My Direct Line
My Direct Line

Updated 31 August, 2002

As you go through this list of names (the quickest way I could get it up and viewable) remember that I use the Ahnentafel Numbering system. That system is very simple - on my ancestral chart I would be number one (1) father would be number two (2) mother would be number three (3)...each ancestor after that is a multiple of two - for instance, my father's father (my paternal grandfather) would be number four (4), his wife (my paternal grandmother) would be number five (5), my maternal grandfather would be number six (6), my maternal grandmother would be number seven (7), and so on.  Easy (and believe me when I say I've come across some that have made my brain turn to mush.)!  Also, I go more in depth on the Lorren names appearing below on the main "Lorren" page.  Personal information on my living family members has been withheld - email me privately if you think it is something you wish to discuss.  I owe a tremendous debt to Tom Allred for his research and generous sharing of my Hall/Evans line and for uniting me with my Hall family.  I don't have all my sources up as I'm still in the process (I know, I'm slow) of uploading my information in the correct order (and correcting my mistakes because of my haste).  Should you need a source, please email me, give me a few days to go through a ton of documents and I'll gladly give it to you.  A few of the links available to you on this, and other pages, are external, off site links, and you will have to use your browser's "BACK" button to return to my site.  These are generally very useful and informative links that I encourage you to follow.  You will also find that photographs take forever to load and for that I apologize.  I did not scan the photos and had no control over that.  Perhaps in the future I can rescan photographs and give you a faster download time, but until then, please bear with me.

1.  Rebecca Ann HALL (photo)

2. Horace M. HALL
3. Married #1: ?
              i.  Karen D. HALL
    Married #2: Sue LORREN (living) (photo)
           1 ii.  Rebecca A. HALL
    Married #3: Unknown

4.  John Lewis HALL
     Born: 20 Sept. 1893
     Died:  1948
     Buried:  Piedmont, Alabama
5.  Married:  Alma DUDLEY (photo)
     Born: 13 Nov 1892
     Died: 12 Jul 1965
     Buried:  Piedmont, Alabama
            2. Horace M. Hall

     Other Children (not in birth order):
            ii.  Harry Hall
           iii.  Frances Hall
           iv.  Viola Hall Strickland
            v.  Kenneth Hall

6.  Jasper Tillman LORREN (photo)
     Born: 7 Nov 1900
     Place: Borden Springs, Alabama
     Died: 21 Jan 1948
     Place: Cedartown, Georgia
7.  Married:  Christine Inez COOK (photo)
     on 18 Feb 1936 in Borden Springs, AL
     Born: 8 Oct. 1919
     Place: Carrolton, Georgia
     Died:  4 May 1977
     Place: Mobile, Alabama
     Buried:  Borden Springs Cemetery
             3.     Sue LORREN (living)

8.  Al Ford HALL
     Born:. 1854
9.  Married:  Kelly ROBINETTE
             4.  John L. HALL

     Other Children:

             ii.  L.B. Hall
            iii.  Dan Hall
            iv.  Fred Hall
             v.  Collie Hall
            vi.  Homer Hall

10.  John DUDLEY
11.  Married:  Ann Victory EVANS (photo)
       Born: 9 May 1863
       Place:  Goshen, Cherokee Co., Al.
              5.  Alma DUDLEY

       Other children:

              ii.  Pearl Dudley
             iii.  James Walt Dudley
             iv.  William (Will) C. Dudley m. Lillie ?
              v.  Lonnie (Lon) Dudley m. Anna HALL

12.  Samuel Prathel LORREN (photo)(land deed)
       Born: 9 Apr 1879
       Place: Cleburne County, Alabama
       Died:  12 Nov 1940
       Place:  Borden Springs, Alabama
13.  Married:  Nancy O.Lena HEDGEPETH (photo)
       Born: 9 Mar 1882
       Place: Cleburne County, Alabama
       Died:  17 Feb 1957
       Place: Borden Springs, Alabama
            6     Jasper Tillman LORREN

Notes:  Samuel (Sammy) and Nancy (Nannie) belonged to the Church of Christ in Borden Springs, Alabama.  Sammy owned a 161 acres in Borden Springs at one time; he also owned other acreage in that area, all long since been sold out of the family.  There in Borden Springs, he built a home for his bride.  This home was
the old "Lorren" house (burned).  During his lifetime, Sammy was a member of a Masonic Lodge (and at least one of his daughters, Aunt Dandy [I believe], was a member of the Eastern Star).  I have yet to figure out which Lodge he belonged to...and if you know, please let me know.   He obtained the highest level of the Order.  Sammy was diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer that eventually spread throughout his body.  He made several trips to the Mayo Clinic for treatment.  My mother Sue also had this form of eye cancer [the name fails me now but I will update this later] and was treated for it in Houston, Texas...her's was benign.  Sadly, Sammy's cancer spread and eventually killed him.  My mother relates that one of the last times she remembers seeing her grandfather was when Sammy returned home from the Mayo Clinic.  Mother went with her family to meet Sammy at the old Borden Springs (Alabama) train depot.  Mother said they lifted Sammy off the train on a stretcher.  His eyes and head were swathed in bandages and he was in tremendous pain.  Later, as an adult, she learned that the doctors at the Mayo Clinic had sent Sammy home to die.  "Doc" HAMILTON (killed in a car wreck in the '50s) was the Lorren family doctor and had been for many years.  He treated Sammy with heavy doses of morphine until Sammy's passing on November 12, 1940.
14.    Franklin COOK
         Place:  Felton, GA
         Died:  4 July 1920
         Place: Texas
15.    Married:  Georgia Marilyn HANEY (photo)
         Born: 1 Apr 1900
         Died:  11 Feb 1988
         Place:  Cedartown, Polk Co., GA
              7 Christine Inez COOK

22.  Adolphus Monroe EVANS (photo)
       Born: 21 Jan 1835
       Place: Goshen Hill, Union Co., SC
       Died:  9 May 1912
       Place: Piedmont, Al
       Buried: Highland Cemetery, Piedmont, Al
23.  Married #1:  Elizabeth CUMMINGS
       Date:  9 Dec 1860
       Place:  Calhoun Co., Al.
             11.  Ann Victory EVANS (photo)

       Other Children:

            i.  Emma Josephine Evans b. 1868 Goshen Cherokee Co., Al
                m. William H. MCCAIN 28 SEP 1890

       Note:  Married #2: Mary Ann JENNINGS 29 Jan 1878 Calhoun Co., Al

24.  John L.C. LORREN (photo)
       Born: Betw. 1847 (note: LDS records have John's birth at 1840 in
                 contradiction to family Bible and gravestone)
       Place:  Cleburne Co., Alabama
       Died:  1931
25.  Married #2: Julia Ann POLLARD(KNIGHTEN) (photo)
       in 1863.
       Born: 20 Mar 1838
       Died: 6 Aug. 1899
       Place:  Borden Springs, Alabama
       Buried:  Borden Springs Cemetery, Cleburne Co., AL gravestone
                    reads "LArren)
            12.    Samuel Prathell LORREN (photo)

26.  Charles Frank HEDGEPETH
       Died: Oct. 1900
27.  Married:  Mulven Mysina COUCH (widow's pension application)
           13 Nancy O. Lena HEDGEPETH (photo)

Research by Ken Hedgepeth produced the Marriage Record for Frank and Mysina (Masina) which states, "Calhoun County, Alabama Marriage Record Book for 1864-1877 - August 30, 1872 license September 1872 marriage; The State of Alabama to any Minister of the Gospel, Judge or Justice lawfully authorized Calhoun County to celebrate the rites of matrimony.  You are hereby licensed to celebrate the rites of matrimony between C.F. Hedgepeth and ? Masina Counch and for so doing this shall be your warrant.  Given under my hand ? this 30 ? of August in the year of our Lord One Thousand and eight-hundred and Seventy two.  A Woods (looks like Woods) Judge of Probate.  In virtue of a license from the Judge of the Probate Court of said County, I have this day celebrated THE RITES OF MATRIMONY between C.F. Hedgepeth and Masina Couch.  Given under my hand this 4th day of September 1872."  (Microfilm page 369) You can contact Ken at [email protected]

Research by Arlene Waters states:  The 1880 Census of Paulding Co. gives the following information:

 First Name:            Last Name:             Race/Sex:             Age:                      Place Born:
C.F. Hedgepeth
J.H. (N?)

Frank is also listed on the 1874 tax digest of Paulding Co.  You can contact Arlene at [email protected]

30.  Jackson HANEY
31.  Married: Sally EASTLAND
                15  Georgia Marilyn HANEY (photo)

44.  Jesse EVANS  (photo)
       Born:  18 Jan 1807
       Place:  Goshen Hill, Union Co., SC
       Died:  19 Mar 1884
       Place:  Goshen, Cherokee Co., Al
       Buried:  Goshen, Cherokee Co., Al
45.  Married:  Caroline ANDERSON (photo)
       Date: 1832
       Place: Union Co., SC
       Born: 29 Sept 1813
       Place:  Goshen Hill, Union Co., SC
       Died:  19 Nov 1884
       Place:  Goshen, Cherokee Co., Al
       Buried:  Goshen VAlley Cemetery, Cherokee Co., Al
              22.  Adolphus Monroe EVANS (photo)

       Other Children:

         ii.  Rufus Urban EVANS b: 2 MAR 1833 in Goshen Hill,Union Co.,SC
              m. Josephine MOBLEY
        iii.  Mariah EVANS b: 20 FEB 1837 in Goshen Hill,Union Co.,SC
              m. Joel Gilmore WOOD
        iv.  Henrietta EVANS b: 12 MAY 1839 in Goshen Hill,Union Co.,SC
         v.  Fleury Montgomery EVANS b: 22 JAN 1842 in Goshen Hill,Union Co.,SC
              m. Martha RUSHING
        vi.  Garaphelia EVANS b: 5 MAY 1844 in Goshen Hill,Union Co.,SC
              m.  George Washington FREEMAN
       vii.  Oda Jane EVANS b: 7 MAR 1848 in Goshen Hill,Union Co.,SC
              m.  Andrew Raford DAVIS
      viii.  John Calhoun EVANS b: 20 OCT 1850 in Goshen Hill,Union Co.,SC
              m.  Mary C. TRAYWICK
       ix.  George Douglas EVANS b: 26 FEB 1855 in Goshen Cherokee Co.,AL
              m.  Mary Elizabeth FREEMAN

Goshen Valley Cemetery

This cemetery is located on Hwy 9, Goshen Valley, Cherokee Co., Alabama.  The cemetery is located just inside the Cherokee county line with a few graves located in Calhoun Co.  It was surveyed on 21 Apr 2000 by Beverly Giles Loffler at:
EVANS,  Bertha WOODALL 1886 - 1907 Wife of W.L. -----------------------
EVANS, Caroline ANDERSON 29 Sept 1813    19 Nov 1884 Wife of Jesse See Note 1 Below
EVANS, George Douglas 26 Feb 1855
25 Oct 1934
----------------------- -----------------------
EVANS Jesse 18 Jan 1807
19 Mar 1884
----------------------- See Note 1 Below
EVANS, Joe Wheeler 10 Aug 1891
25 Mar 1921
----------------------- See Note 2 Below
EVANS,  John C. 1850 - 1899 ----------------------- -----------------------
EVANS,  John E. 1885 - 1937 ----------------------- -----------------------
EVANS, Johney 1885 - 1937 ----------------------- -----------------------
EVANS, Mary C. 1855 - 1939 Wife of John C. -----------------------
EVANS, Mary Elizabeth
11 May 1866
25 Dec 1939
Wife of George Douglas -----------------------
EVANS, Perry 1755 - 1840 ----------------------- See Note 3 Below

Note 1:  Jesse and Caroline died of injuries received during the Goshen Cyclone
              19 Feb. 1884
Note 2:  Killed by accident in Bradford Mine which was operated by free labor
Note 3:  Sgt. 4th Indpt MD Co. Rev. War (Buried at Goshen Hills).  Notice the absence of
              Perry's wife  Deborah SELBY

Other Notes:  Jessie appears in 1830 Federal Population Schedule (Census)
                  for Union District, SC; Jessie appears in the 1840 Fed. Pop. Schedule
                  for Union District, SC; Appeared in the 1850 Fed. Pop. Schedule for
                  Union District, SC did not appear in the 1870 Census for Union
                  District, SC

                  It appears that Jessie and Caroline moved from Goshen Hill,
                  Union Co., SC to Goshen, Cherokee Co., AL between 20 OCT 1850
                  when their eighth child John Calhoun EVANS was born and
                  26 FEB 1855 when their ninth child George Douglas EVANS
                  was born.

                  Sources:  Tom Allred's grandmother's oral history, family
                                    letters of Caroline to children in Texas during the
                                    1870's , and the family bible which was in Tom's
                                    uncle's possesion.

48.  George A. LORREN (land deed)
       Born: 1816
       Place:  Jefferson, TN. (there is discrepancy here see notes)
       Died: 25 Aug 1889.
49.  Wife:  Elizabeth Martha D. ROBBERSON or ROBERTSON
       Married on 22 Apr 1841 in Carroll Co., GA
       Born:  1825
       Died:  After 1880
                24     John L.C. LORREN (photo)

50.  Benjamin POLLARD
       Born: 1777
       Place:  South Carolina
51.  Married:  Rachel Sarah PARKS
      Born: 12 Nov 1807
       Place:  Wilkes Co., NC
                25  Julia Ann POLLARD

52.  William HEDGEPETH (photo) (land deed) (Soldiers or Sailors Application)
       Born: 27 Jan 1818
       Place: Georgia
       Died:  15 Jun 1910
       Place:  Borden Springs, AL
53.  Married:  Louisa ROBERTS
       Born:  1818
       Place: North Carolina
                26    Charles Frank HEDGEPETH

According to the research of Arlene Waters the 1850 Census of Cobb Co., Georgia gives the following information:

 Name:                    Age:                        Sex:                     Profession:            Place Born:
Wm Hedgepeth 31 m Overseer Ga (?)
Louisa 31 f  --------- NC (looks like)
Sara A. 10 f  --------- Ala
Wm N. 5 m  --------- Ga
Charles F. 3 m  --------- Ga

William and his family appear in the Paulding, GA 1860 Fed. Census.
They now have a 9 year old daughter namedLouisa.
Page # Line # Surname Given Name Age Birthplace
731 39 Hedgepeth Charles 13 Ga.
732 1 Hedgepeth  Louisa 9 Ga.
731 36 Hedgepeth Louisa 42 NC
731 37 Hedgepeth Sarah 20 Ala.
731 35 Hedgepeth William 42 Ga.
731 38 Hedgepeth William 15 Ga.

88.  Perry EVANS
       Place: Union Co., SC
89.  Married:  Deborah SELBY
       Date:  27 Mar 1785
       Place:  Evangelical Lutheran Church, MD
       Place: Prince George Co., MD
       Died: 1827
       Place:  Union Co., SC
              44.  Jessie EVANS

       Other Children:

           ii.  Drusilla EVANS b. 1799
          iii.  Nancy EVANS b. 1803
          iv.  George Washington EVANS b. 1811 Goshen Hill, Union Co., SC
                m.  Margaret EVANS

       Note:  The 1800 Fed. Pop. Schedule (Census) for Union District,
                  South Carolina is the "First" Census for the Union District.
                  The Union District was created from the larger "Ninety-Six"
                  District in 1798. Even though no 1790 Census is listed for
                  Union District, most of the people on pages 45 to 52 on
                  NARS M-637, State Reel 11 were residing in the present-
                 day Union Co., South Carolina. ..prs
SINDX Last Name First Name Date  NARS Reel  Pg# Family Group
E152 EVANS Perry  1800 M-32  50   232  20010-31010-00

                2= two males in household ages 1 to 9
                  0 = no males in household ages 10 to 15
                  0 = no males in household ages 16 to 25
                  1 = one male in household ages of 26 to 44
                  0 = no males in household ages 45 plus years

                  3 = three females in household ages 1 to 9
                  1 = one female in household ages 10 to 15
                  0 = no females in household ages 16 to 25
                  1 = one female in household ages 26 to 44
                  0 = no females in household ages 45 plus years

                  00 = no slaves in household

              Perry Evans appears in the 1810 Fed. Pop. Schedule (Census)
              He was not in the  1820 Fed. Pop. Schedule (Census) for Union
                 District, SC; No "Perry EVANS" appears in the 1830 Census  but
                 a "Perry  EAVANY" was; He is in the 1840 Census for Union
                 District, SC

                 Perry served as a Sgt. in the 4th Indpt MD Co. during the Revolutionary War.

