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Updated 25 Aug 2002

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1.  Soundex Coding How it Works - How to Determine it

2.  Retracing the Trails of Your Ancestors Using Deed Records
     by William Dollarhide
        Topics covered:
                Establishing Proof of Residence and Learning Genealogical Clues
                Why Land Records?
                State Land States vs Public Land States
                Documents Relating to Original Land Grants
                A Warrant
                Land Patents Today
                Locating Patents and Land Entry Case Files for all thirty Public Land
                Subsequent Exchanges of Land
                Genealogical Research in Deed Records
                A Check List for Deed Research
                A Case Study:
                    The Problem
                    Facts known, in the order they were found
                    Confirmation Needed
                    Course of Action
                    My First Breakthrough
                    My Second Breakthrough
                Why Not Look at Deeds First

3.  Historical Maps

4.  Genealogy Bulletin Archives
      A Heritage Quest Publication
     Topics Covered:
            Family History
            Numbering Systems
            Research Methods

5.  Land Record Reference
     Topics Covered:
            The Feudal Land System
            How Land in the Colonies Was Acquired
            Bounty Land Warrants
            The Homestead Act of 1862
            Indiana Land History
            Introduction to Ohio Land History
            Pennsylvania Land History
            Introduction to Tennessee Land History
            Introduction to Virginia Land History
            Transferring Land
            A Typical Deed
            Retracing the Trails of Your Ancestors Using Deed Records
            History and Use of Land Records
            On-line Land Record Research Course
            Deed Books and the types of deeds they contain
            How To Get Copies of Land Records
            Published Books Relating to Land Records
            Other Internet sites with Land Record Information
            Two Types of Property Descriptions Used in Deeds
         Metes and Bounds - Meandering streams and white oak trees
            U.S. Public Domain - Home on the Section, Township, and Range
            Terms You'll Come Across
            Surveying Units and Terms - Poles and Chains
            Legal and Other Terms - From the common to the obscure
            Corrections for compass declination errors - True norths are hard to find

6.  Ahnentafel Numbering - how it works

7. Genealogy Relationship Chart

8.  Genealogy Tips on Cemeteries
      by Shirley Hornbeck
      Topics covered:
              Old Tombstone Carvings
              Meanings of Carvings
              Order of Odd Fellows
              A Visit to the Cemetery
              Global Positioning System
              Cleaning Gravestones
              Finding Graves in National Cemeteries
              Interments in National Cemeteries

9.    Genealogy Tips on the Census #1
          by Shirley Hornbeck
       Topics covered:
                The Missing 1890 Federal Census
                The Mortality Schedules
                Soundex for 1880, 1900, 1910, & 1920
                Getting More than Meets the Eye Out of the Census
                Limitations and Pitfalls of Census Research
                Some Do's and Don'ts with Census Records

10.   Genealogy Tips on the Census #2
           by Shirley Hornbeck
        Topics covered:
                 Census Day
                 Official Census Dates
                 Interesting Facts About the Census
                 Obtaining Census Records 1930-1990
                 African-Americans and the Census
                 View Original Census Records
                 Finding Living Relatives
                 What Happened to the Original Censuses?
                 Marshals and the U.S. Census
                 Census Information for Social Security
                 Some Tips When Using Census Records
                 Illegible Film
                 Obtaining Current U.S. Federal Census Data
                 Census and Soundex Relationship Abbreviations

11.  Genealogy Tips on the Census #3
       by Shirley Hornbeck
       Topics covered:
           200 Years of Census Taking 1790-1990

12.  Genealogy Tips on the Civil War
         by Shirley Hornbeck
       Topics covered:
               Chronology of the Civil War
               Civil War Records at the National Archives
               Kentucky in the Civil War

13.  Genealogy Tips on Colonial America
       by Shirley Hornbeck
       Topics covered:
              Comprehensive History of Eastham, Wellfleet, and Orleans
              Manner of Dress
              Indentured Servitude
              General Notes on the Records

14.  Copyright Law
        by Shirley Hornbeck

15.  Genealogy Tips on Death Records
         by Shirley Hornbeck
       Topics covered:
               Death Records
               Mourning Rings
               Dower Rights

16.  Definitions and Abbreviations
         by Shirley Hornbeck
       Topics covered:
               Confusing Definitions
               Some Military Definitions

17.  Diseases, Medical Terms, Epidemics
         by Shirley Hornbeck
       Topics covered:
               Medical Terms and Diseases

18.  Genealogy Tips on Naming Patterns
         by Shirley Hornbeck
       Topics covered:
               Naming Practices
               Kinship Terms
               The Old Jones Naming Pattern
               19th Century Naming Patterns
                Dutch Naming Patterns
                German Naming Patterns
                Scotch Naming Pattersn
                Female Given Names & Nicknames
                Male Given Names & Nicknames

19.   Tips on the National Archives
        by Shirley Hornbeck

20.  Occupations
       by Shirley Hornbeck

21.  Notes about Scotch-Irish and German Settlers in Virginia and the
       Carolinas by William L. Anderson III
       This is a must read for anyone trying to determine their Scotch-Irish origins.
       Topics Covered:
         The Word Scotch-Irish
                   "In the 1800s, the hyphenated name Scotch-Irish did not mean an ethnic mix.
                   It meant Scots from northern Ireland. It was used to distinguish from Irishmen.
                   The Scotch-Irish were mostly Presbyterian Protestants while the Irishmen
                   were mostly Roman Catholic."


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   DAR downloadable forms
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   Epidemics in U.S. - 1657 - 1918--
   Georgia Department of Archives & History--
   Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild--
   Mariners Website
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