John Lorren Born Betw 1791-1795

I went searching for an ancestor. I cannot find him still.
He moved around from place to place and did not leave a Will.
He married where a courthouse burned. He mended all his fences.
He avoided any man who came to take the U.S. Census.
He always kept his luggage packed, this man who had no fame.
And every 20 years or so, this rascal changed his name.
His parents came from Europe. They should be upon some list
of passengers to U.S.A., but somehow they got missed.
And no one else in this world is searching for this man.
So, I play geneasolitaire to find him if I can.
I'm told he's buried in a plot, with tombstone he was blessed;
but the weather took engraving, and some vandals took the rest.
He died before the county clerks decided to keep records.
No Family Bible has emerged, in spite of all my efforts.
To top it off this ancestor, who caused me many groans,
Just to give me one more pain, betrothed a girl named JONES.
by Merrell Kenworthy


                                                       8 - Unknown
                              4 - Unknown  ----|
                                       |               9 - Unknown
           2 - Unknown --     |
                    |                  |              10 - Unknown
                    |            5 - Unknown  ----|
                    |                                 11 - Unknown
           1 - John LORREN
                    |                                 12 - Unknown
                    |            6 - Unknown  ----|
                    |                   |             13 - Unknown
           3 - Unknown --      |
                                        |             14 - Unknown
                               7 - Unknown  ----|
                                                      15 - Unknown

Information on John LORREN:

Family stories relate that this John, or his father, came to the United States from Ireland as a result of a famine in that country.  Stories related in my family are that there were three "O"LORREN brothers who originally settled in what is now Chicago, Illinois.  The brother's were George, John and Jim.  It is not known whether the John listed above is one of these three brothers are a child of one of these three brothers.  The three "O"Lorren brothers were believed to be Protestant Irish.  They were said to have owned property in New York and Illinois, but forfeited their land after the war (Revolutionary War?, War of 1812?, Civil War?) as they had sided with a side that branded them traitors.  This event is what precipitated their move south.  The brothers supposedly dropped the "O" in their name when they came south making it "LORREN".  Their professions were BEEKEEPER (liquor maker), FRUITER, and GROCER (in the 1900s a "Grocer" meant "liquor dealer").  Other family stories relate that John Lorren was a merchant and owned his own ship.  Indeed, one ancestor has told me that George A. Lorren was born at sea.  No documents have been found by this researcher to verify any of the stories with the exception that in the 1980s I spoke with an elderly LORREN woman in Illinois who verified to me that she had the original land deeds of John Lorren.  Unfortunately, she would not allow me to copy the records nor view them.  She would only confirm that they existed and her family had a copy.

A review of LDS records will show that John LORREN, our first verified ancestor, was born between 1791-95 in Hawkins Co., Tennessee where he married Ann McPherson in Roane/Rhea, Tennessee in the year 1815.

In the book "Kincheloe, McPherson and Related Families" (which I have), the author reveals the following information on our illusive ancestor John Lorren (note that where there may be a conflict in information from this book and family documentation, I have gone with the family information using information from this book as a 'springboard'):

K-1-5-3-12 Ann McPherson b. Hawkins or Jefferson County, Tenn., youngest of 12 ch. of her parents, Daniel and Susannah (KINCHELOE) McPherson m. Roane Co., Tenn. about 1815 John LORREN, a British soldier, whoc came from Ireland to the present site of the City of Chicago, Ill. and there made entry of a grant of land (about the time her [Ann McPherson] brother, Elijah Daniel McPherson, K-1-5-3-9, was in Chicago and was claimed to have made a similar entry of land).  Elijah Daniel McPherson moved in 1829 or 1830 from Roane or Rhea Co., Tenn. to Buck Creek section of Carroll Co., GA.  About the same time John and Ann (McPherson) LORREN moved from the same Tenn. counties to the vicinity of later Oak Level, Ala. then in Benton, later Calhoun and now Cleburne Co., Ala., which Ala. county adjoins Carroll Co., GA and these two families exchanged visits.
    Their son, George Lorren, made a visit to his uncle, said Elijah Daniel McPherson, in summer of 1870 at Oak Level, when he was visiting there the families of his dauther, Emily (McPherson) HENDON, K-1-5-3-9-1, and Louisa (McPherson) EARNEST, K-1-5-3-9-4.  Recollections of their meeting there, as preserved, included Elijah Daniel's statement then made that said George Lorren's father, John, was a British soldier.  Ch[ildren]. (of John and Ann [McPherson] LORREN included:

    1. George
    2. John, Jr.
    3. Jerusha, b. Ala. 1822

    Both John and Ann, parents, d[ied] when their 2 sons were of "teen" age.