90.  Elijah ANDERSON
       Died: 1824
       Place:  Union Co., SC
91.  Married: Nancy SELBY
              45. Caroline ANDERSON

       Other Children:

        ii.  Silas ANDERSON
       iii.  Nancy ANDERSON m. James ROGERS
       iv.  Mary ( Polly ) ANDERSON m. Phillip H. SELBY
        v.  Elizabeth ANDERSON b: 7 OCT 1815
       vi.  Martha ANDERSON
     viii.  Eliza ANDERSON
       ix.  Doshann ANDERSON m. Owen P. SELBY

96.  John LORREN
       Born: Betw 1791-95 in Hawkins Co. TN according to LDS records.
               (This is my brick wall and I will go in to family stories in another
                 area and my theories about this mysterious John Lorren)
       Died: Believed to have died when his children were in their teens.
97.  Married:  Julia Ann McPHERSON abt. 1815 in Roane, Tennessee.
       Born:  Betw. 1794-1797 in Hawkins Co., TN (note: some family
                  members state Julia was born in Kentucky but LDS records
                  state TN)
       Died:  1829
                48     George A. LORREN

More Notes and my theory: Family stories state John was a British soldier of Irish descent who came from Ireland to the present site of the City of Chicago, Illinois where he made entry of a grant of land at the same time his future wife's (Julia Ann McPherson) brother Elijah Daniel McPherson did.  The two men apparently knew each other.  I have verified that this land grant existed through a distant Lorren relative who has a copy of it...unfortunately, this person would not share information.  Elijah Daniel McPherson (Julia's older brother) moved in 1829 or 1830 from Roane or Rhea County, Tennessee to Buck Creek section of Carroll County, Georgia about the same time John and Ann moved from the same Tennessee counties to the vicinity of later Oak Level, Alabama, then in Benton, later Calhoun County, now Cleburne County, Alabama which adjoins Carroll County, Georgia and these two families exchanged visits.  John and Julia Ann (McPherson)'s son George Lorren, made a visit to his uncle Elijah, as reported by Elijah, in 1870 at Oak Level.  George's brother John left Alabama shortly after the death of his parents and was not heard from again.  There seems to be no explanation for George and John's sister Jerusha Lorren living in the family of her cousin, Daniel McPherson, other than that she was the orphan niece of Daniel's father, Capt. George McPherson, older brother of Jerusha's mother Julia Ann (McPherson) Lorren.

(Research Note: On June 11, 1792, a territorial ordinance created Knox and Jefferson counties from Greene and Hawkins counties.  In 1796, Tennessee became a State.  In 1801, Knox County was partitioned to create Roane and Anderson Counties.)

100.  William POLLARD
               50 Benjamin Pollard

102. Benjamin PARKS (more information on the Parks can be found at this webpage)
        Born: 25 Mar 1746
        Place:  1746 King George Co., VA
        Died:  11 Jul 1839
        Place:  Hall Co., GA
        several generations of Parks are  buried at Yellow Creek Baptist Church
        in Hall Co., Ga.
       Married: 3 Nov 1779 Wilkes Co., NC
103. Married: Virlinche (Valentia) aka Elizabeth BRANCH
        Born: 16 Feb 1758
        Place:  Chesterfield, VA
            51 Rachel Sarah PARKS

      Other Children:

             ii.  Linchfield PARKS b. 10 Sept 1780 Wilkes Co., NC
            iii.  John PARKS b. 4 Apr 1782 Wilkes Co., NC
            iv.  Anna PARKS b. 15 May 1784 Wilkes Co., NC
             v.  Susan PARKS b. 18 May 1786 in Wilkes Co., NC
            vi.  Flemmon PARKS b. 24 Oct 1788 Wilkes Co., NC
           vii.  Patsy or Martha PARKS b. 2 May 1793 Wilkes Co., NC
          viii.  Mira PARKS b. 6 Jul 1795 Wilkes Co., NC
           ix.  Abner J. PARKS b. 1798 Wilkes Co., NC
            x.  Benjamin PARKS b. 27 Oct. 1802 Wilkes Co., NC

176.  William EVANS
177.  Married:  Mary KNOTT
                88.  Perry EVANS

178.  Samuel SELBY
         Born:  14 Feb 1733/34
         Place:  Prince George, Maryland
         Died:  6 Jul 1830
         Place:  Goshen Hill, Union Co., SC
179.  Married:  Anna ?
               89.  Deborah SELBY (sister to 91)
               91.  Nancy SELBY (sister to 89)

         Note:  The children of 89 and 91 above married.

              The  1800 Fed. Pop. Schedule (Census) for Union District,
              South Carolina is the "First" Census for the Union District.
                     The Union District was created from the larger "Ninety-Six"
                     District in 1798. Even though no 1790 Census is listed for
                     Union District, most of the people on pages 45 to 52 on
                     NARS M-637, State Reel 11 were residing in the present-
                     day Union Co., South Carolina.
SINDX L Name F Name Date NARS Reel Pg# Family Group
S410 SELBEY Samuel 1800 M-32 50 232 00001-00001-01

                     0 = no males in household between the ages 1 to 9
                     0 = no males in household between the ages 10 to 15
                     0 = no males in household between the ages 16 to 25
                     0 = no male in household between the ages of 26 to 44
                     1 = one male in household over 44 years of age

                     0 = no females in household between the ages 1 to 9
                     0 = no female in household between the ages 10 to 15
                     0 = no females in household between the ages 16 to 25
                     0 = no female in household between the ages 26 to 44
                     1 = one female in household over 44 years of age

                     01 = one slave in household

                     Samuel is not in the  1810 Fed. Pop. Schedule (Census) for
                     Union District, SC.  Appeared in the 1820 Census 1 male
                     over 44, 1 female over 44 and no slaves.  Did not appear
                     in the 1840 Census for Union District, SC

194. Daniel McPHERSON
        Born: 22 Oct 1755
        Place: Charles Co., MD
        Died: 17 Oct 1844
        Place:  Roane Co., TN
195. Married:  Susannah KINCHELOE 30 DEC 1772 in Fauquier Co., Virginia
        Born:  22 Sept 1755
        Place:  Prince William Co., VA
        Died: 12 Jul 1850
        Place:  Roane Co., TN
            97 Julia Ann McPHERSON

       Other Children:

            ii. Suzanna MCPHERSON b: 1777 in Fauquier Co., Va.
           iii. Mary MCPHERSON b: 1778 in Fauquier Co., Va.
           iv. Charles Lewin MCPHERSON b: 1780 in Fauquier Co., Va.
            v. Henry MCPHERSON b: ABT 1781 in Fauquier Co., Va.
           vi. Horton MCPHERSON b: 1782 in Fauquier Co., Va.
          vii. George MCPHERSON b: 1784 in Hawkins Co., Tn.
         viii. Andrew Barton MCPHERSON b: 8 SEP 1786 in Hawkins Co., Tn.
           ix. Elijah Daniel MCPHERSON b: 13 JUL 1789 in Hawkins Co., Tn.
            x. Hannah MCPHERSON b: ABT 1792 in Hawkins Co., Tn.
           xi. Nancy MCPHERSON b: 1795 in Hawkins Co., Tn.

       Note: Daniel was listed on the Charles County Census 1775-1778 for
       male persons eighteen years old and upward in the lower hundred,
       Durham Parish.

204. John PARKS
        Born: 10 May 1706
        Place:  Essex, VA
205. Married:  Mary SHARP (SHARPPE)
        Born:  20 Aug 1715
        Place:  King George Co., VA
            102 Benjamin PARKS

        Other Children:

             ii.  Samuel PARKS b: 26 Nov 1757 in AMHERST CO,Va
            iii.  George PARKS b: 5 Aug 1759 in AMHERST CO,Va
            iv.  John PARKS
             v.  William PARKS
            vi.  James PARKS
           vii.  Gabriel PARKS
          viii.  Thomas PARKS
            ix.  Sarah PARKS

Other researchers state that John married twice - (1) Mary Sharp (Sharppe) and (2) Sarah Winfield listing Benjamin's mother as Sarah and not Mary.  I have chosen to use (without documentation) Mary as my ancestor based on a letter to Patricia Smith from Joan Sellers states, "The Will of John Parks was dated 7 Feb 1787 and probated Jan. 1793 in Wilkes County, NC records.  From land records, John and wife "Mary" (emphasis mine) executed their last transaction on 3 Oct 1768 and then moved to NC."  This would mean that John and Mary were married in 1746 when Benjamin was born.   John mentions his children in his Will but a wife is not mentioned which makes one suppose that both Mary and Sarah predeceased John.  You may wish to contact Patricia Smith at [email protected] for more information regarding the Parks line.

206 John BRANCH
       b.  1714 Chesterfield, VA
207 Married: Unknown
            103 Elizabeth BRANCH

354.  Nathanial KNOTT
         Died:  1765
         Place:  Queen Anne Co., MD
355.  Married:  Mary ?
                177.  Mary KNOTT

356.  William Magruder SELBY
         Born:  1709
         Place:  Prince George's Co., MD
         Died:  bef. 21 Jan 1783 (Will proved 21 Jan 1783)
         Place:  Prince George's Co., MD
357.  Married:  Martha WILSON
         Date:  1734
         Born:  1713
         Place:  Prince George's Co., MD
                178.  Samuel SELBY

            Will of William Magruder Selby  28 Feb. 1773-21 Jan. 1783
            L-2, fol. 165

          My excerpts:

"In the name of God Amen.  I, William Magruder Selby of Prince
George's Co, in the province of Maryland being in good health and
perfect memory blessed be God therefore do this twenty eighth day
of February in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred
and seventy three make and publish this my last will and Testament
in manner and form following.  Now I commend my Soul unto the hands
of Almighty God who gave it me and my Body to the Earth from whence
it came in hopes of a joyful resurrection thru the merits of my Lord and
Savior Jesus Christ and as for that worldly Estate wherewith it has
pleased God to bless me with I dispose thereof as follows:

Item: I give all that parcel of Land I had of William Beall to be equally
divided between my two sons Samuel Selby and James Wilson Selby
to them their heirs and assigns forever.

Item I give and bequath to my wife Martha Selby one Negro Girl
during her widowhood.

Item:  the first child she hath to my son Samuel Selby and his heirs
and the second to my son Nathan Selby and his heirs and the third
to my son Joshuway Wilson Selby and at the expiration of the
widow's natural life of my wife the wench and the rest of her
increase I give and bequeath to my son William Wilson Selby and
heirs forever.

          Another source:: Selby Families of Colonial America
          Author: Donna Valley Russell
          Publication: Middletown, Maryland; Catoctin Press, 1990
          Repository: Family History Depart. Salt Lake City, Utah 84150 USA
          Page: p. 76-77

                Reads:  William Magruder Selby was born in Prince George's
                              County, Maryland, circa 1709, the only child of William
                              and Sarah (Magruder) Selby. He died in Prince Goerge's
                              County shortly before 21 Jan 1783/84 when his will was

He married circa 1734 Martha Wilson, born in Prince
George's County, Maryland circa 1713, daughter of
Major Josiah and Martha (Linghan) Wilson. Josiah
Wilson's will, dated 11 Nov 1717, devised 206 acres
of Indian Gyants Sepulcher to daughter Martha,
then aged 5 years; Martha's guardian by 28 Aug
1728 was Elizabeth Wilson, her sister-in-law and
wife of Lingan Wilson. William Magruder Selby was
later listed on the Prince George's Debt Books
for this land.

p. 77: In the 1776 Census of UpperMarlborough
Hundred, William is listed as age 67 years, his wife
Martha was 63; a daughter age 16.

p. 77-78: The Widow Martha moved to Adair County,
KY, with some of her children, and on 8 Mar 1860
executed two deeds. For 250 Pounds she sold to
her son-in-law Nicolas Naylor Negro women Flora
and Jane and their increase "until the demand is
made of such slaves, they being in the possession
of William Wilson Selby"

Calling herself Martha Selby, "widow of William
Magruder Selby," she also appointed Naylor her
attorney to recover any property belonging to her
from the estate of William Wilson Selby (who had
died in 1800)...

388  Richard McPHERSON
        Born:  1717
        Place: Charles Co., MD
        Died: Aft 1802
        Place: TN
389  Married:  Elanor BARTON
        Born:  1735
        Place Charles Co., MD
        Died: 1830
            194 Daniel McPHERSON

        Other Children:
            ii. Thomas MCPHERSON b: 1753 in Charles Co., Md.
           iii. Barton MCPHERSON b: 1758 in Charles Co., Md.
           iv. Chloe MCPHERSON b: 1765 in Charles Co., Md.
            v. Henry MCPHERSON b: 2 JUN 1772 in Charles Co., Md.

390 John KINCHELOE, Jr.
       Born: 22 Oct 1728
       Place: North Farnham Parrish, VA
       Died:  15 Feb 1809
       Born: 22 Sept 1725
       Place: Westmoreland Co., VA
       Died: 17 Oct 1794
       Place:  Washington Co., TN
            195  Susannah KINCHELOE

       Other Children:
           ii.   Sarah KINCHELOE b: BET. 1740 - 1742 in Prince William Co., Viriginia
          iii.   Charles KINCHELOE b: BEF. 1755 in Prince William Co., Virginia
          iv.   James KINCHELOE b: 1758 in Prince William Co., Virginia
           v.   Elijah KINCHELOE b: BEF. 1760 in Prince William Co., Virginia
          vi.   Hannah KINCHELOE b: BEF. 1760 in Fauquier Co., Virginia
         vii.   Mary KINCHELOE b: 1760 in Prince William Co., Virginia
        viii.   George KINCHELOE b: 22 SEP 1761 in Prince William Co., Virginia
          ix.   Elizabeth KINCHELOE b: 10 FEB 1771/72 in Prince William Co. Virginia

       Note:  John married (2) Elizabeth HARDWICK
       Note: Mary was also known as Polly.  Mary died at the home of her daughter
       Elizabeth (KINCHELOE) COLDWELL, near Surgeonsville, Hawkins Co., Tn.  In 1744,
       Mary moved to Prince William Co., Va with her guardian and Uncle Robert
       WICKLIFFE  (Isaac's brother).

408 Thomas PARKS (Will and Estate Records)
       Born: 1670-75
       Place:  Old Rappahanock, VA
       Died:  12 Mar 1761
       Place:  Abermarle, VA
409 Married:  Sarah MILLER (LINCHFIELD ?)
       Born: Abt 1684
       Place:  Abermarle, VA
            204 John PARKS

Whether Thomas married Sarah "Miller" or Sarah "Linchfield is open to question. Apparently this is a problem several researchers have had and some have worked around it by omitting the wife.  There appears to be no documentation beyond this point for the wife's family regardless of the surname.  It is possible that Sara Linchfield and Sarah Miller is the same person and a weak support of this is that a grandson is named "Linchfield" Parks.  I welcome any  documentation for Sarah.

