Knighten Ancestry
Updated 23 Feb 2003

This name appears in various spellings of KNYGHTONE, KNYGHTUN,
KNYGHTEN, KNIGHTEN, and KNIGHTON, of which the last is the form
most frequently in evidence in modern times.

My connection to this family is by marriage only.  My direct ancestor
Julia Pollard's first husband was a Knighten.  This non-blood link is shown in bold "red".

My thanks to J.B. Lorren for his unselfish willingness to share information on the Knighten (and other surnames) line.  I met J.B. in the 80s, lost
contact, and found him again. I have talked with him on many occasions
and regret that I have not been able to travel and give him a great big
hug and thank him in person for all that he has done for our mutual
family research.  If you wish to write to J.B., please email me for his
address at [email protected]

Those researching the Knighten family should also see the following
"Knighten/Knighton" website:
Gene has done extensive research on the Knighten family and is
gracious to offer his extensive research to those researching this
name.  Write to H.E. (Gene) Allred (owner of web info), Rt.1 Box 213,
Porterville, Ms. 39352

Carolyn Wilder is also a Knighten researcher.  Her email is:
[email protected]

Graylin Smith, another Knighton, Pollard, Lorren researcher, wrote
me Feb 2003 and added information on his family.  Graylin's email
address is [email protected]