    Their daughter, Jerusha, is recorded in the 1850 Census of the 17th Dist. of Blount Co., Ala. living in the family of her cousin, Daniel McPherson (K-1-5-3-7-1).
    ....Jerusha's brother went to Blount Co., Ala. and there m. his cousin, a dau. of Henry and Susannah (GLASCOCK) McPherson, K-1-5-3-6) dau of Lewis and Narcissus McPherson.
    There seems to be no more reasonable explanation for Jerusha Lorren, b. in Ala. in 1822, living in the family of her cousin, Daniel McPherson, K-1-5-3-7-1, herein than that she was the orphan neice of Daniel's father, Capt. George McPherson, K-1-5-3-7, older brother of her mother, Ann (McPherson) LORREN, K-1-5-3-12. Cleburne Co., Ala then remained a comparative wilderness while Blount Co., Ala. was more thickly settled and had more productive land and was altogether a more suitable place for an orphan young woman to live.
    It has also been reported that Jerusha's brother, John, Jr., had left Cleburne Co., Ala. soon after the death of her parents and little, if anything, has yet been learned of his future life.  The two brothers being left with their sister, Jerusha, all minor orphans, it is fortunate that 2 of the 3 can be thus far accounted for after lapse of so many years, considering the means of communication and transportation existing over their section for so long afterwards.
    K-1-5-3-12-1, George LORREN, Oak Level, Cleburne Co., Ala. m. ______ Ch. (b. there) 1. Margaret, Nov. 11, 1837, 2. William Jefferson, Apr 10, 1840, 3. George L?, July 4, 1845, 4. Katherine ("Kate"), 5. Sarah, 6. John L.C., 7. Martha, 8. James, 9. Thomas, 10. Susannah.
    K-1-5-3-12-1-1 Margaret Lorren m. Allen SMITH. Ch. (b. Cleburne Co., Ala) 1. George, Oct. 20, 1869, 2. Samuel, Nov. 12, 1876, 3. Ella Madora, Aug. 6. 1878. Allen d. Oak Level, Ala. and is buried at Camp Creek, Ala., Margaret d. Borden Springs, Cleburne Co, Ala. and is buried at Oak Level, Ala. K-1-5-3-12-1-1-1 George Smith (first child of Margaret Lorren) m. Almary PALMER.
K-1-5-3-12-1-1-2 Samuel Smith (second child of Margaret Lorren) m. Emma PALMER. K-1-5-3-12-1-1-3 Ella Mador Smith (third child of Margaret Lorren) m. William BAILEY.
    K-1-5-3-12-1-2 William Jefferson Lorren m. Nancy Jane WEST, b. Nov. 1838, d. Borden Springs, Ala, buried Oak Level, Ala. ch. (b. Cleburne Co., Ala.) [of William] 1.  Elizabeth, 2. Sarah, 3. John Thomas, Dec. 28 1873, 4. Emma, 5. William, 6. Webster, 7. Etta Belle.
    K-1-5-3-12-1-3 John Thomas Lorren, R.F.D. #1, Borden Springs, Ala. is the one direct descendant of John and Ann (McPherson) LORREN,  from whom compiler obtained positive knowledge of that fact.  He has striven to aid compiler in making a respresentative showing in this book of the generations of descendants of Ann (McPherson) LORREN and has been compiler's main dependence for extending it thus fully, Emmett W. Lorren, K-1-5-3-12 sharing the honor somewhat with him.  John Thomas Lorren m. Oak Level, Cleburne Co., Ala. Oct. 28, 1893 Carrie L., b. Mar. 7, 1878. Ch. 1. Lela, Aug. 4, 1897, 2. Mervin M. Mar. 29, 1900, 3. Mae, Nov. 3, 1902, 4. Ruth, Nov. 16, 1908, 5. Gladys, Nov. 15, 1911, 6. Flora, Aug. 28, 1917.