       Born: Abt. 1689
       Place: Orange, VA
411 Married:  Margaret PROCTOR abt. 1714
       Born:  Abt 1693
       Place:  Orange, VA
            205 Mary SHARP

412.  James BRANCH
         b.  abt. 1685, Henrico, Va
413.  Married:  Mary
         b.  1689, Henrico, Va
                 206.  John BRANCH

712.  William SELBY Jr
         Born:  1680
         Place: Prince George's Co., MD
         Died:  18 Oct 1732
713.  Married (1):  Sarah Katherine MAGRUDER
         Date:  1708
        Place: Prince George's Co., MD
         Born Betw. 1691 and 1692
         Place: Calvert, Prince George's Co., MD
         Died:  Bef. 10 Jul 1730
                356.  William Magruder SELBY

         Note: Ancestral File #: HXNH-5F has William married a second time to
                   Elizabeth SMITH b: Abt 1684 in Prince George, Maryland
                   Married: Bef 1711 in Maryland which is a conflit in that wife #1
                   Sarah Katherine died in 1730 after she had at least seven
                   children born between the years 1711 and 1725, which conflicts
                   with the marriage to #2 wife Elizabeth Smith bef. 1711.

Will of William Selby 8 Oct. 1732-1 Aug. 1733
Bk. T-1, fol. 165
My excerpts:

"In the name of God, Amen.  I, William Selby of Prince Georges Co, in the
province of Maryland, planter, being sick and weak in body but of sound and
perfect mind and memory thanks be to Almighty God for the same, do make this
my last Will and testament in manner and form following, that is to say....,

I give and bequeath to my son William Magruder Selby two hundred acres of
land, part of the tract I bought of Mr. Joseph Chew called Chews Folly laying
situate and being on the fork of the Eastern branch in Prince George Co.
aforesaid to him his heirs and designs. forever.

Item: I give and bequeath the remaining part of the said tract of land
called Chews Folly being one hundred and eighty four acres to my daughters
Sarah and Susannah Selby to be equally divided between them and in case of
either of their decease the survivor to enoy the whole but in case of both of
their decease the same to descend to my son William Magruder Selby his heirs
and assigns forever. Provided they dye without isse.

Item: I give and bequeath to my son John Selby two hundred acres of land the
remaining part of the tract called Leith lying next Patuxant River being that
part whereon I now dwell to him and his heirs forever he permitting his
mother my dear and loving wife Elizabeth Selby peaceablye and quietly to
possess and enjoy the same during her natural life with the improvements
thereon provided there be no waste and distruvyion (sic) by her or an order
made of any part thereof but in case of his decease without issue the same to
be divided between my sons Joseph and Thomas Selby to them and their heirs
forever, they permitting their mother the liberty aforementioned.

Item: I appoint my loving wife Elizabeth Selby full and sole executric of
this my last will and testament."

714.  (Major) Josiah WILSON
         Born: abt. 1680
         Place:  Prince George's Co., MD
         Died:  Nov 1717
         Place:  Prince George's Co., MD
715.  Married: Martha LINGAN
        Date:  Betw. 1694 and 1700
         Place:  Prince George's Co., MD
         Born:  abt 1685
         Place:  Prince George's Co., MD
                357.  Martha WILSON

         Other Children:
             ii. Josiah WILSON b. 1696 MD
            iii. Lingan WILSON b. 1701 MD
            iv. James WILSON b. 1703 Calvert Co., MD
             v. Joseph WILSON
            vi. Joshua WILSON

Will of (Maj) Josiah Wilson 11 Nov 1717
My  Excerpts:

In the name of God, amen. I Josiah Wilson  of Prince George County in the
Province of Maryland Gent., being sick and weak in body but of sound and
perfect mind and memory, praise be God, and calling to mind the certainty of
death and the uncertainty of the time when I do make this my last will and
testiment, revoking and annuling all former wills by me heretofore made

Item: I give and bequeath unto my son Lingan Wilson all that tract of land
called Lingen's Adventure lying in Baltimore County on the south side of
Gunpowder containing 500 acres and also a tract of land called Backlingen in
the county aforesaid 450 acres to him and his heirs forever.

Item: I give and bequeath to my loving daughter Martha Wilson a tract of land
lying in Charles County called and known by the name of Indian Giant
Sepulchre containing 206 acres more or less which I formerly purchased of
Walter Soams and also all my wife's wearing apparel except one black furbelow
scarf which I give to Mrs. Catherine Boteler, also I give and bequeath to my
said daughter all my four gold rings and one silver tankard, one large silver
salver to her and her heirs forever. (Note:  apparently the wife has died by
Nov. of 1717 when Josiah makes his will; his wording leads one to believe
that his wife has not been dead very long as he still has her wearing apparel)

Item: I give and bequeath to my six children, Josiah, Lingen, James, Joseph.
Joshua, Martha, all my Negroes with their issue to be equally divided between
them as they shall reach the age of 16 years, the first division to be made
when my son Lingen comes to the age of 16 years, my said son Josiah to have
the first choice after the division is made....

I hereby desire the justices of Prince George County Court to see an equal
division is made as aforesaid together with Mr. Edward Boteler and Mr. Thomas
Lingen in Calvert County to assist at the division aforesaid.  Also my will is that
if either of my five sons, Josaih, Lingen, James, Joseph and Joshua, shall happen
to die before they legally attain the age of 18 years that then that part of the
division of my estate to be equally divided amongst all the surviving children
by the then justices of Prince George County and Mr. Edward Boteler and
Mr. Thomas Lingen (brother-in-law? - most likely because we have
the wife's father as George), and my will further that my daughter Martha
may have the disposing of her estate at the age of 16 years and all my
household goods of what nature or kind whatsoever to be equally divided as
aforesaid and that all goods, wares and merchandise, both wet and dry,
be appraised and applied to the use of the estate as aforesaid and also
that my executor hereafter named to be . . . maintain my children at school
and provide a competent support for them till they lawfully assume the
age aforesaid, and that all and singular the . . . Negroes hereby bequeathed
be kept on the . . . plantation by my already settled thereto work and their
. . . crop to be disposed of toward the support and maintenance of my
children till they lawfully come of age as aforesaid and that my hereunto
Walter Thompson, John Hoskins, John Smith, Iziah Bennett and
George Hobbe be kept on as disposed by my executor hereafter
named for their own proper use and benefit till the said shall come
free from their time of servitude."

776 Daniel McPHERSON
       Born:  Abt 1700
       Place:  Culloden Scotland
       Died: 1740
       Place:  Charles Co., MD
777 Married:  Elizabeth THOMPSON
       Born:  Abt. 1704
       Place:  Maryland
       Died:  17 Apr 1748
            388 Richard McPHERSON

       Other Children:
            ii. Alexander MCPHERSON b. 1718 Charles Co., Md
           iii. Basil MCPHERSON b. 1719 Charles Co., Md
           iv. Mary MCPHERSON b. 1720 Charles Co., Md
            v. Elizabeth MCPHERSON b. 1721 Charles Co., Md

       Note:  Daniel was abolished to the colonies for supporting the exiled Stuart family
                  from Scotland known as Jacobites.

778 Thomas BARTON
       Born:  17 Jan 1687-88
       Place:  Charles Co., MD
             389 Elanor BARTON

780 John KINCHELOE, Sr.
       Born:  1691
       Place:  North Farnham Parrish, VA
       Died: Betw. 16-25 March1746
       Place:  Prince William Co., VA
781 Elizabeth ?
              390 John KINCHELOE, Jr.

John Kincheloe, Sr. inherited the Richmond County land from his father, Cornelius.  John sold 10 acres to William Smyth (Smith) on April 21, 1722, and he sold the remaining 90 acres to Robert Smyth (Smith on June 2, 1724, for 6,000 pounds of "good and weighty tobacco" packed in casks.  John then acquired hundreds of acres of land in Stafford County.  This land became part of Prince William County, just west of what is now Washington, D.C.  The land was on both sides of Bull Run, along Occuquan Creek and Nebasco Creek in Hamilton Parish.  In 1737, he bought land on Powell's Run and more land on Bull Run and in Hamilton Parish. John was born around 1700 in North Farnham Parish and served as warden of Truro Parish, Prince William County, 1732-1736 and Vestryman (A committee of members elected to administer the temporal affairs of a parish) in his church from 1736-1746.  John signed his will on March 16, 1746 and died later that month in Prince William County.  He was married to Elizabeth (maiden name unknown) and they had eleven children.  According to the book Kincheloe McPherson and Related Families by McPherson, 1951  (which I have), John was married to Elizabeth Canterbury.  However, John W. Kincheloe, III, in his book  "This Is Where He Walked...." Kincheloe, 1995,  states  that he could find no Richmond County documents to support the Canterbury-Kincheloe connection stating:

Given Kincheloe family traditions regarding the name "Canterbury", ....So, to quote Geoffrey Chaucer, "Here beginneth the Book of the Tales of Canterbury...."

Investigation to confirm a Kincheloe connection with the Canterbury family revealed to this researcher a surprising fact.  In every Richmond County document offered in McPherson's book as evidence for linking the two families, the name "John Kincheloe" was substituted for another name appearing in the actual document.  The true name appearing in these records is "John Canterbury."  This man, whose surname is clearly written in these documents as "Canterbury," appears in no way to have been related to the Kincheloe family.  His mother was Ruth Canterbury.  His wife Elizabeth was the daughter of William Smith (see Richmond County Deed Book 8, p. 284, and Richmond County Wills, for Joan Frith Williams Wills L(l)oyd dated 8 Jan. 1703/2 Feb. 1703/4).  It is something of a puzzle how this error was made.

At least two additional pieces of evidence have been offered in support of a Canterbury family connection with the Kincheloes, but in the absence of any supporting Richmond County documents, neither is strong evidence for a definite Canterbury family link.  Here is that evidence, however:

1) According to McPherson (p. 321), a South Carolina record from 1810 exists which mentions "John and Elizabeth C. Kincheloe. "Several facts leave the present author skeptical that this is a strong argument for a link to the Canterbury family.  First of all, the presence of the letter "C" is not sufficient evidence, by itself, to argue for a Canterbury family connection.  Secondly, the record cited is a power-of-attorney document signed by the husband of John and Elizabeth Kincheloe's eight child, Nancy Ann.  This document was created when Nancy Ann was at the least in her 75th year.  She did not sign the document.  (Elizabeth, her mother, the one whose name is in question, had been dead for 35 years.  Nancy's husband, born in 1734, was 76 years of age at the time the document was put to paper.  Since the document regards power-of-attorney, matters of competency may have been involved.  We cannot know.  Acknowledging all of this, however, the validity of the evidence in this South Carolina document created for an in-law, involving no immediate Kincheloe kin directly, and entered into record nearly a hundred years after Elizabeth left behind her maiden name, may be questioned.  But the greatest problem with this evidence is that in the early 1700's the only records of an "Elizabeth Canterbury" in Richmond County plainly show that she was the wife of John Canterbury, and this was the case at the same time John Kincheloe and his own wife Elizabeth were having children!  It appears that somewhere along the line, an early family researcher confused these two John's and Elizabeth's.

2)  The remaining piece of evidence to support the claim of a Kincheloe-Canterbury connection comes from the fact that Daniel Kincheloe, the third child of John and Elizabeth Kincheloe, named his homestead "Canterbury."  While this indicates honor for the name "Canterbury," it does not necessarily imply a family connection.  This evidence, standing alone as indeed it does, appears simply and most obviously to make the grown son of John Kincheloe a pious church member.  Canterbury Cathedral was and is, of course, one of the most important religious centers for the Church of England.  During the years we are considering, the Church of England was the Church of Virginia.  That John Kincheloe was a Vestryman in his church from 1736 until he died in 1746, is a fact to be noted in this connection.

To conclude, proof for a longstanding Canterbury-Kincheloe kinship may exist, but as of this writing it is the author's opinion that a strong case has not been made.... The primary argument against a Canterbury link is a simple one: contrary to what certain researchers have claimed, there are no Richmond County documents whatsoever which support this claim."

Other Children:
   ii.  Mary KINCHELOE b: ABT. 1719 in N. Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., Viriginia
  iii.  Cornelius KINCHELOE b: 8 OCT 1721 in N. Farnham Parish, Richmond Co.,
  iv.  Daniel KINCHELOE b: 8 JAN 1722/23 in N. Farnham Parish, Richmond Co.,
   v.  Elizabeth KINCHELOE b: BET. 1725 - 1726 in N. Farnham Parish,
        Richmond Co., Viriginia
  vi.  Wileman KINCHELOE b: 1730 in Hamilton Parish,Stafford-Williams Cp., Va.
 vii.   Daughter KINCHELOE b: BET. 1732 - 1733 in Hamilton Parish, Stafford Co.,
viii.  Nancy Ann KINCHELOE b: ABT. 1734 in Hamilton Parish,Stafford Co, Va
 ix.  William Kincheloe b: 26 MAY 1736 in Hamilton Parish,Stafford-Williams Co, Va
  x.  Margaret KINCHELOE b: ABT. 1738 in Prince William Co., Virginia

       Born:  Abt 1696
       Place:  Westmoreland Co., VA
       Died:  1725
       Place:  Westmoreland Co., VA
783 Married:  Elizabeth CULLUM (CULLEN)
       Born:  1696
       Place: Westmoreland Co., VA
             391 Mary WICKLIFFE

       Other Children:
       ii.   David WICKLIFFE b: ABT. 1725

816 John James PARKS
       Born:  Abt 1644
       Place:  Ulster, Ireland
       Died: Old Rappahanock, VA
817 Married: ?
           408 Thomas PARKS

According to Parks Society Newsletter John immigrated from Ireland to Virginia about 1668. His son Thomas Parks (408 above) appears to be the first documented ancestor.  John's wife is not known.  His children were (1) John Parks b: Abt. 1665 in Ulster, Ireland, (2) George Parks b: Abt. 1667, (3) Thomas PARKS II b: Abt. 1670 in Old Rappahannock, VA, (4) Henry Parks b. Abt. 1672, and (5) Robert Parks b. Abt. 1674.

1424.  William SELBY (Sr.)
           Born: Badley, England
           Died:  25 Feb. 1698/99
           Place:  Prince George's Co., MD
1425.  Married:  Mary ?
           Died:  5 Sept 1718
                  712.  William SELBY (Jr.)

           Note: Mary married (2) Joshua CECIL Bef 4 Jul 1702 in Prince George,

                     William died 25 Feb. 1698/99 (Will Liber 1, fol. 5) and stated that
                     all of his children were under age.  In 1699 Richard Groome,
                     servant, took Mary to court for "spreading about in this province
                     false and evil reports - to wit, several wars broke out in England
                     and some declares for one and some for another." (March Court-
                     American Historical Association: "Court Records of PG Co.,
                     1696-1966, American Legal Records")  In the Oct. court 498 lbs of
                     tobacco were condemned in hands of Mrs. Mary Selby (Oct  court
                     - ibid)  Poor Mary *needed* a lawyer - and Joshua Cecell was the
                     first lawyer to practice in PG Co. (Burns: Marriage Records of PG
                     Co., Md.; PG Land Records Lib B, fol. 115)

                     In 1702 Joshua Cecell witnessed a transfer of funds 24 June from
                     Maj.William Barton and Maj. Josiah Willson, high Sheriff of PG Co.
                     and in 1709 a deed of gift from Joshua Cecill to Ann Selby "my
                     wife's daughter," of livestock, also 100 acre tract called "the
                     Farm", stating that Ann had been born after William died
                     (PG Land Bk D, p. 10)  File contributed for use in USGenWeb
                     Archives by Carol Collins. [email protected]

Will of William Selby, 5  Nov 1698-20  Feb. 1698/9
Liber 6, fol. 215
My excerpts:

"Thirdly I give Bequeath to my two loving sonns William Selby and Charles
Selby all them two tracts of Land hereafter named (that is to say all that
track of Land whereon I now dwell Called Leith containing five Hundred and
fifty acres and all that parcell of Land which I lately bought of Richard
Groomes containing one hundred and Fifty Acres being part of a track of Land
called  Groomes Lodge and adjoining upon the aforesaid called Leith to be
devided between them as followeth (that is to say), three Hundred and fifty
Acres of Land part of thee said two tracts of Land Adjoining to the
plantation whereon I now dwell being the Lowermost Part of the aforesaid Land
to be devided by a straight Line from the River running backwards in the
Woods to the End of the said Land to my loving Sonn William and to his heirs
forever. the other three Hundred Acres of Land being the uppermost part up
Patuxant River of the aforesaid Lands to my Loveing Sonn Charles and to his
heirs forever.