    b. betw 1690 and 1700
    d. abt 1755 in VA
    m. ?
    1.1 John KNIGHTEN
    1.2 Thomas KNIGHTEN
    1.3 Isaac KNIGHTEN, Sr.
         b. abt. 1732
         d. 1790 Fairfield Co., SC
         m. Margaret ?
         1.3.1 Isaac KNIGHTEN, Jr. (note 1)
                b. 1755
                  d. 26/27 Dec 1824
                       Funeral: Chestnut Meeting, John Mood Minister 28 Dec 1824
                  m. (1) Margaret  UnKnown betw 1756-1774
                       (2) Elizabeth EVANS (widow of Jesse GOODBOLD) on 18 Jan 1811
                             b. abt 1766
                             d. 1839
         Mary Polly KNIGHTEN
                               b. betw. 1774-1784 SC
         Priscilla KNIGHTEN
                               b. betw. 1774-1784 SC
         Winifred KNIGHTEN
                               b. 1780 SC
         Francis KNIGHTEN
                               b. 1783 SC
         Richard Ransom KNIGHTEN
                               b. 1784 SC
         Martha KNIGHTEN
                               b. 1794 SC
         Elizabeth KNIGHTEN
                               b. betw 1794-1800 SC
         Cynthia Maria KNIGHTEN
                               b. 23 June 1813 SC
          1.3.2 Thomas KNIGHTEN
                 b. abt 1756
          1.3.3 Martha (Patsy) KNIGHTEN
                   b. abt 1759 SC
          1.3.4 Nancy KNIGHTEN
                   b. abt 1760 SC
          1.3.5 Josiah KNIGHTEN
                   b. abt 1762 SC
          1.3.6 Ailsey KNIGHTEN
                   b. abt 1764 SC
          1.3.7 Joseph KNIGHTEN
                   b. abt 1769 Sumter Co., SC
                   d. 27 Apr 1837 Sumter Co., SC (obit)
                   m. Frances CATER or CARTER b. abt 1755 d. abt 1820 Sumter Co., SC
          John KNIGHTEN
          Frances KNIGHTEN
          Martha KNIGHTEN
          Jeremiah KNIGHTEN
                               b. abt 1795 Sumter Co., SC
                               m. #1 L. ?
                               m. #2 Nancy BUCHANAN 24 Jul 1859 Benton Co., AL
                       E.C. KNIGHTEN
                       James KNIGHTEN
                       William KNIGHTEN
                       Jeremiah KNIGHTEN
                                               b 9 Dec 1828 Sumter Co., SC (story)
                                               d. 3 May 1863 died CW battle at Chancellorsville,
                                                   Co., D 21 Georgia Infantry
                                               m #1.  Amanda POLLARD 1849 (Julia Pollard's sister)
                                                          b. abt 1839
                                               m #2. Emily JACKSON 7 Feb 1856 Benton Co., Al.
                                                         (marriage certificate transcription)
                                               m. #3. Julia Ann POLLARD
                                                          b. 20 Mar 1838
                                                          d. 6 Aug 1899
                                                          m. 26 Aug 1857 in Cleburne Co., AL
                                                               (see marraige certificate transcription)
                                                               (see Pollard Julia Ann POLLARD)
                                      John Littleton KNIGHTEN
                                      Malissa A. KNIGHTEN
                                                                m. Wesley GIBSON
                                                        Etta GIBSON
                                                                                      m. Calvin MILLIGAN
                                                         Ada GIBSON
                                                                                       m. John MILLIGAN
                                                         Ider GIBSON
                                                                                       m. Dave TODD
                                       George Wright KNIGHTEN
                                                                  b. 9 Apr 1852
                                      Sarah KNIGHTEN
                                                                m. ? WOODARD
                                                         George WOODARD
                                                         John WOODARD
                                                         Edmund WOODARD
                                      Wright KNIGHTEN
                                                                m. ?
                                                         Charlsie KNIGHTEN
                                                                                        m. Luther WHEELER
                                                         Grady KNIGHTEN
                                                         Lizzie KNIGHTEN
                                                                                        m. William AHERN
                                                         Hettie May KNIGHTEN
                                                                                        m. Clarence ALLISON
                                                         Addie KNIGHTEN
                                                                                     m. Mac McDONALD
                                                         Gussie KNIGHTEN
                                                                                     m. Ellis KELLEY
                                                                              Inez KELLEY
                                                                              Myrtle KELLEY
                                      William Acker KNIGHTEN
                                                                m.  Florence POLLARD (Pollard
                                                                 b.   5 Jan 1866
                                                                 d.  5 May 1924 in Cherokee Co., AL.
                                                       Charles C. KNIGHTEN
                                                                                     b. 15 Mar 1884 Cherokee Co. AL
                                                                                     d. 19 Mar 1941
                                                                                     buried in Cherokee Co., AL
                                                                                     m. Minnie L. CLARK  6 Sept 1903
                                                                                           in Cherokee Co., AL
                                                        John E. KNIGHTEN
                                                                                       b. Mar 1900 Cherokee Co., AL
                                                                                       Buried Gadsden, Etowah Co., AL
                                                        Benjamin B. KNIGHTEN
                                                                                      b. 23 Jul 1888 Cherokee Co., AL
                                                                                      m. Rosa Mae PRICE 12 Mar 1911
                                                                                       in Cherokee Co., AL
                                                     W.Clayton KNIGHTEN
                                                                                       b. 16 Dec 1885 Cherokee Co., AL
                                                                                       d. 21 Feb 1958
                                                                                       buried in Cherokee Co., AL
                                                                                     m. ?
                                                                                        4.1 Sadie Mae KNIGHTEN
                                                       J.C. KNIGHTEN
                                                                                      b. 25 Nov 1907 Leesburg, Cherokee
                                                                                          Co., AL
                                                                                       Buried Shady Grove Church Cemetery
                                                                                                   in Leesburg
                                                                                       m. Gladys S. LEAKE
                                                                                       b. 31 Jul 1910 Cartersville, GA
                                                                                       d. 16 Jul 1966 Gadsden, Etowah Co.,
                                                                                       Buried Fairview Cemetery, DeKalb Co.,
                                                                                        6.5.1 Carolyn Delores KNIGHTEN
                                                                                        6.5.2 Jerry Cecil KNIGHTEN
                                                    Bertie KNIGHTEN
                                                                                    m.  John Berry WRIGHT 4 Feb. 1917
                                                                                          in Cherokee Co., AL
                                                       Julia L. KNIGHTEN
                                                                                     b. 25 Feb 1897 in Cherokee Co., AL
                                                                                     d. 22 Jul 1951
                                                                                     buried in Cherokee Co., AL
                                                      Nellie Lou KNIGHTEN
                                                                                      b. 27 Nov 1904
                                                                                      d. 6 Jul 1924
                                                                                      buried in Cherokee Co., AL
                                       Jerri Ann E. (Annie) KNIGHTEN (see LORREN)
                                                                 m. #1 J.B LORREN (see LORREN)
                                                                   m. #2 George SMITH
                                       Hittie KNIGHTEN
                      Lydia Angeline KNIGHTEN
                      Frances R. G. KNIGHTEN
                      Joseph R. F. KNIGHTEN
                      Jesse Presley KNIGHTEN
          Josiah KNIGHTEN
          S. Jessie KNIGHTEN
          James H. KNIGHTEN
          Margaret KNIGHTEN
          1.3.8 Jesse KNIGHTEN
b. abt. 1770 SC
    1.4 Moses KNIGHTEN, Jr.

Note 1:

About1778 Isaac served 16 days service in the light horse under Lieut. HOLLIS.
Later he served 38 days in the foot under the command of Captain LEWIS.
File #4358, Entry #0015 003 0085 00161 00

On June 21,1782 at the disposal of the estate of Thomas MILES. The administrator was
Isaac Knighten (Sr. or Jr. unknown).  The appraisement was done by Moses Knighton
and others.  The estate was sold to others plus: Isaac, Thomas, Sarah, Moses and Ales. administrator was Isaac Knighton ?(Sr or Jr). The appraisement was done by Moses Knighton and others.  The estate was sold to others plus: Isaac, Thomas, Sarah, Moses and Ales...

The State of South Carolina / Isaac Knighton Jr.

