Land Deed

Alabama Land Deed
William Hedgepeth - 1895
(see Note below)

Bureau Of Land Management - General Land Office Records
Accession/Serial #: AL4840__.294
BLM Serial #: AL NO S/N
Document #: 13402
Misc. Doc. Nr: 21565
Issue Date: January 31, 1895
Cancelled: No
Metes/Bounds: No
Authority: May 20, 1862: HOMESTEAD
ENTRY-ORIGINAL (12 Stat. 392)
Acres: 160.7

U.S. Department of the Interior - Bureau Of Land Management
The Official Federal Land Patent Records Site at:

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Note:  Kenny Hedgepeth at <[email protected]> wrote regarding
           this deed (see also his remarks on Hedgepeth Mountain:

"William's property Sec. 13 Twp. 13-S Range 11-E, Huntsville
Meridian, Cleburne Co., Alabama

I entered Cleburne County in to the search box at and got
this link

the area of William's property is east, the other side of Piedmont from
Charles .... going towards Polk and Harrison Counties in Georgia ... Now
from Borden Springs count three squares over to the right [east], then three
squares down [south] ... you should see a red " X " in that box ... that's Sec.
13 .... the red line above Borden Springs is the dividing line between Twp.
12-S and 13-S ... the red line on the right [east] side of Sec. 13 is the
dividing line between Range 11-E and 12-E ....

Now for that one ... I have no idea of where to direct you to go, to find the
maps ? you may have to call around to some of the small towns near by it."

Kenny stated the following in reference to property owned by Charles
Frank Hedgepeth found at Bureau of Land Management:
"you can then click on the Standard tab and by entering
Hedg%p_th .... the % sign and the under bar [shift + the key to the left of =]
can be used as wild card characters.... and selecting "all states", below are
the ones that came up .... many have a scanned image of the original
document .... that you can print out!  you can narrow down your search by
entering a first name, or first letter of the first name .... and also selecting
the state of interest, from those that are available .... Note : This site does
not cover the thirteen colonies, their territories, and a few other states. they
do have resource links,  for most states."
Kenny related the following concerning locating the property:
...go to the record of interest, by clicking on the persons name ... and then click on the tab for "legal land description"  the info for Charles' property Sec. 31 Twp. 12-S
Range 9-E,  Huntsville Meridian,  Calhoun Co., Alabama

I entered Calhoun County in to the search box at and got this

Knightens Crossroads is in Sec. 29 .... Sec. 31 is kitty corner to the
south-west [down one and to the left one] .... the red line running along the
bottom [south] side of Sec. 31 is the dividing line of Twp. 12-S and 13-S ...
the black dash or phantom line on the left [west] side of Sec. 31 is the
dividing line between Range 8-E and 9-E ... and also it is the county line of
Etowah and Calhoun Counties.

If you live in this general area ... you might go to the court house or the
city/town hall .... and find out where they keep the old parcel / land map
plates for this area .. Piedmont might be a first area to check with, and then
Jacksonville ... but you never know by chance one of the smaller towns
might have the records too !  Note some area's don't up-date these maps
as often as other's .... so you may be looking for something 5 to 10 years
after the date of 2/26/1896 when the deed was filed ...

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