Sixthly I give and Bequeath to my Daughter Amee Hacker all that track of
Land called Twyford containing one hundred Acres excepting only one halfe of
the orchard upon the said Land the which my Loving Wife Mary Selby shall have
the benefit of during her life to the said Amee Hacker and the Heirs of her
Body for ever.

Seventhly I give and Bequeath to my loving Wife, Mary Selby, one hundred
Acres of Land called the Farme being part of a tract of Land called the farme
to the said Mary Selby and her heirs for Ever.

Ninthly I give and Bequeath to my son William one feather bed and furniture
out of my household goods and tenn head of Cattle out of my Stock of Cattle
to be chosen for him by his mother to said Bed furniture and cattle to be
delivered to hm the said WIlliam Selby by my Executrix hereafter named when
the said WIlliam shall arrive to the age of Eighteen years.

Twelfthly I give and bequeath unto my loving Wife all the plantation I now
dwell on with sufficient Land thereunto adjoining with all houses and
edifices thereunto belonging to the use of her during her natural LIfe and in
case my said Wife should Live until my Sonn William shall arrive to the age
of Eighteen years that then if my said  Sonn should a mind to seate for
himself that he may have priveledge to seate backwards on his said Land
...his Mother and that after my Wife's Death the said plantation and edifices
whereon I now dwell ... to him my Sonn William Selby and his heirs for ever."

Another Source:

 Title: John W. Selby - Elizabeth Lyon and Their Descendants
 Author: Ruby L. Williams Ewartc
 Repository Name: Family History Department
 Salt Lake City, Utah 84150 USA

     Page: p. 759
     Quality: 2
     Text: ..."1659 Dec 29. According to Maryland Land Patents in the
     Maryland State Archives, Lt. Thomas Truesman claimed that he had
     transported seven persons to Maryland and was entitled to 400 acres,
     which he was granted - land on the eastern shore of Maryland. One
     of the persons Lt. Truesman brought to Maryland was William Selby.
     (Selby Families of Colonial America by Donna Valley Russell,
     1990, p. 63; citing MD Land Patents as recorded in Archives of
     MD: Proceedings of the Provincial Court of Maryland, 1666-

     "In Peter Wilson Coldham's 'The Complete Book of Emigrants
     1607-1660 [vol. 1 of 4], a William Selby is indexed, however, the
     acutal entry says William Selfe so whether the type error is with the
     index or with the text entry is not known. On December 11, 1659,
     William Selby/Selfe of Bradley (in England) was bound to Robert
     Glasse to serve 4 years in Barbados. Most of the Barbados emigrants
     eventually got to the Colonies, so could this fellow be our William
     Selby - if he was a Selby?..."

1426.  (Col.) Samuel MAGRUDER (aka MACGRUETHER)
           Born:  1654
           Place:  at "Good Luck" Prince George's County. Md.
           Died:  16 Apr 1711
           Place:  Upper Marlborough, Prince George's Co., MD
1427.  Married:  Sarah BEALL
           Born: 1669
           Place: Fife, Scotland
           Died:  9 May 1734
           Place: Anne, Prince George, MD
                  713.  Sarah Katherine MAGRUDER

           Note:  Samuel was Civil and Military Officer of Prince George's County
                       in 1696, Gentleman Justice 1697- 1705, Member of the House of
                       Burgesses 1704-7, and one of His Majesty's Commissioners in

                        LDS Ancestral Files gives Sarah's date of birth as
                        1636, which is 18 years before Samuel was born.

                        Also see web page with Descendants of Alexander Beall

                       Will of Samuel Magruder  Prince Georges Co., Md.
                       Liber T, fol. 46 23 Nov 1710-16 April 1711 Portions of Will:

                       "First I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Sary Magruder
                       my now Dwelling plantation and the Land belonging unto it
                       during her whole life to ... have ... and make use of to the best
                       of her advantage and after her decease I give and bequeath
                       unto my son Samuel Magruder the said plantation with two
                       hundred acres of Land belonging to it being the uppermost
                       part of a tract of land called "Good Luck" to him and his heirs

                       Item: I will and bequeath one third part of my personal estate
                       unto my loveing wife Sary Magruder.

                       Item: I give and bequeath unto my son Nathaniel Magruder the
                       eighth part of the Purtuxson Merchant Ship unto him and his
                       heirs forever.

                       Item: I will and bequeath unto my two darters Elizabeth Magruder
                       and Sary Magruder ten pound for to buy them a gowne and petty

                       Item: my will is that what goods I have sent for out of England
                       should be accounted of as my Personale Estate and my dear
                       Wife for to have her thirds of them and do order and appoint my
                       Brother Alexander Magruder and my brother Nathaniel Magruder
                       and my brother John Pottenger to be overseers of this my last
                       will and testament and lastly I do ordaine this to be my laste will
                       and all other formerly made to be void and of none effect as
                       witness my hand and seale this twenty third day of November in
                       the year of our lord God one thousand seven hundred ten."

1428.  James WILSON
           Born:  11 SEP 1618
           Died:  MAY 1672
           Place:  Calvert Co.,MD
1429.  Married: Margaret ?
                  714.  Josiah Major WILSON

           Other Children:
               ii.  James WILSON b. abt 1660 Calvert Co., Md
              iii.  John WILSON b. abt 1663 Calvert Co., Md
              iv.  Joseph WILSON b. abt 1665 Calvert Co., Md

1430.  George LINGAN
           Born:BEF. 1638
           Died:ABT. 1712
           Place:Calvert Co., MD
1431.  Married:  Ann HARDESTY
           Born:ABT. 1639
           Place:Calvert Co., MD
                  715.  Martha LINGAN

           Other Children:
                ii. Thomas LINGAN b. abt. 1671 Calvert Co., Md
               iii.  Ann LINGAN b. abt. 1672 Prince George Co., Md
               iv.  Katherine LINGAN b. abt. 1673 Calvert Co., Md

          Source:   Kathleen Brawn <[email protected]>
                           Amy Cochran, [email protected]

1552 Alexander McPHERSON
         Born:  Abt 1675
         Place:  Dalriada Scotland
               776 Daniel McPHERSON

         Other Children:
              ii.  William MCPHERSON b. abt. 1700 Scotland
             iii.  Alexander MCPHERSON b. abt. 1700 Scotland

1554 James THOMPSON
1555  Married: Jane ?
               777 Elizabeth THOMPSON

       Note:  James owned Thompson's Hope Plantation

1560  Cornelius KINCHELOE (photo Coat of Arms)
          Place:  Hy Kinsella, Ireland
          Died:  Bef. 1718
          Place: Richmond Co., VA
1561  Married: ? WILLIAMS
              780 John KINCHELOE, Sr.

John Kincheloe III states that the earliest ancestor of the Kincheloe Family in America was "Cornelius Kincheloe.  Oral history passed down indicates that Cornelius came from Scotland, but the original location of his line is Hy Kinsella, Ireland.   Kincheloes were one of the rugged frontier families that settled the U.S. wilderness of Virginia, North Carolina, early Kentucky and Tennessee, and later the frontiers of Texas, and on to the California "Gold Rush."  Cornelius and his family settled on Kincheloe Spring Branch, at the headwaters of a creek called Oatspekety, then Horse Bridge Swamp, then Bryers, and now Jugs Creek, just west of Totuskey Creek, North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, "Old" Rappahannock County, Virginia.  Cornelius took deed to 100 acres of the Richmond County land in 1695.

The earliest appearance of what later came to be the conventional spelling of Cornelius' and John's family name ~~ "Kincheloe" ~~ came in 1718 in the deed for Nathaniel Thrift's property, which mentions "the lines of the land of William Smyth (Smith) and  John Kincheloe."  It is interesting to discover that when Thrift subsequently deeded his land to his son William in 1723, the boundaries are recited just as in the 1718 deed, but John's name is spelled "Kencheloe."'

         Born: Abt. 1671
         Place:  Westmoreland Co., VA
         Died: 1698
         Place: Westmoreland Co., VA
1565 Married:  Elizabeth KING
               782 Issac WICKLIFFE

1566  Mark CULLUM (CULLEN)
1567  Married:  Elizabeth KIMBALL
               783 Elizabeth CULLUM(CULLEN)

           Born:  1610
           Place:  Calmaclone, Perthshire, Scotland
           Died:  25 Jul 1677
           Place:  Marlborough, Calvert Co., MD
2853.  Married (1): Margaret BRAITHWAITE
          Born: 1636
           Place: Calvert, Maryland
           Died:  abt. 1659
           Place: Calvert, Maryland
                  1426. (Col.) Samuel MAGRUDER

        Note:    Three Macgruder brothers, James, John and Alexander served
                      in the army of King Charles II at the battle of Worcester on
                      September 3, 1651.  James Magruder was killed, John and
                      Alexander were taken prisoner by Oliver Cromwell.  John
                      and Alexander, along with 150 other prisoners were sent to
                      the Maryland Colony of America by way of Barbados arriving
                      in the Chesapeake in the Spring of 1652. Alexander was bound
                      to eight years  indenture.  Alexander received a grant of 500
                      acres of land at "Turkey Buzzard Island" Calvert County, MD,
                      which was near the Patuxent River. At the time of his death
                      in 1677 he owned about 4000 acres of land known as "Craignaigh,
                      Dumbland, Good Luck and Anchovie Hills." Alexander Magruder
                      married as his first wife Margaret BRAITHWAITE, (daughter of
                      Captain William BRAITHWAITE, Commander of the Isle of Kent,
                      earliest seat of proprietary government in Maryland,
                      member of the first General Assembly of the province, Acting
                      Governor and cousin-german to Cecelius Calvert, second Lord
                      Baltimore and Helenor STEPHENSON).  Alexander married
                      second Sarah HAWKINS who died after 31 Mar 1671; he then
                      married a third and last time to Elizabeth HAWKINS.  Elizabeth
                      died in 1677 at their home "Anchovie Hills" in Calvert Co. MD.
                      His son, Samuel MAGRUDER I, born 1654 in Prince George
                      County, married Sarah BEALL, (daughter of Col. Ninian BEALL),
                      and they became the ancestors of the numerous Magruders
                      of Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Mississippi, and elsewhere.


                      Will of Alexander Magruder  - Calvert Co., Md.  10 Feb. 1676
                      Original will, Maryland Hall of Records also Calvert Co. Will
                       Liber 5, fol. 261:
                      "Item: I will bequeath to my Son Samuel Magruder five hundred
                       acres of land lying in the Westerne Branch called Good Luck to
                       him & his heires forever."

2854.  Ninian BEALL
           Born:  1625
           Place: Lower Largo, Fife, Scotland
           Came to America:  1650 when 25 years old
           Died:  28 Feb. 1717 (Will) Prince George's Co., MD (now DC)
           Place:  Rock of Dumbarton Plantation (story)
           Buried:  Gay Street, Georgetown, DC
2855.  Married:  Ruth (Polly) MOORE
           Date:  Betw. 1668 - 1669
           Place: MD
           Birth:  abt 1638
           Place: Calvert Co, MD
                  1427.  Sarah BEALL

          Note: Oliver Cromwell, an active leader in the Puritan cause, had
                    risen to power in England, and in 1648 he repelled the Scottish
                    Royalist invasion at Preston. Scotland had become Presbyterian,
                    principally through the work of John Knox, although the Stuarts
                    favored the Episcopal Church. In 1649, Cromwell's political
                    power was enhanced by the removal of Presbyterian leaders
                    from Parliament. In 1650, he invaded Scotland and defeated the
                    Royalist Scots at Dunbar. More than 3,000 Scotsmen were
                    slaughtered on the field and 10,000 prisoners were taken. The
                    wounded among these were released, but 5,000 were sent into
                    virtual slavery in Northumbria, and the rest were shipped off to
                    America and the West Indies. Among these was Ninian Beall who
                    held a commission as a cornetist in the Scottish-English Army
                    under Leslie raised to resist Cromwell, and fought and was made
                    prisoner in the battle of Dunbar, September 3, 1650. He was
                    sentenced to five years of servitude and, after a short stay in
                    Ireland, was packed into the hold of a prison ship with 149 other
                    Scotsmen and sent to Barbadoes, West Indies.  About 1652, he
                    was transferred, still a prisoner, to the Province of Maryland
                    where he served five years with Richard Hall of Calvert County.

                              "Then came Ninian Beall of Calvert County, planter,
                                and proved his right to 50 acres of land for his time
                               in service, as military prisoner, performed with
                                Richard Hall of said county. This servitude which
                                came to him through the fortunes of war was an
                                Honor." (From Liber 2, Folio 195, Maryland Land
                                Office, Jan. 16, 1957)

                     When Ninian was captured and exiled, he was already a husband
                     and father, although his Scottish wife, Elizabeth Gordon, probably
                     died even before the battle of Dunbar. Thomas, one of the sons
                     of this marriage, eventually came to America (about 1667).

                     He rose from indentured servant to Member of the House of
                     Burgesses, and Commander in Chief of Provincial Forces of
                     Maryland. He was one of the most influential men in the settling
                     of the District of Columbia and its surrounding area, and the
                     protection of the colonists from the Indians.

                     Col. Beall's first wife, Elizabeth Gordon ,
                     It is believed Elizabeth died in Scotland, and that only one offspring
                     from this marriage, their son Thomas, came to America.

                    Ninian's second wife was Ruth Moore, daughter of Richard Moore,
                    a Calvert County lawyer. According to records, they were the parents
                    of twelve children. Col. Ninian Beall's children are listed as follows:

                    Children by his first wife Elizabeth Gordon:

                          Thomas BEALL, 1647 - 1730, m. Elizabeth BATEMAN
                          JOHN BEALL, b. 1647; d. 1725; m. JOAN TYLER
                          widow of George REID and Robert TYLER

                    Children of his second wife Ruth Moore:

                    Sarah - 1669 - 1734 m. Col. Samuel Magruder
                    John Beall  b. 1669, Maryland; d. May 10, 1711, Prince
                               Georges Co, Md; m. VERLINDA MAGRUDER
                    Capt. Charles Beall - 1672 - 1740
                    Ninian Beall - 1674 - 1710, m. Elizabeth Magruder
                    Col. George Beall - 1695 - 1780 m. Elizabeth Brooke,
                    Hester MARGERY BEALL, b. 1687, Prince Georges Co, Md;
                                d.  1726, Anne Arundel, Prince Georges Co, Md-
                                m. 1707 to Col. Joseph Belt
                    Jane - b. 1685, Maryland; d. 1745 m. Col. Archibald Demonston
                    Rachael b. 1679, Prince Georges Co, Md; m. RICHARD OWEN,
                                April 04, 1698.
                    Thomas m. Barbara Brooke.
                    Mary - m. Andrew Hanbleton
                    Thomas, b. 1679, Prince Georges Co, Mddied in 1708, unmarried
                    Margery, b. 1685, Montgomery Co, Md m. (1st) Thomas Sprigg;
                                (2nd) Col. Joseph Belt, her brother-in-law

                    Sarah's grandson, Joshua, married Millicent Bradley, daughter
                    of Robert Bradley and Ann Fendall, daughter of the first Governor
                    of Maryland.

