Lorren House

Lorren House

I don't know when the "Lorren" House was built.  I know it has burned since I played there as a child.   I have been told that Samuel Lorren built this house for his bride, Nancy Olena Hedgepeth.  It perched atop a hill with a mountain behind it.  See the story section for stories about this house.

The Old Lorren Store/House
The store was located across the road from the
old Lorren house.  To the right of the photo
and not shown was a gas pump.  The front of
this building was the store section and located to the back
part of the store was a living area.  A bedroom was located
in the back and to the left in this photo. The section
that juts out to the right was the kitchen area.
I lived and played here as a child - that is when
I wasn't across the road visiting my cousins (Barbara,
Charlotte, and Steve Lorren - children of Arlene
and Leon Lorren - later, after I left Borden, they
had a fourth child, Regina) who
were living in the Lorren house at that time.

The old Lorren/Store house as it stands today...
HOW SAD!  about five years ago I tried
to rent/buy this house and the current owner was not
interested in renting nor selling...seems he isn't interested in taking
care of the property either....
(photo taken June 2002 by Nina Bischoff)

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