDGEPETH
                  b.  15 Oct 1890
                   d.  14 Feb 1935
                   buried:  Borden Springs Church of Christ Cemetery
                                  Cleburne County, AL
                   m. Lou Ella SCROGGS
                   b.  4 Jan 1890
                   d.  11 Feb 1943
                   buried:  Borden Springs Church of Christ Cemetery
                                  Cleburne County, AL
          Essie Mae HEDGEPETH
          Mary HEDGEPETH
         1.3.6  William (believed died as a child)
         1.3.7  Ada HEDGEPETH
                   m. ? TWILLEY
         1.3.8  Essie HEDGEPETH
         1.3.9  Jane HEDGEPETH
                   m. Mack JOHNSON
         1.3.10 Martha HEDGEPETH
                b. 12 Aug 1892
                    d. 31 Dec 1955
                    buried:  Borden Springs Church of Christ Cemetery
                                  Cleburne County, AL
                   m. Henry WILLIAMS (believed to be Martha's husband)
         1.3.11 Emma HEDGEPETH
                   m. Warner LORREN (LORREN
1.3 Louisa HEDGEPETH
     b. 1851
      p.  Georgia

William Hedgepeth:

According to Sara Hedgepeth Rainwater's Death Certificate, William Hedgepeth and Louisa Roberts were both born in South Carolina..
During a visit with my mother several years ago, Aunt Sudie (LORREN # related the following information:

     "William Hedgepeth believed to have homesteaded
     in Marietta, Georgia before the C.W. William's family
     supposedly came from Germany and were indentured
     servants until their passage from Germany was

William Hedgepeth from the 1790-1870 Georgia Census Index:

     Year: 1860
     Surname:   Hedgepeth
     Given Name:   William
     County: Paulding County
     State:   Georgia
     Page: 731
     Township or Other: Dallas P.O.
     Record Type: Federal Population Schedule
     Database: GA 1860 Federal Census Index
     ID#: GA37064990

1860 Census (excerpt)
Paulding Co., GA

Last Name:  First Name:  Age:          Sex:           Occup.       Pl. Born      Real Val.     Pers. Val.
Hedgepeth Wm. 42 M Farmer Ga. 1,100 300
Hedgepeth Louisa 42 F ------------- N.C. ------------- ------------
Hedgepeth Sarah 20 F ------------- Ala. ------------- ------------
Hedgepeth William 16 M ------------- Ga. ------------- ------------
Hedgepeth Charles 13 M ------------- Ga. ------------- ------------
Hedgepeth Louisa 9 F ------------- Ga. ------------- ------------
Rainwater Jane 51 F ------------- ------------- ------------- -------------
Rainwater John 19 M ------------- ------------- ------------- --------------
Rainwater Joseph 15 M ------------- ------------- ------------- -------------
Rainwater Margaret 6 F ------------- ------------- ------------- --------------
Rainwater Amanda 5 F ------------- ------------- ------------- --------------

Paulding, GA 1860 Fed. Census
Page # Line # Surname Given Name Age Birthplace
731 39 Hedgepeth Charles 13 Ga.
732 1 Hedgepeth  Louisa 9 Ga.
731 36 Hedgepeth Louisa 42 NC
731 37 Hedgepeth Sarah 20 Ala.
731 35 Hedgepeth William 42 Ga.
731 38 Hedgepeth William 15 Ga.

Charles Frank Hedgepeth:

Research by Arlene Waters states:  The 1880 Census of Paulding Co. gives the following.

Last Name:             First Name:            Race/Sex:             Age:                       Place Born:
Hedgepeth C.F. WM 33 Ga.
Hedgepeth Masina WF 26 Ala.
Hedgepeth M.E. WF 6 Ga.
Hedgepeth L.J. WF 5 Ga.
Hedgepeth W.T.M. WM 3 Ga.
Hedgepeth J.H. (or N) WM 2 Ga.
Rainwater W.F. WM 16 Ga.

Note that the 1860 census for his parents state that  "Charles" a 13 year old male
lives with William Hedgepeth.  The two census reports would be in agreement
for Charles' age in the 1880 census.

Frank is also listed on the 1874 tax digest of Paulding Co.