To 16 days service in the light horse under command of Lieut. Hollis.
To 38 days service in the foot under command of Capt. Lewis.

Personaly appeared Isaac Knighton Jun & made oath that the State is justly in due him for the above mentioned services.

Sworn before me this 6th day of December 1782.           Charles Pickett
I certify the above services ...?... John Hollis Lieut.

 South Carolina

Pursuant to an Act of the General Assembly passed 16th of March,1783 We the COMMISSIONERS of the TREASURY, have this day delivered to MR. ISAAC KNIGHTON this
our INDENTED CERTIFICATE, in the sum of:

             Five pounds sterling for military duty & account audited

The said Isaac Knighton his executors, Administrators, or assigns, will be entitled to receive from this office the sum of one shilling and six pence sterling on demand for one year's interest on the principal sum of one pound two shillings and ten pence and the like interest annually.  The said Isaac Knighten his executors, Administrators or assigns, will be entitled also to receive, and shall be paid, if demanded, the principal sum of Five Pounds on the twenty fifth May 1787.  And the said Isaac Knighten his executors, Administrators or assigns, may make any purchases at any Public Sales of Confiscated Property, (except such as shall be ordered by the Legislature for special purposes;) and this indent shall be received in payment.  For the true performance of the several Payments in manner above-mentioned the PUBLIC TREASURY is made liable, and the faith of the STATE pledged by the aforesaid ACT.
             GIVEN under our hand at the TREASURY-OFFICE, in CHARLESTON, the twenty fifth day of May one thousand seven hundred and eighty five.

L5.0.0 Principal
L0.7.0 Interest                                      Edward Blake, Peter Boequet
Commissioners of the Treasury

No. 521, Book 2

January 19,1795 Ordered that Isaac Knighton be appointed overseer on the road called Jone's road from the ford of Dutchman's Creek down to county line.


John Calvert to Isaac Knighton Indenture

                                              THIS INDENTURE made the ninth day of March one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven, Know all men by these presents that I John Calvit of Fairfield County and State aforesaid for and in consideration of thirty three pounds ten shillings sterling to me in hand paid by Isaac Knighton of county and state aforesaid have granted bargained and released and by these presents do grant bargain sell and release unto the said Isaac Knighten all that tract or parcel of land containing one hundred acres more or less situated lying and being on both sides Colonels Creek.
Recorded Book L Page 66-67 September 25,1797

South Carolina
                         I do hereby certify for Isaac Knighton a Tract of land containing one hyndred
and nine acres (surveyed for him 7th April 1804 Situated in Fairfield District on the waters of
Colonels Creek a Branch of the Wateree River having such shape and forms as the above plat represents.
Given under my hand 11th Augt 1804.

Francis Long DS
John Bynum
Surv Genl
Recorded Vol. 40 page 291 August 11,1804 State Series



   To all to whome these presents shall come, Greeting:

                 KNOW YE, That in pursuance of an Act of the Legislature entitled "An Act for establishing the mode of "granting the lands now vacant in this State, and for allowing a "commutation to be issued for some lands that have been granted, "passed the 19th day of February, 1791;
                WE HAVE GRANTED, and by these presents DO GRANT unto Isaac Knighton his heirs and assigns, a plantation or tract of land, containing one hundred and nine acres. Surveyed for him the 7th day of April 1804 situated in the District of Fairfield on the waters of Cols Creek waters of the Wateree River.
Recorded Vol. 50 page 421 Sept. 3,1804 State land grant series


Isaac Knighton and Elizabeth Godbold January 8,1811


Articals of agreement entered into and retified the eighth day of January in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and eleven between Isaac Knighton of the District of Fairfield and State aforesaid and Elizabeth Goodbold (sic) of said State and District WITNESSTH that the said Isaac and Elizabeth have concluded a purpose of mariage (sic) and agreed to enter into
the holy Bonds of Matrimony and whereas it hath pleased God to bestow upon each of the above parties a tolerable portion of the goods of this world and havinig Lawful heirs by a former Mariage or................. desire the right of desposial each of their own property as they may think proper eighter (sic) in their life time or at the time of their death in as full and amekle (sic) a manner as if the intended mariage had never taken place and without hindrance or molestation each shall enjoy their own property which they may have whiter (sic) real personnally (sic) at
the time of solemaising (sic) their marriage and do hereby bind ourselfs (sic) and each of our heirs executors and administrators in the full and just sum of three thousand Dollars to me paid by either of the above contracting parties who shall default in strictly compasing with the
true intent and meaning of this agreement and the money so forfited shall be paid unto the party which do faithfully comply with said articals.
In Witness whereof thereunto set our hand and seals the day and year above written in presence of
Alexander Crumpton
Isaac Knighton (LS)
Richard R. Knighton
Elizabeth (x) Goodbold

