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Can you imagine being stuck in this ugly, country playpen - aka Chicken Coop?!!!  It makes a bear skin rug seem tame. I guess a person must do what a person must do...funny, I was never told who did this to me...but, I will admit being told I was wild.  Come on!  How wild can a three year old be? Hmmm...upon reflection, that is a dumb question. UPDATE!...Ya' gotta' love the internet!  I found out (well found out some of the story).  Nina (Bischoff) Friend emailed me June 13, 2002 with an explanation of sorts.  She wrote, "do you remember the picture you had on your web page of yourself in a cousin took that picture from what I am told.  I sent it to her and she remembered taking the picture.  Your grandmother and she were best friends." FOR SHAME!! Can you believe it!  My own grandmother! Note to self - ask Nina the name of her that laughing I hear?

I started researching my "Lorren" family in about 1982 taking over where my mother left off.  I have found there are a lot of LORREN families trying to research their roots and finding very little available to them without going to a lot of expense.  I also found a lot of brick walls that I am sure others have come up against.  I realized that only through sharing our family information and breaking our expenses up will we be able to knock some of those walls down.  I created these web pages with the hope that together we can create a family album that can be passed on to our children and grandchildren.

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