    K-1-5-3-12-1-2-3-1 Lela LORREN m. Charles POTTS.
    K-1-5-3-12-1-2-3-2 Mervin LORREN m. Maude BEAUCHAMP m. Maude BEAUCHAMP. Ch. 1. Fred Elmer, 2. Henry Luster, 3. Paul Issac, 4. Juanita, 5. Melvin Thomas.  Mervin died when his children were small. His father, John Thomas Lorren, Borden Springs, Cleburne, Co., Ala. moved his sons widow and 5 children to his home and the 3 older sons remained in his home until they served in 2nd. World War, all returning safely.
    K-1-5-3-12-1-2-3-3 Mae LORREN m. Paul JONES.
    K-1-5-3-12-1-2-3-4 Ruth LORREN m. Ervin MARCE.
    K-1-5-3-12-1-2-3-5 Gladys LORREN m. L.K. TYLER
    K-1-5-3-12-1-2-3-6 Flora LORREN m. Edward GALLAGHER
    K-1-5-3-12-1-3 George L. LORREN m. Nancy MARINY. Ch. 1. Ella E., Apr 1, 1879, 2. Ollie Etta, Nov. 5, 1880, 3. Martha Della, Oct. 26, 1883, 4. W.J. Apr. 19, 1892, 5. Robert Lee, Apr. 19, 1895, 6. Georgia Louisa, Oct. 22, 1900.  George L. L[ORREN] d. Esom Hill, Polk Co., GA. and is buried at Shiloh.
    K-1-5-3-12-1-3-1 Ella E. LORREN m. Elijah WHEELER.
    K-1-5-3-12-1-3-4 A.J. (sic) LORREN m. Frances ("Fannie") PRIETER.
    K-1-5-3-12-1-3-3 (sic) Martha Della Lorren m. Ance? BAILEY?
    K-1-5-3-12-1-6 John L.C. Lorren m. "Sis" POLLARD [Julia Pollard Knighten] ? Co., Ala., as reported to compiler by Emmett W. LORREN, Esom Hill, Ga., son of Samuel P. LORREN, merchant, Borden Springs, Cleburne Co., Ala., who d. there Dec. 11, 1940 soon after answering compiler's request for his knowledge of his own lineage from John and Ann (McPherson) LORREN.  Julia Ann (McPherson) LORREN d. Cleburne Co., Ala. Aug. 1899.  Another source indicates that Samuel P. Lorren aforesaid was youngest of 4 sons of John L.C. and "Sis" (POLLARD) LORREN, who reared their family near Borden Springs, Ala.
    K-1-5-3-12-1-2-5 William Lorren d. suddenly on streets in Jacksonville, Fla.

Oneonta, Blount County, Georgia was settled in 1818 by primarily English
and Scottish settlers that migrated from Georgia, Virginia and the Carolinas.
On February 7, 1818, the Territorial Government of Mississippi created
Blount County to embrace the tract of country lying west of Cherokee
Boundary. Part of the area south was later cut off as Jefferson County
and the area was again reduced in 1836 when Marshall County was
created and in 1877 when Cullman County was formed. (More History
of Blount County located off-site)

Mrs. Evelyn Cox Brown a Lorren researcher, states, "John was born in England
and his son John Junior may have been born at sea since his father owned his
own boat and was referred to as a "saylor" in some old letters. (MY NOTE:  The
John Jr. is probably our John that married Julia A. McPherson.  This would fit
if the "John Lorren" that served as a Captain during the Revolutionary War,
signing up in New Hampshire is the father of our John Lorren (jr.).  Also, to note a Samuel Lorren served as a Private in the Revolutionary War signing up in New York.  The names are found in our line of Lorren.

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