Research by Ken Hedgepeth produced the Marriage Record for Frank and Mysina (Masina)
which states: " Calhoun County, Alabama Marriage Record Book for 1864-1877 - August 30,
1872 license September 1872 marriage; The State of Alabama to any Minister of the Gospel,
Judge or Justice lawfully authorized Calhoun County  to celebrate the rites of matrimony.  You
are hereby licensed to celebrate the rites of matrimony between C.F. Hedgepeth and ? Masina
Couch and for so doing this shall be your warrant.  Given under my hand ? this 30 ? of
August in the year of our Lord One Thousand and eight-hundred and Seventy two. A Woods
(looks like Woods) Judge of Probate.  In virtue of a license from the Judge of the Probate Court
of said County, I have this day celebrated THE RITES OF MATRIMONY between C.F.
Hedgepeth and Masina Couch.  Given under my hand this 4th day of September 1872."
(Microfilm page  369)

It was a blessing the day Arlene Waters walked into my life.  She constantly emails me with information on William that totally takes me by surprise!  I received a note from her yesterday after she had been wading her way through courthouse records...LOL...been there, done that...haven't we all....

Arlene told me that William was still in Paulding County as of Dec. 17, 1878, when he filed a deed from him to his daughter Sara Ann Rainwater for a
debt he owed her (wonder what the debt was?). He gave her 2 gray mules,
a 2 horse wagon, 4 head of cattle, 17 head of hogs and 2 stills  gauged
to hold 76 gallons. What so tickled me was Arlene's remark, "Hey, what was
that old William doing with stills?....toooo funny!

Other Hedgepeth findings:

1.  In the book "KIncheloe, McPHerson & Related Families" by Lewin
     Dwinell McPherson, 1951, page 109 the following entry is made:

(K. Mary (Mamie Cathryn KINCHELOE, b. Kirksville, Adar Co., MO, married [in] Woodward, Oklahoma, Sept.  18, 1915, Artie Houston BRADLEY, b. Russellville, Pope Co., Ark. Mar 22 1894, son of Joseph BRADLEY and Sarah Malissa HUDSPETH.  Joseph was the son of James BRADLEY and Rosie BOWEN.  Sarah Malissa HUDSPETH was the dau. of Johnathan HIGNA (sic) and Mary (HENRY) HUDSPETH. Ch. of Mary Cathryn and Artie:
i.  Wilma Neoma BRADLEY (birth withheld)
    m.  Paul Burkett STEIN
ii.  Wanda Leona BRADLEY (birth withheld)
     m. Lorin Lewis CHASE
iii. Hugh Herbert BRADLEY (birth withheld)
iv. Juanita Maxine BRADLEY (birth withheld)
     m. Vernon Earl BRUNNEN
v.  Elizabeth ("Betty") Jean BRADLEY (birth withheld)
     m. John W. ARMBRUST
vi.  Verna Jane BRADLEY (birth withheld)
2.  A "John HEDGEPETH" is mentioned in the probate records of
     Claybourn WRIGHT, probated Aug. 15, 1825, Bk. H, PP 273-274
     Apt. 71, Pkg. 1125as follows, excerpt (note the different spelling
     variations of the Hedgepeth name):
In the Name of God, Amen I Claybourn Wright of Chester
district and State of  South Carolina being in my usual health,
but knowing that it is appointed unto men once to die I do
make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner
and form following....(note in probate file)....Articles of an agreement between John Wright and Rubin Wright
administrators of Richard Wright Deceased of the one part
& John HEDGPETH of the other part.  Witnesseth that the
said John & Rubin Wright agrees to give said HEDGPATH
the one cow and yearling feather bed & furniture and spinning
wheel for this the said John HEDGPETH trouble of keeping
the said Richard Wright child Roda from the death of his wife
until the death of said Richard.  And said HEDGPETH on his
part agrees to take the above named articles in full satisfaction
for his trouble of keeping the said child Roda.  Witness our
hands this 26th of October 1819.
                                        John Wright
                                        Reuben Wright
                                        John Hedgpeth
Attes: Henry Head
        Off-site link to entire record:

3.  METHODIST CEMETERY Pacolet, Spartanburg County, SC

Hedgepath, Polly A. c1875 c1919
Littlejohn, Lona Hedgepath September 14, 1862
4.   South Carolina 1920 CENSUS Index Union County:
HEDGEPATH, Pocahontas      F     W      51     Pinckney           100
HEDGEPATH, W.L.                 M     W      24     Union                 210
HEDGPETH, Eugene               F     W      63     Jonesville           054

5.  Civilian Draft Registrations (WW I) 1917 - 1918 (F-K) - Autauga Co., AL


Name                                 Birth           Race     Place Born   Register Location
Hedgepeth, Bela E.               25 Jul 1892     W          Vida AL           Autauga AL
Hedgepeth, Clyde                 30 Jun 1896    W          he & dad b. Vida AL   Autauga AL
Hedgepeth, Walter Davis      26 May 1898   W                                 Autauga AL

Other "Hedgepeth/Hedgepath" Researchers:

Talmadge Butler:    [email protected]
Butch Hedgepath:  [email protected]
Arlene Waters:       [email protected]
Virginia Greene:     [email protected]
Kenny Hedgpeth:  [email protected]

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