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  Lorren  Updated 3 Sept. 2002
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  Pollard Updated 24 Aug. 2002
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  Skripkunis/Kivak Updated 4 Mar 2002
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    What you will not find at this site:
    I will not list any identifying information on any person beyond 1900, other than name, that I can not verify as having crossed over. If you believe that having this information is necessary, then contact me in email and we can discuss it.
    As you explore these pages seeking your relative(s),please remember that this web site is intended to be a "work-in-progress" which is subject to updating and corrections. Some of the information here is based on documentation and some non-confirmed from other researchers and compilers.You will also find some "it's possible" scenarios and theories that I play around with from time to time. If you find an error in my data or have information to add about a family or line, please contact me through e-mail.
    I also include the disclaimer that the information presented here has come from many resources including my research, published findings of other researchers, and contributions from many individuals and researchers who have contacted me over the years. I have tried to indicate and give credit for all of the information contained within on their appropriate page(s) or on my "Resource" page. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of information that I have not researched myself. I have established this web site to share what I have gathered with others who are researching these family lines in order to further our knowledge of our ancestors and origins. You are free to use the information you find here for your family history research. I welcome any and all corrections and contributions to the family lines presented here. Unless otherwise stated, permission to use the information and add it to this site is assumed on all information that is sent to me. Again, let me say, that In all cases, I attempt not to publish pertinent information on living individuals such as dates and locations.
    These pages are just starting but with your help they will continue to grow. Please check back often to see what new information I have added.
    Note:  John Kincheloe emailed me tonight (3/30/02)to let me know his old web site is archived and if you want to know all about our Kincheloe ancestry, and until John's new site is up, this is the site to visit. John has a lot of research behind him and much to offer those who are researching their Kincheloe origins. John is also restoring the first Kincheloe homestead for the benefit of all Kincheloe descendants.  His archived site is at:

you can also email him at:

Becky Kivak

Molly Stowe

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