                   The Bealls were of the Macmillian Clan, and the Magruders were
                   of the MacGregor Clan. There were marriages with the Magruders
                   and several marriages with the descendants of Gov. Robert Brooke
                   of Maryland. Gov. Robert Brook came across the Atlantic in his own
                   vessel carrying his wife, ten children, and forty servants in 1650.

                     Although not confirmed by other sources, cemetery records
                     indicate that Colonel Ninian Beall is buried on site 4 of lot 754,
                     having been moved there from the private burial ground
                     between two large Beall houses on Gay Street (now N Street)
                     in Georgetown.

                     Directly across from the cemetery at 2920 R Street N.W. on a
                     large tree shaded lot is the Beall-Washington House, currently
                     the home of Katherine Graham, owner of the Washington Post.
                     Once a part of the Rock of Dunbarton, this property was inherited
                     by George Beall from his father Ninian and was, in turn, willed to
                     George's son, Thomas, who built a house on the land in 1784.
                     Later, the house became the property of Thomas' daughter,
                    Eliza who married George C. Washington.

                     Just below Oak Hill Cemetery on Q Street is Dumbarton House.
                     Like the cemetery and Dumbarton Oaks, Dumbarton House is
                     situated on land that at one time was part of the "Rock of
                     Dunbarton" which it is believed was, in large part, cleared
                     and made into a large tobacco plantation by Ninian Beall.

                    Ninian Beall was sent to America as an indentured Scot.  He
                    became a Colonel and was known for his size.



     Prince Georges County, MD Slaves As Extracted From Estate
                    Inventories Prince Georges County, MD Probate Book DD1 -
                    Slaves held by the Beall families 1740 - 1744

2856.  George WILSON
           Born:  abt. 1590
2857.  Married:  Alisoun CUNNINGHAME
                  1429.  James Wilson

           Other Children:
             ii.  John Wilson b. abt. 1630 Scotland
            iii.  George ? Wilson b. 1635 Scotland

            Source:  Brian J. Wilson <[email protected]>

2858.  James SELBY
2859.  Married:  Mary ?
                   William SELBY (Sr.)

2862.  George HARDESTY
           Born:  abt. 1615
           Place:  England
           Place:  Calvert Co., MD
2863.  Married:  Cecelia ? in England
                  1431.  Ann HARDESTY

           Other Children:
               ii.  George II HARDESTY b: ABT. 1641
              iii.  Thomas HARDESTY b: ABT. 1643
              iv.  Priscilla HARDESTY b: ABT. 1650
               v.  Cecilia HARDESTY b: ABT. 1653

          Born:  1636-40
          Place:  St. Georges Hundred, MD
          Died:  1693
          Place:  Westmoreland Co., VA
          Note:  David was the first Protestant child born in the Maryland Colony.
                    He was also the 4th husband of Mary Lisson, who had a total of
                    5 husbands.
3129  Married:  #1? Elizabeth
                    #2 Mary LISSON
          Note:  Mary was the sister of Daniel LISSON, interpreter for the Indians.
                     Prior Marriages:  Some researchers claim she was married to
                    John WATTS in 1665; A.L. Kennedy believes her first husband was
                    Nathaniel POPE.  Her second husband was believed to be ? BRIDGES.
                    Her third husband was Lewis NICHOLAS.
               1564 David WICKLIFFE III

Researcher's Note:  A. L. Kennedy wrote the following about Mary LISSON.  Note other researcher's have put her name as SISSON, SESSIONS or variations.  I left her surname off this list until I received Ms. Kennedy's information that states,

Mary LISSON (not SISSON) was the second wife of David WICKLIFFE.  The problem was the way the L's were written at the time, if you look at texts on graphology.  I've seen the Westmoreland Co. records, on a trip to VA in abt 1993.  The following will send you to the approprite records, which I did check firsthand:
1665-1677, PART THREE, compiled by John F. Dornan:

"20 Feb. 1675/6.  Elizabeth WHITLIFFE, aged 25 years or thereabouts, sayeth that about five yeares since your deponent's husband David WHITLIFFE did buy a servant woman of Mr. Patricke SPENCE who asked David...

Eliza: Whettley"

It should be noted that it is not unusual for the surname WHETTLEY to be used in referring to the WICKLIFFE family.  In at least two other court records, David WICKLIFFE is referred to as both David WHITLEY and David WHITLIFFE (or other variant) in the same entry.  Note also the correct usage of the name in the record narrative - such variations in spelling are common in records of the period.  Therefore, it must be concluded that David was married prior to his marriage to Mary LISSON.

1665-1677, Part Four, Abstracted and compiled by John Frederick Dorman,
published by John Frederick Dorman, Washington, DC, 1975.

"25 July 1677.  Mary NICHOLAS, widdow, hath by three severall deeds of gife made over to her chilldren Nath: Pope alias Bridges and Lewis Nicholas severall goods and chattles.  Mary hath invested me David WHITLIFE, doe bind me that the children shall be brought up soe fare at schoole as to writt and reade.  It shall be lawful for Marry at her owne plasure to remove the children to the care of whome shee pleaseth.
    There is intention of marradge between Mary and myself.
        David (W) WHITLIFE
    Wit:  John WASHINGTON, Danniell LISSON, Anthony BRIDGES.
    20 Sept. 1677.  Recorded."
(Pg 6)

If you check the records far back enough, you find that Mary LISSON was the sister of Daniel LISSON.  She was never the wife of any Robert LISSON or SISSON.  The confusion may come in the reading of Daniel LISSON'S probate records, as he died without issue, and his relatives from Bristol, England had to settle his estate.  One of them was named Robert, and had a wife named Mary, but this was after David WICKLIFFE married Mary LISSON.

Mary LISSON was not a SISSON by either marriage or birth.  She was b. Mary LISSON, as per the following:

Westmoreland Co. Deeds, Patents, etc.
20 July 1677, Mary NICHOLAS, widow, to my loving son Lewis NICHOLS (here listed property).  In case it shall please the Almighty to take to himselfe my sonne Lewis NICHOLAS...then all the aforesaid estate to my loveing sonne and his brother-in-law (meaning stepbrother) Nath: Pope alias BRIDGES (because he was the stepson of a man named BRIDGES),...If my sonnes should depart this life before the age aforesaid and myself be deceased alsoe, then the whole estate both of Nath: and Lewis to be equally divided between the surviving children of my brother and sister Mr. Danill LISSON and Jane LISSON.
There is a similar entry on the same date regarding her son Nathaniel's estate.  This establishes her maiden name as LISSON.

She was married to Nathaniel POPE, by whom she had a son Nathaniel. She then married someone named BRIDGES, and then Lewis NICHOLAS. There are many court records to support this, but this one contains three husband's names in one record:

8 June 1675
Mary BRIDGES of Westmoreland Co. unto my loving sonne Nathaniel POPE alias BRIDGES. (The term alias was used frequently in the colonial records, sometimes to identify a woman by both her maiden name and married name simultaneously, as when the first Nathaniel POPE transferred property to his then married daughter as "Ann POPE alias WASHINGTON", or because a stepson was sometimes identified by his stepfather's name)...For natural affection.  One mare...Below the entry is added on 25 August 1675. Acknowledged by Lewis NICHOLAS who married Mary POPE alias BRIDGES after his marriadge.
After Lewis NICHOLAS died she married David WICKLIFFE:
"25 July 1677.  Marry NICHOLAS, widdow, hath by three severall deeds of gife made over to her chilldren Nath: POPE alias BRIDGES and Lewis NICHOLAS severall goods and chattles.
    Mary hath invested me David WHITLIFE with the care and tuition of Nathaniell and Lewis and allsoe with there estate.  I, David WHITLIFE, doe bind me that the children shall be brought up soe fare at schoole as to writt and reade.  It shall be lawfull for Marry at her owne plasure to remove the children to the care of whome shee pleaseth.
    There is intention of marradge between Marry and myself.
        David (W) WHITLIFE
    Wit:  John WASHINGTON, Danniell LISSON, Anthony BRIDGES.
    20 Sept. 1677. Recorded.
3132  John Mark CULLUM (CULLEN)
               1566 Mark CULLUM (CULLEN)

3134  William KIMBALL
          Born:  Abt 1630
          Place:  Westmoreland Co., VA
          Died:  Bef. 29 Sept 1691
          Place:  Westmoreland Co., VA
3135  Married:  Lydia BROOKES
               1567 Elizabeth KIMBALL

           Born: 1569
           Place: Cargill, Perth (Pertshire), Scotland
           Died:  Bef. 1 May 1617
           Place:  Pertshire Scotland
5705.  Married:  Lady Margaret CAMPBELL DRUMMOND
           Date:  on or before 25 May 1605
           Place:  Innerfeffray & Balmaclone, Scotland
           Born: 1571
           Died: 8 Aug 1631
           Place: Scotland
                  2852.  Alexander MAGRUDER (Jr.)

           Notes: Alexander McGruder was born at Craignech, Muthill Parish,
                       Perthshire, Scotland. He was Chamberlain to James DRUMMOND
                       of Inchaffray (later 1str Lord Madertie).

           Note:  records indicate that Margaret Campbell married first
                      (prenuptial marriage contract was dated 19 July 1589)
                      Sir. Andrew DRUMMOND, eldest legal son of William
                      Drummond of Balmaclone.   By this marriage Margaret
                      had two sons John & Thomas Drummond, and daughters
                      Beatrix, Jane, Margaret, & Christina Drummond. Andrew
                      died 24 March 1604.

                       Margaret married second 25 May 1605 according to the
                       Register of Privy Council of Scotland (Vol. 7, page 600)
                       Alexander Magruder of Innerfeffray & Balmaclone. By
                       this marriage, Margaret had sons (1) James McGruder
                       (b. 1607- d. bef. 24 May 1676) who was the Chamberlain
                       to the Earl of Perth and father to John Magruder, a
                       merchant of Perth Scotland; (2) Alexander Magruder
                       (my ancestor) (b. 1610- d. 1677) who migrated to Calvert
                       Co., Maryland c1652; (3) John Magruder (b. abt. 1614
                       at Belliclone, Maderty Parish Perthshire) who came to
                       Maryland as a prisoner with his brother Alexander but
                       later returned to Scotland where it is believed he married
                       Katherine DRUMMOND; and daughter (4) Margaret Mcgruder
                       who married first James BURDOUN and second Duncan
                       BURDOUN.  Following Alexander Magruder's death,
                       Margaret married a third time to Donald CAMPBELL
                       in Balmaclone (marriage contract dated 1617). No children
                       were born of this marriage.

                      "She also enclosed genealogical charts of the Campbells
                        of Kethick which and I quote, "clearly shows Margaret as
                        the daughter of Kethick". She further stated that these charts
                        were prepared by Herbert Campbell, noted genealogist and
                        historian, in the 1920s. The originals are housed in the Office
                        of the Lord Lyon in Edinburgh."

5706.  William BRAITHWAITE
           Died:  abt. 1649
5707.  Married:  Helenor STEPHENSON
                  2853.  Margaret BRAITHWAITE

5708.  (Dr.) James (John) BEALL
           Born: Betw. 1600 - 1603
           Place:  Largo, Fifeshire, Scotland
5709.  Married:  Anne Maria CALVERT
           Born: abt. 1603
           Place:  Scotland
           Date:  abt. 1624
           Place: Scotland
                  2854.  Ninian Beall

5710.  Richard MOORE
           Died: 1654
           Place:  Calvert, MD
5711.  Married:  Jane POTTENGER
           Born:  abt. 1618
           Place:  England
                  2855.  Ruth MOORE

          Note:  Richard was a Calvert County lawyer

          Born:  Abt 1610
          Place:  Yorkshire England
          Died:  1643
          Place:  St. George's Hundred, MD
6257  Married:  Jane EVERS Abt. 1636 prob. England
               3128:  David WICKLIFF (WYCLIFFE) (WHETTLEY) (WHITLIFFE)

          Note: David is the first of the American Line of the Wickliffe Branch.  He married his
                    spouse in England. David came to America in 1635 with the expedition of
                    Robert Evelyn (who married David's aunt Susan Yonge) and settled on a grant
                    of 50 acres of land (which he named "Wickliffe") on Prince George's Hundred,
                    St. Marys County, Maryland.  He served as a member of the Maryland Assemble
                    during the period from 1636 to 1643.

                    After David died, Jane married Henry BROOKS, who moved Jane and her
                    children to Westmoreland County Virginia in 1650 to escape religious

11408.  John MAGRUDER
             Born:  1544
             Place:  Craigneich, Muthill Parish, Perthshire, Scotland
             Died:  1600
             Place:  Scotland
11409.  Married: a REIDHEUCH (REDDOCH)
                    5704.  Alexander MAGRUDER

            Notes:  John was Chamberlain to Patrick, 3rd Lord Drummond.
                         John's other children were:

                        (1) John McGruder, 1st Laird of Meigor, baptized at Muthill
                              on 5 Dec 1566, married abt. 1601 Margaret MURRY.
                              John died bef. 21 April 1631. He was the Progenitor of
                              the "McGrouthers of Meigor".  His children were
                                        i. John McGruder married Margaret DRUMMOND
                                       ii. James McGruder in Bridgend of Dunblane,
                                           married abt. 1631 Katherine CAMPBELL
                        (2) Janet McGruder married abt. 1618 William CAMPBELL
                        (3) Joan McGruder married James BURDOUN
                        (4) William McGruder in Tullibancher and Aberlenoch.
                              His children were:
                                         i. Duncan McGruder
                                        ii. John McGruder married Margaret CAMPBELL
                                       iii. Alexander McGruder b. 1648
                                       iv. Janet McGruder b. 1643
                                        v. Helen McGruder

11410.  Nicholas (Nicoll) CAMPBELL of Dalvany and Keithick (Koithock)
             Born:  1517, prob. at Inverarary, Argyll
             Died:  bef. 2 Aug. 1587
             Buried:  Bendochy Parish Church
11411.  Married:  Katherine DRUMMOND of Blair
             Date:  on or bef. 1562
             Died: 1604
                    5705.  Margaret CAMPBELL

            Notes:  By royal decree on 12 Dec. 1543, Nicholas was declared
                         a legitimate son of Donald CAMPBELL.  He was Dean of
                         the Cathedral Church of Lismore of the diocese of
                         Argyll.  His other children were:
                                   i.  Patrick CAMPBELL married 1st Jean OGILVY,
                                       2nd. prior to 1605 Agnes INGLIS
                                  ii.  Joan CAMPBELL living in 1623
                                 iii.  George CAMPBELL living in 1623

                          Katherine was the g-g-g-granddaughter of
                          Sir Walter DRUMMOND of Stobhall 13th Chief of
                          the House of Drummond.

           Born:  England
           Died:  England
12513 Mary YONGE
           Born:  England
           Died:  England
                6256 David WICKLIFF

22816.  James MCGRUDER
             Born:  1519
             Place: Craigneich, Muthill Parish, Perthshire
             Died:  abt. 1592
22817.  Married:
                    11408.  John MCGRUDER

             Notes: James was a page to David, 2nd Lord Drummond.
                         Joined the Earl of Lennox and other Protestant lords
                         in battle against the Scottish rulers for which he was
                         granted a respite in 1547.

