Lorren and Knighten Marriage

James Breckenridge (JB) Lorren
B. 1 Dec 1860 D. 12 Oct 1922
Annie Knighten
B. 23 Sept 1863 D. 26 Sept 1944

The following story and photograph were generously shared by James B. Lorren's grandson J.B. Lorren.  I consider it an honor to be able to relate this story:

    Grandpa and grandma Lorren were married on May 20, 1875, in a house near the old Brewster School just above Esom Hill, Georgia.  She was 12 and one-half years old, he was 15 and one-half.
    They rode on dapplin grey mares to their wedding, she rode on a side saddle as her dress was long and had a full skirt.  The collar of it was light blue with white dogwood flowers and green leaves on it.
    He had on a suit made of home spun cloth, it was brown.  She said, her brother was there and as they left the house he yelled out to them, (big pig
little pig rute hogs or die poor).  She said it really embarrassed her.
    They lived with a man and lady all the summer through the winter and he worked all the time for a young cow.  Grandma helped the lady in the house.  She gave Grandma enough cloth to make a straw bed tick, and three quilts.
    When they entered their land in the spring and started keeping house, they had an iron pot to cook in on the fireplace, two home made chairs, a table and a bed taht Grandma made.

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