Fairfield District
                         Personally appeared before me Ransom Knighton and after been duly sworn sayeth on oath that he saw the within Isaac Knighton and Elizabeth Goodbold sign seal and deliver the within articals of agreement for the use and purpose within mentioned and he further sayeth on oath that he saw Alexander Crumpton sign as a witness with himself sworn to this day of March 1812.
Alexander Crumpton JP
Richard R. Knighton

Recorded Book u page 273-4 April 14,1812


Isaac Knighton to Mary (Knighton) Alexander August 18,1819

State of South Carolina Kershaw District
Know ye that I Isaac Knighton of the state and district aforesaid for divers good causes & valuable considerations and more espicially (sic) for the love and good will I have and do bear to my daughter Mary Alexander of the state and district aforesaid do give and grant and by these presents do give & grant a certain negro girl named Rachel.

Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of
Derrell W. Hollis
Levy Gogbold
Isaac Knighten (LS)

Recorded Book I page 133 September 20,1819


Isaac Knighton to Francis Knighton September 20,1821

State of South Carolina Fairfield District
                Know all men by these presents that I Isaac Knighton of the state and district aforesaid for and in consideration of the services rendered me by my daughter Francis Knighton in having taken care of and providing for my idiot daughter daughter Martha Knighten for the four years past and in consideration of her having promised to continue to take care of and provide for my said idiot daughter Martha during her naturial (sic) life I do by these presents give and release unto my said daughter Francis Knighten in fee simple a certain negro women (sic) slave named Rhodah and her present child named Edmond.
Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of us.
Presley F.  Moore
Isaac Knighten (LS)
Darrel U. Hollis
Francis (x) Knighten

Recorded Book I page 450-451 Kershaw Co. January 15,1822


Isaac Knighton to Elizabeth Knighton Relinquish her estate

Fairfield District South Carolina
To all whom these presents may come know ye that I Isaac Knighton of the State and District aforesaid in consideration of the Love and affection I do bear to my wife Elizabeth Knighton as well as to comply with a former contract I made with her.  I do by these presents relinquish to her, her heirs and assigns all and singulare all her estate real personal and perishable that she had when I married her like that she had at the time of our aforesaid marriage and aforesaid property to belong to the aforesaid Elizabeth Knighton to will and to do with as she may think proper at her death and I Isaac Knighton by these presents do defend the said Elizabeth Knighton in the right from against myself my heirs executors, administrators and assigns or any person claiming or to claim the same or any part thereof from my right they may claim under or from me this 10th day of October 1823.
Charles Slamaker
Isaac Knighton
Abner Rofs

South Carolina
Fairfield District

            Personally appeared before me this 29th March 1824 Mr Charles Slamaker who has testified on Oath that he saw Isaac Knighton sign the within Instrument for the purposes therein mentioned and that Abner Rofs together with himself witnessth the execution thereof.
Charles Slamaker
William Robertson J.P.

Recorded Book EE page 289-290 March 31,1824


Isaac Knighton .....Died intestate Fairfield County, S.C.

        His Estate filed 3 January 1825, Apt.55 pck 846 by his son-in-law Thomas Cusack .... Administrator
        Bond signed by John Robertson and James Goodwyn

Warrants of Appraisement
Fairfeld District

By John Buchannan
Ordinary of Fairfield District

These are to authorize and empower you, or any three or four of you, whose names are hereunder written, to repair to all such parts and places within the District of Kershaw & state, as yoy shall be directed unto by, Thomas Cusack administrator of the goods and chattels, rights and credits of Isaac Knighton late of Fairfield district, deceased, wheresoever any of the said goods and chattels are or do remain within the said District of Kershaw, and which shall be shown unto youn by the said Thomas Cusack and there view and appraise all and every the said goods and chattels, being first duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, to make a true and perfect inventory and appraisement thereof, and to Cause the same to be returned under your hands, or any three or four of you, untothe said Thomas Cusack on or before the third day of March next.
         WITNESS John Buchanan Esq. Ordinary of the said District, the third day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty four and in the forty ninth year of the American Independence.
John Buchanan   J O

        Memorandum-- That on the 5th day of February in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and twenty five personally appeared before me William Robertson one of the Justices assigned to keep the peace in the District of Fairfield James Goodwyn Derrel U. Hollis and George Adams being three of the appraisers appointed to appraise the goods and chattels of Isaac Knighton deceased late of the said District, deceased, who being duly sworn, made oath, that they would make a just and true appraisement of all and singular the goods and chattels of the said Isaac Knighton deceased, as shall be produced.  Thomas Cusack administrator of the estate of the said deceased, and that they would return the same, under their hands, unto the said Thomas Cusack on or before the third day of March next.
Sworn the day and year above written before me
William Robertson J.P.
Derrell U. Hollis
James Goodwyn
George Adams


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