22820.  Donald CAMPBELL, Abbot of Couper Angus
             Born: abt. 1492 at Inveraray
             Died:  Betw. 16 Dec. 1562 and 20 Jan 1563.
22821.  Married:  Margaret ?
                    11410.  Nicholas (Nicoll) CAMPBELL of Dalvany and Keithick

            Donald was Abbot of Couper Angus in 1529 the last Roman
            Catholic abbot of this ancient Cistercian abbey in eastern
            Perthshire.  Appointed Lord of Session in 1541, senator of
            the College of Justice, member of the Earl of Arran's Privy
            Council, Keeper of the Privy Seal to Mary Queen of Scots,
            sat in the Scottish Parliament and the Convention of Estates
            which recognized the reform doctrine and the Protestant

            His first three children (to include Nicholas CAMPBELL)
            were born bef. 1529 by Margaret:
                          ii.  David CAMPBELL died bef. 30 Aug. 1571, unmarried
                         iii.  Margaret CAMPBELL, married Walter LINDSAY

            Other natural children by unknown mother(s):
                          iv. David CAMPBELL
                           v. Colin CAMPBELL
                          vi.  John CAMPBELL
                         vii.  Robert CAMPBELL
                        viii.  Thomas CAMPBELL
                          ix.  Andrew CAMPBELL

22822.  George DRUMMOND
22823.  Catherine HAY of Megginch
                     11411.  Katherine DRUMMOND

           Born: abt. 1530Prob Yorkshire England
           Died:  abt. 1600England
25025 Married:  Jane ROKEBY abt. 1590
           Born:  England
           Died:  England
                12512 Thomas WYCLIFF

44,846.  Peter HAY
44,847.  Married: Margaret CRICHTON
                     22,823.  Catherine HAY

45,632.  William MCCRUDER
              Born:  abt. 1490
45,633.  Married:  Unknown
                     22,816. James MCGRUDER

45640.  Archibald CAMPBELL, 2ND Earl of Argyll
             Born:  abt. 1466
             Place:  Argyllshire, Scotland
             Died: 19 Sept 1513
             Place:  Flodden's Field, Kirknewton, Northumberland, England
45641.  Lady Elizabeth STEWART
                    22820.  Donald CAMPBELL, Abbot of Coupor Angus

            Note:  1513 Archibald 2nd Earl of Argyll dies beside his king,
                       James IV, and his brother-in-law the 2nd Earl of Lennox
                      at the Battle of Flodden

                       His other children were:
                               ii.  Colin CAMPBELL, 3rd Earl of Argyll, married
                                    Lady Janet GORDON.  He died 1530
                              iii.  Archibald CAMPBELL, married 2nd Janet DOUGLAS,
                                    Lady Glamis.  No children
                              iv.  John CAMPBELL, married Muriel CALDER.  John
                                    was the Treasurer of Scotland.

            Battle of Flodden:
            Date: 9 September 1513
            Principal commanders: English, Thomas Howard, Earl of Surrey
            Scottish; King James IV
            Size of Armies: Enlish; approx. 26,000 Scots; approx. 30,000
            Duration: from 4:15 to 6:15 in the afternoon.
            Outcome: Defeat of the Scots and the death of King James.  The Earl of
            Argyle and Lennox commanded the right flank of the King's army and were
            ambushed by Sir Edward Stanley on the slope of Branxton Hill. It was here
            that they died.

            From Scots Peerage;

 Archibald, second Earl of Argyle, had a grant of the lands of Auchintwerely
 and others, co. Dumbarton, 3 July 1489, which were erected into a barony
 of that name. He succeeded his father 1493, and obtained a charter, 30
 June 1494, confirming the purchase from Elisabeth Menteith, Lady of
 Rusky, with the consent of Archibald Napeir of Merchiston her son, of half
 of the lands of Inchirnawrishy and otheres, co. Argyle. He had the office of
 Master of the Household 1494, as appears form a charter which he
 witnessed on 24 March 1994-95: and obtained a great number of charters
 under the great seal from 1494-1512. Argyle and his brother in law Lennox
 commanded the right wing of the royal army at the battle of Flodden, and
 were both killed on that field.

 Archibald also held such title as Lord Chancellor of Scotland, Lord
 Chamblain, and was also appointed Lord Lieutenant of the Borders, and
 Warden of the Marches

45644.  George DRUMMOND
45645.  Janet HALIBURTON
                    22822.   George DRUMMOND (Jr.)

45646.  Peter HAY
             Died:  1565
45647.  Margaret CRICHON
                    22823.  Catherine HAY

            Born:  England
            Died:  5 Aug 1584
            Place: England
            Note: Lord of Wycliffe and Ulvington; also married to Muriel EURE
50049  Dorothy PLACE
            Born:  England
            Died:  England
            Note:  Dorothy was the dau.of John Place of Halnaby and Catherine Surtees)
                 25024 Francis WYCLIFF

50,050  Thomas ROKEBY
                  25025 Jane ROBKEBY

91,264.  Gillespie (Archibald) MCCROUDER
              Born:  abt. 1453
91,265.  Married:  Unknown
                     45,632.  William MCCRUDER

91,280.  Colin CAMPBELL, 2nd Lord of Campbell and 1st Earl of Argyll
              Born: abt 1433
              Place: Lochow, Argyllshire, Scotland
              Died:  May 10, 1493
91,281.  Married: Isabel STEWART
              Born:  abt. 1437
              Place: Lorn, Argyllshire, Scotland
              Died:  October 26, 1510
              Place: Dunbarton, Dunbartonshire, Scotland
                     45,640.  Archibald CAMPBELL, 2nd Earl of Argyll

             Note:  Colin was the High Lord Chancellor in 1483,
                        Justiciary of Scotland.

                        The surname Campbell, most probably derived from the
                        Gaelic cam-beul (twisted mouth), is one of the oldest in
                        the Highland, and a crown charter of 1368 acknowledges
                        Duncan MacDuihbne as founder of the Campbells, who
                        were established as Lords of Loch Awe. The founder of
                        the Argyll line was Cailean Mór (d. 1294), whose descendant,
                        Colin Campbell (d. 1493), 1st Earl of Argyll, married Isabel
                        Stewart of Lorne. To this day the eldest son of the family
                        has borne the title of Marquis of Lorne, and the marriage in
                        1871 of the Marquis, later 9th Duke of Argyll, to HRH Princess
                        Louise, fourth daughter of Queen Victoria, is recalled by the
                        two tartans bearing their names. Source: Clan Campbell

91,282.  John STEWART   first Earl of Lennox of the Stewart line
              Died:  1495
91,283.  Married:  Margaret MONTGOMERY
                     45,641.  Lady Elizabeth STEWART

91,288.  SIR JOHN DRUMMOND (1st Earl of Perth) (XXX)
91,289.  Married:  Unknown
                     45,644:  George DRUMMOND

91,292.  Edmund HAY
              Died:  1542
91,293.  Married: Unknown
                     45,646.  Peter HAY

               Born:  1470
               Place:  England
               Died:  1550
               Place:  England
100,097  Married:  Katherine SURTEES abt. 1540
               Born:  England
               Died:  England
                    50,048  William WYCLIFFE

       Note:  William was the Lord of Wycliffe and Ulvington (inherited the manors from
                     his older brother Ralph, whose children were all females, as the result of
                     Robert V's entailment.

100,098 John Place
100,099 Married:  Catherine SURTEYS
                   50,049 Dorothy PLACE

182,528.  Gilawnene MCCROUDER
                Born: abt. 1413
182,529.  Married:  Unknown
                       91,264.  Gillespie MCCROUDER

182,560.  Archibald CAMPBELL
                Born:  abt 1400
                Place:  Lochow, Argyllshire, Scotland
                Died:  bef. March 1440
182,561.  Elizabeth SOMERVILLE
                Place: Carnwath, Lanarkshire, Scotland
                       91,280.  Colin CAMPBELL, 2nd Lord Campbell and 1st Earl of Argyll

182,562.  John STEWART, 1st Earl of Argyll
                Died: 20 Dec 1462
182,563.  Married:  Unknown
                     91,281.  Isabel STEWART

182,564.  Alan STEWART
                Died: 1439
182,565.  Katherine SETON
                       91,282.  John STEWART

182,566.  Alexander MONTGOMERY
182,567.  Mary BOYD
                       91,283.  Margaret MONTGOMERY

182,576.  SIR MALCOLM (XXIX) (DRUMMOND) of Cargill & Strobhall
                Died: 1470
182,577.  Married:  MARIOTA in 1455
                       91,288.  SIR JOHN DRUMMOND (1st Earl of Perth) (XXX)

182,584.  Peter HAY
182,585.  Married:  Janet BOYD
                       91,292.  Edmund HAY

              Born:  abt. 1425
              Place:  England
              Died:  abt. 1494
              Place:  England
              Note:  Lord of Wycliffe and Ulvington...entailed his manors to his male heirs only.
200,193 Married:  Margery CONYERS
              Born:  1440 England
              Died:  England
                   10,0096  John WYCLIFFE

Researcher's Note:  I had "Margaret" Conyers as wife of Robert based on the McPherson book (see note of Wycliffe ancestry).  I changed it when  Molly Stowe through her independent research of our line realized that "Margaret" married another man, but had a sister "Margery" Conyers that was listed as wife of Robert Wycliffe.   Note should also be taken that "Margery" and Margaret" may be one and the same person who was married to two different men.   In this place and time the name "Margery" translates into "Margaret".  The line tracing Margery back can be taken to the year 910.  I have looked at this branch but have some additional research I'd like to do, personally, before putting that information up.  Until then, if you would like this information, please email me.  You can contact Molly at [email protected]

200,194 Ralph SURTEES
200,195 Janet COXEN
              Born:  England
                   100,097 Katherine SURTEES

365,056.  Gillespie MACGREGOR
               Born:  abt. 1375
365,057.  Married:  Unknown
                        182,528.  Gilawnene MCCROUDER

                Notes:  Gillespie MacGregor was Bard-genealogist (sennachie)
                             of the clan and was the "Chruiter," or harper,
                             of his family. His children were called "MacChruiter,"
                             or "son of the harper." MacChruiter evolved into
                             McCrouder, McCruder, McGruder, McGruther and
                             MacGrouther in Scotland and Magruder in America.

365,120.  Duncan CAMPBELL
                Born:  abt 1375
                Place:  Lochow, Argyllshire, Scotland
                Died:  12 Aug. 1453
                Place:  Kilmun, Cowal, Argyllshire, Scotland
365,121.  Married:  Marjory STEWART
                Born: abt. 1368
                Died: August 1432
                       182,560.  Archibald CAMPBELL

               Notes:  Created Lord Campbell in 1452, King's Justiciary
                            and Lord Lt. of Argyll County

365,122.  John SOMERVILLE, 3rd Lord Somerville of Carnwath, 1st Earl of Lennox
                Died:  Nov. 1491
365,123.  Married: Helen HEPBURN
                     182,561.  Elizabeth SOMERVILLE

365,124.  Robert STEWART
365,125.  Married:  Unknown
                       182,562.  John STEWART

365,128.  John STEWART
                Died: 12 Feb 1428
                Place:  Bathe of Orleans
365,129.  Elizabeth LENNOX
                       182,564.  Alan STEWART

365,130.  William SETON
365,131.  Married:  Unknown
                       182,565.  Katherine SETON

365,132.  John MONTGOMERY
365,133.  Married:  Unknown
                       182,566.  Alexander MONTGOMERY

365,134.  Thomas BOYD
                Died:  9 Jul 1439
365,135.  Married:  Unknown
                       182,567.  Mary BOYD

                Died:  1445
365,153.  Married:  Margaret RUTHVEN
                       182,576.  SIR MALCOLM (XXIX)

                Notes:  SIR WALTER (XXVIII) of Cargill & Stobhall;  he was
                              knighted by King James II; he succeeded his father
                              about 1428

365,154.  SIR DAVID MURRAY of Tullibardine
365,155.  Married:
                       182,577.  MARIOTA

365,168.  Edmund HAY
365,169.  Married: Unknown
                        182,584. Peter HAY

              Born:  abt. 1380
              Place:  England
              Died:  abt. 1450
              Place:  England
400,385 Married:  Agnes (Ann) ROKEBY
              Born:  England
              Died:  England
                  20,0192 Robert WYCLIFFE

400,386 Christopher CONYERS
                   20,0193 Margery CONYERS

730,112.  GREGOR of the Golden BRIDLES
                Died:  1415
730,113.  Married:
                       365,056.  Gillespie MACGREGOR

              Notes:  Gregor was Chief of the Gregarach 1374.
                            His other child:
                                   i. Ian cam Mac Gregor Chief of Clan.  Held the
                                      three glens of the rivers Orchy, Strae, and Lochy.

730,240.  Colin CAMPBELL  Lord of Lochow, Knight
                Died: bef. 1414
730,241.  Married:  Mariota (or Margaret) DRUMMOND (his 2nd cousin)
                       365,120.  Duncan CAMPBELL

                Note:  Margaret was the dtr of Sir John DRUMMOND of Stobhall
                           and sister of Annabella DRUMMOND, Queen of Robert
                           Bruce III

730,242.  Robert STEWART, Duke of Albany, Earl of Nenteith and Fife
                Born:  1340
                Died: 1419
730,243.  Married: 2nd Muriella KEITH
                Date:  1380
                        365,121.  Marjory STEWART

730,244.  William SOMERVILLE
                Died: 20 Aug 1456
730,245.  Married: Janet MOWAT
                       365,122  John SOMERVILLE

730,248.  John STEWART
730,249.  Married:  Isobel De ERGARDIA
                        365,124.  Robert STEWART

730,256.  Alexander STEWART
730,257.  Married:  ? TURNBULL
                        365,128.  John STEWART

730,258.  Duncan LENNOX
730,259.  Married:  Unknown
                       365,129.  Elizabeth LENNOX

730,264.  John MONTGOMERY (Sr.)
730,265.  Married:  Elizabeth EGLINTON
                       365,132.  John MONTGOMERY (Jr.)

730,268.  Thomas BOYD (Sr.)
730,269.  Married:  Joanna MONTGOMERY
                       365,134.  Thomas BOYD (Jr.)

730,304.  Sir John DRUMMOND (XXVII)
                Died:  1428
730,305.  Married:  Elizabeth SINCLAIR
                       365,152.  Sir Walter DRUMMOND (XXVIII)

                Notes:  Sir John DRUMMOND (XXVII) succeeded his brother and is
                             generally described as of Stobhall or of Cargile; he was the
                             Justiciary of Scotland, 1391  Source : Clan Drummond

                Died:  1428
730,307.  Married:  Unknown
                        365,153.  Margaret RUTHVEN

730,336.  William De HAYA
730,337.  Married:  Unknown
                       365,168.  Edmund HAY

              Born: abt. 1360
              Place:  England
              Died:  abt. 1410
              Place:  England
                   40,0384 John DE WYCLIFFE

              Note:  Lord of Wycliffe and Ulvington....his estates had diminished to
                         about one quarter of a knights fee while he held the lordship.

800,770 Thomas DE ROKEBY
800,771  Married:  Fillia CONSTABLE
                    40,0385 Ann ROKEBY

1,460,480   Archibald CAMPBELL, Lord of Lochow
                   Died:  bef. 1394
1,460,481   Married:  Mary, Countess of Menteith
                          730,240  Colin CAMPBELL. Lord of Lochow, Knight

                   Note:  Archibald was granted several forfeited estates
                              2 May 1343, and received also from Mary, Countess of
                              Menteith, a grant of Kilmun, confirmed by charter of
                              King David II 11 October 1363.

1,460,482   Sir John DRUMMOND of Stoball
1,460,483   Married:
                          730,241  Mariota (or Margaret) DRUMMOND
                                         (2nd cousin of Colin CAMPBELL Lord of Lochow, Knight)

1,460,484.  Robert II, High Steward King of Scotland
                   Born:  2 Mar 1315
                   Died:  13 May 1390
1,460,485.  Married:  Elizabeth MURE
                           730,242.  Robert STEWART, Duke of Albany, Earl of Nenteith and Fife

                  Note Robert II was the founder of the Stewart dynasty and the grandson of
                             Robert the Bruce.  Robert II became King at the age of 54.  He had
                             been appointed Guardian of Scotland twice during the reign of David II
                             and was an experienced statesman.  Apparently, he was experienced
                             in other things too since he produced 21 children (13 legitimate and
                             8 illegitimate).  His first wife was Elizabeth, the daughter of Sir Adam
                             Mure of Rowallan (9 children) and his second wife was Euphemia,
                             daughter of Hugh, Earl of Ross (4 children).  As with his uncle, David II,
                             he did not have the fighting spirit of his grandfather and was a passive
                             person who had a hard time controlling his family and his kingdom.
                             Once again, there was war between England and Scotland.  Scotland
                             was assisted by France under the terms of the Auld Alliance.
                             Regardless of the weakness of the Crown and the strength of the
                             nobles, Robert II was still the 99th King of Scots (counting from the
                             mythical Fergus).

                      Other Children:
                                 1.  Alexander, the Wolf of Badenoch, whose son
                                     abducted the widowed Countess of Mar and
                                     assumed the Earldom.
                                 2.  Earl of Strathearn
                                 3.  Earl of Atholl

1,460,486.  Sir William de KEITH, Great Marischal of Scotland
1,460,487.  Married: Margaret FRASER
                           730,243.  Muriella KEITH

1,460,608  SIR JOHN (XXVI)
                  Died:  abt. 1373
1,460,609  Married Mary, daughter & co-heir of Sir William Montefex,
                         730,304.  Sir John DRUMMOND (XXVII)

1,460,610.  HENRY, Earl of Orkney
1,460,611.  Married:
                          730,305.  Elizabeth SINCLAIR

2,920,960  Colin CAMPBELL of Lochow, Knight
2,920,961  Married: believed to have married Helena, dau of Sir John MOR
                          1,460,480 Archibald CAMPBELL, Lord of Lochow

                  Note:  Colin Campbell of Lochow, Knight, granted all the lands
                              of Lochow, united with the lands of Ardsheodnish, in free
                              barony 10 Feb 1315. He accompanied the expedition of
                              King Robert I to Ireland in 1316 to win its throne for the
                              King's brother, Edward Bruce, and in 1334 assisted Robert,
                              7th High Steward of Scotland, to recover the Castle of Dunoon
                              from the English, following which he was appointed its
                              heritable Keeper. He is believed to have m Helena, dtr of
                              Sir John Mor, son of the Earl of Lennox

2,920,962  Sir John MENTEITH
2,920,963  Married:
                        1,460,481  Mary, Countess of Menteith

2,920,964  Dugald CAMPBELL
2,920,965  Married:
                         1,460,482 John CAMPBELL

2,920,968.  Marjory BRUCE
2,920,969.  Married Sir Walter STEWART
                   Date:  1315
                   Born: 1293
                   Died:  132?
                          1,460,484.  ROBERT II, High Steward King of Scotland

                  Note: Robert the Bruce's daughter, Marjorie, married Walter Stewart
                             (the 6th High Steward of Scotland). The name Stewart was a
                             hereditary title bestowed by David I.  Marjorie died giving birth
                             to Robert II, the founder of the Stewart dynasty and the grandson
                             of Robert the Bruce.

2,920,970.  Sir Adam MURE of Rowallan
2,920,971.  Married:
                           1,460,485. Elizabeth MURE

2,921,216.  SIR MALCOLM (XXV)
                   Died: 1346
2,921,217.  Married: ?
                          1,460,608.  SIR JOHN (XXVI)

2,921,218   Sir William Montefex, Baron of Cargill & Justiciary Scotiac
2,921,219   Married ?
                          1,460,609  Mary

5,841,920  Neil (or Nigel) Campbell of Lochow, Knight
5,841,921  Married:  See Note
                        2,920,960. Colin CAMPBELL of Lochow, Knight

                  Note:  Neil (or Nigel) Campbell of Lochow, Knight, joined
                             Robert Bruce in 1296 and fought for him in almost
                             every action between Methven and Bannockburn.
                             He m 1st ante 1303 the yr dtr of Andrew Crawford,
                             whose wardship had been granted to him by King
                             Edward I.

5,841,928.  Sir Neil CAMPBELL
5,841,929.  Married:
                          2,920,964.  Dugald CAMPBELL

5,841,936.  Robert BRUCE, King of Scotland, 5th Earl of Carrick
                   Born:  11 July 1274
                   Died:  7 June 1329
5,841,937.  Married: #1 Isabel Mar (dau of Donald 10th Earl of Mar)
                   Died: 1297
                          2,920,968.  Marjory BRUCE

Note: Robert the Bruce's grandfather, Robert Bruce of Annandale, who had
           estates in Huntingdon as well as Scotland, was one of the claimants to
           the throne of Scotland on the death of Queen Margaret, Maid of Norway,
           in 1290 (he was a descendant of King Alexander II).  While he was
           unsuccessful, his son, Robert Bruce, Earl of Carrick and his grandson,
           Robert the Bruce refused support for John Balliol who had been
           selected by the English King Edward I.

           Robert the Bruce lent support to William Wallace and he became a
           Guardian of Scotland (with John Comyn) but when Edward offered
           a truce in 1302, Robert accepted and joined Edward's "Scottish
           Council".  In 1304, on the death of his father, the Earl of Carrick,
           Robert was reputedly the richest man in England.  But in 1306,
           after a quarrel and murdering John Comyn, Robert declared himself
           King of Scotland.  He was crowned at Scone in March 1306.  He then
           began a guerilla war against the English King Edward I.  Initially he
           was not successful but gradually, with increasing support, he captured
           a number of castles - chivalrously allowing the defenders to return
           to England.  During this time, the "Declaration of Arbroath" was sent
           to the Pope in Rome, pleading the case for a Scotland free of English

     Married #2 Elizabeth of Ulster

5,841,938.  JAMES, Lord High Steward of Scotland
5,841,939.  Married:  Cecilia
                          2,920,969. Sir Walter BRUCE

5,842,432.  SIR MALCOLM (XXIV)
5,842,433.  Married: ? dau of Sir Patrick Graham of Kincardine
                          2,921,216.  Sir MALCOLM (XXV)

                  Notes:  Sir MALCOLM XXIV was the 9th Thane of Lennox;
                                succeeded about 1300.  He was a person of great
                                consequence to King Edward I; aided in the battle
                                of Bannockburn

11,683,640.  Colin Campbell of Lochow, Knight
                     Died:  abt. 1294
11,683,641.  Married:  See Note
                            5,481,820 Neil (or Nigel) CAMPBELL of Lowchow, Knight

                     Note:  Colin Campbell of Lochow, Knight , son of
                                Sir Gillespic Campbell of Menstrie (d ca 1280),
                                 k ca 1294, fighting Alexander, Lord of Lorne, at the
                                Ath-dearg (red ford) of Lorn (where a cairn marks
                                the site of his grave). Sir Colin m , possibly a dtr of
                                Sinclair of Roslin (alias St Clair of Roslin)

11,683,842.  Andrew CRAWFORD
11,683,843.  Married:
                            5,841,921.  youngest daugther of Andrew whose
                                               wardship had been granted to Neil CAMPBELL
                                               of Lochow, Knight, by King Edward I

11,683,872.  Robert BRUCE, Lord of Annandale
                     Born:  July 1243
                     Died:  before 14 June 1302
11,683,873.  Married:  MARJORIE  (Marjory) Carrick, Countess of Carrick
                     Date: 1271
                            5,841,936.  Robert BRUCE, King of Scotland, 5th Earl of Carrick

11,683,874.  DONALD, 10th Earl of Mar
11,683,875.  Married:
                            5,841,937.  ISOBEL

11,683,878.  PATRICK, Earl of March
11,683,879.  Married:
                            2,920,968.  CECILIA

                     Note:  PATRICK was 7th in descent from Flaad Norman and
                                1st High Steward

11,684,864.  SIR JOHN (XXIII)
11,684,865.  Married:  dau of Walter Stuart, Earl of Monteith
                            5,842,432.  Sir MALCOLM XXIV

                     Notes:  Sir JOHN XXIII was the  8th Thane of Lennox;
                                   he was carried to England as prisoner in 1296;
                                   taken prisoner in the Castle of Dunbar after the battle
                                   and murdered in cold blood by Edward 1

11,684,866.  Sir Patrick Graham of Kincardine
11,684,867.  Married:  ?
                            5,842,433.  ?

23,367,680  Sir Gillespic CAMPBELL of Menstrie
                    Died:  abt. 1280
23,367,681  Married:
                           11,683,640  Colin CAMPBELL of Lochow, Knight

23,367,744.  Robert BRUCE, Lord of Annandale
                     Born:  1210
                     Died:  March 31, 1295
23,367,745.  Married:  Isabella de CLAIRE
                     Date:  May, 1240
                     Born: 2 Nov 1226
                     Died:  1252
                            11,683,872.  Robert BRUCE

                     Notes:  Robert was the g-g-grandson of David I, King of Scotland

23,367,746.  Neil CARRICK
23,367,747.  Married:  MARGARET (dau of WILLIAM High Steward of Scotland)
                             11,683,873. MARJORIE  (Marjory) Carrick, Countess of Carrick

23,368,728.  SIR MALCOLM (de DRYMEN) (XXII)
                     Born:  abt. 1239
                     Died:  1329, age 90
23,368,728.  Married: ?
                            11,684,864.  Sir JOHN XXIII

                     Note:  Sir MALCOLM (de DRYMEN) (XXII) was the
                                 7th Thane of Lennox

23,369,730. Walter STUART, Earl of Monteith
23,369,731.  Married: ?
                            11,684,865.  ?

46,735,488.  ISABELL
                     Died:  1252
46,735,489.  Married:  Robert BRUCE, 4th Baron of Annandale
                     Died:  1245
                            23,367,744.  Robert BRUCE

46,735,490.  Gilbert de CLAIRE, Magna Charta Surety
46,735,491.  Married:
                            23,367,745.  Isabel de CLAIRE

46,735,494.  WILLIAM, High Steward of Scotland
46,735,495.  Married:
                            23,367,747.  MARGARET

46,737,456.  SIR MALCOLM (XXI)
                     Died:  Bef. 1260
46,737,457.  Ada, daughter of Maldwine, Earl of Lennox
                            23,368,728.  SIR MALCOLM (De DRYMEN) XXII

                     Notes:  Sir MALCOLM XXI was the 6th Thane of Lennox
                                  Ada was the niece of John STUART of Scotland

93,470,976.  DAVID, Earl of Huntington, 9th Earl of Northumberland
                     Died:  1219
                     Place:  Yardley in Northamptonshire
93,470,977.  Married:  MAUD
                            46,735,488.  ISABELL

93,470,978.  William BRUCE, 3rd Baron
93,470,979.  Married:
                            46,735,489.  Robert BRUCE, 4th Baron of Annandale

93,474,912.  MALCOLM II (XX)
                     Died: 1200
93,474,913.  Married:
                            46,737,456.  SIR MALCOLM (XXI)

                     Notes:  MALCOLM II (XX) was the 5th Thane of Lennox

93,474,914.  MALDWINE, Earl of Lennox
93,474,915.  Married:
                            46,737,457.  ADA

186,941,952.  HENRY, Prince of Scotland, Earl of Huntingdon
                       Born:  1110
                       Died:  1152
186,941,953.  Married:  Ada WARREN
                       Date:  1130
                               93,470,976.  DAVID, Earl of Huntington, 9th Earl of Northumberland

186,941,954.  Hugh de KEVELIOC, Earl of Chester
186,941,955.  Married:
                               93,470,977.  MAUD

186,949,824.  JOHN (XIX)
                       Died:  1180
186,949,825.  Married:
                              93,474,912. MALCOLM II (XX)

                       Notes:  JOHN (XIX) was the 4th Thane of Lennox

373,883,904.  MATILDA
                       Died:  1131
373,883,905.  Married: ST. DAVID I, King of Scotland
                       Date:  1113
                       Born:  1084
                       Died:  1153
                       Place:  at Carlisle
                              186,941,952.  HENRY, Prince of Scotland, Earl of Huntingdon

373,883,906.  William de WARREN, 2nd Earl of Warren and Surry
373,883,907.  Married:  Isabel VERMANDOIS
                              186,941,953.  Married:  Ada WARREN

373,899,648.  MAURICE (XVIII)
                       Died:  1155
373,899,649.  Married:
                              186,949,824.  JOHN (XIX)

                       Notes:  MAURICE (XVIII) was the 3rd Thane of Lennox

747,767,808.  Judith de LENS
                       Born:  1054
747,767,809.  Married:  WALTHEOF II, Earl of Northumberland
                       Died:  1073, beheaded
                             373,883,904.  MATILDA

747,767,810.  MALCOLM CANMORE III, King of Scotland
                       Born:  1031
                       Died: 1093
747,767,811.  Married:  #2 Margaret (sister of Edgal the AETHLING (Prince)
                      Born: 1046
                       Died:  1093 (see Notes)
                       Buried:  Dunfermline Abbey
                              373,883,905.  ST. DAVID I, King of Scotland

                      Note:  Married #1 Ingebjørg and had two sons:
                                i. Duncan II (who became king after Malcolm)
                               ii. Donald

                                Following Ingebjørg's death, around 1069, he married Margaret.
                                His marriage to #2 Margaret produced six sons, three
                                of whom (Edgar, Alexander and David) would become king.

                                After the English had driven out the Scots from their hold on
                                Cumbria, Malcolm led a final incursion in 1093.  This led to his
                                defeat and death at Alnwick.  His wife, Queen Margaret, died
                                in Edinburgh Castle, four days later.

                                Margaret's father, EDWARD, was exiled during the reign of King
                                Canute and Margaret was born in Hungary.  Her brother had a
                                claim to the throne of England but came to terms with William
                                the Conqueror.  The family were headed back to the continent
                                from Northumbria when their ship was blown off course and
                                landed in Fife.  The Scottish King, Malcolm III, now a widow,
                                gave protection to the family and married Margaret.  Malcolm
                                was devoted to her and as a result she exercised considerable
                                influence. She was canonised by the Pope in 1251

747,799,296.  MALCOLM  (XVII)
747,799,297.  Married:  Margaret
                               373,899,648.  MAURICE (XVIII)

                       Notes:  MALCOLM (XVII) was the 2nd hereditary Thane
                                    of Seneschall & Coronator of Lennox

1,496,535,616.  LAMBERT, Count of Lens
                          Born:  1027
                          Place:  Falaise
                          Died:  1054
1,496,535,617.  Married:  ADELAIDE of Normandy
                                 747,767,808.  Judith de LENS

                          Notes:  Adelaide was the sister of WILLIAM the CONQUEROR

1,495,535,618.  SYWARD
1,495,535,619.  Married:
                                 747,767,809.  WALTHEOF II, Earl of Northumberland

1,495,535,620.  DUNCAN 1, King
1,495,535,621.  Married:
                                 747,767,810.  MALCOLM CANMORE III, King of Scotland

1,495,535,622.  EDWARD
1,495,535,623.  Married: ?
                                 747,767,811. MARGARET (sister of Edgal the Aethling)

1,495,598,592. MAURITZ or MAURICE (XVI)
                         Died: 1093
1,495,598,593. Married:
                                747,799,296.  MALCOLM (XVII)

                         Notes:  MAURITZ accompanied Margaret (wife of MALCOLM XVII)
                                      on her return to England. He was the first to adopt the
                                      name 'DRUMMOND'. He was the son of the youngest son
                                      of ANDREAS, KING OF HUNGARY. He was made hereditary
                                      Thane of Senschall & Coronator of Lennox in 1070; he was
                                      killed with the King at the battle of Alnwick in 1093.

2,991,071,232.  MAUD
2,991,071,233.  Married:  EUSTACE, Count of Bologne
                                 1,495,535,616.  LAMBERT, Count of Lens

2,991,197,184.  GEORGE (XV)
2,991,197,185.  Married:  AGATHA
                                 1,495,598,592  MAURITZ or MAURICE (XVI)

5,982,142,464.  GERBERGA, Duchess of Brabant
5,982,142,465.  Married:  Lambert BARBUTUS of Lorraine, 1st Count de Mons
                          Died: 1015
                                  2,991,071,232.  MAUD

5,982,394,368.  ANDREW I (XIV)
                          Died: 1058
5,982,394,369.  ANASTASIA
                                  2,991,197,184.  GEORGE (XV)

                          Notes: ANDREW I (XIV) was killed by his brother Bela in 1058.

5,982,394,370.  GUNDOLPH PODIEBARDIUS, Grand Duke of Bohemia
5,982,394,371.  Married:
                                 2,991,197,185.  AGATHA

11,964,284,928.  CHARLES, Duke of Lorraine
                            Born:  953
                            Died: 993
11,964,284,929.  Married:  2nd AGNES
                                    5,982,142,464.  GERBERGA, Duchess of Brabant

11,964,788,736.  LADISLAIJS CALVWS (XIII)
11,964,788,737.  Married:
                                   5,982,394,368.  ANDREW I (XIV)

11,964,788,738.  AGMUNDA, King of Hungary in 1047
11,964,788,739.  Married:
                                    5,982,394,369.  ANASTASIA

23,928,569,856.  LOUIS IV D'OUTREMER, King of France
                            Born:  879
                            Died:  929
23,928,569,857.  Married:  GERBERGA
                                    11,964,284,928.  CHARLES, Duke of Lorraine

29,928,569,858.  HENRY, Count of Vermandois and Trois
29,928,569,859.  Married:  Princess EDGINA
                                    11,964,284,929.  AGNES

                            Notes:  Princess Edgina was the granddaughter of
                                         King Alfred the Great

23,929,577,472.  MICHAEL (XII)
23,929,577,472.  Married:
                                   11,964,788,736.  LADISLAIJS CALVWS (XIII)

47,857,139,712.  CHARLES III, the Simple, King of France
                            Born:  879
                            Died: 929
47,857,139,713.  Married:
                            Date:  918
                                   23,928,569,856.  LOUIS IV D'OUTREMER, King of France

47,857,139,714.  HENRY I, the Fowler Emperor of the Germans
47,857,139,715.  Married:
                                   23,928,569,857.  GERBERGA

47,859,154,944.  TOXUS (XI)
                            Died:  990
47,859,154,945.  Married:
                                    23,929,577,472.  MICHAEL (XII)

                            Notes:  In 901 of the old royal race of Attila became king,
                                       under whom all France, Germany & Italy were reigned;
                                       died in 990 havin'g reigned 90 years; he was the last
                                Pagan king.

95,714,279,424.  LOUIS II the Stammerer, King of France
                            Born:  846
                            Died:  879
95,714,279,425.  Married:  2nd ADELHEIDE
                                   47,857,139,712.  CHARLES IIII the Simple, King of France

95,714,279,426.  EDWARD the ELDER
95,714,279,427.  Married:
                                   47,857,139,713.  EDGINA

95,718,309,888.  ZOLTAN (X)
95,718,309,889.  Married:
                                   47,859,154,944.  TOXUS (XI)

                            Notes: Charlemagne marched against him in 805.

191,428,558,848.  CHARLES II the Bald, King of France and Emperor
                              Born:  823
                              Died:  878
191,428,558,849.  Married:  HERMINTRUDIS
                              Date:  842
                                     95,714,279,424.  LOUIS II the Stammerer, King of France

191,428,558,850.  LUDOLPH, Duke of Saxony
191,428,558,851.  Married:
                                     95,714,279,425.  ADELHEIDE

191,428,558,852.  ALFRED the GREAT, King of England
191,428,558,853.  Married:
                                     95,714,279,426.  EDWARD the ELDER

                                 Source:  Michael Magruder [email protected]
                          WALLER FAMILY as referred by Michael Magruder

191,436,619,776.  ARPADIUS (IX)
                              Died:  748
191,436,619,777.  Married:
                                     95,718,309,888.  ZOLTAN (X)

                             Notes:  ARPADIUS (IX) killed the King of Scalvonia, then
                                           reigned over the whole of Hungary; was killed in 748

382,857,117,696.  LOUIS I the Debonaire, Roman Emperor
                              Born:  778
                              Place:  Casseneuill
                              Died:  840
382,857,117,697.  Married:  2nd JUDITH
                                     191,428,558,848.  CHARLES II the Bald, King of France

382,857,117,698.  ENDES, Count of Orleans
382,857,117,699.  Married:
                                      191,428,558,849.  HERMINTRUDIS

382,873,239,552.  ALMAS (VIII)
382,873,239,553.  Married:
                                     191,436,619,776.  ARPADIUS (IX)

                              Note:  ALMAS (VIII) brought 215,999 Huns from Scythia
                                         into Hungary in 744

765,714,235,392.  CHARLEMAGNE, King of the Franks, Emperor of the West,
                                                           King of Lombardy and Italy
                              Born:  2 April 742
                              Place:  Aix-La Chapelle
                              Died: 28 Jan. 814
765,714,235,393.  Married:  HILDEGARDE
                              Date:  771
                              Died:  30 April 783, dies in childbirth
                                     382,857,117,696.  LOUIS I the Debonaire, Roman Emperor

                            Notes: On April 30, Hildegarde dies in childbirth, Charlemagne's
                                         mother Bertrada dies three months later.  Charles also
                                         begins the final three year campaign to conquer Saxony.
                                         The Saxons are finally crushed, and Charlemagne imposes
                                         strict new rules to govern all areas of their lives, laws that
                                         only the Christian Church in Saxony could remove.  In 813,
                                         Charlemagne delegates power to his only surving son

   Map of Charlemagne's conquests.   Historical Time Line of Charlemagne's Life

765,746,479,114.  ?? (VII)
765,746,479,115.  Married:
                                      382,873,239,552.  ALMAS (VIII)

1,531,428,470,784.  ?
1,531,428,470,785.  Married:  BERTRADA
                                        765,714,235,392.  CHARLEMAGNE, King of the Franks,
                                                                      Emperor of the West,
                                                                      King of Lombardy and Italy

1,531,428,470,786.  CHILDEBRAND, Duke of Swabia
1,531,428,470,787.  Married:
                                        765,714,235,393.  HILDEGARDE

1,531,492,958,228.  AVARIUS (VI)
1,531,492,958,229.  Married:
                                        765,746,479,114.  ?? (VII)

                                 Notes:  AVARIUS (VI) was King of the Huns, accepted the
                                              crown of Hungary from Lungobardian, King Albovinus,
                                              in 568 & gave the name Hungary to his kingdom

3,062,985,916,456.  ELENDUS (V)
3,062,985,916,457.  Married:
                                        1,531,492,958,228.  AVARIUS (VI)

6,125,971,832,912.  VEGERUS (IV)
6,125,971,832,913.  Married:
                                         3,062,985,916,456.  ELENDUS (V)

12,251,943,665,824.  ELUS (III)
12,251,943,665,825.  Married:
                                           6,125,971,832,912.  VEGERUS (IV)

24,503,887,331,648.  CHARA (Il)
24,503,887,331,649.  Married:
                                          12,251,943,665,824.  ELUS (III)

49,007,774,663,296.  ATTILA (I)  (ATTILA the HUN)
                                   Born:  330
                                   Died:  454
49,007,774,663,297.  Married Herriche
                                          24,503,887,331,648.  CHARA (Il)

                                    Notes:  ATTILA's children were Chriinchildis & Ildica.
                                                 Born at Ingaddi; he began his reign in 411, with
                                                 his brother BLEDA, but subsequently killed him
                                                 in 444.  After being invited into France, he ravaged
                                                 that country & all north Italy. He died on the night
                                                 of his marriage to Ildica, at the age of 124.
                                   Source:  Clan Drummond

98,015,549,326,592.  MONDIZUCHUS
98,015,549,326,593.  Married:
                                          49,007,774,663,296.  ATTILA (I) (ATTILA the HUN)

                                   Notes:  MONDIZUCHUS was the nephew to ROUAS the GREAT

Michael Magruder [email protected]
WALLER FAMILY as referred by Michael Magruder
Clan Drummond
Linda Davies  who is a Beall descendent and researcher
               of the Beall line.  Linda Davies,  2910 143rd Ave SE,
               Tenino, Washington 98589, [email protected]
House of Bruce

Other sources have not yet been posted, email me for those
or check back as I will add them as I find time.

Note 1: Wycliffe ancestry as based on the "Kincheloe, McPherson and Related Families - their genealogies and biographies" by Lewin Dwinell McPherson, A.B., A.M.
(researcher's note - this book while containing errors that have been corrected after its publication is still invaluable for the accurate information it does contain)

" to Kincheloe ancestry and descent generally, and as to Wickliffe ancestry and descent specially, Judge William Arrington Wickliffe, deceased of Greenville, Muhlenberg Co., Ky and Charles Wicliffe Throckmorton, who contributed their verifications and corrections of an earlier genealogical chart of European Wickliffe ancestors of colonial immigrant, David Wickliffe, compiled, published or distributed back to Roger de Wyckliffe, Lor of Wyckliffe in Richmondshire, England, b. A.D. 1110, or for 840 years WITHOUT A MISSING GENERATION.  Its details beginning on this page, are copied from immigrant, David Wickliffe, to said Roger.  Judge Wickliffe, a wealthy coal mine owner, at advanced age, made long research visits to Va. in preparation for publishing a comprehensive genealogical book of descendants of his immigrant ancestor, David Wickliffe, and of David's ancestry abroad, but d[ied] suddenly before he could get ready to publish.  Compiler here acknowleges obligation to Clement Rose Jones for arrangement of the full Euroean chart of Wickliffe ancestry as copied following: '"Able students of the English ancestry of David Wickliffe (de Wyckliffe) and wife, Jane, who d. in Va. in 1682 recognize the greater probability to be that David was son of Anthony, who was living in A.D. 1610, and who, with brothers, Thomas, John, and Francis Wyckliffe, suffered recovery of the estate of their oldest brother, William Wyckliffe, Esq. Lor of Wyckliffe and Ulvington upon his death without heirs, which broke the entailment to him under the English laws of primogeniture.
    The students of English ancestry of American Wyckliffe family construct a line of their descent through the Lords of Wyckliffe, wich adds Lord of Ulvington in intervening generations, to William Wyckliffe, husband of Dorothy Place, parents of Francis Wyckliffe above.
    Whether the dates are meant for all persons as their birth and death dates instead of the beginning and end of the reign of the English king under whom they lived, has not been verified by compiler:
1.  Roger de Wyckliffe in Richmondshire, Henry I (1110-1135).
2.  Robert de Wyckliffe,. Henry II (1154-1189)
3.  Roger de Wyckliffe and wife, Margaret de Multon, dau. of Thomas.  King John
4.  Robert de Wyckliffe, wife, Matilda de Mumby, dau of Eudo and Matilda, his wife.
    Henry III (1216-1272)
5.  Sir Robert de Wyckliffe, Knight, and wife, Matilda de Belise, dau. and heir of Roger,
     son of and heir of William, son of Arnold, by which Sir Robert de Wyckliffe became also
     Lord of Ulvington, Edward I (1272-1307)
6.  Robert de Wyckliffe and wife, Johanna de Ellerton in Swaledale, dau. and heir of
     William, son of Galfred, King Edward, I, II and III (1307-1376),
7.  Roger de Wyckliffe m[arried] Katherine - had 3 sons. Reign of Edward III (1327-1376)
8.  Sir Roger de Wyckliffe, Knight, fought in battle of Crecy, 1346 and at Polotiers, Sept. 19,
     (a) Sir Roger de Wyckliffe, payson of the church of Wyckliffe, second son of No. 7 above.
     (b) John Wyckliffe "The Morning Star of THE REFORMATION in England" theologian, who
     translated into English nearly all of the HOLY BIBLE in his stupendous labors.
  9.  Roger de Wyckliffe.  Henry IV (1329-1413)
10.  John de Wyckliffe.  Henry VI (1416-1422) m[arried] Anne Rokeby, dau. of Sir
       Thomas, Knight, Lord of Rokeby and Mortham.
11.  Robert Wyckliffe.  Edward VII. (1485-1509) m[arried] Margaret Conyers, dau of
       Christopher [sister of Margery] of Hornby Castle, County York, England
12.  Ralph Wyckliffe, 12th. Lord of Wyckliffe had no sons, and by reason of the entail,
       the lordship passed to this brother, John.
13.  John Wyckliffem[arried] Katherine Surtees, dau. and heir of Thomas of Dinsdale.
       John and Katherine had son,
14.  William Wyckliffe, who succeeded as male heir to his uncle, Ralph, as Lord of
       Wyckliffe and Ulvington and m[arried] Dorothy Place, as first hereof, who became
       parents of Francis,
15.  Francis Wyckliffe, Esq., Lord of Wyckliffe and Ulvington m[arried] Jane Rokeby,
       dau. of Thomas of Morthan and had sons, William, Thomas, John, Anthony and
       Francis.  Thomas, Anthony and Francis Wyckliffe are recorded as living in A.D. 1610.

Students of Wyckliffe ancestry have tentatively concluded that Thomas is father of David Wyckliffe, who went to MARYLAND in A.D. 1635, based apparently on the marriage of both this Thomas Wyckliffe and Robert Evelyn into the YONG family and that the association of David Wyckliffe with the Evelyns indicated relationship.
    The National Society of Magna Charter Dames are reported to have recorded and accepted the ancestry of David Wickliffe as in the foregoing list and to Robert Fitzwalter, a surety for Magna Charter, as follows:
    David Wyckliffe, son of Anthony, son of Francis, Esq., Lord of Wyckliffe and Ulvington, and wife, Jane Rokeby, dau. of Thomas of Mortham.
    This Francis Wyckliffe was oldest son of William, Esq., Lord of Wyckliffe and Ulvington, who succeeded his uncle as male heir in A.D. 1561 and d[ied] Aug 5, 1584 and his first wife, Dorothy Place, dau. of John, Esq., of Halmby, dau. of John Place and wife, Catherine, son of Roland and Margery (Conyers), Surteys, dau. of John Conyers, K.C. and Elizabeth (Grey) dau. og Robert de Grey and wife, Lorma St. Quineten, son of John de Grey, II, K.C. and Alice (Marmion), son of John and Margaret (Odingsells) dau. of William and Ella (Fitzwalter), dau. of  Robert and Ida (Longespree), son of Robert, first herein, surety for Magna Charter, a bill of rights, the "Great Charter", which laid a foundation for security of English political and personal liberty.
    The English barons forced King John to grant it, the king signing at Runnymede July 15, A.D., 1215.

Note2: A kind thank you to John Kincheloe III for allowing me to use excerpts from his books, "Kincheloe Origins" Spirit Lines Press, 1997 and "This is Where He Walked...." Spirit Lines Press, 1995. I have his books on the Kincheloe family and recommend that anyone researching the Kincheloe surname and family contact John at [email protected].
John has a lot of information on his web-site and in his books.  Unfortunately, he is in the middle of changing webservers. His old web site is archived and if you want to know all about our Kincheloe ancestry, and until John's new site is up, this is the site to visit.  John has a lot of research behind him and much to offer those who are researching their Kincheloe origins.  John is also restoring the first Kincheloe homestead for the benefit of all Kincheloe descendants. His archived site is at:

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